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As Jenny sat in the chair, a shiver ran up her spine as she recalled the day’s events that had lead her to this situation.

The day had started off normally enough; she woke up late as usual and had the same rush to get ready for work, arriving just in time as usual. Jenny worked in a small newsagent, on the edge of town. The day had been pretty much the same as any other, the store was always empty and all she did was sit around listen to the radio or playing about with her hair. She was proud of her hair, it was mid back length, and had a shinny ash colour to it. She had never had it cut much, at the most she would have an inch or 2 taken off and that would be it.

As she switched off the radio the door opened for the first time that day and the most stunning women Jenny had ever seen walked in. She had butt length black hair, perfect skin and looked to not have a ounce of fat on her.

“Are you Jenny,” she asked

“Yes” replied Jenny “why”

“I was told that you do private haircuts and I was wondering if you could do me tonight”

“Well” said Jenny “it’s really only for my close friends, I wouldn’t trust myself with anyone else’s hair.”

“How about if we go out to for a drink tonight then so that we can get to know each other” asked Cathy.”

Jenny though to herself for a moment, then replied “sure, I’ve got nothing else to do, meet me here at 8:00 and we can go to the local.”

“Sounds great” said Cathy and with that she left.

Jenny was rather unsettled by the fact that she had agreed to go for a drink with a woman she had never met before but she soon forgot about it and started listening to the radio again.

8:00 o’clock came quickly for once and as Jenny was shutting up shop, Cathy came out of nowhere with the words “ready for that drink?”

The next 4 hours were a blur to Jenny. She remembered going to the pub, and Cathy buying her lots to drink but that was about it.

“Have you got your clothes off yet” Were the words that bought Jenny back to reality. She felt compelled to do whatever she was told for some unknown reason to her, and before she knew it, she was sitting naked on this wooden chair awaiting the next command. “When I came into your shop today I was the one who wanted the haircut, but after looking at you, it seems that you need one as well.” Cathy said as she pushed Jenny onto her knees. “Now while I give you your new hairstyle, you will lick me out, do you have a problem with that?”

Jenny finally got to look at Cathy again and noticed that she was completely naked too, and she just managed to murmur the word “No.”

She felt her head being pushed into Cathy’s pussy and she started to lick her lips, and then started to slowly work she way her clit. A loud ‘POP’ behind her ahead made her jump, but she kept going. Then she felt the cool of steel on her nape and as realization came to her of what was happening, it was too late. She felt the cool sensation move up her head, and she felt her long hair slip down her back and fall against her shoulders. As the clipper had finished it’s first pass she felt Cathy begin to cum, so she backed her head away.

“What do you think you’re doing, drink it up!” Came Cathy’s command.

Without hesitation Jenny started to lick up Cathy’s juices as she felt the clipper move up the side of her head. Again she got the sensation of her long hair rolling off her shoulders, and hitting her breasts and finally gently falling and rubbing ever so slightly against her own clit, which rock her with the most powerful orgasm she ahs ever had.

She felt the clipper make its final pass up her head and the last strands of hair fall gently to the ground Cathy started to speak again.

“Well done, it seems you can do more than drink and listen to a radio. From now on I will be living with you, and you will be my personal slave, do you have a problem with this slave?”

“No” came her timid reply.

“Good, now I’m going out but when I return I expect you to be totally smooth for me, that means bush and eyebrows, do you understand?”


“Good, I will get dressed then I will be gone for an hour, and oh yes, clear up all this mess.”


Within 5 minuets Cathy was gone and Jenny had the chance to think for the 1st time in hours, as she picked up the clippers and placed them at the bush, she realized that her life would never be the same again!

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