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Goddamned, I am just going to do it! I will ask Juli, I have to ask her. I can’t hold it any longer.

Liz stood in front of her mirror, looking at herself, talking into herself, waiting for Juli to arrive. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear: her favourite white satin oversized blouse just over her naked body!

The door bell rang. It was Juli. Liz saw Juli hesitated for a moment when she saw Liz almost naked but without saying anything she understood what was going on. They had talked about it before. This was the night!

Without saying anything they hugged and kissed each other. Both went upstairs. Juli undressed herself till she was completely naked. Her cunt was smooth like Liz’s.

Again they kissed and without hesitating Juli picked up the scissors and some of Liz’s hair. Immediately she closed the blades, a large clump of dark hair came loose and fell on the white blouse!

Both women exploded in a sensual and sexual way, starting to making love to each other. "Oh my god, why did we wait so long?" They played with the hair Juli cut from Liz. "Wanna go for it Juli?" "All the way Liz", answered Juli!

Liz picked up the scissors and placed them on Juli’s forehead. "Think you like very short bangs, don’t you?" Without waiting for the answer Juli’s bangs felt already down on her breast down to her shaven cunt.

Now it was Juli’s turn again. She just opened and closed the blades very quickly and put them random in Liz’s hair. Lots of hair flew down on the satin blouse, covering it almost completely with dark hair!

Juli put the scissors quickly into her own hair and her blonde hair mixed with the dark hair on the white satin blouse of Liz and onto her breasts.

Again the made love to each other until Liz got the clippers, switched it on and put them in Juli’s nape. With slow passes she pushed it upwards on Juli’s head. Only leaving very small blond stubbles on her head stroke after stroke. After that, of course, it was Liz’s turn.

They collected and stored their hair so they could play with it every week while cutting each others head again and again.

They lived long and happy for many many years and every week they had the time of their live. Maybe they were the happiest people on earth.

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