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It was a bright sunny afternoon in Mumbai. A doorbell of the flat of Mr. Desai rang up breaking the calm. The door opened for a few inches. Two bright eyes were staring at the stranger questioningly.

“Hallo! Is Mrs. Desai in?”

“No.” was the curt answer.

“I had an appointment with her”

Still there was no response from the questioning eyes.

“Well, My name is Ravi. I am a hairdresser. Mrs. Desai had an …”

And the door opened for the stranger

“Come in. Mom is not at home. But she will come at any moment if she has given an appointment to you.”

Ravi could register hardly anything that was spoken to him. He was completely engrossed in absorbing the beauty in front of him. She may be about 18 years and good 5’6” tall with beautifully carved lips as if just come out of Khajuraho sculptures and big brown eyes, which had some magical twinkle in it. She was wearing blue jeans and white loose shirt. The prominent part of her features was her hair. She had tied them in a bun tightly placed on her crown. Size of the bun was so huge that Ravi just kept imagining them longer enough to cross her ass chicks.

“Hallo!” the girl broke his link. “Where are you?”

“I am sorry. What did you say? When is your Mom expected?”

Just then the telephone bell rang. She attended the phone, which was her mother’s. The net result was that her Mom had got caught up with some other work and was not able to make it. She asked the girl to offer some tea or a drink to Ravi and apologies on her behalf for not making for an appointment.

“Well!” Ravi said, “I don’t mind a cup of tea provided you offer some pastries with it. I had actually skipped my lunch to keep this appointment.”

“That’s no problem” said the girl and disappeared to bring him the snacks.

While Ravi was having his pastries he could not stop staring at the big bun on her crown. She caught him staring like that, gave him a cute smile and said “Sorry dear, don’t look at me like your probable client. I am not in a mood of having haircut.”

That broke a little barrier of formal atmosphere between them.

“What is your name?” Ravi asked.

“Nina … I just came from my college. I really did not have any idea about Mom’s appointment with you.”

“It’s all right.”

There was another pregnant pause for a moment. Nina broke it asking him whether she could have a look at his kit.

“Oh sure!” Ravi obliged her by opening his specially designed kit bag, which had all his equipment like different sizes of scissors, combs, clippers, razors and so on. Nina was busy scrutinizing his kit whereas Ravi was busy reading all the shades those were appearing in her beautiful eyes. Suddenly Ravi noticed something very interesting. Nina’s stare was lingering a bit longer on the straight edge razor, which was kept in the corner of his kit bag. He also noticed that the nipples under that transparent white shirt were going harder and harder. It was a fraction of a moment that the girl realized that she was being watched. “Er.. Would you like to have some more pastries?” She asked.

‘Well! I don’t mind,” said Ravi and the girl disappeared immediately from the room.

Ravi took out the envelop from his kit bag carrying some haircut CDs. He was looking at them when Nina arrived.

“What is that?” She asked.

“These are the CDs I just received yesterday. They are on different haircuts. I have not even seen them.” That was a plain lie. Ravi had seen these CDs almost every day and masturbated. He definitely had that fetish.

“Now that you have some time, you can use our VCD player and watch them if you want.” Nina said trying to appear matter of factly. Ravi’s plan worked. He wanted Nina to watch those CDs.

Nina inserted the CD and pressed ‘play’ button on the remote. A longhaired blond girl appeared on the screen, caped and ready to be sheared. Interviewer was asking her some silly questions and the girl was getting more and more nervous.

“So! You don’t want to change your mind?” Asked the interviewer.

“About what?” asked the girl

“About shaving your head?”

Nina’s eyes widened. “Oh my God! Is she going to shave all of it?”

“I think so!” Ravi replied keeping his hands on pants trying to hide his erection. Nina was too busy watching the CD to even register Ravi’s expressions.

On the screen the barber’s clippers took right down the middle route without any guard on it. Load of beautiful long tresses was piling up on the cape.

Ravi’s constant stare was noticing a lots of things, like, Nina was unable to control her breathing, her eyes turned reddish and looked like she was mesmerized by the happenings on the screen. She folded her hands on her breasts to press her erect nipples, folded her legs to control the sweet sensation between her legs. Ravi was sure that if she were alone at home she would have masturbated vigorously, like Ravi did every time.

Girl on the TV screen was being shaved by safety razor. The scraping sound was sending shivers in Nina’s body. As soon as the CD was over she ran out of the room. Ravi was left alone.

