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Her daughter’s hair had been simply tied back in its usual ponytail when she had dropped her off but now when she ran to the car it looked simply stunning. It was sleekly swept back from her face and then arranged in a beautiful intricate French pleat, which fell heavily down her back and then finished with an elegant red bow. Jane got into the car and smiled as she saw her mother looking at her hair. “Do you like it Mum?” her 12 year old daughter asked anxiously and Sarah nodded and said, “Yes it looks lovely darling. Where did you get it done?” “Well Daddy brushed it for me first. You know how he always likes to brush my hair-and yours,” she added, not noticing the hurt on her mother’s face. “Then his friend did the plait. She is a hairdresser and she wanted to cut my hair a bit shorter, I wouldn’t have minded but Daddy said no. He said he loves my hair long and never to have it cut so she did this nice plait for me.”

Sarah’s husband had left her some 3 months earlier and was now living across town with his new partner and by agreement Jane spent one weekend a month with him and this had been the second visit. The separation had been very acrimonious and Jane still felt very bitter and angry towards her husband and of course his new girl friend. She now felt even more hurt and angry about the obvious pleasure they had both got from Jane’s hair. Keith had always seemed to have a thing about long hair and Sarah’s own hair had been kept long throughout their marriage although she had occasionally felt like a change and cutting it shorter he had always talked her out of it. He was in fact very good at handling long hair and she could recall the many hours of pleasure they had enjoyed together with him brushing her hair until she was dizzy and then making love. He also helped with the care of Jane’s hair and of course encouraged her to grow it long and keep it that way. It was ironic that his new girl friend had quite short hair.

The next morning Jane’s hair had to be brushed out as it had become untidy during the night. When Jane was having her hair brushed she said happily “Oh I hope when I go to Daddy’s that Kim will do my hair for me again.” Sarah said nothing but she was so angry that another woman –(that woman!) should give Jane so much pleasure. Suddenly it occurred to her how she could prevent it and also make her husband suffer as well. She would get Jane’s hair cut short before her next visit! The more she thought about the more the idea appealed to her. How wonderful to see his face when he saw his daughter without her wonderful long hair and his woman would be deprived of the obvious pleasure of arranging it. Making Jane have her long hair cut might be a little hard on her although she had mentioned yesterday that she wouldn’t have minded Kim cutting it. In fact, mused Sarah I think I will get it cut quite short, the shorter the better, it will be much easier to manage and will give Keith a really big shock.

Feeling almost cheerful for the first time in ages she decided she would call in at salon that morning whilst she was shopping to see if she could get an appointment for Jane this afternoon straight from school. At the back of her mind she felt just a little guilty at using Jane to hurt her husband as Jane’s hair was very long and beautiful and greatly admired but perhaps as she was now growing up she should have a change and hopefully she wouldn’t mind too much.

Sarah decided that she would try to get the appointment at a new very up-market and modern salon that had recently opened in the neighbourhood. Although she had not visited it herself several of her friends had and with quite spectacular results. Carol had gone in for a trim on her shoulder length hair and 3 hours later she had emerged with her hair newly blonde and cut into a very short bob! She actually looked terrific and was very pleased with the result once she had got over the shock. She had told Sarah that they had been so persuasive that although she had hated the idea of short hair she could not resist allowing it to be cut short although she had panicked a little when she saw how much was being cut off.

As she pushed open the salon door another thought occurred to Sarah – what about her own hair? Perhaps she should also have her own long hair cut off? That would double the impact on Keith and probably make Jane feel less disturbed if she saw her mother’s hair cut as well. The thought was both exciting and a little frightening for although Sarah had kept her hair long mainly to please Keith she did like it long herself and now after all this time could not imagine herself without it. She decided she would make an appointment for herself and at least have a couple of inches cut off as her hair did need a trim and then perhaps if she was feeling a bit braver she would have it restyled.

The receptionist smiled at her and said, “Can I help you?” “Yes I would like to make two appointments for this afternoon if possible.” The receptionist studied her book and said, “I have some free times at 4.15 or later. Is that alright?” Sarah nodded and the girl asked, “What are the appointments for?” “One is for my daughter, she has very long hair and I want it restyled. The other is for me.” She hesitated slightly, “I will probably have a few inches cut off and then both of us to have shampoo and blow dry.” “Fine. John can look after you both from 4.15. What name is it please?” “Thompson” replied Sarah and then said, “Would it be possible to have a brief word with him now?” “Of course” replied the receptionist “Take a seat over there and I will go and find him.” Sarah took the seat indicated which was just inside the salon and looked around with interest.

