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It was a mid summer night, very humid and sticky.Vivek was busy giving finishing touches to his thesispaper. The topic of his paper was ?Life styles ofunknown tribes?. He had studied lifestyles of so manytribes in India who were till date not known to theworld.

Anuradha was supposed to be his assistant in theproject. Both of them knew that they were madly inlove with each other. Anuradha accepted the job ofassisting him just to have his company for longertime.

?So Anuradha? Prof has given us holidays for 15 daysfrom tomorrow. What are your plans??

?I don?t know. Not decided as yet.? Anuradha replied.

?Come on let us go for our long awaited haircutmission??. Vivek said with his teasing smile.

?Please don?t start it all again?


?You know it Vivek. I don?t want to cut my hair. Ilove it long. Why do you want to pull me in yourfantasies??

Just then the telephone bell on his table rang. It wasa long distance call from Vivek?s classmate ?Vijay?from the place called ?Lee Pong?. Lee Pong is a smallvillege at eastern coast neighboring which is asmall-unknown island. Vivek was very curious aboutthis island and the lifestyles of its tribes. It wasbecause Vijay had told him many unbelievable storiesabout this island.

One of the mysterious things that Vijay told was themarriage ceremony of these tribes. The residents ofthe island would come only on one full moon night in ayear to the coast of ?Lee Pong? to perform themarriage since their holy temple was situated there.

No other citizen of ?Lee Pong? was allowed to come outof his or her houses that night simply because if theyare caught, they would be killed by the tribes. Vijay,however, had seen the ceremony from one hiding place.

?Coming annual full moon night was just 4 days away? Vijay informed him on telephone. It was the day oftheir ritual. Vivek was very excited and curious tosee the ritual. Anuradha was observing him from thetime he received the phone call. Finally she added ?Doyou mind Vivek if I join you for this trip?

Vivek was more than happy with her proposition. ?Weare starting by tomorrow morning train Anuradha, getready.? He said.

And they were in Lee Pong villege with Vijay on theeve of full moon night.

?See it?s a huge tree near the temple from where Isaw the ritual. I doubt whether you two will be ableto sit there for full night. Let me warn you that ifyou are caught you wont come back alive.? Said Vijay.

Vivek and Anuradha were so excited and determined togo there that they didn?t want to think twice abouttheir intentions.

Vivek was a handsome 6?1? tall man with masculinetough body. He was intelligent and very intensecharacter. Anuradha on the other hand was verydelicate and cute looking thing. She was 5?6? tall,very fair and divinely beautiful. Her thick brownstraight hair hung to her waist.

Both Vivek and Anuradha climbed up on the tree in thelate afternoon. They wore jeans and t-shirts andcarried a camera with them. Exactly at 11.30 in thenight a few lamps started appearing in the seafollowed by rhythm played on the tribal instruments. Within 15 minutes over 100 tribes crowded the temple.They were all nude except a waistband of some leaves.The best characteristic that amazed Vivek and Anuradhawas that all the men and women above 15 ? 16 years ofage were clean-shaven. Vivek remembered Vijay?s story.?The tribal were not supposed to have hair after their marriage.?

Anuradha was looking at the crowd with wide andintense eyes. A man from the crowd came forward. Hemust be the priest of the tribe. He invited a smartlooking girl from the crowd and made her sit on thebig rock in front of the temple. The girl must be 15 ?16 years of age, who turned out to be the bride of thenight. She was also topless like others. Thenoticeable part of her features was her hair which waslong enough to touch her knees.

After the bride settled at the rock, 5 femalessurrounded her. Two stood behind her.two near her leftand right shoulder and one who was youngest among themsat between the brides legs facing her. Vivekremembered Vijay?s story. ?Before actual marriage theymake the bride and groom sexually aroused so as toperform their sexual act in front of the gathering?

