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My role in Johnny’s life is simple and yet complex. I work in his exclusive shop washing women’s hair, applying hair coloring Johnny carefully prepares for each client, and doing odd jobs around the shop. That’s the job that people think I have.

More important, I am Johnny’s personal hair model. He creates styles for me and shows me off at his shop. Then, because Johnny is so talented, his customers request "the style Angelina is wearing." It happened in a most innocent way.

Years ago, when Johnny and I first became friends and then lovers, my hair was extremely long. The ends were well past my waist. Johnny, a lover of short hair on women, told me I could keep it long provided that on a daily basis, he could trim the ends. Every morning before women came in for their trims, sets, and coloring, I would sit in his chair as he tediously made sure each strand was the correct length. Women would come in from many cities to have Johnny care for their styles, but styles were long then and required less upkeep. If they walked in while Johnny was still trimming me, they would say things like, "Angelina, you are so lucky to have Johnny here to take care of you. If he didn’t love you so much, I’d ask him if I could move in with him."

Then Johnny got a brainstorm. While making heated, passionate love one evening, with his fingers at my nape, teasing my most sensitive area, he said, "I’m going to clipper this area…right up to here…he pointed to a rather high spot. No one will know but you and me because the long upper length will cover it. I can live with it long, but my heart has you as a shorthaired woman. You will sit in my chair, Angelina, and I will clipper off all this hair."

So I sat in Johnny’s chair that night wearing nothing but a smile as he separated the length and clipped it up. His plan was to clipper everything below the top of my ear. Johnny cut the length off and quickly with scissors. He just cut into the long hair like a tyrant, like a maniac without control. Then he grabbed the clippers he kept in his bottom drawer for when the occasional man came into the shop. He pressed the powerful, hungry clippers to my nape and began shearing off my hair back there until it was nothing but ultra-short stubble. I must admit it was the most exciting moment of our shared existence. I watched him in the mirror, nervous and incredibly excited, as he removed one guard to make the short hair even shorter, closer to my scalp. When he was done, we made love like we never had before. With the buzzing of my nape hair over the ears and up to the bone, Johnny had unleashed something in me I never knew existed. Johnny said our love making had never been better for him either. No sooner did we climax than we were both starting again, achieving better and more intense heights.

The next day, as women entered Johnny’s shop, Johnny was putting my hair up in a high ponytail. Women gasped at first. He beckoned them to touch. He kissed the top of my head and asked me to tell them if I liked it. "You wouldn’t believe what this does to our lovemaking!" I whispered to each woman. The women shrieked and laughed. Then, suddenly the strangest thing occurred. Each woman with her long hair, as it was the style then, sat down and said, "Do to me what you did to Angelina!" I giggled as I thought, "If they only knew what else Johnny can do!" It was the most profitable day Johnny had had in years. In that day alone, I did more sweeping up of hair than I ever had done in all the time we were together.

A few nights later, Johnny used his sharpest straight edge and cream, and shaved my nape completely, to the skin. Then, the next day, showing off my incredibly erotic shaved nape in the highest of ponytails, Johnny had an even better day. It was frightening how many women sat in Johnny’s chair begging for the Angelina look. "Shave the back of my head just like you did hers," they begged. And Johnny obliged.

As we locked up that night, Johnny dragged me down to the swept floor, and took me like he never had. "I love you so much," he said. "I can barely make it through the day shaving all those napes, thinking of you, my wonderfully submissive hair model."

From that point, Johnny slowly took me from long to short. Each haircut had an element of extreme. Tiny bangs, bang-less, shorn sides, shorn nape, clippered top, crewcuts, fake receding hairline, and then finally totally shaved. Johnny controlled me and then, using me as an advertisement of things to come, all of his customers. If I sat in Johnny’s chair while he removed my hair, the next morning women would line up for the Angelina look. During the day, Johnny would pull me over, and touch my head some place new and say, "Tonight, this comes off." Women would be lined up at the door, fighting over who would be first in Johnny’s chair. If I slept late, the women would be waiting to see what Johnny had done to me, and then, as I entered the shop, they would scream, "Yes, do to me what you did to Angelina!"

On the morning I arrived totally shaved, women sat up in the chair and said, "Shave me bald. I want to be bald. Shave it all off. Please. Do it. Make my scalp shine."

