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Ellie turned off the TV and sat staring out the window, trying to determine what she wanted to do on this Saturday morning. It was kind of a dreary day out, so she picked up the paper and began to rifle through it. Not much was grabbing her attention, as she mindlessly continued to turn the pages. But then her eye landed on the headline, "Hair Show Set for Next Thursday Night." She perked up and became somewhat interested as she read through the article.

Ellie had gorgeous hair and her friends always commented that it was one of her best features. She highly enjoyed her hair herself and loved the comfortable feeling it seemed to give her. It stretched down her back, just a little longer than midpoint, and the brunette strands had just a touch of delightful little curls that flipped up at the ends. Otherwise, it was fairly straight, and really complimented her 5’8" frame. Ellie had really never contemplated any type of hair show, or cutting her hair for quite some time, as she’d been trying to grow it out a bit. But she became very intrigued as she finished the article and wondered what it would be like to participate in such an event. After all, even though it was a little gloomy outside at the moment, summer was only a couple weeks away and fast approaching.

She dismissed the thought, though, as temporary insanity, and continued to go on about her day. Later in the afternoon, however, her mind kept going back to the Hair Show and the idea of just trying out a little different style. She began to realize that she’s always been a bit of a risk taker, but had never really done anything innovative or drastic with her hair. Ellie decided that she at least wanted to look into the possibility of the hair show, and find out some more information.

As she got back to her place around 4:00 or so, she grabbed the paper and called the number for the Hair Show. The lady answered and said that all potential participants needed to come down to a studio sometime before Wednesday so they could be judged on whether they would be a good fit for the show. Ellie thanked her, hung up the phone, and thought, "I’m going to head down there on Monday and just check it out." The rest of the weekend flew by, and before she knew it, she was down at the studio on Monday morning, getting evaluated for the Hair Show. Everyone involved liked her style and thought her hair was beautiful, so they let her know she could sign up if she wished. With a little fear and trepidation, Ellie decided to just go for it, and signed up on the spot. "What am I doing!" she thought to herself as she left the building. But she had now resigned to the fact that she really wanted a change. She was going through a lot of other emotional things in her life currently, and this just might be the thing to get her jump-started again.

As Thursday night came closer through the week, Ellie became a little nervous at what type of style she might end up with. But she knew she had "some" say in at least the length of the style, so she found more courage in those thoughts. Thursday night was suddenly upon her, and she headed to the Hair Show and got ready backstage. Ellie had more butterflies in her stomach than she would have wished for, but she was also excited at the possibility of presenting a new self to the world. The model due up right before Ellie walked onto the stage on sat down for her haircut. The stylist placed the cape around her and got things ready for his presentation. Ellie could watch the whole event from her position just off stage. The model was a touch shorter than Ellie, and had hair that was slightly lighter in color, with tight, wonderful curls. Her hair seemed to hang just about on her shoulders.

Ellie looked on in amazement as the stylist actually brought out some clippers and plugged them in. Ellie was in complete disbelief, or maybe "horror" was a more appropriate term! Slowly, the stylist put a guard on the clippers and began to run them up the back of the model’s head. There was an audible gasp from the crowd, and from Ellie’s mouth as well. The stylist picked up his pace, and hair was flying everywhere. From what Ellie could tell, the clippers were leaving a little less than an inch of hair in their wake … maybe more like 3/4" or so. The flair of the stylist continued as he proceeded to shear off the model’s hair around the back, and began working on the sides. Ellie’s eyes finally averted from the haircut for a moment, and she gazed at the model’s face. Surprisingly, the model was not nearly as shocked as everyone else in the room, and actually seemed to have the faintest smile overcoming her lips. Yeah, she was definitely smiling, Ellie concluded!

At last the stylist put down the clippers, picked up his scissors, and started to work in earnest on the hair on top of the model’s head. He worked very quickly, and snipped off her hair to within two inches on top, blending it in with the sides and back. Suffice it to say, this model was ending up with an alarmingly different hairstyle than when she first entered the building — But the model was still grinning. "Why in the world was she still grinning?," Ellie whispered to herself. The stylist set his scissors on the table, squirted some gel in his hands, and vigorously worked it through the model’s remaining hair. He ended up giving her a funky style, with the now very short curls on top sticking out in all sorts of crazy directions, and part of her bangs sweeping, caressingly across her forehead. It appeared to be a very progressive and trendy style as he flipped off her cape, and bowed to the crowd’s applause and approval.

