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Dorothy, the owner of the chain of salons where Vicky and Leslie worked, had a young husband, and for some time now he had been playing away with a young woman in her late twenties called Elizabeth. The "other woman" had been coming to the salon where Leslie worked for her six-weekly trim for some time now. Leslie always trimmed the ends of her shoulder-length hair and chatted casually. Unbeknown to Elizabeth, Leslie knew her little secret and had vowed to Vicky that she would soon get her comeuppance.

It was Tuesday and Elizabeth was booked in for her usual trim. Leslie was ready to surprise Liz with a new haircut. At 10.30am the door of the salon opened and Elizabeth strode in, brushing her hand through her thick blonde locks. Leslie greeted Liz and took her coat and hung it by the door on the hook. Liz was taken to Leslie’s station by Vicky, who then caped her and started to brush through Liz’s ultra thick locks. Vicky always enjoyed this as her hair was so wonderfully thick. Liz sat and relaxed as Vicky brushed through the hair. Chatting away in soothing tones Vicky asked if she was going anywhere special that day, to which Liz replied she was meeting up with a good friend for lunch.

Leslie arrived and started chatting. "Dorothy was just in," she lied.

Liz looked thoughtfully into the mirror, "Oh was she? What a shame I missed her."

"Yes she was telling us how Ron, her husband, keeps onto her about having her hair cropped like ours," she lied again. "You know these men, they love to get their own way don’t they." Leslie smiled at Liz knowingly.

"Oh, he likes short hair then does he?" Liz ran her hand through her own beautiful hair.

"Oh Christ, yes, he’s always going on to us about our hair, isn’t he Vicky?"

"That’s right. Can’t keep his hands off it, can he Leslie?" Vicky glanced a grin at Leslie.

"That reminds me, Vicky, I’ll get you to trim mine up again for me if you will." Leslie ran her hand over her own head. "It’s certainly in need of a good trim up, don’t you think?"

"Yeah sure, you just say when and I’ll sort it for you," Vicky replied eagerly.

Liz interrupted at this point and told Leslie that she could have it done now if she liked as she wouldn’t mind waiting, and would enjoy to watch Leslie having her hair trimmed. Her mind was racing, she needed more time to think. Should she have her own hair cut? Ron seemed to be losing interest in her and she needed something to help the situation, maybe a haircut could be the answer? She was desperate to save the relationship so she would try anything.

"Yes ok, that alright with you babe?" Leslie knew Liz was hooked.

"Sure, that’s fine with me. You two had better change places and I’ll get started on you, Leslie." Vicky smiled at her lover and snapped the cape around her neck. "My, your hair has gone a bit wild. You’re going to have to lose a lot of hair here," she said as she brushed through Leslie’s collar-length hair. Vicky had recently given her own hair a trim up while Leslie was away on a course, so it was still only half an inch all over. She ran her hand through her own hair and asked Leslie how short she wanted it.

"Oh, just a bit shorter than yours babe, no. 3?"

Vicky thumbed through the guide combs on the shelf by the mirror and found the no 3 guide. "There you are. Right, let’s fix your hair for you!"

Vicky turned the Wahl clippers on and pushed Leslie’s head forward, Liz just stared, she couldn’t, wouldn’t, take her eyes off the scene that was unfolding in front of her. She had never before witnessed such a thing, a woman being sheared so short, it was enthralling. Could she dare to think of having such a thing done to her own hair? The humming clippers started their first upward journey towards the crown of Leslie’s head. Four more passes were made and Liz was dumbstruck, just staring and not uttering a word.

"You ok there?" Vicky asked.

"Oh yyesss," Liz slowly answered. "Fine. It’s so, so short and you say Don likes your hair like this – I mean this short?" She managed a smile as she said it, still not taking her eyes off of the humming clippers.

"Oh yes, he’s always going on about it, loves it." Leslie lifted her head now and smiled back at Liz.

"Vicky, can you take the back in a bit shorter for me please?"

"Sure." Vicky switched guides to a no. 2 and blended the back up to leave a nice clean nape.

Vicky kept the no. 2 on and ran the clippers up over Leslie’s ears on both sides and then switched back to the no. 3. Moving to the front of Leslie she pushed the clippers straight through the crown hair removing all of Leslie’s fringe and all of the hair on top. Five more passes soon removed all of the remaining hair.

