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The hot water had finally ceased and he could feel her shivering in his embrace while the cold water cascaded down his naked body onto hers. He turned around to shut the water off while she slid her arms around his waist and kissed his wet shoulder blade. He turned around in her arms and draped his around her neck. He gathered up the long brown hair that came to the small of her back and squeezed the excess water from it. He didn’t say a word, just looked into her eyes reassuringly and gently kissed her lips. They both stepped out and separated in the large bathroom. Emileigh grabbed the extra large towel off from behind the door and started to dry her body all over, purposely leaving her hair untouched. With his own towel wrapped around his waist, David came up from behind Emileigh and took a smaller towel to start drying Emileigh’s hair in preparation. She tipped her head over and formed a towel turban around the thick mass of hair. This would be last… She slid her tall, thin body onto the sink/countertop with her back facing the mirror. She had her towel wrapped securely around her waist showing off her round, perfect breasts. He wrapped his arms around her, moving closer to her. He kissed her gently on the lips and moved around her jawbone until he was kissing her right under her left ear. "I’m ready babe," he gently whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek and straightening up his stance. She turned on the water in the sink and threw a face cloth into it, letting the water cascade over it. While she waited for the water to thoroughly soak the cloth, she grabbed the pair of scissors sitting beside the razor that had been designated for David’s facial hair. She took the rat tail comb and started to brush through the hair on David’s chin, making sure it was untangled and she was able to see what needed to be reshaped. She quickly trimmed his chin hair down so it was even and neat. Then she placed the scissors down on the table and took the hot, damp face cloth and started to wet his face, prepping it to be shaven. She lathered him up and took the safety razor and slowly scraped it down the side of his face. Soon his smooth skin was showing through the white foamy cream. She finished shaving every inch of his face then pulled him closer to lick his cheeks before forcefully french kissing him. David moved his hands slowly down to untie her towel and let it spread out on the counter. Emileigh spread her legs out so David had full access to her pussy. He started to run his fingers through the pubes and teased her pussy with his fingers. Before long he had grabbed the scissors and was about to start cutting the hair down to a shave-able state. "Go ahead," she whispered with a hint of an orgasm hindering her voice. He took the same comb and carefully lifted the curly, course hair from the skin. He slowly slid the scissors under the comb and cut off the hair. He continued this slowly until all that was left was stubble, short enough to shave. He took a warm face cloth and prepped the area to be shaven. Her breathing started to hasten at his gentle touch upon her tender skin. He smoothed shaving cream over the area. With slow, gentle scraps he removed all the remaining hair from the area. After rubbing his hand over the area he decided it wasn’t smooth enough and re-lathered Emileigh’s skin. When he had finished he spread talcum powder over the area, penetrating his finger into her wet pussy briefly to tease her clitoris. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved in to brush her lips against his, signally that she was happy with her shave and was ready to move on with the rest of the night of pampering with David. Emileigh spread her legs just enough for David to move a tall stool up against the countertop and for him to sit with his back facing her. She opened up the nylon folded styling cape and placed it tightly around his strong neck. Behind him she plugged in her new set of clippers and oiled the blades as she was taught by her best friend that happens to be a stylist. She spritzed his hair with water to dampen what had dried. She took a barbers comb and the scissors and started to brush slowly through his short hair. She parted the hair down the middle and combed through it a bit more. Starting on the left side, she ran two of her fingers through the hair, visualizing an inch and a half and cut off the hair above fingers. Emileigh slowly traveled over the crown of his head, removing his length from 2 and a half inches down to 1 and a half. She ran the comb over his head, removing any cut hair still left in it. She took the half inch guard and fitted it to the clippers. Clicking them to life, she placed them on David’s neck, letting him feel the vibrations. She could see cape starting to rise at his lap. Embarrassed he tried to move his hands to stop his penis from getting hard. Emileigh leaned down and kissed the back of his neck and traveled around until she was right underneath his ear. She giggled as she gently grabbed his earlobe in her teeth. She let go and started to lick the edge of his ear. "Don’t be embarrassed. Its perfect" she whispered gently, referring to his large, rock hard dick. She could see him move his hands away from his penis under the cape and immediately his pulsating member rose. She straighten back up and placed the clippers at the bottom of his neck line. Slowly she moved them up through his hair, flicking her wrist out towards her to create a blend at the top. She did this up the back and then over to the right and left sides of his head. She snapped the clippers off and went back to the scissors to make sure the blend looked good. She took the eighth inch guard and took the sides and back shorter so they looked almost shaved. She spread a light gel through his thick, luscious hair and styled it to her liking. "You probably won’t like it" she said nervously and quietly. She diverted her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she untied the cape around his neck and let the hair slide to the smooth tiled floor. He stood up tall and turned to look into the mirror. A big smile formed on his face as he turned his head to see every inch of his cut. David tilted her face up so her eyes met his. He kissed her lightly. "I love it" he smiled