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It all started a few nights ago when my boyfriend and I were out on our balcony just before sunset. We were just talking and drinking a glass of wine when we noticed another young couple walk out onto their balcony next to our condo. What happened next not only surprised, and excited us both, but also acted as a catalyst for new sexual adventures for all of us over the next few days. They were both very attractive looking and obviously not too shy. Almost immediately they began to kiss and fondle each other as the days last light gently bathed their athletic bodies.

While my boyfriend and I continued to watch our exhibitionistic neighbors, they began to quickly strip off each other’s clothes.  They acted as if they were totally oblivious to our presence and our voyeuristic stares. Silently we continued to watch as they tore off the last of their clothes, leaving them completely naked. As they continued to frantically kiss and explore each others naked bodies, I could feel Alex’s body next to mine and his warm breath against my neck. The girl slowly went down on her knees, giving us an unobstructed view of her friend’s naked body. I was truly mesmerized by what I saw next. He had no pubic hair … or any other body hair except for on his head. His body was perfectly smooth and hairless. As the girl’s hands softly caressed his smooth torso, she swallowed his enlarged cock and began to expertly, and enthusiastically, suck. I could feel my own pulse quicken as I felt Alex’s hands lifting up my dress from behind and gently caressing my bare legs. My head was spinning from all the excitement of the moment and from Alex’s attention to my wet pussy. As the girl continued to suck her partner’s cock, Alex wrapped one of his hands around the front of me and began to rub my pussy through my lace thong. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that Alex had deftly unzipped the back of my light cotton dress. Just then the girl turned her head slightly in our direction. She continued to slowly and very erotically suck his smooth cock. Our eyes briefly met just before I felt my dress slip off my bare shoulders, exposing my naked breasts. Alex quickly tore my thong off my slim hips and pressed his now naked body hard against mine. Instinctively, I reached out for the balcony railing in front of my naked body and spread my legs wide. Now our neighbors had a relatively unobstructed view of my naked body as Alex positioned himself behind me. Just as Alex entered me from behind, the girl stood up and turned to directly face us. Like her partner, she too had no pubic hair. Her enlarged, swollen pussy lips were clearly visible as her partner bent her over and placed his cock in-between her legs. The next few moments were just a blur as we both got fucked from behind while staring directly at each other. Just as Alex was ready to cum I quickly turned around allowing his warm, white cum to squirt all over my stomach and pubic hair. A little out of character, and considerably out of control, I quickly messaged his cum over my breasts and pubic mound. After regaining his balance, Alex stepped forward and wrapped his arms around my naked, cum drenched body. We embraced for a few blissful moments before turning once again towards our neighbors. As quickly, and mysteriously as they first appeared, they were now gone. Alex gently pulled me back into our condo and directly into our shower to continue our evening’s sexual adventures.

Once in the shower, Alex wasted no time carefully lathering up my entire body, paying special attention to my pussy and breasts. Between the heat of the shower water, Alex’s sensual touch and the excitement of the moment … I felt extremely light headed. Alex continued to stimulate my erect, hard nipples and pussy until I cried out in a combination of intense orgasm and sexual exhaustion. Just as I thought we were through with our shower, Alex once again lathered up my pussy and reached for my razor. A few seconds later, most of the dark brown pubic hair on my pubic mound was gone as the razor’s path left behind smooth, hairless skin. Carefully, Alex continued to shave lower and remove all trace of curly dark brown hair from around my swollen pussy lips. Finally, Alex bent me over and lathered up the crack of my ass, before finishing shaving the remaining fine hair from in-between my shaking legs. Without even bothering to take the time to try me off, Alex helped my out of the bathroom and gently lowered me down onto our bed. Immediately, I felt his tongue begin to explore my smooth, hairless pussy. The sensation of his caresses on my freshly shaved pussy was simply incredible! I came twice more in the next few minutes before Alex lifted my legs over his shoulders and entered me once again. This time he stroked his hard cock in and out of my pussy much slower than earlier on the balcony. Occasionally, he would pull his cock out of my pussy and gently slide in back and forth between my smooth pussy lips, teasing my swollen clit with each stroke. Soon we climaxed together as Alex took the initiative this time and pulled his cock out at the very last second and squirted his cum all over my smooth pussy. Then, catching me for the third time that evening by complete surprise, Alex lowered his head above my pussy and began to lick his creamy white cum off my pussy! The last thing I vaguely remember before drifting off to sleep was the delicious feeling of Alex’s tongue sensuously exploring the smooth skin in-between my pussy lips and ass. It was simply the most incredible, sexual encounter of life that evening!

The next day was Saturday, and Alex had to work. It was another beautiful, hot summer day in Southern California and I decided to lie out by the pool for a while. My brief thong suit felt very different, and extremely sexy, without any pussy hair. I was really getting excited, lying in the hot sun, with oil all over me … reliving all the sexual experiences from the night before.