Ellie had been in such shock watching all of this transpire, that she sort of forgot that she was next to go on stage. She was kind of in a daze, and lost herself in thought thinking about the haircut she had just witnessed. As the model walked across the stage and passed by Ellie, she was still beaming and was running her hands up the back of her neck, exploring the feel of her new haircut. An attendant motioned to Ellie, and helped lead her on stage. But Ellie wasn’t thinking entirely clearly now, and just sort of floated across the stage and took a seat in the chair. She wasn’t entirely sure of what was going on around her, as her mind seemed transfixed in another sort of state. She almost felt like she was in a trance, and felt herself relax, not really knowing where she was at or what was happening. The stylist put the cape around her, and snapped it closed … That was the last thing Ellie remembered for quite some time. She was vaguely aware that somebody was doing something around her head, but she had no real perception of exactly what.

Ellie just kept wondering to herself, "What must that model have been thinking as those clippers were running over her head?" "Did it feel strange or harsh, or was it actually enjoyable?" "What would it be like to have such a short haircut?" She kept pondering these questions in her head, as the stylist continued his work. At this point, Ellie was completely unaware of her own haircut and was lost in her own thoughts. Suddenly, she heard the unsnapping of the button on the cape, and she was jostled back to reality. "What just happened?," she mumbled aloud to herself. Quickly, her mind put the pieces back together and she remembered she was just in the process of getting a haircut herself. She took her hand from under the cape and reached up to find solace in her hair. It wasn’t at the length she thought it would be. Her hand kept moving upwards. Finally, her fingertips felt her hair resting just above her shoulders. "Oh my God," she exclaimed somewhat loudly. She had had no idea what the stylist had done to her hair, and now she realized that it was far shorter than she had hoped for. She started to breathe somewhat irregularly, and a tear formed at her eye and rolled down her cheek. She was completely distraught that she’d lost so much length off her hair. The stylist had added some gel to Ellie’s hair as well, and it was curlier than she had worn it in a long time.

Ellie fumbled to stand up and get off the stage. She kept feeling where her hair had been, hoping that this was somehow all just a dream. Now nearing the edge of the stage, tears were streaming down her face, and it was all she could do to hold it together and make it backstage. She sprinted out the door and struggled to find her keys while she was searching for her car. "Why in the world did I do this?," she was sobbing to herself. Ellie located her car, and sped off for home, barely noticing stoplights or street signs. She fled upstairs to her room and flopped down on her bed, crying herself to sleep.

Ellie awoke that next morning trying to grasp what had happened over the last several hours. Did she really just imagine it all … was it just a dream? But slowly, she soberingly realized it was not a dream. She knew that it had actually happened. She dragged herself into the bathroom to examine her appearance. She started to tear up again when she caught the visual in the mirror. But after a little time, she had to admit to herself that it wasn’t actually quite as bad as she had thought. Her hair sprung up a little more, and was way lighter on her head. She couldn’t believe how heavy her hair used to feel. She tossed her hair from side to side, and kind of liked the way it flowed around her head. The more she looked at it, the more she was getting used to it — And even starting to appreciate it in some ways. She took a shower to wake up a little bit, and began to towel dry her hair and blow dry it. She was amazed at how much quicker it dried. She even began to smile, and could see that this could be sort of a fun, frisky hairstyle. Ellie laughed at how emotional she was the night before, and even just an hour or two ago. She decided that "these are the risks you take," and really started to relish the opportunity to have some new experiences with this hairstyle.

As the day wore on, Ellie completely changed her thinking about her new haircut from the night before. She felt somewhat more alive, and a little more free. She would catch a glance of herself in a shop window, and loved the way that she looked like a totally different person. She felt herself even smiling more at the strangers passing by on the street. "Yes," Ellie declared, "I like this haircut a lot!" As she walked around town, she began to think of the other model from last night. And she kept returning to that glowing smile the model had on her face. "How could a woman cut her hair so short?," Ellie was thinking. But she also knew that if she felt this free herself, that the other model must be feeling all sorts of unexpected thoughts. Ellie knew she would never think of cutting her hair that short, but she began to wonder what it would be like to go just a little shorter. She was more intrigued with the thought than she would have ever believed to be possible. After all, she had just had a haircut last night and had cried herself to sleep over it.

