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“Come here,” he said… lowering his gaze and speaking to her as if she was a child. Indeed, he had often to speak to Cathy as though she were a little girl and not a grown woman.. and she seemed stubborn now.

Cathy hesitated but for a second. She watched her master as he carefully wiped the straight razor back and forth on the whetstone, making it sharp. She knew how he loved that razor, but she was unsure why he wanted her to come. “Yes sir,” she said, walking toward him.

Master turned the razor in his hand and wiped the blade clean. He watched Cathy as she came to him and he nodded to her to sit in the chair at the kitchen table. “I’m disappointed in you, my dear,” he said. “Didn’t I tell you not to handle my antiques?” He gestured at the china cabinet to his left where a dazzling array of antique straight razors and sharp instruments were displayed with love and care, their wooden handles polished and gleaming, the metal shiny and almost new. The sharp edges twinkled behind the glass, all had been lovingly collected, arranged, and painstakingly polished and cleaned. Master spent hours and hours on his collection of razors and medical instruments.

“Did you touch these?” he asked.

“Only to dust them,” Cathy’s voice trembled a little. She sat in the chair vulnerable, wearing only her t-shirt and panties, as Master came behind her and began to play with her long brown hair. How she loved her waist length dark tresses. She brushed and combed her hair several times a day and tried many different styles to please him. He handled her hair now assessing it, weighing it…thinking….

Suddenly he reached over and slapped her cheek hard. She cried out as her cheek turned red and hot. “DO NOT touch my collection.” he said loudly, suddenly yanking on her hair till her head bent backward…. and Cathy began crying tears in the corner of her eye…

“n-n-n-no sir,” she whispered.

“WHAT?” he asked.

“No sir,” said louder, but still shaky.

“I will have to teach you a lesson. Only I am allowed to ever touch this collection.” He ran a thumb along the razor blade, drawing blood, pleased that it was sharp enough. He laid the razor on the counter and drew a length of cord, and ordering Cathy to stay still, he bound her firmly to the chair.

“Slut..” he muttered under his breath, cruelly digging his finger in her crotch as he bound her legs.. and smiling secretly at the dark spot that appeared on the panties where he had been digging. When he had bound her tight, he stood in front of Cathy and reached down, kissing her hard on the lips, pushing her lips against her teeth until they bruised. His tongue forced its way inside, then Cathy opened her mouth and he kissed her running his fingers through her hair. He twisted some of the brown tresses together and waved them in front of Cathy’s face.

“Your beloved hair.” he said. “You love it so much, but I love my collection more than I love your hair, and today your hair is coming off… for good… that will teach you.”

Cathy began to protest but thought better of it and shut up. Protesting would only bring more punishment, and she deserved it. She had touched his collection. He was the Master, and she was only his slave, his housemate, his toy. Tears welled in her eyes nonetheless, which pleased Master very much.

First, he turned to the cabinet and opened the glass doors, selecting a sharp pair of scissors. They looked like barber tools from another century. He began snipping her hair close to her head and letting it fall to the floor. When he had done that, he took warm water and shaving cream and began to shave her head with the straight razor.

“Keep very still, Cathy, or you will be cut,” Master said. Cathy dared not move. She felt the blade pass again and again over her scalp, around her ears, at the nape of her neck.. it was soothing and frightening at the same time. What would she look like bald? The hair and lather was everywhere, and he toweled her head and shoulders gently. Once he had finished, Master used a warm oil on her scalp and massaged it in, then polished her newly exposed skin with a soft cloth. He was pleased with the results. Her head was smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom and her ears bent like small folds on either side. He took a hand mirror to Cathy and let her hold it…

She had to admit to herself it looked very sexy, though the loss of her beautiful hair was hard to take. She held the mirror in trembling hands as Master untied her and told her to crawl on all fours to the couch.

Cathy crawled, enjoying the light feeling of air on her scalp, when she got to the couch, Master was sitting there with his pants down and his large cock springing straight up.. he was aroused by the shaving of his little slave and now he wanted to feel that bald head as she sucked his cock. Her warm mouth engulfed him as he lovingly ran his fingers over her head. He kissed and stroked and rubbed her as she sucked him in a long slow rhythm. As his climax built, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and let his cum explode onto her gorgeous head, cum running down her ears and neck… and then he rubbed it all over her head as she sat between his legs….

When all was done, he took her face in his hands and kissed her, cum still dripping down her forehead…”don’t ever play with my collection,” he said, “the razors and knives and medical instruments are very sharp…and they might cut you…..”

“Yes, Sir.” she said, and instantly knew that she would always be bald the rest of her life.

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