“Mind if I join you?” I heard a friendly female voice ask. I looked up to see the girl from the balcony staring down at me.

“No, please do,” I quickly responded. She was even more beautiful, and exotic looking, up close. She was about the same size as myself, only an inch or two taller, and with slightly larger breasts. Her micro suit barely covered her nipples and pussy lips. She was obviously very proud of her sexy, tanned body and not shy at all about displaying it as much as possible … including totally the night before on her balcony! The first few moments of our conversation was of the  usual polite, and somewhat formal nature. Then after a while we started getting a little more personal with our questions, and answers, until we got to the point where we both felt totally relaxed and comfortable sharing each other’s company. After about an hour of sun, and sometimes rather intimate talk, Lisa suggested that we go up to her condo for a few moments to cool off and get something to drink. Quickly agreeing, we both got up from the side of the pool, grabbed our towels, and headed towards her condo. Once inside, Lisa headed straight for the balcony and opened the sliding door.

“April, make yourself comfortable while I fix us a couple drinks,” Lisa said as she slowly walked back into the modern kitchen. I continued on out to the balcony and put my towel down over the other chair. I was still standing up by the balcony rail when Lisa returned, with her towel now wrapped around her, with our drinks. One sip was enough to recognize that she mixed our drinks fairly strong. “What a great view we have from our balconies,” she coyly stated.

“Yes,” I quickly agreed, “particularly at sunset.” We both winked at each other and shared a mutual smile while recalling the open scene from our respective balconies from the previous night. After a few more sips of my drink, and a little encouragement from Lisa, I confided the details of the rest of the evening once Alex and I went back inside our condo. Lisa’s curiosity was insatiable; she wanted to hear every detail about my first shaving and our sexual adventures.

“Jay and I both thought you were so deliciously beautiful and sexy last night,” she whispered in my ear as she put down her drink and positioned herself closely behind me. “I just can’t imagine how even sexier you must look now that you have a shaved pussy,” she continued to whisper as I felt her hands around my tiny waist. Slowly she pulled the strings at both sides of my thong. I tilted my head back and finished my drink as I felt my thong loosen, then silently drift down my legs onto the deck of the balcony. This was almost a replay of last night’s adventure I thought to myself, except for the rather obvious differences that it was now the middle of the afternoon, it was Lisa (not Alex) stripping off my clothes and my pussy was now shaved. “Exciting isn’t it!” Lisa exclaimed, “Someone could walk by any second, or simply look up from the pool, and catch a glimpse of your pretty little shaved pussy.” 

I had no idea where exactly this was going … but at that moment I was far too excited to care!

A second or two later, Lisa reached up and untied the strings to my top and slowly pushed it off my shoulders. After what seemed like an eternity, Lisa gently tugged at my hips, motioning for me to turn around and face her. Now I was totally naked and completely exposed to her delight.

Seductively she reached up, grabbed her towel, and pulled it away from her body. I was not all that surprised that she was totally naked under her towel, having obviously taken it quickly off while in the kitchen fixing the drinks. Gently she reached out with her arms and pulled our naked bodies closer together. As our breasts pressed together, Lisa leaned forward and softly parted my nervous lips with a gentle, wet kiss. “Now,” she softly spoke, “What do you think two perfectly naked, shaved and oiled sunbathers should do for the rest of the afternoon?” “I know,” she continued, “let’s take a quick shower to rinse all this oil off while we think about it.” With that Lisa grabbed my hand and lead me through her condo into her shower. Without saying a word, we stood facing each other and began to start lathering up each other’s body as the warm water enveloped our slippery bodies. Both of us slowly explored the other’s naked body with our fingers at first, and then our tongues. I had never been with another woman before … so each moment held new discoveries of pleasure and erotic sensations. Again, similar to last night while with Alex, I started to feel a little light headed and my legs began to weaken. Lisa pored shampoo into her hands and began to sensuously lather and message my medium length, dark brown hair.

