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Coreen walked into her boss’s Karen’s office. Coreen had put in for the public relation position last week and had a preliminary interview. Karen had called her in this morning for a follow up interview.

Now Coreen was a simple girl with an average body. Her best feature was her long mid-length soft chocolate colored hair. She really didn’t know how to fix it. It was either hanging straight, in a braid, or up in a twist at the back of her head. People noticed how nice her features looked when she wore it up. That included her boss Karen who herself and her secretaries all had short business like haircuts off the collar.

So, this morning there sat Coreen with her soft brown hair hanging loose over her shoulders."Coreen", Karen said, " I think you would do nicely in the Public Relations position but me and others think you need a more professional look. What do you think?"Coreen spoke;" Yes, I think I would do a good job for you as the new Public Relations person and I do agree that I can use a little work on my looks"Karen jumped on the statement. " So, you agree that a makeover is not out of line before I formally offer you the position."Coreen shook her head in agreement. Coreen badly needed the increase salary and beside Karen was her boss. Karen with a smile told her to report at 1pm to her stylist Maxine at the New Looks Salon. That she was to tell Maxine that she was Karen’s referral and to wear her hair up like she did when she came to work.

One PM came and Coreen found the salon. It was a nice small salon with only a couple of chairs. Coreen had put her hair up in a twist and reported to the receptionist that she was Karen’s referral there to see Maxine.

A few minutes passed and up walked a middle aged woman with a short bob. " You must be Coreen. The girl Karen talked to me about?" said Maxine. " Stand up and let me take a look at what I have to work with."Coreen did as she was told and then Maxine told her to let down her hair. Down it tumbled. Her soft brown chocolate hair with slight curls. It parted itself naturally in the middle as always. Maxine grabbed a brush and brushed out the soft mass of hair." Well, Karen was right about you needing a new look and the difference between your hair up and your hair down. To put it simply dear you simply have too much of a good thing. Your hair overwhelms your features." spoke Maxine.

Maxine directed Coreen to a styling chair and put a cape tight around her neck. Coreen was already getting goose bumps. Maxine took the brush and brushed Coreen’s long brown locks into a tight ponytail at the back of her head. "The first thing we need to do is remove what you don’t need," said Maxine in a commanding voice. Then Coreen heard a sound that sent an electric shock through her body. It was the Buzzing sound of clippers being turned on and they were headed to her head. " Don’t worry dear, your hair is thick and the clippers will cut the hair faster than my scissors. Close your eyes now." spoke Maxine.Buzzzz Buzzz went the clippers into the base of the ponytail. Coreen could hear them doing their work chewing through her hair. Hair that she had so carefully taken care of for so many years. She could feel the strands no longer attached falling softy down that were still attached to her head. She could feel the tension that Maxine was putting on the hair as she pulled it tight. What seemed like an eternity on took a few minutes. Suddenly Coreen’s head felt cooler and a lot lighter.

" Ok, open your eyes now", said Maxine. When she opened her eyes there stood Maxine holding a two foot ponytail. Her ponytail of brown hair that only this morning she had caressed and brushed out. Tears came to her eyes. " Now, now dear. The worst is over. Your going to look better without this anyway. Just wait and see." said Maxine to her in a reassuring voice.

Maxine took a comb out and combed out what was left of Coreen’s hair. It was now in a long shag. Then Coreen heard that sound again. That terrible sound of the clippers being turned on again. Maxine took a comb and pulled up Coreen’s hair starting at the top front.She ran the clippers over the comb and they made a frightening chattering sound. She started in the front and then went side to side. Buzzzzz. Chatter. Chatter when the clippers over the comb and what was over the comb came tumbling down onto Coreen’s lap and then to the floor. Coreen was wondering if she was going to have any hair left on her head.Maxine told her to tilt her head forward and she took the clippers with no comb over the bottom of Coreen’s neck. Coreen had never felt anything on her neck. The shortest she had ever cut her hair was shoulder length. Maxine took her time making the sides shorter than the top. The hair continued to pile up. Finally after what seemed an eternity the buzzing stopped. " Your all done dear. Just a few more touchups and I’ll let you see yourself" said Maxine.

She took Coreen over to the washing basin and gave her a good shampooing What a difference Coreen felt. Her head was lighter and more sensitive.Then Maxine took her back to the styling chair. She blow dried the hair and used a brush to style it. Then the moment of truth came. Maxine told her to look at herself in the mirror. What she saw she didn’t recognize. Her hair at the longest on top was two inches and there was no more center part at all. It had a short fluffy look. She also notice Karen standing nearby. How long she had been there she didn’t know. " Wow, girl you look great! Course we still need to have Jake give you a makeup lesson and send you to Ajax Department Store for a few new business suits. The job is yours so after your done at Ajax take the rest of the day off and report to me in the morning" said Karen with a big smile on her face.

"This will take a bit of getting use to" said Coreen as she looked in the mirror at herself and at the pile of brown hair on the floor. She didn’t say much but just left quietly.

" Maxine, you did a great job again" said Karen." You certainly were right about this one needing a makeover I hope you liked my work.", aid a smiling Maxine." You know my style of choice. The shorter the better. This girl was a challenge to get changed and I am glad I finally came up with the Public Relations idea. " said Karen." Here is something you might want for your collection " said Maxine as she handed Karen Coreen’s two foot ponytail to her." Till next time" said Maxine to Karen as she walked out the door. Hope you liked the story.

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