But the thought would not escape her. Ellie kept envisioning what it would be like to cut off just a little more. If she liked her hair this much now, it must be even that much more incredible to have just a touch shorter hair. Ellie was really growing excited at the idea now, and a smirk even began to creep across her face. "I can’t believe I’m even considering this," she thought. But she figured that she had come this far, why not try something just a little more daring. She chuckled to herself as she made the decision … "Who would have ever thought that I, Ellie, would be wanting to get my hair cut shorter." She continued to think about it the rest of the day, and wanted to make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. She knew, though, that she couldn’t go the her regular hair stylist; she would just try to talk Ellie out of the cut as she loved Ellie’s long hair. So Ellie scheduled an appointment for a new place that her best friend was always raving about. Ellie sauntered off to bed that night, anxious and a little nervous about what the next day would bring.

Ellie showed up at the salon right on time in the afternoon, and was greeted by the receptionist. Ellie took a seat, and about five minutes later, an attractive gal came up and approached her. "Hi, my name is Heather," she said, "and I’ll be your stylist today." Ellie immediately felt comfortable, as she very much liked Heather’s personality and sense of style, and followed her to the back of the salon to wet her hair down. They each talked back and forth with the normal chit-chat and returned to Heather’s booth. "So what were you thinking about doing today?," Heather asked with the obligatory question.

Ellie had already decided that she wasn’t going to tell Heather about her most recent cut and the Hair Show. She just wanted to come in and get the best Heather had to offer, without a biased opinion as to how long or short her hair should be. Ellie had some reservations at this point, and had even considered backing out altogether. But no, she concluded, this will be a good change for me, even though it’s a tough change. So Ellie said, "I was wanting to go a little shorter, but wondered what were some of your thoughts?" Heather recommended something more along the lines of mid-neck length. Of course Ellie had known that something this short was a possibility, but she hadn’t fully realized the ramifications until Heather mentioned this. Ellie said, "Are you sure, something that short, huh?" And Heather stated that she could do a different style, but if Ellie was wanting to go shorter, that this would be a good option.

With her lip quivering, and some fear in her voice, Ellie said "Let’s go for it." She couldn’t even believe those words came out of her mouth, but she was also very excited as well. Heather pulled out a fancy cape, and again Ellie heard the "SNAP" of the button. She combed Ellie’s hair and pulled out her scissors. Of course this time, Ellie was much more aware of what was going on, and while she was terrified, she was also looking forward to it. Heather combed through the hair one last time, and placed the scissors at Ellie’s neck. She began cutting and a shudder ran up Ellie’s spine. She started to breathe faster and again had the fear of backing out. She had never really felt the cold metal of the scissors before on her neck, and it produced an odd feeling in her stomach. Heather kept cutting and the hair started to fall off Ellie’s head and slide down the cape.

The SHHNNIICCKK of the scissors was growing louder in Ellie’s ear. And tears again started to well up in Ellie’s eyes. But this time no tears were rolling down her cheeks. This time, something was feeling different to her. Ellie loved her long hair, but she also thought back to yesterday and how light and airy her new haircut felt. Ellie was wanting to try something completely different, and this was one way to make a statement. She was now more determined in her effort to make this hairstyle change. Plus, Heather was so good with her hands, and Ellie had to admit to herself, she was actually kind of starting to enjoy this. The blades felt cool against her neck, and with each scrunch of the scissors, Ellie felt more hair being cut from her head. She could see pieces now starting to pile up on the floor. And something about seeing and feeling her hair being cut was actually very interesting to her. Ellie noticed that the cut strands were of course very dark, since her hair was pretty wet.

Heather questioned, "How are we doing, Ellie?" realizing that this might be a big step for her. And Ellie actually felt herself smiling back saying, "It’s a big change, but I’m kind of enjoying it." Did she really just say what she thought she said? That she was actually enjoying this? She thought about it and now knew that she actually was kind of liking this whole experience. Ellie’s body now relaxed as Heather continued slicing the hair off on her neck. Ellie couldn’t believe how good this was feeling. Here she was, getting a SHORT haircut by her standards, and she was actually warming up to the idea. In fact, she couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way, but she was actually getting a little turned on by the whole experience. Where in the world was this coming from?!

