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Note: in the UK fanny is a coarser version of pussy, not the butt as in the USA.

We meet at a hotel half way between your place and mine. I have arrived at the hotel earlier and have set the room out. I have set up a chair, in front of the mirror. On the side by the chair, I have set out my haircutting kit. 2 pairs out scissors are laid straight on the surface, one pair are big hackers and the others are traditional haircutting scissors. Alongside is a leather case containing another pair of professional quality haircutting scissors and a pair of thinning shears (or texturising shears as they are called in women’s salons, so as not to scare the punters). A razor comb lies beside them. Next are a small, pocket sized, pair of battery powered clippers, with their #½ and #1 guards. Then come 2 pairs of black Remington clippers, one with its #1-#4 guards and the other with its #1 – #8 and taper guards. All are freshly oiled and tested. There are a number of combs and finally is a can of shaving foam and a Gillette Mach 3 razor. A bowl for hot water and a towel from the bathroom are also present and there is a coil of 4m of soft yachting rope and a number of sex toys. There is a table close by and the room has a double bed and TV. I have set up my 2 video cameras on tripods, facing the chair. They have fully charged batteries and new tapes fitted.

I call you up on your mobile to tell you the room number and instruct you to ring me when you reach the hotel so I can come down to meet you. Half an hour later, the phone rings and it is you reporting that you are about to enter the hotel. I come down to greet you and we head back to the room with your case. You have brought the dildo knickers with you. On shutting the room door, I instruct you to strip. You remove your clothes and I notice that you have followed the instructions not to shave your fanny for the last 2 weeks. It has now reached that itching stage and has been catching on the cloth of your knickers as you were traveling here. I survey the unflattering cut and blow dry bob that you are sporting. Which to solve first? The shaving of your fanny or the initial removal of that mess.

I decide and bring you across to the chair, with the dildo knickers. I start the cameras and tell you to put the knickers on and bend over across the table. You slide them on, inserting the first dildo and bend over the table. I take the cap off a tube of KY Jelly and smear some round your asshole. I pick up a butt plug trainer and lubricate the tip. The first bulge slides into your ass quite easily, the 2nd is a little more difficult and the 3rd at a 1½” diameter puts up quite a resistance. Eventually all 5½” are inserted, just leaving the T handle showing. I sit you firmly in the chair and reach for the rope. I slip the loop I have already tied in it over your right wrist and pull it behind the chair. The rope pulls tight round your wrist and you struggle a little, in a token attempt, as I grab your left wrist and bring it to join the first. The 2 are tied together in a figure of 8 shape and then they are roped around the bar at the back The rope is brought around to the front and I tie your legs to the chair. My belt is placed around your body and pulled tight, locking your arms to your sides and you to the chair.

I grab a comb and run it roughly through your hair. I snatch up the thinning shears and start hacking lumps from the sides and the top with them. I toss the lumps of severed hair into your lap. Satisfied with the work so far I reach for the razor comb. I start to stroke it over your head, sometimes over the top but mainly down the sides and back. Great lumps of hair are falling and you look on with frightened eyes. The excess on the sides and back have now been removed and I take the big shears and start chopping at around 1″ over the top of your head. Then I take the smaller scissors and crop around the sides and back, blending it into a rough pixie.

“That’s better”, I observe, as I start to untie you. You run your hands through your shorn locks and I release you, remove the dildo knickers, and sit you on the edge of the table. Hot water is poured into the bowl and I pick up the small battery powered clippers and start to shear your pubes. I quickly strip your stubbly triangle. I deliberately buzz them against your clit, working them around it as I use my fingers to excite it and push it against them. Your juices start to flow freely and I slide my finger inside your fanny lips and press them towards the clippers as I run them around your groin. I pull you from the table and turn you face down on the table. I remove the butt plug and then buzz the clippers in and around your hole. I sit you down again and smother your fanny in shaving crème. The Mach 3 quickly removes the remaining stubble and I turn you face down again and then tie your hands to the far legs of the table and your legs to the nearer ones. The shaving foam is spread round your asshole and the razor completes the job. You try to look over your shoulder as I reach for a condom (after all, I don’t know where you’ve been and you don’t know what I’ve been up to), but you cannot see what I am up to. Your first indication is as my hardened cock tip penetrates between your sopping fanny lips. I drive into you up to the hilt and ride you as you start to gasp. The haircut and fanny shave has already got you so turned on that you soon cum loudly. I continue to ride you as the orgasm repeats. I pull out and you feel my tip sliding into your puckered ass, already loosed up by the butt plug. It is well lubricated and slides in quite easily. I slide it fully home as you gasp again and I reach around to play with your tits, teasing the nipples. I rub my hand over your fanny, collecting its juices, as I ride you, and then smear them into your hair. You cum again. I groan and cum with you. When we have recovered, I replace the dildo knickers and the butt plug and tie you to the chair again.

