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My daughter Nancy and my son Tommy only had two days of school left. When they get out we will all leave for our cabin in Maine. This year we are going up for a full two months, my husband was able to get the summer off this year, he teaches at the local community college. The cabin was in need of a lot of work so we decided we would just stay for the summer. Nancy is 15 and Tommy is 17 years old, I think Tommy wanted to stay home alone but no way they are both somewhat immature for there age.

Well at dinner last night my husband told Tommy that after school tomorrow he wanted him to come right home, they both were going to the barber and he told Tommy he is getting a good short buzzcut. Needless to say this didn’t make Tommy too happy. I looked over at my daughter and told her maybe she should get hers cut as well. Her hair was to her shoulders but was always a mess and we were always telling her her to fix it. My husband said we should just all go together, Nancy said , "no way am I going to a barbershop to get a haircut." I told her there was no reason why she couldn’t. My husband looked over at me and said, "why Joan you should also come along, you wanted to cut yours for summer anyway." So my husband and decided we would all go, but I asked, "does Ralph do women’s hair as well". My husband said, "let me call and ask him." So Bill called and Ralph said yes he would be happy to do us all, he even said he would open a half hour early for us. Bill said, "great we will be there." Bill came back and said Ralph said he would do us all and we needed to be there by 6:30am, he usually opens at 7:00am but said he would open early for us.

Well after diner Nancy and I finished packing up a few things we needed, and did some cleaning around the house. Bill and Tommy started to load our Van up with the boxes that we were ready. Bill said, "let’s hit the road right after we get our haircuts", I thought that was a good idea. I told the kids we will get up extra early to finish the last few things we needed to, so I wanted them in bed early. Both Nancy and Tommy were in bed by 9:00pm, Bill went to take a shower and I was sitting in front of my bedroom mirror brushing my hair. Bill walked in drying himself and said, "I can’t wait to get this mop buzzed off my head." I sat brushing and he said to me, " Joan I bet you can’t wait either to get yours cut". I said, "well maybe a trim "my hair was down past my shoulders and for once looked pretty good, it had nice body to it and a little wave in it as well. Bill said, "I want both Nancy and Tommy in good short haircuts for the summer", I told Bill agreed with him. With so much work to be done at the cabin and seeing how it will be hot and humid it would be much better for them. I always had Nancy get a short pixie cut for the summer up till she was 11 years old.

Bill got us all up at 4:00am, the kids were not too happy with getting up early. We had some breakfast, then Bill and Tommy loaded the rest of our things into the Van, while Nancy and I finished last minute cleaning. I wrote a note for Jack and Sally they were friends of ours who would be checking in on our house while we were gone. I heard Bill telling Tommy, "I told you, you are getting a buzzcut now stop your whining." Tommy has not had a hair now in about three months. Nancy heard them also and said to me, "Mom, do I have to get a short haircut also", I told yes that I wanted it short, so now I had two kids whining about haircuts. After we finished our last minute chores I had the kids shower then Bill went and the I finally got to take a nice warm shower. It was only 6:00am and already hot out.

Bill and Tommy would be driving up in the Van and Nancy and I would drive up in my car, seeing how the Van was pretty full we decided we need two cars for the trip. We left the house at 6:10am and we got to Ralph’s barbershop at about 6:20am, as we were pulling up so was Ralph. We all walked in together and Ralph was telling Bill how nice it was we were able to go to the cabin for the summer. Bill was telling him that we needed to do a lot of work up there so really needed the summer to get it done. Ralph got his white barber smock on, and said ok, who will be first. Bill said, "ok Tommy hop up in the chair." You could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t too happy. As Ralph was putting the cape around Tommy he asked Bill what type of haircut he wanted for Tommy. Bill said, "Just buzz it all off, one length just the bare clippers good and short, Ralph said, "You got it, one nice summer buzz coming up." He got his clippers out then pushed Tommy’s head down into his chest and starting buzzing up the back, they was a lot of hair falling off. I have to say I kind of enjoyed watching my son get buzzed and started to touch my hair. It seemed to take only minutes to buzz Tommy down, he all most looked bald. Tommy put his hand up to his head and started to rub it, Ralph said, "there ya go a nice summer buzz cut." It looked like Tommy was about to cry. Bill said, "ok Nancy you are next, Nancy got up and sat in the chair, Bill said to me, "I think we should go very short with her as well", I agreed with Bill. Ralph asked Bill, "what will be for the young lady", Bill said you know Ralph we will be away and her friends will not see her so give her the same thing. Nancy just looked at her dad and then said, "oh daddy do I have to be buzzed also". Bill said it will be easy to care for and will be very cool for you. Ralph first had to cut some hair off with the scissors. I found myself once again getting this strange feeling watching Nancy’s hair fall off. Ralph cut it to just above her ears, then pushed her head down and started to run the clippers up the back of her head. Nancy was getting buzzed just as Tommy did, and I found myself again touching my hair but thinking this time I would love to have that done to me. I sat watching every stroke of the clippers just buzz all her hair away. When Ralph finished he turn the chair so Nancy could look in the mirror, she began to cry, "oh my god I am bald, look at me". Ralph told her, "Nancy this looks very good on you, and just think how cool it will be for the summer". Bill and I also told her how good she she looked, Tommy just started to laugh at her and Bill told him to knock it off or else he will have a hard time sitting for the ride. Tommy knew that meant that Bill would give him a spanking.