Heather closed the scissors one final time and Ellie’s hair dropped to the floor. In less than 48 hours, Ellie’s hair had gone from longer than the midpoint on her back, to now halfway up the back of her neck. Ellie wanted the scissors on her neck more, for a greater length of time … "Am I truly feeling pleasure over a haircut?," she asked herself. And she was beginning to realize the answer was a resounding, "YES!" Heather continued to just sort of tidy up the rest of the haircut, without really cutting too much more length off. And she was getting close to being done, but Ellie was wanting it to last a lot longer.

Heather pulled out the blow dryer and started to dry and shape Ellie’s hair. Heather said, "I think this really suits you and you look fantastic. You can pull this off very well. What do you think of it?" Ellie knew she loved it, but her thoughts actually turned to going shorter. The idea of cutting off even more of her hair was really starting to arouse her. She was panicking, excited, confused, and aroused all at the same time. What would she do without her long hair to play with and comfort her? She knew that she should probably stop, but she just couldn’t. Something was overtaking her feelings now. Before she could change her mind, she said, "How about if we go a little shorter?" And Heather, looking surprised said, "Shorter, are you sure? That would end up being fairly short."

But Ellie surprised even herself when she said, "Yeah, I’d like to go shorter, maybe something just above chin length." Heather was a little astonished and checked again to make sure, but Ellie was determined. "Just so you know, we’ll probably have to use the clippers, though," Heather stated. That’s right, Ellie remembered. It would be a short enough haircut to warrant using those. And without really thinking, Ellie just nodded and said, "That’s fine." Ellie was in too much of a state to fully comprehend what was going on. All she knew was that she wanted her hair cut. Now. Heather opened a drawer, pulled out the clippers, and plugged them in the socket in full view of Ellie. Heather simply said, "Head down please," and Ellie willingly complied. She heard the "POPPPPP," and the loud "hhhhhhmmmmmmmm" of the clippers. Heather placed them on Ellie’s neck and began moving them upwards. Ellie couldn’t believe how incredible they felt, and would have trouble even beginning to describe it. The first pass went up the back of her head, and her hair fell slowly to the ground. Heather had placed the Number 2 guard on the clippers, so it was reducing Ellie’s hair to a mere 1/4 of an inch. Heather started making another pass. And Ellie just felt her nape and skin starting to come alive. The vibrations were so amazing, and unbelievably erotic. Ellie actually placed her hand over her crotch and just let it rest there. This feeling was out of this world.

Heather made a third pass, and there were no words spoken during all of this. Just the loud "hhhhmmmmm" of the clippers filled the air. Ellie could now start to see just a little bit of her hair falling to the floor. And this actually started to make her jeans wet. She now took her hand and slid it down her pants, hoping Heather wouldn’t notice what was going on. But she was almost to the point of not caring. She almost didn’t even know what was going on anymore. Heather kept guiding the clippers up the back of Ellie’s nape, leaving behind the softest amount of stubble. Maybe even more like the feeling of velvet. Heather continued at this rate for a couple more minutes, making sure to get everything even in the back. Then she said, "Ellie could you hold your head up please?" And Ellie felt her head roll up and lock into position. She hadn’t even wanted to look in the mirror yet. She was enjoying all the other sensations too much. By this point, Ellie was even beginning to sweat a little bit, she was so aroused at the whole process, and her hand was slowly moving in her pants.

Heather proceeded to trim up all the ends and worked on finishing up the haircut. Ellie’s eyes were closed and she was just capturing the moment of Heather’s hands all around her head. She knew she didn’t want it to end. She was experiencing things she had never felt before. Heather finally broke the silence with, "There, it’s pretty short, but what do you think of that?" Ellie slowly opened her eyes and felt herself coming back into reality. Heather swung around the chair to face the mirror and Ellie could not believe what she saw. Her straight hair was bobbed to just above chin length. Gone were the wonderful, flowing locks she had had so briefly before. But she loved it. She almost didn’t even recognize herself. She flipped her head from side to side, and her hair just swung so naturally. It was so light and innocent feeling. She saw the buzzed part just barely peeking out at her neck and thought it looked gorgeous. She pulled her other hand out from under the cape and began to rub her nape and neck. "Ohhh," she softly whispered. She didn’t even know it was an audible sound, but she quietly moaned one more time again. It felt so intoxicating … Her hair bristled against her hand and she just kept rubbing her nape. It was so inviting that it was hard to take her hand away. "I looovvvve it," Ellie finally said. "It feels so fresh and free." She did not want this whole time at the salon to end, but felt there’s no way she could go any farther. She had to take a moment to compose herself before Heather unbuttoned the cape and slid it off her. Ellie stood up, thanked Heather very generously, and left the salon feeling totally invigorated.