The salon was quite busy and seemed to be staffed by mainly young people and she remembered Carol’s visit when she had been relieved of 6 inches of her precious hair by one of these persuasive stylists. Perhaps this John might talk her into surrendering her long tresses and she gave a little shiver of excitement and apprehension. Suddenly this gorgeous young man came up to her with a beaming smile and said “Hello I’m John. I understand you and your daughter are booked with me for later on. How can I help you now?” Already Sarah felt overwhelmed by his charm and good looks and she gave him a shy smile and said, “Well my daughter has really long hair and I feel it is time she had it cut. I would like to see her with it cut quite short. She may be a little reluctant but I really think it would be better for her.” He gave a little smile and said, “How old is she?” “Almost 13.” “Well yes then it is time for her to have a fashionable style and most people are a little concerned about having a lot of hair cut off but I am sure she will be happy when she sees herself when it is finished.”

Sarah felt quite relieved with his attitude and now didn’t feel half so bad about making Jane have her hair cut. She smiled and said, “Good. Thank you.” She began to get up from the chair when he put his hand on her shoulder gently and said, “What about your hair?” His hands gently touched and then lifted the heavy almost waist length gleaming chestnut hair and she felt a thrill run through her. “Do you want me to cut off all this as well?” She gave a tiny little gasp at the thought and said, “Oh no, I don’t think so. Perhaps a bit shorter unless you…” She tailed off not
sure if she did want anything more drastic.

He smiled down at her and she saw with a thrill of excitement that he had picked up a brush and was preparing to draw it through her long hair. “Let me just have a look” he said, and began to brush and sift the heavy silken fall. Sarah half closed her eyes and felt a warm sensuous glow spread through her body as he expertly brushed her hair. “You have wonderful hair,” he said as he continued to brush and then he lifted up her great mane and she almost gasped with pleasure as his fingers touched and then briefly stroked her nape as he examined her hairline. He released the sheaf of hair and then gazing at her through the mirror he said, “The texture is superb and you have a beautiful hairline. It will look good on you however you wear your hair but you have obviously worn your hair long for some time.” He paused and said, “ I think you are ready for a change and should have your hair completely restyled.” She felt her stomach lurch and swallowed nervously and then said hesitantly, “Do you mean short?” He smiled and replied, “Yes! Think about it. I look forward to seeing you and your daughter later.” He gave her shoulder a little squeeze and flashed his charming smile and walked away leaving Sarah in turmoil.

It had been many years since she had been so instantly attracted to a man and she was sure he had mildly flirted with her and in addition he was proposing to dramatically change her appearance as well. She returned home with her mind buzzing – did she really want to undergo a dramatic change partly to spite her husband? Although of course she was preparing to force her daughter to do just that. Part of her was already imagining the thrill of having the gorgeous John wielding his scissors and giving her an exciting new image but she was also very nervous about having her long hair cut off. What if she didn’t like it?

Suddenly she made up her mind. Yes!! She would allow John to restyle her hair!! Her life had changed dramatically and it was time she changed her appearance as well. Now that she had made up her mind she immediately felt less nervous and began to look forward very much to her forthcoming appointment. The time dragged but at last she was ready to go to pick up Jane from school. She had spent ages brushing her long hair for what she knew would probably be the last time and then tied it back in a simple ponytail. She took more care than usual with her make-up, put on her smartest suit, a final spray of her most expensive perfume and a last glance in the mirror and off she went to meet Jane.

Her daughter’s long heavy dark chestnut plait gleamed in the afternoon sunshine and Jane felt a slight pang of guilt that she was going to get most of that beautiful hair removed in order to spite her husband and his new girlfriend. She pushed the thought away and let Jane into the car. “You look nice Mummy.” Sarah smiled at her daughter and then said, “Well we are going somewhere special. I have booked us both into that expensive new hair salon everyone is talking about. We are booked in at 4.15.” Jane looked a little stunned and she said, “What are we going to have done?” Sarah took a deep breath and said, “Well I am fed up with my hair and I am going to get it restyled. You mentioned that you wouldn’t mind having your hair cut so I have booked you in as well.” Jane looked open mouthed at her mother and said,” I can’t believe you are going to have your long hair cut after all this time. How fabulous!! Are you going to have it cut short?” “Probably” replied Sarah casually, I am going to leave it to them.” She paused and then said, “I would like you to have your hair short Jane. It will be a lot easier to manage and you will look more sophisticated now you are getting older.”