warmly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. He lifted her up at the waist and she wrapped her legs around his waist so he was carrying her to the middle of the room. David moved the tall stool a few feet from the mirror and countertop. He sat her down so her back faced the mirror and she couldn’t see what was happening behind her. He slowly removed the towel from her hair and started to squeeze out excess water. She slowly moved her hands up and lifted her hair up so he could place the towel around her shoulders. She had a fear of using styling capes and wasn’t ready to take the step into using them as a part of sexual pleasure. David took a larger brush and started to slowly brush from her scalp to the ends of her hair. He could feel her small body stiffen as she knew what was coming. With his free hand, he squeezed her shoulder reassuringly then he leaned down and kissed her ear. "I love you, Emileigh" he spoke gently into her ear. She started to loosen up as he stopped brushing and prepped to re-style her hair. The hair fell about two inches from the top of her buttocks and was always kept trimmed neatly straight across. He gathered all of her hair at the nape in his left hand. It was thick and hard to grasp tightly. He slowly moved his hand down until he was just underneath her shoulder blades. He had the scissors and was about to cut into the hair when he heard her breathe in a sob filled sniffle and a small tear fell down her face. Without letting go of her hair, he placed the scissors down on the countertop behind him. He wrapped his right arm around her shoulder and leaned his head down to kiss the salty tear off her cheek. With a big smile, he started to whisper into her ear and kiss her lips. "I
promise not to hurt you Emi. I won’t make you look horrible either" he whispered soothingly into her ear. "Go ahead David, I’m ready" she sobbed. She turned her head and looked into his eyes. That big smile on his face was always so soothing and made her feel great inside. She smiled reassuring, her red tear stained face damp with fresh tears that were slowly stopping. "I trust you, I’ve always trusted you." He kissed her lips again, wiping the rest of her tears away and gave her one last reassuring squeeze before leaning back to pick up the scissors again. Slowly and steadily he opened the scissors and placed them at the right side of the gathered hair about an inch above his hand. David clasped the scissors shut and started traveling his hand from the right side of her head to the left side. What seemed like 5 minutes but was really a few seconds 12 inches of hair were in David’s hand. He placed it down gently on top of the towel left on the counter to save it for later. Dave took the brush and started to comb again trying to get more of the water out of her hair. He then took the fingers of his left hand and sectioned off the right side of her hair. He cut off about two more inches of hair. It landed with a plop on the tiled floor. He continued this with the rest of her hair. Plop, plop, plop, the wet hair landed on the floor. David took the right section of her hair again and brought it up another two inches across. She tipped her head down and he started to cut a straight line right where the end of her neck met her back. He started to brush the hair again and with a rat tail comb started to section the top of her hair. About an inch from the front, the grabbed the hair and clipped it to her head. He then grabbed another one inch section and held it. He clipped the hair that was left hanging loose with a small rubber band. He took the loose hair and cut about a half inch off across. He let the rubber band out and swished the hair from side to side, seeing how the layer was taking shape. He took the top section down and started to part it down the middle and re-clipped the right side of her hair. On the left side he brushed through the wet hair and cut about an inch off. He swished the hair again seeing how the layers fell. He continued this action on the right side. David moved around to the front and brushed some hair forward and cut in long bangs. He sprayed some gel into her hair and picked up the hairdryer to dry her hair. With his hands he made it so the hair curled out gently. With a round brush he dried the front so the bangs had a soft curl but parted from her forehead. It was a cut very similar to that of Meg Ryan’s hair. When he was done he kissed her carefully on the forehead and crouched down so he was looking into her eyes. "It looks beautiful baby. I love it on you" he smiled and pecked her on the lips. She turned around slowly in the chair and looked at herself in the mirror. Her mouth dropped and formed a small smile. She knew he had taken a lot off but didn’t know it looked this great on her! Emileigh moved her head from side to side, relieved at the weight that had been lifted "Oh my God baby! I love it so much!" she squealed. She faced him and threw her arms around his neck. They kissed gently over and over for what seemed like forever. She noticed the hair clippings starting to dry to her body and it was itchy. He grabbed a large soft bristle brush off the counter and dusted down her body. "I saved this in case you wanted it" David said, referring to the foot long lock of hair he severed first. She smiled at him, took the pony and threw it in the trash. She then walked back over to him and wrapped her hands around his neck, in turn he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Thank you baby, but my childhood’s over" she said smiling. She kissed him again. "Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Emileigh" he smiled. *–*–*

The next day Emileigh and David were walking throughout the mall shopping for new clothing and accessories. Emileigh noticed older guys now watched her when she walked, teenagers with longer hair looked at hers longingly to shorten their own but afraid of growing up. Men, young and old were checking her out but kept their emotions to themselves when David placed a loving hand around her tiny waist and pulled her closer. She ran her hand up the back of his head. It was true that girls with shorter hair had more fun in life. This is what leaving childhood was about. This is what turning 18 represented. This was what growing up was based on.

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