Once outside, Ellie was almost bowled over at the slight breeze tickling her neck. Her hand immediately shot up again to her nape and she methodically rubbed it as she made her way to her car. She was trying to process everything that had just happened, but she was coming up empty. She just knew that the buzzed hair, fighting back against her hand as she stroked it, felt immensely enticing. By the time she got home, it was early evening, and she raced upstairs to the bathroom to inspect herself from every angle. If it was even possible, she loved her hair more than when she was in the salon. She couldn’t believe why she had never done this before. There, on the counter, was a picture of Ellie and her dad from a year ago. Of course Ellie was sporting her prized locks in the photo, and she kept glancing back and forth from the photo to the mirror. She loved her long hair, but this new feeling was immeasurable and she couldn’t point to exactly why. But both hands were on her nape now and she was trying to feel each tiny prick of each little hair.

Her thoughts were suddenly transported back to Thursday night at the Hair Show, and the image of the other model smiling as she came off stage with her extremely short haircut. Ellie now knew a little of what secret that model’s smile was hiding. Ellie felt more alive than perhaps at any other time of her life, and she started to slowly get aroused again. Her mind danced around the model’s short haircut, and her own experience at the salon just shortly ago. All these feelings were so intense, but where were they coming from? She thought of the model again, and what it must feel like to have your hair that short. She kept thinking about it over and over. She again placed a hand down her pants as she was getting hot reliving everything that had happened to her.

Out of nowhere, a thought shot to the front of Ellie’s conscious mind… "What if I went just a little shorter with my hair? Nothing drastic, but just to see what it feels like." Again, Ellie was fighting back and forth with her emotions, as her rational side was telling her that enough was enough, but her inner, gut instinct was wanting more. She flew out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the kitchen where she grabbed the scissors. And she ran back up the stairs to the bathroom, breathing heavily from the sudden burst of adrenaline. "Maybe if I just cut it a little shorter in back and around the sides, it won’t be too big of a deal. Then if I screw it up, I can always get a stylist to fix it." Without thinking, she raised the scissors to her head and cut off about two inches on the side. She smiled in the mirror. She took the scissors up again and cut just in front of where she had before, moving closer to her face. The loud scrunch of the scissors was directly in her ear. She really loved that sound now. Ellie started cutting faster closer to her cheekbone. It was coming out a little uneven, but Ellie didn’t care at the moment.

She went to the left side of her head, and started cutting at the same level from her face back to her ear. She was still breathing hard now, but it was mixed up with emotion and trembling. The cut hair was falling into the sink and all over the floor. She greatly enjoyed seeing the hair delightfully cascade down her shirt and hit the ground. By this point she was starting to sweat again and felt her inner being becoming turned on even more. She glanced at the photo again of her with the long hair … she didn’t want to look like that now. She wanted to cut her hair off. Ellie turned sideways to the mirror and grabbed, almost violently, her hair in back. She couldn’t really see what she was doing, but she placed the blades along her neck at about the same level as the sides and scrunched the scissors closed. Those blades felt so incredible on her skin again. Almost as if they were welcome visitors. She grabbed another handful of hair and cut more off. Then some more hair, with more of it winding up on the floor.

Ellie placed the scissors on the counter and turned to face the mirror. She was grinning from ear to ear. She placed both her hands down her pants to soothe the wet spot that had started to form. She looked at her image in the mirror, then would close her eyes and recapture that image in her head as she stroked her panties. She opened her eyes. Her hair was now at about ear lobe length. And Ellie loved the sight of it. The bottom part of her right ear was just barely exposed and she just wanted somebody to nibble on it and kiss her neck. Ohhh, how she longed to have someone’s mouth on her neck right now!