I reach for the clippers and attach the #8 guard. They clack into life and I am soon running them rapidly all over your head. Shards of hair fly off in all directions, covering your tits and filling the v between your fanny and legs, coating the spare dildo on the knickers, and sticking to the perspiration on your body. The guard is swapped for a #6 and I rapidly run this up the sides and back, from nape to crown and temple to top. The other clippers already have a #4 attached. I click them on and roar them up the back to your occipital bone and then the sides to the same height. I swap clippers again and the #6 is placed at your forehead and ploughs back over the top reducing it to 3/4″. You shudder as the feeling of the clippers gets to you. Back to the other clippers and the #4 runs right up the back and sides to the edge of the top. I click a #3 on and run them up the sides, half way. The #4 is now used to clip all over the top, bringing it down to ½” and the #3 and #2 are then used on the sides and back. You are writhing in the chair as you feel the clippers eating your hair. I pause to stroke the close cropped parts, with the lay of the hair, against it and ever so lightly. You cum at the feel of this. I grab the clippers again. The #3 chews over the top of your head, this is shorter than you intended! Your eyes are wide, staring at yourself in the mirror. The #2 runs up the back, all the way to your crown. It moves to the sides, running up from your temples, you shudder again as they run right up the sides. #1 is attached next and is run up the back to your occipital bone, then round the sides to an inch above your ears. I release your hands and they rush to your head, feeling all around. My hands join you stroking the shorn stubble all over. I finish untying you and we head for the bed. I produce another condom and you assist me in putting it on by rolling it down my cock with your lips. It is all holes from all angles sex that follows. When I cum, I grab a vibrator and run it all over your nip
ples, and fanny, concentrating on the clit. My fingers enter you and reach forwards and upwards, feeling for the change of texture that marks your G spot. I find it and shortly you cum loudly. I replace my fingers with the vibrator and reach for another slimmer one to play around your bum, before plunging it into your ass. We move into 69 and I stick my cock into your mouth and, as I head to orgasm, I pull out, move round and come in your hair. I get the 2 used condoms and empty them into it as well. I instruct you to rub it in well and then lick your own hands clean. We fuck again.

I tie your hands behind your back and take you into the bathroom and place you in the bath. I then tie your hands and ankles together in a kneeling position. I stand above you and wash the cum from your hair with my piss. I switch the shower on and climb in and start to shampoo and wash you, while you take me in your mouth. Eventually, I cum and you drink it all down. I untie you and finish the washing before entering you again. I towel you down and lead you back out to the chair. You are tied back onto it before I place the #2 on the clippers and place them on the top of your head. The remaining hair is shorn over the top to ¼” and you squirm at the feel of the clippers, cumming twice. I then remove the guard and place the clippers at your nape. I push your chin to your chest and start to move them up, on and on, stripping the skin bare, right to the crown. They return to the nape, a little to the left and make the 2nd pass to your crown. 5 more passes denude the back of your head and I move to the left and run them up to the edge of the top, leaving near naked skin where you can see it for the first time. The other side gets the same treatment. I take the bare blade clippers and carefully carve you a parting through the remaining #2 on the top, from your swirl, along the right hand side to the front.

I fetch some more hot water and soak the back and sides, wrapping them with a hot towel. I remove the towel and apply shaving foam, all over you head. I take the Mach 3 and place it about 2″ above your left ear and stroke it downwards. I continue all around your head at that height, before wiping your head clean of foam. I reapply the foam, all over your head and repeat the shaving, this time going from the temples and nape up to 2″ above the ears. As you feel the scrape of the razor, you get gradually more and more excited, before you cum again.

I untie you and take you through to the bathroom and wash your hair again, before toweling it and applying a comb to the remaining stubble. You now have a high and tight buzz cut, naked to the skin up the sides and the back to 2″ above the ears. It then has a slight stubble to the crown level, leaving an oval of #2 buzzed hair on top. It looks incredibly butch, but sexy. I take you out and sit you down again and take a studded collar and attach it round your neck. A chain dog lead is then attached. I bend you over and place an inflatable, vibrating butt plug in your ass. I tell you to go and put on some big hoop earrings and get dressed to go out. You get dressed and I make sure that the controls of the vibrator are readily accessible. We go out to a restaurant for a meal. People keep staring at you, your hair and collar, as we eat. It really turns me on and you sense this and get all hot and horny. I reach around to you and pump the butt plug up a little before switching it on. The expression on your face is a treat! Throughout the meal, I switch the vibrator on and off and vary the inflation of the plug. We carry on for a few more drinks before heading back to bed to fuck each other silly.

The next morning, we wake and I tie you kneeling again, before placing my cock in your mouth. As you start to suck and work on it, I reach behind you and pick up the clippers. I switch them on with no guard and show them to you. I buzz the back and sides again before placing them at your forehead. Am I seriously going to shave you bald, or am I just kidding???

You feel yourself nod, almost imperceptibly, and cant believe what you have just done. You had no intention of anything more than a buzz cut when you agreed to this meeting. The clippers start to move back over the top of your head, shearing away the last of your stubble. It showers around you as you try to take my entire cock down your throat. As the clippers finish their last run, I spasm violently and you suck and lick greadily as you drink down all my cum. I reach for the shaving foam and the Mach 3 and complete your shaving. I run my hands all over your denuded white scalp as you writhe below me. Your hands join mine and we drop to the floor and fuck for what seems like hours. Eventually we are exhausted and we clean up and you are put back into the collar and chain and the inflatable butt vibrator is inserted again. We head out for something to eat and I take great pleasure at the stares you are receiving. I deliberately inflate and very the vibrator when the waitress comes across and you are trying to order. You fight to remain calm as your ass squirms on the seat.

After the meal we return to the hotel and I tie you over the table and fuck you again. I pull out and cum all over your bald dome. We retire to the bathroom and I enter your ass again, with you roped kneeling, face over the toilet. I pull out and stand over you, releasing a stream of hot piss which pours over your bald head, flushing off my cum, and into the bowl. I reenter you again, this time forcing your head down the bowl. As you start to cum, I reach for the flush and you struggle as the tide of water washes past you. We move into the shower and I tie you up kneeling and cum on your head again. I rub it in and reach for a tube that I have set up in the soap rack. I squeeze out a large volume and rub it all over your head. You start to struggle as it starts to heat up your scalp. You ask what it is. I tell you that it is just hair remover and it should make sure that your head stays bald for the next 3 months. You look shocked but very turned on at the same time. I dry you off and we return to the bed and fuck until it is time to leave. Will I ever see you again? Will you come back for more of what you know will be the same?…..

c copyright Big Cropper 2002

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