Suddenly there was a big noise from the crowd. Thedrums started beating.two ladies standing behind thebride started pouring milk from the huge pot on thebride?s head. Two females standing near her shouldersstarted stroking her hair, her breasts and pinchingher nipples. And the fifth one sitting on her knees infront of the bride started licking her. The processwent on for a while. The priest then called the groom(who was nude too) and made him stand in front of thebride. He was holding his huge prick in his hands. Thepriest then signaled the ladies once again. This timethey started pouring water on the head of the bride.Other three ladies got themselves busy religiouslydoing their stroking and licking jobs. Noise of thedrums and cheers of crowd was making the atmosphere electrifying.

Anuradha and Vivek were witnessing the whole episodefrom the top view sitting on the tree. It was alifetime experience for them. Anuradha was literallyshaking, her hands were trembling, she was about tofall. Vivek caught her in his arms. Her lips wereparted. Vivek took them in his mouth and startedsucking them very tenderly. Anuradha?s hands slowlyopened the zip of Vivek?s jeans. She started rubbingthe foreskin of his prick with her soft hands.

Anuradha?s soft moans were mixed in the noise of drumbeating and screams of the bride who was beingtreated by the tribal women.

And suddenly the noise stopped. There was a pin dropsilence. Vivek and Anuradha sat back quietly andstarted looking at the proceedings. The noise wasstopped with the signal of the priest. Every one waslooking at the priest. He came forward and handed overthe straight razor to the groom. The groom?s giantfigure moved towards the bride who was practicallyshivering. Her face was hidden behind her wet hair.All her wet hair were spread over her shoulder, herface, her back.

The groom stopped in front of her. He opened hisstraight razor and placed its sharp edge on her headat the crown. Bride shivered once again. Groomstarted moving his razor from crown towards herforehead. A creamish patch started appearingon herhead and a big bunch of hair started falling in herlap.

On the tree Anuradha and Vivek were out of theirminds. They were finding it too difficult to controltheir erections. Vivek slowly removed Anuradha?s jeansand made her sit on him. She mounted him. She tookhim inside her with a big jerk. A cry was about tocome from her mouth. Vivek locked her lips inside hismouth. Vivek?s hands were all over her, squeezing herboobs, pinching her nipples, stroking her skull thruher hair.

On the ground groom finished shaving his bride. Herhead was looking like a fresh egg. The girl wasfeeling very shy. All the 5 ladies at her service madeher lie down in the center and invited the groom.Priest gave signal to the crowd. Drums startedbeating, crowd started cheering and the groom wasmounting that little thing with his huge cock. She was screaming with pain. Nobody was interested in her screams.

And suddenly it happened. Anuradha and Vivek who wereon the peak of their lovemaking while watching theproceedings, lost their balance and fell down on theground near the newly wed couple.

All noises stopped suddenly for a moment. And nextmoment people present there started saying somethingin their language. Vivek and Anuradha could notunderstand anything that was spoken. They couldrealize only one thing that it was the end of theirlives. Both of them had almost no clothing on them.They were looking like the tribes only except thedifference of colour of their skin. They were fair.

A group of leaders from the tribe was formed and theystarted discussing in their language. The priestafter having long discussions with them came to Vivekand started speaking with him in his language. Vivekwas surprised, but at the same time got little hopefor survival.

?Do you know the result of your act young man? Did younot know that this ceremony is not to be seen by anyother person than this tribe? Do you know that both ofyou will be killed for this act??

Anuradha clutched Vivek?s hand tightly and startedcrying. The tribes once again got together and hadanother round of discussion among them. Vivek too wasvery scared. What kind of consolation could he give toher? He was just patting her hand. Priest again cameback to him.

?Look young man, the leaders of the tribe have decidedthat you are the first couple who witnessed thisceremony till the end and fell in front of the God.They may show mercy on you but?..?

Vivek immediately said ?tell us what to do sir, wewill do it at once. Please don?t kill us sir, pleasedon?t kill us.?

