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There she sat in managers office. Caught for shoplifting. Liin Lu was her name and she was of oriental heritage. She was short and small but had the prettiest mane of jet black hair that touched her waist. It was the type of hair you see in commercials. She just turned 21 a few weeks ago. Now, with her past record she could not afford to be arrested again. She must avoid the Police at all cost. It was embarrassing to be caught in such a relatively small store anyway.

John the Manager had seen Liin in the store before. She had nice skinny legs and what appeared to be a nice set of breast. He also followed her great looking hair down till it stopped at her real cute butt. He sure would like to get his hands on her and especially that soft hair that was layered at the ends. You see John had a hair fetish. John alsohad done a check on Liin the last time she paid with a check. He knew too that she had a record and might be ready to make a deal if he caught her. Today was going to be John’s lucky day. Fantasy was going to become reality.

John entered the office and found Liin nervously sitting in a chair her long black hair hanging down behind her. He spoke" Well, I guess I’d better call the Police to come get you. I just can’t let you off". Linn quickly spoke" No, not the Police. I’ll do almost anything. Just don’t’ call the Police". " Mean maybe we can make a deal of some kind " said John. " Yes" said Liin. " Ok, here is the deal. I’ve been looking for a model to make a haircut video to sell and you would do nicely. You must however follow my instructions or the deal is off and I call the Police". spoke a stern John. " Is it a deal Liin" he ended." Yes, I can agree to that." said Linn not knowing what she was in for but anything was better than dealing with the Police again.

When John had bought the building there had been a small beauty shop on the second floor and John had left a station as it was due to his hair fetish and hoping a situation like now would come up in the future.

He told Liin he wanted her dressed in a nice tight bikini so they went out to the floor and they selected one that looked nice and would reveal Liins assets. He then took her took a dressing room that was circular in shape and off to the side. He told her that there were no hooks in it but she was to undress and hand her garments under the door as she put on the bikini. What Liin didn’t know was that at a flick of a switch the mirrors inside became two way. Liin had been told to put her massive hair up before changing cloths.She stared with her top. She slowly removed her top and bra and what a sight was there for John to see. She had perfect breast for her size and nice brown nipples. What wonderful skin color. Then she unzipped her shorts and removed her green panties. John again found himself in heaven as he took a look at her soft brown patch of hair down under. He quickly got so he could gander at her butt from behind. She was above average to behold.

John gave her a bathrobe and upstairs to the salon station they went. He removed the bathrobe and had her lean back into the washing basin. Yes, John wanted to shampoo and caress that beautiful black shiny oriental hair first. He worked the lather up and the process seemed to relax Liin.

He blow dried her hair and then took his time brushing it out. He was having a great time playing with the soft locks. He then grabbed some large rollers and put her hair up in them. He noticed what a lovely neck she had. He went about getting ready for the main event and then let her hair down. It was perfect now with a soft curl throughout the hair. He stood Liin up and they took some nice pre-cut pictures. Some with her bending over so her breast would show inside the bikini and a few from behind. John wanted some up close video of her buns. John shot them from several angles.

It was then that he told Liin what was next. " I’m going to cut your hair into a Pixie hairstyle and then reduce it to a soft look one inch long with clippers" spoke John at Liin." I also think I can sell the video better if you take off the top bikini portion. " Liin agreed as there was no one around to look at her.

Now with Liin sitting in the chair it was time to begin in earnest. He took a comb and combed up a large section of her hair. Then he grabbed the scissors and started snipping away. First the top of her head and then the sides. Liin just looked in amazement as pieces of hair two plus feet were laid in her lap on the TV tray John had put there. Snip, snip, snip, went the hungry scissors over her head. She could feel her head get lighter and cooler as the mass of hair in her lap increased in size. Why did she have to get caught by this off beat guy in the first place she thought to herself. Still she could do nothing but sit there not knowing how she would look.

John continued the work and he could never have dreamed that giving a girl a haircut could be so erotic. He would at times take a smell and touch the long locks of hair he was removing. Sometimes he would purposely drop them on her breast so he could touch them as the removed the hair to the tray. This was fantastic why hadn’t he thought of this before. Finally it was over. Liins hair was now reduced to a shorter version.It was time for the clippers to take over. John felt Liin jump as he first applied them to her head. He put the one inch guard and removed the tv tray from Liins lap. Then he went back to work. Slowly up and down and back and forth he worked. It seemed like a long time to Liin but it only took minutes.

John decide to go for it. " Since your here dressed like that do you mind if I buzz your pussy. I’ll let you keep what you were trying to steal. " bargained John. Linn nodded her head and John put the chair almost back flat like for a shampoo but then with the aid of a pillow was able to get her pussy in prime position. He didn’t think Liin had ever had her bush trimmed. Buzz , buzz, went the clippers into the mound of black coarse hair that guarded Liins opening.

Finally it was over. John took a brush and fixed Liins hair the best he could. He took the cloth off the mirror so she could see herself for the first time.

Liins first reaction was of shock as she had never, ever had short hair. Then the more she turned and looked the more she saw her features stand out and her new earrings would really be seen. Course she was going to have to lie to family and friends about her new haircut as no way was she going to tell the truth.

John told her to get dressed and never to come into the store again. She left quickly and John then realized that the whole experience had only taken a bit over an hour.He put the hair in a special box usually reserved for wedding dresses and tossed the video in with it. He had no intention of selling it. He felt mentally exhausted but couldn’t’ help but think that this time" Crime did pay". He secretly couldn’t wait for an opportunity like this to come by again. The End. Hope you enjoyed story.

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