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Me and my girlfriend Dephine had been talking about getting married for the past year. I really wanted to see her with short hair before I married her. Not that she wasn’t pretty as she was with her chocolate colored brown hair that nearly touched her waist. When I brushed it it felt like the softest thing I could imagine. It shined in the sunlight and when the wind blew it she looked great. I would from time to time wash it for her in her sink and she looked good when she put it in a bun and exposed the back of her neck. The back of her neck is what I wanted to kiss and caress without having to move a few pounds of hair.

Time went on and the marriage discussion got intense. We both loved each other but I needed a commitment from her on another level. I came to her one night and told her I would marry her with in six months if she would sign the agreement that I had written up that said I could cut her hair shorter after the Wedding Ceremony. She was so excited and happy that she signed in a moment and away things went down the road to Ceremony.

I told her to go to my stylist and get a pre-wedding trim and I would pay for it. What she didn’t know was that my stylist would be giving her a good looking over. He would tell me when I went in to pay what short haircut would look nice on Dephine and some ideas on how to cut it. It didn’t have to be perfect as he would fine tune it for free when she came in.

The big day came and Dephine looked as pretty as any bride ever looked her long hair put up under a veil. It was a great wedding and she let her hair down for the reception.Oh, what lovely hair. Those silken locks that she had so long treasured were not to be on her head much longer. They swung too and fro and she tossed them this way and that to get them out of her way. Tomorrow , she would have to toss no longer. I made sure she got plenty of champagne that afternoon.

To the honeymoon suite we went. I carried her across the threshold and told her I had two more gifts to give her. I gave her the first one to open. It was a nice silky teddy from Victoria Secret that would show me a lot of her secrets. I told her to go in the bathroom and change into it and I would give her the second gift. When she came out she looked like an angel from above. Her soft long curly hair hanging loosely over the red teddy which gave me a sneak preview of what was to come later that night.

I told her to sit down and I would let her open the second gift. It was a Wahl haircutting kit which included everything I needed to redo Delphines hair. Inside was the agreement she had signed and probably forgotten about. It took her by surprise that I wanted to cut her hair that night and so soon. I told her that a new phase or beginning in life meant she needed a new look to start it and no time was better than now. I told her the sex after would be wonderful.

I placed the cape over her and made a one inch part above her forehead. I pulled down hair that must have been thirty inches in length. I placed the scissors above her eyebrows and began to snip away the virgin hair. I told her the worst part would be the first few minutes as she would see her hair fall away. It actually didn’t fall as I held on to it and put it gently into a special box I had brought along.

Now, for the real brunt of the haircut. I parted the hair in the back from the top of the ear from ear to ear . The hair above the ear was pinned on top of her head. I combed out the bottom part and made a small pony tail. Then I activated the clippers. I felt her jump but reassured her all would be fine. Bending her head forward I let the clippers eat up that brown mass of hair that had been blocking the access to her neck. I left it a little fuzzy like a short cats. I shaved the neck line as I didn’t want it to grow out for quite a period.My hair collection was growing with each pass of the clippers up her neck.

I then let down the rest of her hair and decided to go a little shorter than the stylist told me to. I didn’t know when Dephine would let me cut her hair again. I brushed and combed the bulk of her hair down. So far she had bangs and a short neckline up to her ears. It was time to remove the mane. I took a comb and stopped at the hole in the ear. I let the clippers again come to life buzzzzzzz , buzzz they went across the comb and from which they removed at least 20 inches of chocolate colored delight. I took my time and enjoyed every minute as from right to left I went doing a small section at a time. This time Delphine couldn’t hold her tears. I told her she would look fine when done. I wasn’t about to let her see a mirror until then. So it went, comb and then Buzzzzz around her head I went. I wanted to make sure she couldn’t pony tail it or put it on top of her head for a year.

Then I grabbed the scissors and pulled the hair straight out and cut the bottom two inches that way all the way around. She looked great. I brushed her off and removed the cape and then let her see herself in the bathroom mirror. She shook her head and felt her neck and said that it sure felt lighter on her head. I said it should as the box of hair felt like it weighed five pounds.

There she was with her neck exposed and her short bobbed haircut. It was our honeymoon night so now it was time to expose what was under the Victoria Secrets lingerie. Now, I was really ready for the honeymoon to go forward and upward so to speak.

We have been married several years now and from time to time I pull out that box and look at the pretty brown hair samples it holds. I can’t help but smile when I think of the day Delphine said; " I do."

Hope you enjoyed the Story and your hair fetish dreams come true…Mr. Snips.

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