For those who were shy or unsure, Johnny had me talk to them, to explain what these haircuts did to lovemaking. After that, hey would run to the chair, and say, "Quick. Before I lose my nerve! Shave it all off like Angelina."

For a while, business had slowed. Johnny had me grow my hair again. Fortunately, my hair grows quickly. Johnny looked at his books and said, "I need to set a new trend. I need to do styles no one else can do. Anyone can buy clippers and razors. I need something new. I need to make some money to keep this shop in business." We discussed how women used to go to hair stylist weekly to have their hair done and sprayed to last a week.

"Retro!" Johnny said. "Of course! High maintenance styles. Sit, Angelina, and let me create and high maintenance style for you."

And I did. The Master Johnny trimmed, cut, and developed a very teased long style that maybe went up three inches when completely styled. Bouffant! Then he sprayed my hair until it wouldn’t move. Sometimes he’d use the clippers to accentuate my hairline or change it. The cutting of hair in drastic ways never was absent form an Angelina style. It had the same effect on me that all of Johnny’s work did. We made passionate love, my hair never moving an inch, while Johnny massage a secret shaved section and whispered, "Someday I’m shaving you bald again."

"Please," I begged. "Shave it all now."

But Johnny would smile and say, "Not yet." Then Johnny filled me and touched me. "Eventually," he said, "this style will include a shaved nape, Angelina, and then some." Just the words ‘shaved nape’ had me begging for more.

When I woke up last Sunday, it was another of our big days. Johnny did his Angelina makeovers on Sundays. With the blinds closed, Johnny washed my hair. Then he toweled it dry. I sat, as I always do, naked in Johnny’s chair, eager for whatever he had in store. "We’re going short and curly," he said. He started cutting. Even after many years, the cutting excited me. He’d been keeping it long to promote those retro styles. My hands went to my private spots as he cut. He laughed as he watched me pleasure myself and I begged for him to cut more.

"Do you like how that hair you’re touching feels, Angelina?"

I nodded.

"Your hair on this beautiful head will be just like that very soon."

I gasped and leaned my head back toward Johnny, giving him, once again, free reign to do as he pleased.

He pulled over his tray of perm rollers. He emptied a few new packages into an empty section. They were the smallest perm rollers I’d ever seen. They were so small, I secretly thought they came from a toy doll’s kit. Johnny then proceeded to use thinning sheers throughout my hair. He just kept grabbing my hair and kept cutting into it with the thinning sheers until my hair looked very thin and almost unhealthy.

Then Johnny set my hair in what seemed like hundreds of these tiny rods. It seemed some of the rods only had a strand or two wrapped around it. If the hair was too long, Johnny would chop it shorter. I could see what this was doing to Johnny and couldn’t imagine how he would survive when the customers begged for the new Angelina style. Johnny didn’t even measure the hair. It was just sliced it off randomly. He applied the chemicals, I waited, and then he washed my hair out with the tiny doll rods still in and dried it under the hooded dryer. Under the big dryer, I wondered how it would look. He laughed at me while I pleasured myself. "I love this, Johnny," I said. "Every woman should be pampered this way."

While I sat, Johnny touched and suckled each of my breasts. Even when my hair was dry, Johnny continued to suckle and fondle, like a baby not wanting to grow up. It was a most incredible experience.

When Johnny finally removed the rods, I had tight curls cropped close to my scalp. I’d never seen such tight even curls. He pulled each rod out and shortened it a bit more. However, he never combed it out. The curls remained as they were set. Then he took out the clippers and raised my hairline an inch in the back. He looked again, and clippered it even higher, over my bone. He cut high around my ears so they were also exposed more. Nothing on my head looked like it was an accident. I was left with a circle of tight pubic curls on the top of my head. Then Johnny sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. A head of almost plastered curls with scalp showing between each row, in the back, and on the sides. When we made love, Johnny said I screamed louder than I ever had before. He kept calling me his "pubic head" and I kept telling him I loved my new look.

Tomorrow, when the customers come in and see my hair cut and shaved off so high and curled like a woman’s pubic hair, if they gasp and are even slightly hesitant, I will tell them about what it does for lovemaking. Then each customer will sit in Johnny’s chair and beg Johnny to do it to them, too.

Then, and I know this is coming…someday soon, Johnny will shave off all of my curls and make me bald – the way Johnny loves me best.

After that, we will start all over again.

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