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Their names were David and Rachel. He was from the west coast, she from the east. He was on the web looking for a Louise Brooks cut, she was curious and looking for something new.

Let?s back up a bit. Rachel was 25 and had a head of flowing brown hair that reached about four inches past her shoulders. While it was brown, it was not a mousey brown, but full of sun-kissed highlights that brought out her naturally waves. When she walked into a room, she made a statement, not a loud and demanding one, but one that could be described as ?understated elegance.? But while she knew her hair was one of her best features, she also wanted something different. After all, she was young enough and if she did not like the new style, it would grow back.

As she searched the internet for pictures for inspiration, she came across a community of people that intrigued her. She had always reacted to haircutting, but until her discovery on the web, thought her feelings weird. As she read more and more, she kept thinking what it would be like to have more than a haircut, but also enjoy physical intimacy during the cut. A slow cut, where Rachel and her lover could cherish the time together. Each new web page brought her closer and closer to her decision: find someone to give her a new haircut.

David had always noticed women with short hair, particularly the style made famous by Louise Brooks in the early part of the 20th century. He loved the look, the feel, and wanted desperately to mold the look on someone. He had posted an ad, not hoping for much.

She answered the ad, not hoping for much. Most guys she had met on line were ready to remove her hair in 30 seconds, followed by what could be best described as a Turkish bath rape scene. But David was different. They hit it off right away and decided he would come east before his new job started. Rachel?s pleasure started when she set off to purchase the clippers that would free her neck.

As he cleared the gate, he knew her smile instantly. So was much more pleasing to the eye than she had described and her hair so healthy! So thick! He immediately reached up and ran his fingers through it. So soft! Such a sweet smell! They stopped off for a late dinner and talked as if they had known each other for years. When they arrived at her house, they finalized their plans. After he settled in the guest room, he found Rachel in the bathroom removing the clippers from the box. ?Just thought I would charge the battery before tomorrow,? she said with a wink. He reached over and nuzzled her neck. She moaned almost silently and led him to the shower. As she bent over the tub, he started drawing the water. He gently wet her hair and started massaging in the shampoo. She loved the feel of his strong hands massaging her head, the sound of scrubbing and the water. She did not want it to end, but all things must. He sat on the edge of the tub with her on the floor between his knees, turned away from him. He brushed her wet hair as she massaged his ankles. Shortly, they decided to turn in. Because of the excitement about the haircut, they decided not to become physical until the next day. But they ended up talking all night.

Just before sunrise, they grabbed a quick bite and headed out the door. Her property extended up the mountain with an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Parkway. They reached the top just as the sun begun to crest over the mountain. She spread out the blanket as he spread out the supplies. He pulled her down to the blanket, sat behind her and wrapped his legs around her. He brushed her hair one last time. To start, he took a small lock of hair from the front and snipped just about shoulder length. As it fell, she turned to him with a puzzled look. ?Just to get started, my dear.? With that, she removed her shirt so she could feel the hair on her skin. As he snipped her hair, each strand brushed over her shoulder, sending a chill through her body. As he finished the first cut, she ran her hand through her hair then turned to him and pushed him to the ground. David had never had a woman force herself on him like that, but he could not get enough.

After he was spent, he looked at her. He loved the color of her hair and the shine in the early morning light. She smiled at him and drew him up. ?Aren?t you leaving a bit?? as she rang her fingers through her hair. He took the scissors and firmly took a lock from the front. As he held the hair firmly. He slowly closed the scissors next to her ear. Her body shivered as she felt each hair being freed from his grasp. She just about exploded as the newly shorn hair fell across her cheek. And so was the rest of the hair cut, and each strand was pulled tightly then freed with the sound of metal closing. Every few minutes, she turned around and kissed a different part of his body.

Suddenly, he had freed the last strand and it was his turn to take her. He had never made love in the woods, and with such an incredible view. It was all so intoxicating, and he knew there was so much more! Rachel had fallen asleep and was awakened to the sound of clippers next to her ear. As she started to turn her head, David told her to be still. His voice was firm, and for a brief moment, Rachel was alarmed. He moved her head just enough to expose the neck. He started at the bottom of her neck and slowly ran up her neck. The metal vibrating on her skin sent a new thrill that she had never felt. As she lay on the ground, she was concerned that he was going too high, but she was not able to voice any concern. The clippers went over and over her neck, each time, going just a bit higher. And without warning, they stopped. Rachel sat up and reached around, not knowing what to expect. There was more hair than expected, but also more stubble. Then she realized that he had shaved under her top hair to give it a bouncing look. As she rubbed her neck, David reached around and started kissing the stubble. Rachel could not believe her good fortune that reality had far exceeded her expectations.

The sun was setting and David started packing the scissors and clippers. It had been a good day and he smiled at Rachel, and she at him. The years had been good to the couple and their children had kidded Rachel about keeping the same hairstyle. But as often as they could, David and Rachel made the climb up the mountain where they remembered that first weekend together, so many years ago.

Alas, dear readers, the story is only partly true. Rachel fell ill before they could get together and they lost touch. Rachel seeks a David to this very day, refusing to part with her hair until she can find a good man.

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