Jane looked shocked and in a voice choked with tears she said,” I don’t want my hair cut short Mummy, please don’t make me have it short. I would hate it and I know Daddy would be very upset.” “Daddy” screamed Sarah “He doesn’t care about us anymore. We must get on without him and I can’t afford now all the time and money it costs to keep your long hair looking nice. That’s why I am sacrificing my long hair as well.” She knew of course that this wasn’t true but she needed to talk Jane into the right frame of mind to accept her haircut. “ I’m sorry Mummy,” Jane said, fighting back her tears. I’ll have it done whichever way you want.”

“Good girl” said Sarah and put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. “It will be really exciting for both of us to have a change and it is a very good salon.” Jane was silent for the rest of the trip and as they approached the salon Sarah could feel her own nervousness increasing but not her resolve. Within a few minutes they had arrived at the salon, and were sitting in adjacent chairs; Sarah’s heavy chestnut ponytail fanning out across the gown in silken spread and Jane’s immaculate heavy silken plait hanging down over the gown to within a foot or so of the floor.

With a little lurch in her stomach, Sarah saw John approach them. He gave his very friendly smile to her and said, “Hello. It’s nice to see you again.” He turned to Jane and said, “You have got lovely hair as well as your mother.” Jane was looking very sullen and almost close to tears as he stepped behind her and looked at her reflection in the mirror and then gently lifted up the heavy plait and touched her slim neck. Sarah wondered if her daughter would have experienced the same little thrill that she had at his touch and then told herself not to be so foolish.

John had released Jane’s plait now and it swung gently against the back of the chair and he smiled at Jane and said, “Don’t look so nervous, and let me do the worrying. Are you going to let me cut some of this hair off and give you an exciting new style?” Jane looked very unhappy and gave a little shrug and said,” I want to keep it long but Mummy says it will be better for me shorter.” “Yes, I think she is right.” He looked across enquiringly at Sarah who with a little nod confirmed the fate of the splendid long plait. It was to go!

John acted swiftly now as though he could hardly wait to cut the lovely hair. He began positioning Jane’s head forward and she gave one last agonising, pleading look towards her mother before reluctantly bowing her head. “Just keep your head quite still for a moment” he said softly and scissors had appeared in his hand almost like magic. He pushed the bowed head even lower and then firmly grasping the plait he began forcing his scissors through a few inches from the base!

An anguished squeal of protest and horror came from Jane as she felt where the scissors were biting into her hair, but John kept a firm hold on the plait as he continued to force the scissors through the immense tress of hair. Finally with a last plunging snip he severed the last strands and lifted away from her head the splendid silken plait, which was nearly 3 feet long! Because of the rapidity with which her long hair had been severed she appeared too stunned to react. As the short remaining ends of her plait began to unravel, a young girl who had been standing nearby ushered her out of the chair towards the shampoo area.

As Sarah watched her shocked and tearful daughter being led away she too felt stunned that the long hair had been so rapidly and ruthlessly removed. John turned towards her and place
d the gleaming plait of hair on the dressing table and said kindly, “She is a little shocked and upset now but she will soon get over it. I always find that if someone is nervous about having long hair cut off it is better to do it as quickly as possible.” He smiled at her and stood behind the chair and reached out and gently caught hold of her heavy gleaming ponytail. He toyed with it as he said softly, “I have been looking forward to your appointment ever since you left.” She coloured slightly at his intensity and already his gentle handling of her hair was arousing her. He slipped off the band holding her hair and allowed it to spread loosely across the gown and then he picked up a brush and began drawing it through her hair.

She gave a sigh of pure ecstasy as he swept her long hair first one way and then the other and then he said something that both amazed and delighted her. “You and your daughter are my last appointments today and I was wondering if you would like to have a stroll in the park and then have a pizza or something.” She gulped and said,”Yes, that would be lovely.” He put down his brush now and said, ”Wonderful. Now your hair. Is it coming off as well? “ She hesitated fractionally, a great wave of nervousness sweeping over her and then she took a deep breath and said, “Yes.”

