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I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the privacy of my office, I had just opened the large manila intra-company envelope and was surprised to find a zip-loc bag filled with what appeared to be cut hair. Actually, I was more than surprised – I was titillated, shocked and, at the same time, found myself aroused. There was no note enclosed. I wondered to myself who could have known of my hair fetish – a hair fetish for all aspects of cutting women’s hair – from scissor-cuts to clipper-cuts to shaved napes. I went through a mental checklist and came up with no suspects, especially since I had told no one about my fetish.

I decided to investigate further. I looked at the contents of the bag. It was filled with what looked like cut lengths or locks 3-4 inches in length of thick, shiny, chestnut colored hair. I opened the bag and ran my fingers through the contents – the hair was soft and had the faint scent of woman’s shampoo and perfume.

I was nervous and curious all day, wondering who had uncovered my secret and wondering what they were trying to tell me. Since it was a new intra-company envelope with no previous names in the routing boxes, my investigation was off to a rough start. Pretending to look for a fax, I made the rounds around my office and casually glanced at the women in my department to see if I could discover the culprit. No luck – after eliminating those with different hair color and those whose hair did not look recently cut, I almost resigned myself to not knowing who sent me the surprise.

At lunch in the company cafeteria later that day, however, I thought I spotted a suspect. I noticed Phyllis, an administrative assistant in another department, whom I had met in the course of my work. Phyllis, who usually sported shoulder-blade length hair, was wearing her hair up and yes – her hair was chestnut in color. She was with a group of co-workers, but she kept shooting me a glance every now and then.

After lunch, I found an excuse to visit her department. We began a normal polite discussion and then she asked if I had received a surprise package, thus confirming my conclusion. I suggested we move to a remote conference room where, just as I closed the door for privacy, she blurted out that she had always liked me, was interested in me and suspected that I was “into” women’s hair. I was dumbfounded and asked how she knew and she responded that it was fairly obvious – she would see me checking out the coifs of women co-workers and once, as she walked behind me, even saw me staring at a woman’s shaved nape.

She then went on to say that she had a hair fetish of sorts also and that she fantasized about having a man cut her hair while he made love to her. She said she was married, but her husband had no interest in her hair fetish and, in fact, was showing less and less sexual interest in her.

Despite having misgivings about getting involved with a married woman, I was excited about the possibility of exploring this hair fetish (both hers and mine) and I asked her if she would come over to my place later that evening so that we could discuss this further. She agreed.

Later that evening, the doorbell rang and I let Phyllis into my condo. She was dressed casually and appeared completely at ease. Over a drink, and after some small talk, she again explained that she suspected that I was one individual who could appreciate her needs. She said she felt sexually frustrated with her husband, could not express her desires, was attracted to me for a variety of reasons including my apparent hair fetish and wondered if I would be interested in exploring this further.

Realizing that it was rare to find a woman who shared my interest in this fetish, I agreed. We then spent the next half hour discussing our sexual and hair fetish fantasies by which time we had consumed another drink and our inhibitions seem to melt away. Sitting next to her, I suddenly reached over, unpinned her hair and watched it unravel to her shoulders, the ends displaying that tell-tale fresh cut look that further confirmed she had sent me the remnants of her locks.

I moved my hand to the back of her neck and ran my fingers through her hair. Phyllis was getting flushed and actually started moaning. I found myself panting and breathlessly suggested to her that we adjourn to my bedroom. Once there and without exchanging any conversation, we both started to undress – as if we both knew what we wanted and what was going to happen.

I pulled up a stool in front of the full length mirror and asked how she wanted her hair cut. It was evident we were both eager with anticipation. I was fully erect and her face was flush, her nipples erect with excitement. I told her to think about it as I quickly retreated to my bathroom, collected my hair cutting supplies which basically comprised several hair shears, a set of clippers, combs and pins.

As she sat in the chair, my manhood pressing against the middle of her back, I leaned over to cup her breasts with my hands while I kissed her on the neck savoring the sweet smell of her hair. “Do whatever you want” she said. “Just cut my hair and do make love to me afterwards” – a request I could only dream about.

“How about a short bob with a clippered nape” I asked? Still flushed and obviously aroused, she agreed. After seductively brushing and combing her hair, I went to work with the scissors, cutting about four inches from her shoulder length hair – each scrunch of the scissors sending hair cascading down her shoulders or her back and either falling on the floor or collecting in her naked lap.

We took several intervals during this process where I stood in front of her seated on the stool while she stroked my member with the cut hair that had fallen in her lap – sometimes softly and sometimes quite vigorously. When I was done with the scissors, her hair was cut to the base of her neck. I then partitioned her hair, creating a part about three inches from the base of the neck to the middle of her ears. I pinned the upper section and then went to work with the clippers on the lower section until all that was left was freshly clipped stubble. We both enjoyed this immensely – she visibly shuddered and moaned deeply when the clippers came in contact with her skin and I was ready to take her right there.

But, patience persevered until I could finish her newly cropped bob by releasing the clip holding the upper section of her hair and trimming the sections underneath to create the bob.

It looked good and she looked hot with a clippered nape hidden beneath the bottom portion of her bob. We could stand it no longer and started kissing and rubbing the cut hair over each other’s private parts. We got on our knees facing each other, pushed the stool out of our way and continued to kiss and grope each other. I had one hand on the back of her neck aroused by the bristles of the shaved nape and the other hand was between her legs rubbing and massaging her. One of her hands was on mine and the other was stroking my penis forcefully and with determination.

Still standing on our knees, I easily coaxed her into lying on her stomach with her ass slightly in the air in a crouch position at which point I entered her from behind. As I did, I leaned forward so that I could nuzzle her clippered nape and run my tongue over it. In this seemingly awkward yet natural position, we proceeded, thrusting and grinding slowly at first until our passions overcame us and we were pumping fast and furious. With all the reserve I could muster, I waited for her to climax and after what appeared to be several violent orgasms, I could hold it no longer and exploded in her. We both collapsed on the floor spent yet completely satisfied.

After cleaning up, I asked Phyllis how she would explain her new “do” to her husband. She seemed unconcerned, telling me that she would handle it. Indeed, several weeks later, she left her husband and moved in with me and we continue to further explore our hair fetishes to this day.


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