At this point, I was totally vulnerable and receptive to any advance, or suggestion, Lisa had in mind. As if reading my mind, and senses, Lisa soon offered another opportunity for a new erotic adventure. She pretended to get some shampoo near my eyes by accident, then instead of wiping it off my eyebrows, she covered my eyebrows completely with the thick moist lather. “Close your eyes for a second,” she said as she reached for her razor. A few seconds later, both my eyebrows were gone. “There, that looks much better,” she softly spoke as she handed the razor to me. “Now do mine,” she encouraged me as she quickly messaged some thick, white lather into her delicate eyebrows. Carefully, I scraped away the few short, fine hairs above her eyes, leaving her totally browless like myself. After quickly rinsing off, we stepped out of the shower and walked back out onto the deck to dry off in the sun. Again we embraced and kissed, occasionally pausing to kiss and lick each other’s hard nipples while the sun warmed our naked bodies and dried our wet hair. Both of us were totally oblivious to any possible appreciative voyeurs as we continued to caress each other with our lips, tongues and hands. Never had I imagined that it was possible to reach this level of sexual excitement … from watching Lisa and Jay last night on the balcony I was now standing on, to being stripped naked on our balcony and being fucked by Alex while Lisa and Jay watched, to being shaved for the very first time, to my present bi-sexual and exhibitionist adventures at the moment with Lisa! This was not real, I told myself. I must be having a dream … a very exciting, daring and sexually erotic dream. My dream state was interrupted a few moments later by the sound of Lisa’s soft voice. “Let’s go back inside and get a little more comfortable,” Lisa coyly suggested.

Once inside, Lisa directed me to the edge of the bed and helped me sit down. After quickly grabbing something from the bathroom, Lisa kneeled on the floor directly between my legs. Gently she pushed my legs open wide and then lowered her head in-between my legs. At first she teased my smooth pussy lips with light, delicate kisses and occasional licks from her wet tongue, then after a few moments she started a deliciously slow rhythm of licking my pussy from the bottom of my pussy lips to the hood of my clit. I reached down with both hands and gently caressed her breasts while she continued to lick and suck my smooth pussy and swollen clit. 

While not pausing a second from expertly licking my pussy, Lisa removed my right hand from her breast and placed the object she had retrieved from the bathroom in it. She positioned my fingers over a switch and helped me turn it on. I briefly opened my eyes to see what was making the buzzing sound. It was cordless hair trimmer! Before I could collect my thoughts, or say anything, Lisa quickly positioned the clippers in my hand at the back of her neck and gently helped push my hand up the back of her slender neck. Lisa continued to lick my pussy closer to orgasm as I pulled the clippers up over the top of her head. Her long blonde hair silently and softly fell down onto her shoulders and back. As I continued to shave her head bald, Lisa continued to lick and suck my pussy. It only took a few moments for me to completely finish shaving Lisa’s head before I switched off the clippers and tossed them aside. I grabbed her bald head with both my hands as she continued to alternate between licking my pussy lips and frantically sucking on my clit! A moment later I let go of her head and fell back onto the bed, crying out in pleasure as Lisa brought me to an incredible, out-of-control orgasm!

Lisa quickly crawled up onto the bed with me and continued to lick her way up my convulsing body. After pausing briefly to lick and suck my erect nipples, she finally positioned her naked, hairless body directly above mine and gently kissed me on the lips. The aroma and taste of my cum was still on her lips. We tenderly embraced for a few moments while the effects of my wonderful orgasm slowly subsided. Impulsively, I rolled over on top of Lisa, grabbed her hand and jumped off the bed, pausing briefly to pick up the clippers with the other hand. I lead Lisa back out onto her balcony and handed her the clippers as I leaned forward and grabbed hold of the railing while facing the pool area. Again, I heard the buzzing of the clippers. This time however, they were positioned at the base of my neck! While I watched the few people still left at the pool enjoying the late afternoon sun, Lisa slowly began to push the humming clippers through my dark brown hair. Soon, hair was flying everywhere. A couple of moments later, my head was as bald as Lisa’s, with only a trace of fuzz left behind. By now a couple people down at the pool had noticed our naked, hairless bodies on Lisa’s balcony. Actually encouraged by their voyeuristic stares, Lisa and I changed places again. With her now leaning back onto the railing,

I positioned her legs wide apart before kneeling down in front of her smooth, wet pussy. Then with our audience watching us, I reached behind Lisa’s tanned ass and pulled her pussy closer to my waiting lips. I can only imagine the view from the pool as two naked, and totally shaved, young women pleasured each other under the warm sun. It didn’t take long for Lisa to react to her bald pussy being licked and sucked by another woman. I could feel her heart pounding and pelvic muscles contracting as I brought her closer to an explosive, exhibitionistic orgasm! Her muffled sighs and occasional gasps for breath did not go unnoticed by our appreciative audience.

A moment later Lisa’s body shook violently one last time and then went limp from sexual exhaustion. I slowly stood up and kissed her gently on her lips, affording her the opportunity to  taste her own cum, still lingering on my lips and tongue. After a quick embrace and another long, wet kiss, Lisa and I once again headed back inside her condo and into the shower. “Let’s do this right,” she said, as she once again lathered up her head. “Me first,” she said as she handed me the razor. As requested, I shaved her head twice, in an effort to get the skin extra smooth, before handing her the razor and lathering up my own head. A few moments later both our heads were as smooth and hairless as our bald pussies. With fresh drinks in hand, we walked back out onto the balcony to enjoy the last rays of the warm afternoon sun on our bald heads and naked bodies.

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