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Three weeks have passed. Karen’s crewcut has grown out a bit, and her lovemaking with Lisa has remained very intense. Not a day has gone by that they haven’t watched the videotape of Karen being shorn. Karen is getting ready to videotape an interview with her lover, in the style of "sex, lies and videotape."

We see Lisa sprawled out on a leather sofa. She is wearing a green silk nightie, and has half a glass of white wine. The bottle is nearby- this is not her first glass. The scene would not be out of place on the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. She is fidgeting, and playing with her blonde hair. Her hair covers her ears and the nape of her neck, in a layered cut. The longest layers are 3 to 4 inches, and she has longish bangs. Karen is out of view of the camera, although we hear her moving about, making last minute adjustments.

K: Are you ready?

(Lisa fidgets, and runs her fingers through her blonde hair)

L: I’m nervous

K: Good. Are you excited as well?

L: (nervous smile) You know I am.

K: Tell me what happened three weeks ago.

L: I hypnotized you. I told you that you wouldn’t remember anything I said, but the next day you would go to a barbershop and have your hair cut short.

K: Why a barber shop? Why not a beauty salon?

L: Barber shops are more exciting. At a salon they would wash your hair and cut it while it was wet. I wanted it cut dry.

K: Why?

L: I like how it looks dry. I wanted to see it fall softly onto the floor and onto your lap. I wanted to see fluffy piles of your hair on the floor. (pause) I also figured you’d never gotten your hair cut in a barbershop before. It’s, I don’t know, a harsher environment. I knew the barber wouldn’t be saying calming things, trying to stop you from being nervous. He’d just cut your hair. I wanted to see the nervousness in your eyes. I wanted to see how you’d react.

K: Have you ever gotten your hair cut in a barber shop?

L: No.

K: How did you know what it’s like?

L: When I was little I would go with my mom when she took my brothers to get haircuts.

K: Did that excite you?

L: (takes a drink of wine) I don’t know if I’d call it excitement. I remember my brothers hating it. This was the 70’s, and Mom always made them get pretty conservative haircuts. They always argued that they wanted longer, more stylish cuts, but Mom didn’t listen. The worst for them was the end of the school year, when they’d get crewcuts for the summer. I remember watching them waiting for their turns, with real dejected looks, and how all their hair came off in the clippers. When the barber was done with them, he’d wink at my Mom, and look at me and say "your turn, little girl!" I was terrified that Mom would make me sit in the chair and get a crewcut. I guess it was a little exciting, in a scary kind of way.

K: Did you have very long hair?

L: No. I always wanted my hair long, but Mom didn’t want to be bothered. (Lisa runs her fingers through her hair) It was always, I don’t know, maybe a little shorter than it is now. (reaches up and feels the back) It was much shorter in back, too. My bangs were always cut REAL short. I hated that. The clique of popular girls all had long hair, and I was jealous. I wanted my hair long too. I also fantasized about seeing them get short haircuts.

K: You got your hair cut at a beauty parlor?

L: Yeah, Mom took me to the place she went. I hated it. The smell made me sick. I still don’t like that beauty shop smell.

K: Did it excite you to get your hair cut?

L: I don’t think so. It was never a dramatic cut, and that whole thing about them cutting it wet made it less exciting.

K: Did you fantasize about getting a haircut at the barber shop?

L: When I was older I did. I would touch myself while I imagined being forced to go to a barber shop for a short haircut.

K: Like you forced me to?

L: (Laughs) Yeah. Sorry. It gets me pretty hot thinking about it.

K: Did you ever grow your hair long?

L: After I moved out of my Mom’s house. Sure, didn’t everyone?

K: How long was it?

L: Down to here (holds hand a few inches above elbow). It felt great.

K: Why did you cut it?

L: Well, I’d fantasized all these years about a major haircut, and I finally worked up the guts for it. What a disappointment.

K: Why?

L: I didn’t have the guts to go to a barber. I went to a salon, and even worse than cutting it wet, they braided it and cut the braid off. I had NEVER worn it in a braid. What a waste. I’m a little jealous of you…

K: Why didn’t you cut it shorter?

