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Hair SalonWhen Jamie pulled up to the salon with her friend, Donna she was a bit nervous since not been to a salon in 7 years. Been having Donna do her hair trims for her along with her own mom you can understand why she was scared. She was leaving it up to Donna to help her look her best for the bowling tonight. As she walk in this was what she saw:

There were four stations equipped with everything to style hair with. They had red leather old fashion barber chairs with the walls paint purple and had sand dollars all over them. On that day there was only two guys cutting hair. One guy looked like he wasn’t much over thirty and the other was in his mid-twenties. The older look guy was short about 5*7", 200 pounds with light brown greased back hair and very friendly. The other guy was about 5*10", 160 pounds with brown hair and short hair but just long enough to part at the right side and comb over to the left. The sides of his hair were done with a #2 clipper attachment. His personality was one of a guy that loved to talk longhair girls and kids into going shorter then they had wanted to before coming through the front door. Jamie and Donna saw the women at the front desk. She was in a pair of black pants with a nice purple sweater on and pair loafers on her feet. Her hair is what Jamie focused on the most. Since it was just like her own style she had now and won*t have after today. She was really trendy looking. She greeted the two of them with a friendly and bubble personality. Her name was Sarah Turner and she was the manager of the salon.

Sarah Turner – "Hi there how may I help you?"

Donna – "Yes I have appointment with one of your stylist and so does my friend here."

Sarah Turner – "Names of both of you please."

Donna – "I am Donna and this Jamie Von Castle my friend."

Jamie – "Hi there. (Her voice cracks and she is very quiet.)"

Sarah Turner – "Hey there you two are to be next. Donna you’ll be with Slick Joe and Jamie you’ll be with Neal. So have a seat over there if you don’t mind."

Donna – "Ok thank you very much Sarah."

Jamie – "Is there a bathroom here I can use."

Sarah Turner – "Yes, there is a bathroom and its right through the doorway in the back and to your right. You can’t miss it at all."

Jamie goes to the bathroom in the back of the salon. After that comes back to the lobby to sit.

Jamie – "Ok, I’ll sit back in the lobby and wait ok."

Sarah Turner – "I tell the shampoo girl Molly your ready."

A girl of about 22 comes out from the back she has strawberry blonde chin length bob hair that looks like it had been cut not more then a day or two ago. She was wearing a tan knee length khaki skirt with a nice red and blue stripped polo shirt and a pair of gray cloth clogs with nude colored nylons under the skirt. She was not tall as the girls could tell and was really plain looking since she didn’t have any make-up on at all.

Molly – "Whose first here girls?"

Donna – "Jamie you go first and get ready while I talk to Neal over there."

Jamie – "All right, I’ll go first I guess."

Molly – "Come with me please and sit in station two."

Donna – "Hey Neal, how are you doing?"

Neal – "Fine and what did you have to talk to me about?"

Donna – "It’s about Jamie this is her first really haircut and I want to be a special one since she has a date tonight with a guy. It’s her first date with him so she needs a special short haircut."

Neal – "I have just the thing for her."

Donna – "Great thanks."

Jamie follows Molly to the back and gets into chair number two. She is nervous but Molly tells her to relax. Jamie tries to put it out of her mind but she really cannot. Molly lowers Jamie*s head back after placing a towel around her back. She wets her hair down with Luke warm water and then starts to rub in the shampoo. While this was going on Slick Joe was getting ready to give Donna a nice haircut since her old style that was to her chin was a little long for her.

Slick Joe – "So Donna, how are you today."

Donna – "I’m doing really well Slick. By the way why do they call you Slick Joe?"

Slick Joe – "I got the name from my friends in high school since I like to put grease in my hair and slick it back. I still do it today slick back with grease so I guess the name stayed too. I like the name and most other people like it too."

Donna – "It is a great professional name to have for a stylist. I plan on being one very soon after I get out of Beauty College this fall. Just need to find an internship so I can get credit for my last class."

Slick Joe – "Hmm so how long have you been doing hair on the side."

Donna – "Like I am 20 now and I been doing it I think since I was 13, so about 7 years so far but been interested since I was 10 years old."

Slick Joe thinks to himself maybe we can get her as an intern and then hire her as a full time stylist if she likes once she*s graduated and certified.

