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She opened her eyes, and there was Lisa looking at her, smiling. Whenever Lisa looked at her that way, she got aroused. Lisa was the most beautiful woman she’d ever known, with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Something seemed different now, but Karen couldn’t put her finger on it. Then she remembered, and she had to ask. "Did it work?" Lisa just smiled. Karen thought for a moment. Lisa had insisted that she look at her watch when she sat down, and it had been just before 7pm. She looked down at her watch now, and it read 8:15. "Oh. I guess it worked. How will I know what…" Lisa chuckled at the question. "That’s the beauty of it. You won’t know. For the rest of the evening, you are going to be wondering what it is that I told you to do. And tomorrow, sometime during the day, you are going to find yourself doing something that you didn’t expect. And I promise you it will be incredibly erotic. And afterwards, you will come and make love to me and tell me all about it." Lisa could see that Karen was nervous, and excited. She decided to deal with the latter. Since she knew Karen was overly sensitive, she made love to her slowly, kissing her all over, running her fingers through Karen’s thick dark hair, prolonging the pleasure. Eventually they slept.

Karen was half asleep when Lisa kissed her in the morning. Lisa rattled her keys, and Karen looked up at her. "I’ll meet you here later" Lisa informed her, then began to leave. Karen sleepily asked her when they would meet. Lisa laughed. "You’ll know when." Karen was left lying in bed, wondering what was in store for her. She tried to think of what Lisa could have told her to do while she was hypnotized. She got up and sat at her vanity. She began to brush her hair, while she examined herself in the mirror. She felt she was attractive, but wasn’t the knockout Lisa was. People, both men and women, stared at Lisa wherever they went. She kept brushing her hair, which she thought was her best feature. It was soft and dark, and hung in a thick curtain six inches past her shoulders. She loved the way it felt against her neck and shoulders. She pulled it forward to feel against her cheek. She decided to take a shower and wash her hair, knowing that Lisa would be waiting for her when she was done with who-knows-what.

She ran the shower, and slowly lathered her hair and rinsed it under the hot flowing water. She did it a second time, just because she enjoyed it. She soaked under the water letting her mind drift, and was surprised to find herself washing her hair a third time. She wasn’t planning on doing that, it just…happened. She used some conditioner and rinsed again and got out of the shower. She dried off, and put her flannel robe on. Her mind drifted, and next thing she knew, she was blow-drying her hair. She found herself doing it, and was surprised…she rarely used a drier, for fear of damaging her hair. When she was done, it felt incredibly thick and soft. She walked to her vanity and sat down, and let her robe fall around her waist. She shook her head to feel her hair moving against her neck and shoulders. It always felt great, but this time was different, it was almost erotic. No, it wasn’t almost, she realized. It WAS erotic, and she found herself getting aroused. If she hadn’t known that Lisa would be waiting for her later, she would have touched herself right there at her vanity. Instead she forced herself to get up and start getting dressed. She thought about Lisa, and chose a short skirt and sexy underwear. She found a lightweight blouse that left several inches of shoulder exposed, so she could continue to enjoy her hair against her skin.

She finished getting ready, and looked at her watch. She realized she was late and grabbed her keys and hurried to her car. She was getting in the car when she realized she didn’t know WHAT she was late for. She laughed out loud. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go, she thought, and pulled out of the driveway. She drove through unfamiliar streets, as though she knew exactly where she was going, and found a parking spot. She got out of her car, and a slight breeze blew her hair into her face. She turned into the wind, letting it blow her hair back, and got that strangely erotic feeling again. An address popped into her head, and she began walking towards it, wondering what she would find. She was counting the numbers and found herself reaching for the handle of the glass door without paying much attention when it suddenly dawned on her. There was a revolving barber’s pole next to the door. She had the door half open and her heart was beating furiously. What was happening? The barber was a middle aged man, as was his customer. There was another customer sitting reading a magazine. She walked in, feeling like she was in a dream. The barber looked at her curiously, then smiled and went back to his work. Karen sat down in a panic. She couldn’t believe she was here. The barber finished quickly, and the man paid and left. The barber smiled at her "I guess you’re next."