Nancy got down from the chair, crying and rubbing her head and took a seat next to me. Bill got up and walked to the chair next. I found myself rubbing Nancy’s head and thinking how good it felt. Ralph was putting the cape around Bill and asked Bill, "and what will dad be getting today". Bill said, "well mmmm give me the same thing." Once again now I found myself getting this feeling again watching Bill getting all his hair buzzed off. Bill like Tommy has not had a haircut in awhile, he had very thick black hair. As Ralph ran the clippers up the back of Bill’s head I could see his white skin. I was thinking, "my god why is this turning me on so much", I just kept my eyes on Bill’s head and watching all that thick black hair just fall to the floor. Bill looked over at me and saw I was watching and gave me a wink and I smiled back at him. Ralph was running those clippers all over his head and mounds of hair just falling to the floor. I took my right hand and I put it between my legs, Bill saw me doing this and mouthed to me, "I love you", I gave him a wink and a smile". Ralph finished up with Bill, I couldn’t believe how great Bill looked with a really short buzz, he has gotten crewcuts for the summer but nothing ever this short. So there sat my three little baldies, Ralph the said "ok Joan guess you are next", as I sat in the chair I told Ralph, " just a trim now". Bill said, " come Joan you need a good buzzcut like we got", both Nancy and Tommy said, Come on Mom we had to so should you." I said, "women my age do not get buzzcuts", Ralph said, "I give this women who is I think a few years older then you a buzzcut every summer." Bill said come on honey, it will be cooler for you and needless to say so much easier to care for. I nervously said, "well ok I will go short, but not a buzz, Bill said to Ralph, " Just give her the same thing. I felt the scissors cut at least 6 inches of my hair off and saw it fall to the floor. I started to get that strange feeling again it this was starting to excite me somewhat. Ralph cut may hair as he did Nancy before he buzzed her. I looked in the mirror and I had what looked like a short pixie. I looked over at Bill who gave me a wink and smile and I saw him place his hand between his legs just as I did when I was watching him. I could hear the buzzing of the clippers then feel Ralph place his hand on top of my head and push it down to my chest. I felt the clippers hit the nape of my neck then run up to the crown. I looked and saw lots of hair falling to the floor, I didn’t want to let on this was really turning me on big time, I think Bill knew it was. Ralph buzzed the back and sides right down to the shin as he did with the last three haircuts. Then he stood in front of me and just ran the clippers down the middle of my head. I could actually feel my nipples getting hard, and thinking, "my god this is so hot, having my husband and my kids watch me get totally buzzed". I looked over at Bill who had a big smile on his face. He was sitting with his legs somewhat apart and I could see up the legs of his shorts and see his briefs showing this also started to make me hot. Ralph finished up and took the cape off me, the first thing I did was rub my head, oh it felt so great I loved it.

Bill stood up and Nancy and Tommy also and Bill went to pay Ralph. Ralph said, "there ya go the Buzz Family". We all just started to rub each others head and kind of laughed. I found myself when driving up to the cabin rubbing my head a lot, and thinking, "Bill and I will have a great night tonight once Nancy and Tommy get to bed"……….

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