Once again his scissors appeared in one hand as with the other he pushed her head forward and she felt a great sheaf of hair grasped at the back and he began forcing his blades upwards near the roots. She gave a little gasp as she felt how much hair was being severed and said anxiously,”Oh! Please not too short!!” But with a sick feeling in her stomach she knew it was too late as her head gave a little jerk and she heard the soft plop as he dropped the first severed lock to the floor. Another was quickly grasped and as he began forcing his scissors into her hair he said, “Your hair needs to be fairly short at the back for the shape I want to achieve. Just relax whilst I cut off this long hair first.”

The lock was severed and yet another firmly grasped and scissors plunged deeply into the silken hair. Already the back of her head was feeling light and bare and she bit her lip as she realised she was completely in his hands and would have to allow him to carry on. Another immense lock came away and then her head was straightened up and immediately he began his assault on the side hair. She watched in almost total disbelief as with several great plunging snips he severed the thick long tresses and allowed them to tumble down over the gown and then down to the floor. Now he moved to the other side and 3 or 4 snips later her long hair was no more.

He gave her an encouraging smile and said, “There. That wasn’t too bad was it? I will shape your hair after the shampoo.” He moved swiftly away before Sarah could even think of a reply and a young assistant ushered her toward the shampoo area. As she got up she glanced down at the floor and her stomach lurched when she saw the great piles of her treasured long hair lying all around the chair. She brought her hand up to the back of her head and winced as she felt the short bushy ends where once there had been 24 gleaming inches of hair and as she followed the girl over to the basis she felt she had made a horrible mistake in parting with her long hair.

She sat down near them as they were all being used feeling absolutely stunned and more upset than she had imagined over the loss of her long tresses. What made it worse somehow was that the gorgeous John after so unexpectedly nice and proposing they went out then had cut off her long hair far shorter than she had wanted, also of course she realised that even more hair would be coming off after her shampoo.

As she sat ruefully fingering the ends of her severed hair the attractive woman sitting next to her said, “Gosh! You were very brave letting John cut all that lovely long hair off. How do you feel about it now?” Sarah tried to put a brave face on it and said, “Well it does feel a bit strange at the moment but I am sure I will get used to it.” “John is a brilliant cutter but he does like cutting off lots of hair. Are you going to have your hair cut really short now?” Again Sarah tried to hide how upset she was already and feeling very nervous about her final appearance so she said off-handily “I don’t really know yet. I agreed to leave it to him.” The woman looked at her and gave a little smile and said,” Well I am sure your hair will look great when it is finished but just one word of caution if you don’t want your hair really short. Don’t let him use clippers on you! I love my hair short but he cut my hair a few months ago when I just asked for a trim. I didn’t’ t know he was going to use clippers and he just kept on buzzing and buzzing away with them. It’s a lovely feeling having them run up your head but I nearly died when I saw how short he cut my hair!”

A junior appeared now and ushered the woman away leaving Sarah even more nervous and now she wondered about Jane. She had not caught sight of her since she had been lead of to be shampooed and she now assumed she was back with John but that area was out of her view. She suddenly felt very ashamed at what she had submitted her to. After her instructions to John he was probably at this moment using clippers on her hair and really cropping it.

She was now led to the basin and as her hair was being shampooed it felt very strange but she realised that both she and Jane would certainly not be spending so much time washing and drying their hair. She tried to relax as her hair was skilfully shampooed and look forward to being out with John later on but as she was led back to the main salon she was feeling distinctly nervous about the immediate future!

As she was led back to the chair she heard the soft deadly buzzing of electric clippers and saw John working on a bowed head and her stomach gave a sickening lurch Oh! No! Poor Jane. Then as she sat down and looked closely, the clippers were switched off and her daughter raised her head and gave her a beaming smile! Her hair looked wonderful before it had even been dried, shaped in a beautiful chin length bob with a full fringe and just the last inch or so of the nape hair had been tightly cropped to her head. “ Oh Mummy” she exclaimed, “I love my hair like this- isn’t it super!”

Sarah felt so relieved that Jane had not been cropped and that she liked her new appearance. John was looking pleased and he smiled at Sarah and said,” I felt this length suited her best. She looks lovely. Now off you go with Clare and she will dry your hair whilst I finish shaping your mother’s hair.” Jane stood up and followed the girl looking really pleased with herself and Sarah was very pleased herself and hoped that her own hair would look as nice.