When she re-appeared after about 15 minutes, she had changed in to loose skirt below her waste and tight blouse on top. Her mysterious bun was still tightly occupying the place on her crown. “Well, I had just come from the college. I did not even change my cloths when you came home.” Nina tried to justify. She removed the CD from the player and handed it over to him.

“These western girls have real guts. No?” She made a statement with the question mark.

“Of course yes! And we eastern girls shy away even to release our bun.” Ravi passed his remark. Nina had a hearty laugh on it and said “I told you not to look at me as your probable client.” But this time there was no conviction in the statement.

“Are all your CDs on the same topic?” Nina asked.

“Same topic means?”

“Mean the one which we have seen now.”

“You mean head shaving?”


“I don’t know. I have not seen them all.” Ravi continued to play innocent. “I still have about an hour. We can watch one more CD if you wish.”

“I don’t mind.” said Nina placing another CD in to the player. This time she sat next to Ravi on the Sofa and pressed the ‘play’ button. Ravi knew the story appearing on the screen by heart. A girl having long brown hair was sitting on the bed and her boy friend was brushing her hair very tenderly. The girl had closed her eyes and was just feeling the caresses of her boy friend.

Ravi slowly lifted his left hand and rested it on Nina’s huge bun. She quickly looked at him but did not say anything. Instead, she slowly turned her attention on the screen. Ravi got the positive signal. His expert hand opened that tightly knotted bun on her head. Her hair fell like rain on her shoulders to lap and rested on the sofa. Ravi’s presumption was right. The length of her hair was much more than he thought. It was more than 4 feet.

Ravi’s fingers started combing her hair exactly the similar way as the boy on screen was brushing hair of his girl friend. The boy on screen got up from the bed to fix the clippers in to electric socket and stood in front of the girl. Ravi at the same time got up from his seat and sat on the center table in front of Nina.

The boy on screen switched on the clippers. Nina missed her heartbeat. The boy on screen brought clippers near hairline of left temple of the girl. Ravi put his fingers near Nina’s hairline the similar way. The boy on screen started making upward movement of his clipper and a big chunk of hair of the girl fell on her shoulder and then on the bed sheet. Ravi also made same movement of his fingers as if clipping Nina’s hair like the girl on screen. Nina was in total trance, enjoying every bit of that moment. Her eyes looked like she had consumed 4 – 5 pegs of wine.

Ravi’s hand movements were following the clipper movements of the boy on screen. Nina was getting complete feeling of clipper shave. She got so many orgasms that she herself started feeling the wetness in her panties. Ravi bowed down her head to give her the feeling of shaving her neck. And there she noticed the hugeness of his cock. She could not resist herself. Slowly she touched the swollen part of his pants and opened its zip. It became much too difficult for both of them to play hide and seek. Ravi immediately threw open her panties and entered in to her. They had the sex of lifetime. CD in the player also came to an end.

Ravi lied down on the sofa for some time. He was fully exhausted and was trying to get his breathing back to normal. Nina was seen nowhere around. Ravi got up after some time, dressed up and sat there patiently waiting for Nina.

She came. This time in her pink one-piece dress, which had low cut neck exposing half of her fully-grown love apples. This time she kept her hair loose. They were almost touching her knees. Slowly she came near Ravi. Instinctively Ravi wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her passionately. He took one step forward towards her, took her hand in his hands. Her hand was cold like ice. There was a pretty confused look in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Ravi asked tenderly.

“Nothing!” She replied avoiding the direct stare in his eyes. Ravi asked after a moment of pause “Are we ready then?” She looked at him questioningly “For what?” He placed his right hand on her head and asked, “To be my client?” She quickly moved away a few steps from him. Then turned towards him. There were tears in her eyes.

“My boy friend wont like it.”

And tears started flowing from her eyes. Ravi was stunned for a moment. He slowly turned, picked up his kit bag and started moving towards the door.

“Ravi”! He heard his name being called so softly for the first time. He turned.

“You have forgotten something from your kit bag”

“What is that?”

She took him by his hand to her bedroom. There on the desk of her dressing table was lying his straight edge razor. Accompanying it was a big can of shaving cream. He looked at her.

There she was, wearing that killing cute smile on her face. “Look Mr. Hairdresser, I don’t believe in the use of scissors or clippers. Can you give me service with that small equipment of yours? That ustra? (‘Straight edge razor’ in Hindi)”

The End

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