Ellie was starting to lose control. She realized she was feeling similar to what her state of mind was like at the salon earlier today. She couldn’t control her thoughts. It was almost as if she had lost the ability to reason. She was cutting off her beautiful hair, and she was wanting more of it. With that, she snatched the scissors up and pulled out a long lock from the side of her head. She was beyond thinking now … She was just reacting. She eagerly closed the scissors, leaving only about 2-3 inches of hair in that spot. She reached for some more hair, and again scrunched the scissors. Her hair was falling all around her and she was beaming. Ellie felt like her insides were being turned upside down. She was panting more now, not really breathing. She started reaching for hair at the back of her head, as she continued to shear off her glorious strands with those steel blades. She wasn’t cutting in any sort of pattern or process. Hair was being left on her head anywhere from 1-3 inches. She kept slicing the hair at her occipital bone, not even paying attention to particular lengths anymore. She just wanted to hear the scrunch, scrunch, scrunch of those scissors. By now she had cut the initial parts on the right side, and was making short work of the back very quickly.

Ellie was so engrossed with everything, that now the thought entered her head again of what it felt like when Heather used the clippers at the salon. She set the scissors down, closed her eyes, and again reached for that warm spot in her pants. She recalled the incredible feeling of the clippers on her bare skin … How unbelievably exquisite that felt. Her eyes suddenly darted open as she remembered something. Her brother had stayed with her for a little while a couple weeks ago, and had left a few boxes that he still had to pick up. She tried to retrace some of the contents of those boxes in her mind. "Yes!," she shouted to herself. She went to the spare bedroom and began rummaging through the boxes, desperately searching for what she knew was there. She found a small, black box, and walked hurriedly back to the bathroom.

She fumbled opening the box as her hands were now shaking. She pulled the clippers out of the box and plugged them in. She knew she didn’t want to go too short. She still wanted some hair left, after all. But her mind was in and out of moments of clarity. She picked out the number three guard and placed them on the clippers. Ellie wondered if this was about the same length as the model from a couple nights ago. She wondered if the model was feeling all these things that were swelling up inside of Ellie now. She didn’t care. She just wanted those clippers on her head now. She flipped the switch to turn them on and jumped a little bit as they came to life. The "hhhhhmmmmm" of the clippers filled the room and seemed to bounce and echo off the walls. Ellie was not even Ellie now. She slowly brought the clippers to her forehead. It was just going through the motions now, just listening to what her body and soul were telling her. She pushed the clippers through her bangs and back over the part of her hair, all the way to the point of her head. She was almost leaning into the clippers as she finished that first path. She took her left hand and reached up and felt the buzzed hair that was remaining. "Yeah," she thought, "This is what I want." All the feelings from the salon came rushing back to her. She again brought the clippers to her forehead and started another path right next to the first. Now her hair was really fluidly coming off her head, as she hadn’t cut any of this hair with scissors before. Her scalp was just barely visible in the paths of the shorn hair. She couldn’t believe how seeing that buzzed hair kept getting her turned on more and more. "Hhhhhhhmmmmm" went the clippers along the top of her head again. Ellie had pretty much cleared the hair from the top of her head now, and she was so excited at the denuding of her long locks.

She knew this wasn’t going to be enough, though. Without even realizing it, she had turned off the clippers and taken the guard off. She examined her eyes in the mirror, studying them to ensure she wanted to do this. And they were telling her she had to go ahead. So now, Ellie brought the guardless clippers back up to her head again. If she was more coherent, or had more time, she might have reflected on how she had got to this point. But she didn’t think. She just plunged the clippers right down the middle of her head. Her left hand again went to her panties, which were almost completely soaked by now. She felt the stubble left behind with the fingertips of her right hand, the clippers still vibrating with life. This was the hottest she had ever felt in her lifetime. This time, she placed the clippers at the base of her neck, and drew them up the back of her head, over the occipital bone, and right on over the top of her head to her forehead. This really got her going. She did this one more time, racing the clippers from her nape all the way to her forehead. She loved watching all the tiny hairs flying off, leaving just the tiniest millimeter of hair. She giggled at how long that same hair had been before … the inches and inches, and feet and feet of it.