She wanted to ask about the other customer, but couldn’t speak. She got up and climbed into the big leather chair, still warm from the prior customer. At least it wasn’t facing the mirror. The barber took out a cape and snapped it open with a flourish, then covered Karen down to her feet. He gathered her hair in two thick hanks, and pushed them in front of her shoulders. She looked down at the thick hair laying softly on the cape, and felt him snap the cape tightly around her, and tuck a bit of paper in the back. The cape felt as if it weighed a thousand pounds, trapping her completely. The barber released the lever on the chair and spun her around so she could see herself in the mirror. She looked at herself trapped under the cape, with her beautiful soft hair exposed and vulnerable. Finally she noticed the other customer in the mirror. It was Lisa, smiling from behind her video camera. Karen felt a little nauseous. How had this happened?

"Well, how do you want it cut?" The gruff voice surprised her. "Cut it about an inch above my shoulders," she heard her own voice say, as if from a distance. The barber combed her hair straight behind her head. Then he stepped over to the counter. She saw him pick up a pair of barber’s shears, with 4" blades. She felt a flood of feelings: fear, apprehension, but mostly arousal. She was terrified and excited by what was about to happen. She watched in the mirror as the barber stood behind her, and as if in slow motion, the scissors approached her hair. She watched them close, heard the soft crunch and saw her hair fall to the floor behind her. The remaining hair swung forward against her neck. The barber kept slowly cutting, and she was mesmerized by the sound. She looked at her hair in the mirror. It now hung just above her shoulders. She felt a combination of loss and excitement. Her beautiful soft hair, now she wouldn’t even be able to feel it against her back. "Is that what you wanted?" The gruff voice interrupted her trance. "No, let’s go shorter" She couldn’t believe her own words. "Make it a boy’s haircut" She nearly gasped at the thought. The barber, now back in familiar territory, began cutting quickly. He started in front of her left ear, and quickly cut, letting the thick hair fall onto her lap and shoulders. Karen lost track of what he was doing, as she stared amazed at the growing pile of hair on her lap. She gently caressed herself and was nearing an orgasm, when the gruff voice again interrupted. "Is that better?" She looked up. The face in the mirror was unrecognizable. "Well? Is that enough of a change for you? Or do you want a crewcut now?" Karen saw the large electric clippers hanging from a hook. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like…

"Yeah, give me a crewcut." Once again, it was her own voice, but she hadn’t meant to say it. But it was too late. The barber shook his head as he grabbed the clippers and turned them on. The sound reminded her of one of Lisa’s toys. Then she felt the barber push her head forward, and she felt the cold metal and the vibration at the nape of her neck. It moved swiftly up the back of her head, and she felt a cool breeze against her scalp behind it. It was a very strange feeling, the cool air against her scalp, and the sound and the vibration of the clippers. She began to orgasm. The barber pulled the clippers away from her while she writhed in the chair. When she finished, he chuckled at her: "That’s a first for me!" She was embarrassed and excited and confused and… then the barber began clipping again. He ran the clippers over her entire head. She couldn’t believe how much hair there still was for the clippers to take off.

Finally he was done. He took off the cape and she stood up. She looked down at the floor, and her knees buckled. She couldn’t believe how much hair she saw. Her soft dark hair laying lifelessly on the tile floor. She had to lean on the arm of the chair. The barber shook his head and chuckled again, and decided to sweep up while she was regaining her balance. She wanted to say no, I want to look at it, but he swept it into a pile, and she finally had to look away. It finally occurred to her to reach up and touch her hair. She ran her fingers over the short bristly hair, and felt her knees give way again. She paid the barber and turned to talk to Lisa, but she was gone.

She drove home, not believing what had happened. Lisa’s car was already in the driveway, and she began to get excited again as she went in. Lisa was waiting in the bedroom. They kissed, and Lisa ran her fingers through Karen’s short hair. Lisa sat Karen in the middle of the bed, and hugged her from behind. She reached around and stroked Karen, and, just as Karen was getting close to orgasm, Lisa stopped and picked up the remote control. She started touching Karen again, as Karen saw herself on TV, walking into a barbershop with long dark hair…

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