John stepped behind her now and combed back the damp hair from her face and then said,” Right. Just bend your head forward, I want to get a nice tight shape at the back” He pushed her down so that it was almost on her chest and the n murmured, “Fine. Just keep it like that.” She heard a little click, a soft buzzing and then the touch of cold steel at the back of her head. The clippers!! The woman’s words came back to her and she attempted to raise her head and gasped, “Oh please! I don’t want my hair clippered, it will be too short!”

He firmly re-positioned her head and said soothingly, “They are perfect to create a good shape here. Don’t worry, your hair is going to look great.” Sarah hesitated fractionally wondering if she should protest f
urther but was partly calmed by how good Jane’s hair had looked after clippering and having confidence in his skill. She meekly bowed her head and immediately she felt the clippers gently nuzzling her skin as he ran them up from the nape of her neck. It was a sensuous arousing sensation but she felt a nudge of panic as well as she felt them moving up her head and she could feel great clumps of hair coming away from her head and hear them spattering down on the floor.

With her head down it was very difficult for Sarah to be certain how much hair was being removed but it seemed that the clippers were being run right up the back of her head and not just shaping the nape hair. She could feel herself going hot and cold as waves of anxiety swept over her as the back of her head was already beginning to feel bare, light and almost naked. Countering these feelings though was the arousing feeling of the blades against her head, the comb lifting her hair and the touch of his fingers as he smoothed them over the cropped hair. She found she was almost moving her head into the clippers, encouraging him to cut more and more.

Again and again the clippers were run up the back of her head from the nape of her neck up to the crown and despite herself Sarah was becoming more and more aroused. She didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed when she heard the clippers being switched off but as she began to raise her head he pushed it forward again and said, “Just a little more. It’s looking great, I just need to change the clipper head.” There came a little click and then the deadly buzzing began again and the clippers were run again and again up the back of her head. Complete despair swept over her and Sarah felt like bursting into tears as she realised that the back of her head was now being almost shaved and she could not imagine that she would look anything but grotesque with her hair so short. It was the most frightening thing that had ever happened to her and yet also she realised the most erotic as the cold clippers caressed her head and sent shuddering waves of pleasure through her body.

Now he straightened her head up and gave her a little smile through the mirror and somehow she sensed that he was aware of both her emotions. He gave her an encouraging smile and said. “Don’t look so alarmed! It will look and feel strange for a while but short hair really suits you. Trust me.” She realised that of course she had no alternative but she said weakly, “ Oh! It’s just so short.” He positioned her head and she didn’t know whether to feel terror or excitement as he switched the clippers on again.

She endured both for the next 10 minutes as he continued to use the clippers on her hair. She felt completely and utterly exhausted when he finally put the clippers away and proceeded to dry her hair, which he did just with his fingers and the hand dryer on low speed, which was again sending shivers of pleasure through her body. The extreme erotic pleasure she had got as well, from the shearing clippers, was countered by her feelings about the drastic cropping she had been given. The crown hair was about an inch long; the sides sheared tightly to her head and the hair in the front had been clippered back to her hairline. She felt devastated about the cropping she had received and absolutely hated her new image. John smiled at her and said,” I think you look great. I love short hair and I just knew you would look fantastic with your hair cut really short.”

She already felt an almost love hate relationship with this man; she had been very attracted to him from the start and flattered by his interest in her and then despite herself, the excitement from his use of the clippers. To balance against that was this horrible extreme haircut which she hated. “Oh John. Are you sure it suits me? I feel awful with it so short.” Before he could reply there came an excited squeal as Jane returned and saw her mother’s hair. “Oh Mummy you look fab! Your hair looks wonderful, I love it really short like that.”

Sarah could hardly believe that anyone other than John could possibly like her hair but smiled appreciatively at her daughter and John beamed and added, “ There! I told you so.” Sarah brought her hand up to the back of her head and touched the cropped hair for the first time and was amazed at the softness of the covering that remained. Perhaps when she got over the shock of having so much hair cut off she might be able to accept that it didn’t look quite as bad as she feared. The added bonus would be that if she decided to keep it short she would need her hair clippered regularly. Now that was a cheering thought!

As she and her daughter left the salon, leaving behind a great deal of hair, Sarah looked at the handsome young man accompanying them and wondered if she had perhaps gained something as well!!


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