Ellie kept running the clippers over the top of her head, undaunted now. She started in on the right side, and finished up where she had left off there before with the scissors. Her hair was still fairly long on the left, though, and she attacked that side of her head. Ellie’s straight, brunette hair was being sheared off without any mercy. She now had both hands on the clippers and was grinding it against her skin as she buzzed off every hair she could find. She tried to finish off the back of her head as best she could, and got rid of most of the hair there as well.

Seemingly satisfied, she turned off the clippers and laid them to rest on the counter. She knew she had one more thing to do, though. She had realized it as she was finishing up with the clippers. She opened the cupboard and pulled out the razor and shaving cream she used to shave her legs. This would be the denouement of the night, she knew. Ellie had come to the point, however, where there wasn’t even a decision involved anymore … She was just taking it to the final step. She rinsed her head in warm water, feeling the bristles on her scalp. What an erotic state of mind they brought out in her body. She raised her head up, and dispensed some of the shaving cream in her hand. Ellie circled her head with the shaving cream, being careful to get it onto every area of her scalp. She brought the razor up to her head, and unbelievingly, began to shave her own head. The rasp of the razor on her head was an entirely new experience as well. She started at the top of her head and drew the razor forward, towards her face. She did this a couple times, and reached up to feel the smooth skin. It literally dropped Ellie to her knees. She was on the floor, on her knees, with her hands now in her panties. It was all she could do to stand up again after several minutes, but she had more work to do.

Ellie continued to pull the razor across the top of her head. Her skin was glaringly white, but that was even more of a stimulation for her. She drew stroke after stroke across her soft, feminine head. She took the time to rinse out the blade, then would keep going after it, shaving her head. She came up real close to the mirror as she began to work on the sides. She wanted to look herself squarely in the eyes as she was doing this. The power she felt surging through her body was unimaginable. With each pass of the razor, she felt almost drunk off of adrenaline. She completed the right side, and then finished the left. Ellie grabbed a small, handheld mirror to shave the back. "Ohhh, yeah," she moaned out loud as she remembered what it felt like to have Heather’s hands on her neck earlier. She wanted to get her head as smooth as possible, to feel the even texture of her naked head. She shaved her nape and back of her head, taking the time to savor every surge of energy in her body. She kept shaving and shaving her head, trying to make sure she got every miniscule hair possible. She kept going for what seemed like a half hour or more. Ellie couldn’t stop … she just kept scraping that razor across her head, while alternately stroking her scalp with one hand or both.

She felt like she could go on no longer. She threw down the razor and began to take her shirt off, unbuttoning the blouse from the top down. She undid her bra and flung it off to the side. She scrambled to get out of her pants as this feeling continued to overwhelm her. She finally reached for the throbbing, wet area of her panties and removed those over her long legs. Ellie was yearning to get into the shower, to feel the pulsating of the water on her head and entire body. She thrust open the shower door and turned on the water. The water beat down on Ellie’s bald head with a greater pleasure than she had ever known. The sensations on her head forced her to keep leaning on the shower walls, as she shuddered with delight. Her skin and scalp felt alive, as she ran her fingertips over her head and everywhere else on her body. The water streaming on her naked head was the most absolute arousing force her senses had ever known. She loved how taut her skin was to her skull, how it seemed to hug the beautiful curvature of her feminine head. Ellie stayed in the shower for what seemed like 45 minutes or so. She didn’t even know who she was anymore, and was doing almost unmentionable things with her body in that shower stall.

She finally flung open the shower door and leaped across the bathroom into the bedroom. She caught a reflection of herself in the full-length bedroom mirror. She was beautiful. Her cute, little ears were pinned back against her scalp. Her eyes seemed to pop out of her head, and were large and deceptively sultry. But it was her head, ohh her glorious head, that turned Ellie on the most. The overhead light shone off her bald head, and now there was only milky-white skin where once there had been long, luxurious hair. Ellie dived on to the bed, and got up on her knees and elbows. She put her head on the pillow and moved it every way she could, marveling at how it slid so smoothly. She placed one hand on her crotch, and the other on her breasts as she tried to make love with her head on the pillow. The sensations on her scalp were mind-numbing, and it was driving her body to the ultimate state of ecstasy. Awareness had left Ellie’s mind again, and she continued on in this fashion throughout the long hours of the night. It would be the first of many more such nights to come …

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