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Vicky was sat in the chair just about to have her collar length hair cut, the fresh new cape swamped her. Leslie poised the clippers at the base of her nape and looked at Vicky in the mirror. Vicky nodded her head and smiled back at Leslie. Vicky was going shorter than she had ever been before. The clippers were fitted with the no 1 guard. Leslie wasted no more time and slowly pushed them up through the chestnut-coloured hair. After four passes the back was naked. Leslie stopped so that Vicky could run her hand over the newly cropped hair. Vicky could not believe what she was doing: she must be mad, she thought. The sides followed, more hair fell into the cape, and Vicky involuntary played with the long pieces in her lap. Now the top was getting the same treatment, hair fell down over Vicky’s face and pieces hung gently on her eyebrows and face. Leslie made more and more passes over Vicky’s head, intent on removing as much of her hair as she could, she pressed down hard on the clippers. After she was sure that no more could be taken off, the hairline at the back was nibbled into shape with the Stirling clippers.

"There you go hun, all off."

Vicky ran her hands over the cropped head that she now stared at in the mirror. Leslie brushed the fine splinters of hair from Vicky’s face and neck and declared the haircut finished.

"I can’t wait to get you home tonight," she said as she ran her hands seductively over Vicky’s head.

Vicky smiled and continued to look at the new her in the mirror. It was quite a shock and would take a long time to get used to, even though since joining the salon her hair had been short, this was something else.

Vicky slid out of the chair and walked over to reception. Her next appointment was due in and with her hair just cut, and so short, she was feeling rather nervous.

The door opened and Janet walked in, but she was not alone, her boyfriend Mike was with her. Mike had been in with Janet a few times before, he wasn’t too keen on Janet visiting the salon as he loved her hair long and was always scared that Vicky would take more than the regulation 1/2 inch off.

"Wow, what have you done? It looks fab." Janet was impressed with Vicky’s hair and courage. "It really does look superb on you, Vicky… I only wish…." Janet looked at Mike and he scowled at her.

"No, you’re not having it cut and definitely not like that. It’s terrible." Mike threw Vicky a nasty glance, thinking she had it cut purposely to encourage Janet to have hers cut.

This bantering carried on for a few minutes. The outcome was that Janet lost and Mike stood there grinning all over.

Vicky by now was feeling more than a little embarrassed and after taking Janet’s coat she showed her over to Leslie’s station, which was as far away from Mike as she could get, and told Mike to take a seat in reception. Although Mike was not too pleased with the fact that he could not see Janet from where he was, he had after all made his feelings known to one and all, and that he thought should be enough.

Janet stepped up into the chair and Vicky quickly caped her. Janet’s hair was tied in a pony so Vicky just pulled the hair out from under the cape in one go. The hair was then gently combed and then brushed through. Vicky loved doing this as it took her back to when her hair had been waist length. She brushed the hair, admiring its thickness and shine, it was wonderful.

"I’ve just about had enough of him."


"Mike. I’ve had enough."

"Oh. Yes, he is a bit overpowering isn’t he?" Vicky agreed readily.

"Cut it like yours."


"I said I want it cut like yours, all off."

Vicky looked back at Janet in the mirror.

"Sorry, you mean like mine?" Vicky stroked her hand through what was left on her head.

"Vicky, are you listening to what I’m saying or not? I want you to cut my hair off just like yours. If it’s too much trouble I’ll go somewhere else."

"No I’ll do it. I’m just in shock that’s all. If you really want it, I’m your girl. Do you mind if I just brush it a while longer? It really is beautiful hair."

"Don’t mind me, you carry on. Anyway I like it when you brush it."

Vicky continued and told Janet to relax.

Janet didn’t hear the clippers start, she was enjoying the sensation of having her crowning glory brushed. Vicky gently, oh so gently, placed the humming clippers underneath the thick shining mass of Janet’s hair. The right hand side of her head was beginning to feel cool. Janet glanced quickly into the mirror to see huge lengths of hair falling towards the floor. She gasped in excitement. There was no turning back now as more hair slid to the floor. She looked at Vicky in the mirror and smiled, at last her dream was becoming a reality. The clippers grudgingly made their way forwards over the ear. Another pass sent the nape hair down to nothing. Janet raised her hand to feel what was left, just bristle. Six more passes up the back made short work of the nape. Janet looked at herself in the mirror. All the top was still intact but the right hand side was devoid of hair The left side followed quickly after. Janet could feel herself getting wet between her thighs but tried to fight it. Vicky told her to enjoy it and winked at her.

Janet relaxed and rubbed herself between her legs. It felt good, oh so good. Vicky now ran the clippers up and over the crown area towards the forehead. A path formed quickly and the rest followed, falling hair piled up into Janet’s lap. One of her hands popped out from beneath the cape to touch her once long hair. Grabbing some her hand disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Vicky smiled and continued the job in hand. The rest of the hair was clipped through to the forehead, and then the whole head was redone over and over to cut any loose ends.

Vicky stared to clean up the nape area and Janet told her to run the Stirling clipper all over. Another five minutes on and Janet’s hair was now totally gone – all but a shadow. Hair was strewn around the floor everywhere, like a thick carpet. Vicky ran her hands over Janet’s head and then dusted all the loose cuttings away.

"Awesome! Totally awesome." Janet was thrilled beyond belief.

The shop door slammed as Mike left. The two girls burst into laughter and hugged. 

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