L: No guts again. I’m always terrified of what people will say, what they’ll think about it. Since then, I’ve never really cut it much shorter than it is now.

K: Did you like watching my haircut?

L: You know the answer to that. I loved it. I love having it on tape to watch, too.

K: Have you watched other women, or even men, getting haircuts?

L: I’ve tried. I’m always walking by barber shops and salons, trying to get a glimpse. It’s kind of embarrassing. I’m always afraid people will find out about my fetish.

K: Have you ever talked about it before?

L: Talked? (laughs) Not exactly. But I’ve had conversations.

K: What do you mean?

L: On the computer. There’s this discussion group on the internet known as alt.sex.fetish.hair. I’ve met people "on-line" and talked about it a little. There’s another thing called "The Hair Affair" on line. That one is moderated. Sometimes we complain about the censorship, but overall the conversation is more civilized because of it. It’s nice to have both- One is a little harsher and nastier, one is a little kinder and gentler, if you don’t mind the cliche. Different kinds of crowds, I guess.

K: Have you ever actually met any of these people?

L: Nope. Too chicken. Also… (pauses, drinks wine)

K: What?

L: Well, I’ve told fibs.

K: What do you mean?

L: I told people about haircuts that I didn’t really get.

K: And you are embarrassed?

L: Yeah.

K: What did you tell them?

L: I told them I went to a barbershop and got a crewcut.

K: Why don’t you?

L: I told you. I’m chicken.

K: (pause) Tell me about your fantasies.

L: There are a couple of variations. I’m always watching another woman get her hair cut, and it’s always in a barber shop. One version, she wants a haircut, she’s into it. (smiles) Like you were. The other version she’s forced. Not physically, but coerced. She doesn’t want it, but gets excited anyway. She’s embarrassed, afraid someone she knows will see her in the barbershop…

K: It’s always a she?

L: Pretty much. I’ve realized I like girls better for a long time now. It would be exciting to see a guy get a major haircut, I guess, but girls are really my thing.

K: Is it sometimes you?

L: (runs her fingers through her hair, pauses) Sometimes. I have pretty mixed feelings about that.

K: You’d have to be coerced?

L: (smiles) Where are you going with this?

K: I’m asking the questions, Lisa.

(Lisa fidgets. long pause)

L: Like I said, it’s not a physical thing. But yeah, I don’t think I could do it on my own.

K: Would you like to be coerced?

L: It scares me a little. Maybe a lot.

K: Do you trust me?

L: (smiles) Yes, Karen. I trust you.

K: When you were young, you fantasized about the popular girls getting haircuts. Tell me about that.

L: Well, it was always in a barbershop. Their mom or somebody would have taken them to get a short haircut. They NEVER wanted it, and were always upset, sometimes even crying. And I was watching, usually through the window. Me and a bunch of other kids. We’d be pointing and laughing at her, and she’d see us through the window. Sometimes there were several of the popular girls, and they had to watch their friends get haircuts while they waited for their turn.

K: Why did that excite you?

L: (long pause, drinks some wine) Maybe a revenge thing, for them being so snotty to me. They always seemed so powerful, and to see them powerless. I tried to fantasize that I was telling the barber how to cut their hair, but I always got embarrassed, even in my own fantasies. (smiles) I guess that’s why I made you ask for your own haircut.

K: If I wanted you to, would you come with me next time, and tell the barber how to cut my hair?

L: Maybe if you wait a while. I enjoyed watching your haircut, but I miss your long hair. I want you to grow it long again. Maybe by then I’ll have worked up the guts to talk to the barber!

K: I miss my long hair too. I’m glad you don’t want me to keep it short. But once it gets long enough…

L: It’ll be hard to resist, huh? I TOLD you it would be an erotic experience.

K: It certainly was erotic. I’m not sure it’s over yet.

L: What do you mean?

(Lisa is staring off-screen at Karen. The video is turned off.)

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