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Lisa was waiting for her in the bedroom. She took Karen’s cheeks and held them, kissing her lightly on the lips. She looked deep into Karen’s eyes, then slowly ran her fingers up through Karen’s new crewcut. They both shuddered. They ended up in bed together, with Karen sitting in the middle of the bed, and Lisa sitting up close behind her. Lisa reached around and caressed Karen, starting with her arms and legs, and gradually working her way in towards her torso. She slowly massaged Karen’s breasts, then let one hand fall between Karen’s legs. Soon, Karen was aware of nothing but the pleasure that Lisa’s hands were giving her, even forgetting for a moment her experience just an hour before at the barbershop. Lisa slowly increased the intensity, and brought Karen closer and closer to orgasm. Just before she crossed that magic line, she stopped abruptly. Karen gasped. Lisa’s hand had picked up the remote control, and Karen was faced with the image of herself, with long hair intact, on the television. Lisa began kissing and caressing Karen’s newly exposed nape and ears, as Karen watched herself enter the barbershop. She began to touch herself, as the image on the television sat in the plastic waiting chair and played nervously with her hair. The image was startling… The real Karen continued touching herself while Lisa kissed and caressed her nape, and stroked Karen’s short dark hair. Karen got more and more excited as she watched herself climb into the barber’s chair, and was covered with the cape and spun around. When she heard her own voice tell the barber to cut off 7 inches of her magnificent hair, she couldn’t contain herself, and began to orgasm. The orgasm continued and became even stronger at the image of the approaching scissors and the falling hair.

Lisa paused the video, catching a large clump of hair as it fell in a frozen image on the screen. They switched positions, and Karen began to repay the attention she had just received. As she caressed her lover, she noticed Lisa’s blonde hair. Lisa’s hair had always seemed very short to Karen, but she realized that it was now much longer than her own. Lisa had longish bangs that hung shaggily in her eyes, and a cut that left hair covering most of her ears, and covered her nape in 3" layers. It was one of those expensive haircuts that always seemed, well, the word "voluptuous" came to mind. Most women looked like a mess when their hair was uncombed. When Lisa’s hair was uncombed, she looked like she had fallen off a page of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Karen made a note of this as she continued to caress Lisa. A moment later, the VCR automatically switched from pause to play, and Karen stroked Lisa as they watched Karen’s hair being cut progressively shorter. Lisa orgasmed just as the clippers began to slide up Karen’s nape, followed by an on-screen orgasm as Karen got her first ever crewcut.

They made love for most of the afternoon, and watched and re-watched the video. Finally Lisa reminded Karen that part of the deal was that she would tell about her experience. As they rested entwined in each other’s arms, Karen began:

"I was nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but at the same time, that was pretty exciting. This morning I just couldn’t stop playing with my hair. It felt so good… soft and silky. I loved the way it felt against my back and against my shoulders. I’d always loved my long hair, but this was different, like I was feeling it for the first time."

Lisa began to touch herself as Karen continued:

"When I found myself walking into the barbershop it was very strange. I couldn’t imagine getting a haircut there, but somehow I knew that I was going to. When I sat waiting for my turn- first of all, it didn’t even register that it was you sitting there, or that you were videotaping- it was this combination of dread and excitement. The thought of having my hair cut off was pretty arousing, but I didn’t really want short hair. I guess I realized that I didn’t have a choice."

Karen began to stroke Lisa’s breasts, and continued in almost a whisper into Lisa’s ear:

"Climbing into the chair was almost like a ceremony. This big leather seat, and then the way the barber shook the cape out in front of me. Then the cape floated down on top of me like it was in slow motion, and I felt like I was being trapped. I felt the barber push my hair forward over my shoulders on top of the cape, and he snapped the cape so tight around my neck. It was bizarre because it is so light weight, and yet it completely trapped me. I looked down and saw my hair laying on the cape, and I KNEW he was going to cut it off. I just stared at it."

Lisa’s back began to arch, and Karen growled: "And then I told him to cut it!"

Lisa is writhing now: "By this time I was so confused, because I was aroused, but I was terrified of cutting my hair, and I TOLD him to cut so much off! When I saw him pick up the scissors, and then I heard the sound of them closing on my hair…"

Lisa orgasmed. She lay breathing hard for a few moments, then began to kiss Karen all over as Karen continued the description:

"He seemed to go so slowly, like he wasn’t used to cutting hair like that. It was already above my shoulders, and I had never had my hair cut so short before, and I was just staring in the mirror. I wanted to cry when he asked if that was what I wanted, but I was so excited at the same time, I had to make him keep going, so I told him I wanted a boy’s haircut."

Karen is breathing heavier now, and it is getting harder to continue the story: "Then he started cutting so fast. I looked down and saw the hair piling up in my lap." (breath breath) "I just stared at it." (breath breath) "All my beautiful soft hair." (breath breath) "And the sound of the scissors, just cutting and cutting…"

Karen’s back arches and she explodes once again. She lays panting for a moment, then Lisa climbs on top of her. She runs her fingers wildly through Karen’s crewcut, and kisses her ear excitedly, whispering: "The clippers, Karen. Tell me about the clippers."

"Mmmmm. I couldn’t believe he said that: ‘Do you want a crewcut?’ I saw the clippers, but not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined… Ohhhh… I had to. The sound they made, and that feeling-I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. He made me orgasm, Lisa. Right in the leather chair, in front of that big window. I still can’t believe it. I thought all my hair was already gone, but those clippers just kept finding more and more to take off."

She pushed up on one elbow. "How did you know what it would be like Lisa? You were right about it being erotic, but those clippers…!"

Lisa started laughing. "I hate to tell you this honey, but my idea stopped at the boy’s haircut. I was a lot more surprised than you when you went for a crewcut. You decided that for yourself!"

Karen was dumbfounded. "Well, do you like it?" She was afraid of the answer, but shouldn’t have been. "I love it, honey. I loved watching it especially."

"Why didn’t you tell me that you were into that?"

"How could I tell you? I’ve never told anyone. It’s been my own private weirdness. It’s hard to admit to you NOW that I’m into it, and look at you!" She tousled Karen’s hair.

Karen thought about it for a moment. "I want you to tell me about it. All about how you feel about hair. You are going to have to tell me exactly how you feel. Do you remember the movie ‘sex, lies and videotape,’ Lisa? I’m going to interview you…"

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