Slick Joe – "I have an idea since you’re in need of an internship why not come work her with Neal and I. All I have to do is talk it over with him but you make some money and maybe if you like we could put you on full time. How does that sound to you?

Donna – (Thinks to herself for a minute or two before answering.) "Sure I like that very much so. I*d get credit and maybe a job afterward. Thanks so much you don*t know how much this means to me."

Slick Joe – "You’re welcome and as soon as I work it out with Neal I give you a call to start. Now lets get back to this haircut. What are you really looking for it in the style?"

Donna – "I was looking to have it shorter than it is now. I used to wear it this long before I cut it below my ears but now I thinking of going for a nice really short pixie cut."

Slick Joe – "Let me see here. Your wanting a Pixie cut with short sides and neck and about 2 inches on top I take it."

Donna – "Yes, that is correct Slick with what I am wanting."

Slick Joe starts by getting out his purple cape with the sand dollars on it and a piece of tissue to put around her neck. He pins the tissue around her neck and cracks out the cape so he can put it around her. He closed the cape around her and wets down the hair. Slick Joe picks up his scissors and starts to cut her hair. It takes him no more than ten minutes to cut it with the scissors and gets the clippers out. He runs the clippers up the back of Donna*s neck several times. It is really short and does the same to the sides. In about 25 minutes the cut is all done.

Slick Joe – "Ok there we are all done and I’ll turn you around so you can see it."

Donna – "I can’t wait to see it all done."

Slick Joe swings Donna around.

Donna – "Oh it looks great."

Slick Joe – "Yea it is I used a number 2 clipper attachment on the back and the sides to get it short like you said so."

Donna – "Here’s a five-dollar tip for you and I’ll be back in eight weeks for my touch up."

Donna goes up to the front to pay and waits for Jamie to get done.

Sarah Turner – "That will be fifth-teen dollars please."

Donna – "It was well worth it to have it done. Can I set up my touch up for eight weeks from today?"

Sarah Turner – "Why sure thing Donna."

While Donna waited Jamie was getting her hair done by Neal the other stylist and co-owner of the shop. Neal gets his stuff out to cut Jamie*s hair with.

Neal – "Hello Jamie. How are you today?"

Jamie – "I am doing good I guess."

Neal – "That’s great I hear it’s your first time in a salon in seven years."

Jamie – "Sure is sir."

Neal – "Just call me Neal if you don’t mind please."

Jamie – "Ok, Neal I’m really sorry about that."

Neal – "Your friend Donna told me that you have a first date with this guy and need a special haircut. I have just the thing for you and if you just sit back and relax I’ll get to work."

Jamie – "All right, you*re the boss and I’m putting my hair in your hands."

Neal – "Good girl Jamie."

Neal gets to work on Jamie first he capes her with his favorite purple and red striped one. The he combs the hair to get the tangles out and to see how long it is wet.

Neal – "Are you ready for the first cut?"

Jamie – "I guess so Neal."

Neal takes the scissors and cuts off about three inches, which brings the hair two inches above her shoulders. He then cuts in long layers up to her lip line. The cut starts to take shape and Neal blow dries it with a round brush styles it. It looks really good on her and any guy would just be on her like a hawk. Neal swings her around and shows her what it looks like.

Neal – "What do you think of it Jamie?"

Jamie – "Its definitely different, and I love the layers."

Jamie hands Neal a five-dollar tip since she is low on money and haven*t been to the bank yet.

Neal – "Thanks for the tip and I hope to see you soon."

Jaime – "You will see me again. I’ll tell all my friends about this place too."

Neal – "Thanks very much and hope the date goes well."

Jamie goes up to pay Sarah and see what Donna got.

Sarah Turner – "That will be $20.00 for your hair cut and wash."

Donna – "Hey Jamie you got layers neat."

Jamie – "You cut it all off."

Donna – "Yes I did get it all cut off. I hated the length and I wanted something easy, care free and low on shampoo. So I got a pixie cut you like it."

Jamie – "Yes, I do like it and it looks great on you."

Donna – "Bear will be surprise to see you with it cut."

Jamie – "Yes he will be and I hope he likes it."

Donna – "He will and better yet he liked you before you got it cut."

Jamie – "Yes he did and lets get going and go pick up Larry."

They both leave the salon and hop in the car and drive off to pick up their friend Larry.

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