The priest continued ? The tribe has decided to getboth of you married according to their tradition.After that you will have to stay with them for oneyear. Till next years full moon day.?

Anuradha started crying loudly ?No —No —how can wedo that —No please Vivek — I cant do that—please?

?Then I am afraid young lady ? both of you will haveto die.?

The priest signaled to the tribes. They picked uptheir weapons and aimed at the couple. Vivek cameforward. He came on his knees in front of theirleaders and started pleading. ?Mercy Sir — Mercy. Wewill marry in your traditional way, but please let usgo back homes. Our parents will be worried for us.?

Priest translated that to the leaders. They hadanother round of discussions and finally they agreedto release them after they were married in theirtraditional way.

Anuradha, who was almost nude was relieved fromwhatever cloths she had on her and was made to sit onthe rock which was occupied by their bride of thenight. Anuradha was looking so stunning in the fullmoon light with her long brown conditioned hair. Shewas feeling so shy after her bra and panties wereremoved by the tribal ladies.

Chill went thru her spine when cold milk was poured onher head. Two ladies standing besides her startedspreading the milk in her hair so as to make her hairroots smooth. Their touches on her breasts and nippleswere sending electric currents in her body. SuddenlyAnuradha gave a big jerk when she felt smooth softtongue of the young girl on her pussy. Slowly the girlstarted sucking her pussy vigorously. Anuradha was inheaven. She closed her eyes and started enjoying everymoment of it.

Again with a bang all the noises stopped. Also stoppedthe action of ladies surrounding her. Anuradha openedher eyes. She saw Vivek being handed over the straightrazor by the priest. She missed her heart beat.Actually Vivek and Anuradha had seen this scene a fewmoments ago. But there was a big difference now.

Vivek was not aroused. His prick was limp due to fearand atmosphere. He was not mentally ready to do thesexual act in front of the crowd. He had no choice. Hecame forward. There were tears in his eyes. He touchedthe razor on Anuradha?s head. And suddenly he wasstopped by the priest.

?Look young man. Marriage is a happy occasion in ourtribe. If you feel sad about it, please don?t do it.And get ready to die.?

Anuradha called him near her. Pulled his head near hermouth and whispered in his ears ?My shonu, I waspretending all the time that I was angry whenever youproposed to shave my hair. Actually I enjoyed everyword you said about shaving my hair. Please shave myhair. I want it my jaanu. I want it very badly.?

Vivek smiled at her and took his straight razor to herhead. He put it at her center parting. Again changedhis mind and took it away. Anuradha started lookingpuzzled at him. He then slowly placed his razor nearher right temple and very smoothly scrapped her hairfrom that part. Anuradha closed her eyes. Her nippleswere hard like rock. Vivek started making scrappingstrokes after strokes from her forehead to her crown.Her hair started falling in her lap rapidly. Vivekbend her head down and started cleaning the backportionof her head. Anuradha opened her eyes only to findhuge length of Vivek?s prick. She smiled at herself.?How I missed this all these days? ? she thought.

And she was clean. The ladies made her lie down on theground where her hair were spread and the priestindicated Vivek to go ahead. This time there was nohesitation and Vivek entered in to the heaven with abig jerk. Anuradha was finding it hard to match withhis speed. His hands were busy stroking herclean-shaven head. Both of them closed their eyes andwere pumping in perfect rhythm. Such a big noise ofdrums and cheers of the tribals was not at allaudible. They were in heaven. With a tremendous jerkboth of them climaxed together, never even realizedwhen and how they fell asleep.

Next morning when Vijay arrived to find out aboutwhatever had happened with them, he found long hairspread over the place and the couple deep in sleep ineach other?s arms. Anuradha was clean shaven and wascurdled in Vivek?s arm like a baby.

That’s all for now.

I got inspiration of this fiction whilechatting with my friend from the yahoo group ‘indianshorthairclub’. I will give her name in my next story if she has no objection.

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