"There you are, nearly done. I’ll just blend in the sides and then you’re done for another month or two."

Before long Leslie was ushering Liz into the seat in which she had just received her cut. She started to comb through Liz’s hair and asked her if she wanted her usual trim.

"Well, I’ve been thinking about a change."

"Really? Yes, I think a nice short bob would suit you, don’t you Vicky?"

"Well no, actually I was wondering if perhaps you think a shorter style would suit me."

"How short do you want to go Liz? There’s short and there’s short." Leslie brushed her hand over her own freshly cropped hair and smiled into the mirror at Liz.

"Well, I’m not sure. What do you think?" Liz was hesitant.

"Do you trust me, Liz?" Liz nodded. "Well why don’t you leave it to me and I’ll crop it nice and short for you, how’s that?" Liz bravely smiled and nodded in acceptance. "Right then, I reckon your features can take a really sharp look, let’s get started. It’s going to be a little bit shorter than mine but don’t worry, it’ll look great."

Leslie fitted the no. 2 guide and then swung the chair round so that Liz couldn’t see herself in the mirror. Liz’s face flushed with fear, knowing that within seconds it would be too late to change her mind. Leslie held the clippers to Liz’s forehead and asked her if she was sure, a simple yes left her lips. The clippers burst into life and Leslie turned them back off as quickly as they started.

"Vicky, I think I’ll have to use the Osters. Can you get them for me?"

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. She had been reprieved for a few more minutes.

"That’s better. I don’t think the old Wahls would be able to cope with all this thick hair. You have such lovely hair, don’t you Liz?"

She smiled weakly at Leslie. As the Osters were switched on Liz jumped in the seat. Leslie told her not to worry, and that they were more suitable for the job in hand.

"Now, you just relax, you won’t feel a thing." Leslie smiled cruelly.

The Osters were placed at Liz’s forehead, with no guard attachment they would leave the hair at most one millimetre long. Leslie thought that this would be quite long enough for such a bitch of a woman.

"Right, say goodbye to this lovely thick hair Liz, you’re going all the way!" Leslie smiled as she pushed the clippers forward through to the woman’s crown. Liz felt a cool rush of air hit the top of her head, but assumed this to be natural as she had never had such short hair before. Hair spewed from beneath the teeth of the clippers and landed in her lap. She was amazed at its thickness, she was happy that she had decided to be brave and go all the way to please Ron. It was a big sacrifice but would pay dividends and save her affair. Liz sat calmly, enjoying the sensation. After another five passes Leslie worked on the sides, once again pushing the clippers from the front, back over the ears, first the right then the left. This was really looking good now. Piles of hair joined their comrades into the lap of the willing victim. Liz’s head was half done now – just the back to go and it would be all over. Liz filled her hands with the blonde mass of hair that used to be attached to her head. Wow, she did really feel that cool breeze now. She even joked that she would have to find out that old hat of hers or she might catch cold. Vicky could not believe what was happening and looked on in admiration at Leslie who was now pushing Liz’s head forward into her chest. Liz cooperated eagerly and the Osters began their journey upwards and onwards through the thick locks. More hair gathered in Liz’s lap. The clippers effortlessly made pass after pass until the job was complete.

"Right, just a bit of cleaning up to do and you’re finished." Leslie was pleased with her work and was soon finished.

"Can I look now?" asked Liz as Leslie used the soft brush to get rid of those unwanted annoying hairs.

"Just before you do I have something to say to you. We know that you and Ron are very good friends and, well, perhaps that this new haircut will persuade you that it’s probably time that you and he called it a day."

Leslie swung the chair round slowly to reveal to Liz the new cut. Liz stared as tears ran down her cheeks, she was all but bald, she sobbed. Her hands were filled with hair that had once been part of her. Tears soon turned to anger and told Leslie that she would pay for what she had done.

"I told you to say goodbye to your hair and that we were going all the way and I have a witness to back me up, right Vicky?" Vicky nodded in agreement. "You wanted to go all the way, we went all the way, job done. Anyhow if we tell Dorothy about your little secret I’m sure your hair will be the last thing you’ll be worried about. Now unless you want it a little bit shorter I suggest you go, now."

Liz found that old hat and can still be seen wearing it even now! 

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