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I have always dated girls with short hair or it became short as we dated. I have a story that I want to tell you that always will be a favorite with me. Karen and I remain friends and every once in a while talk about this night.

When Karen was growing up, my friend and I would visit her family. My friend had a crush on Karen’s sister. So, I would tag along and talk with Karen. Over the span of about a year, Karen and I became close friends. I would never be able to date her since I was quite a bit older than she. I would have probably gotten in trouble by her parents.

We started talking one evening about things and she asked me about her hair. She had light brown, shoulder length hair that was straight and was pretty on her. I said that I loved short hair and the shorter the better. This took by surprise. We continued this discussion about hair and I could see she was getting somewhat aroused by the conversation. Her mother and father were home but said they were going to go out for the evening and for us to be good!! I had no real sexual feelings for Karen and she was a good friend.

As her parents drove down the driveway, I saw a look in her eye that was part evil! She said that her father had barber clippers in his closet because he cut my mom’s hair for her. She asked me if I wanted to cut her hair– short? She said she had watched her father cut her mom’s hair and wondered what it would feel like to have the clippers run up the nape of her neck. I began to get nervous, what would her parents say, would they still allow me to visit.. all these questions rattled through my head as Karen retrieved the clipper set from her dad’s closet.

She set them on the kitchen counter and went to the bathroom to get a towel to wrap around her shoulders. I was now getting into this. If Karen wanted me to cut her hair, I was going to do it for her!

She looked at me with a sly grin on her face and asked me if I was ready to do this. I said Oh yeah. She sat down on a bar stool and took her t-shirt off. This surprised me because she had always been so shy, but not tonight. She had no bra on so her small pert breasts looked great. I started to wrap the towel around her shoulders and she said no. So here she sat topless on the bar stool. I removed the clippers from the box and plugged them in. I asked Karen how short? I gave her the box to select the guard. She selected two: a one inch guard and a 1/2" guard. She said that she wanted the sides 1/2" and the top 1". I said great and placed the 1" guard on the clippers. I asked her if she was ready and she nodded yes. I turned on the clippers and saw her jump a little. I gently pushed her head forward and lifted the back of her hair and pushed the clippers up the back of her head. Hair tumbled down to the floor. I could see her smiling and continued to clip her hair until the entire length was 1". She raised her hand and rubbed her head and said that it was pretty short. I said I still had the sides to do and she put her hand down. I switched to the 1/2" guard and turned them on again. I started with the back and worked my way up and around to each side. I turned the clippers off and reached for my comb and scissors to blend them together. Karen again reached up and felt her hair. She smiled and rubbed the sides of her head and softly moaned with pleasure. She asked me if I would cut the rest 1/2" long. I wasted no time. I picked up the clippers and snapped them to life. Put my left hand on the back of her head and gently pushed the clippers through the middle of her head. Several more passes and she had a 1/2" brush cut. I removed the guard and cleaned up the small hairs around the base of her neck. Put them down and brushed the hair from her shoulders. She looked stunning. Big brown eyes and a long neck made her look perfect. She told me that she needed to change clothes and for me not to go anywhere. A couple minutes later she was back, still topless, but with a new t-shirt. We kissed and hugged but never went any further. Man, she was beautiful.

I was gone when her mom and dad arrived home from the movie. They checked on her and went on to bed. The next morning, she shocked her parents and they said she looked great, too. She kept her hair that way through the summer and let it grow a little for her senior year, but shaved again after graduation.

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