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From the archives of The Girl Next Door
?1999 All rights reserved

"Come on. Let me cut it. Let me just make it neat.
It’s not good to have hair hanging down at your feet.
Come on. Let me cut it. I’ll just snip a bit.
Your ends are all ragged and tangled and split."

"Okay. You can cut it. Twelve inches. No more.
You’re right about hair dragging down on the floor.
There’s gum there and ketchup, cigarette butts and dirt.
But be very gentle. I’m afraid it might hurt."

"Twelve inches? You’re kidding! Hey, that’s not enough.
I meant REALLY cut it. I’m calling your bluff.
Your hair will be pretty. Go head. Strike a pose.
With hair as long as yours, I can’t see your clothes."

"Okay. You can cut it. Three feet, then you QUIT.
I like having hair under my buns when I sit.
It acts as a cushion whenever I sitty.
I look like an angel. I look oh so pretty."

"Three feet? Are you joking? That’s only a start.
You know I’ll still love you. You’ve stolen my heart.
And after I’m finished we’ll have such a ball.
Come on. Let me cut it. Let me cut it ALL!

"Okay. You can cut it. I’ve just lost my mind.
But if I look ugly, you better be kind.
You better stay with me ’til death do us part.
And buy me a GOOD wig, not one from Walmart.

Snippity. Snip. Snippity. Snip.
Snippity Snippity Snip snip snip.
Snip snip snippity
Snippity snappity buzz
Uh oh. Uh oh.
Fuzz fuzz fuzz.
Scraping scraping.
Three two one.
Cutting hair is so much fun.

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