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Beth twisted a strand of hair around her finger. Her chin length bob, was about to be no more. A few months earlier, she had sacrificed her hair at the request of her husband to ?Locks of Love?. Her hair had been to the small of her back and was shorn off to a bob, that reached just to the bottom of her ear. Her hair was then died two colors. Everything from the Crown down, was colored a cranberry red, while the crown was colored a light blonde. The cranberry peeked out from under the blonde curtain with most every step she took, as well as every time she moved her head. She had been taken back by such a radical change, but adapted and started to have fun with the flirty look. As it grew out, Tom had the blonde crown colored to match the cranberry. Now, Tom was about to change everything again.

Tom had instructed her to go into the bedroom and strip out of her clothes, and to remain there until he came for her. She sat nervously on the bed, her mind racing about what would take place in just a few moments, wondering how this act would change her life. How it would change how people related to her. She looked into her vanity mirror, picked up her brush and started brushing through her hair one last time.

Her heart jumped when the knock came at the bedroom door. Adrenaline raced through her body as Tom entered and walked up behind her. He took the brush from her hand and finished brushing out her thick bobbed hair.

?You won?t be needing that anymore for a while.? He tossed the brush into the garbage.

Another surge of adrenaline coursed through her blood stream. She swallowed a large lump and looked up at Tom with large blue eyes, filled with nervousness. Tom bent down and caressed her neck with a kiss, his lips seeking out that one secret spot that only he know about. Beth shivered as his lips penetrated that spot, over and over again. Tom ?s lips soon found her lips. His kisses were unbelievable. She could already start feeling moisture between her legs. Tom took her hands and helped her to her feet and led her out of the bedroom and into the living area.

In the middle of the floor he had spread out an old sheet. Centered on that sheet was a director?s chair, and to one side of that was a small table which contained Tom?s instruments of mass hair destruction.

Beth hadn?t realized she had stopped until she felt Tom?s arm around her waist, guiding her forward. He directed her to stand in front of the chair and kissed her again, as his fingers caressed the back of her neck, stroking the short hair on her nape. His kisses became increasingly more passionate as he pushed forward, gently sitting her down without their lips separating. Tom pulled back, his hand falling from her neck to gently brush against her naked breast. Her quickening heart began to race again as he stepped around behind her. She looked back to watch as Tom snapped a comb attachment onto the clippers, but she couldn?t tell which one it was. He looked up and saw her watching him. He shook his head and lightly guided her head back to a normal position, facing away from his workspace.. She then heard him pull off the comb attachment with a click and then click another one on.

She jumped slightly when his fingers touched her forehead and gathered up her fringe. He secured her red fringe in an elastic and ran his fingers up her nape and into her crown. His fingers left, tentatively she thought, and reached for the electric clippers on the small table.

Beth jumped as the clippers roared to life, like a hibernating animal waking , hungrily from a long sleep. The clippers approached her right ear and rested against the base of her temple for a moment. The vibrations sent her to another dimension. Almost out of body. She felt numb. Her breathing quickened and became shallow, while blood rushed to her face, causing her to blush. Tom slowly raised the clippers. As he did so, the sound of them changed. Added to the roar of vibrating teeth was higher, a more raw, sound of hair being severed. Tom directed the clippers to the top of her head and stopped. As he took the clippers away, tendrils of hair fell down her cheek, across her bare breasts and into her lap. He gently set the clippers, just in front of her ear, and drew them up through another swath of hair. Again, hair slid down her body and into her lap. Tom continued this stripping of hair, folding down her ear lobe in the process. She could feel the clippers being picked up at the center of her crown, and knew to expect the next touch to be right next to the last sweep of denuding.. Tom seemed to be extremely careful not to touch the shaved part of her head and she wondered at it.

She closed her eyes and waited for the next strip to be detached from her head. Tom reached around and gently took a hold of her fringe and pulling gently, directed her chin down, to rest upon her chest. The next pass of the clippers, she would remember for the rest of her life. The clippers touched the base of her neck and slowly worked their way up her nape. She shuddered with the chills as they reached her nape. Her heart seemed to skip a beat, then try to make up for it as it quickened it?s pace. The hair on her arms stood straight up as he made that pass, and she became quite moist between her legs. Each of the next two passes, lasted an eternity, and were over too soon.

Tom switched off the clippers and walked around to face her.

?Please look at me beloved.? He beckoned.

Slowly she raised her gaze to meet his. His eyes passed over hers, searching for something then met hers again. His smile warmed up his face. She started to reach up to feel what he had done to her head, but he reached out and gently, took it in his. He knelt to one knew, as his lips met the back of her hand.

?Not yet, beloved.?

He turned her hand over, palm up, and lightly touched his lips to her wrist. Another surge ripped through her body at that light touch. She gasped softly, and leaned forward, lips parting. His lips met hers. His hand lowered hers to her lap. Then next thing she felt other than his intoxicating lips were his fingertips lightly brushing her cheek. She gasped audibly as his fingers for the first time, sought out her newly exposed scalp. Chills washed over her body as his fingers stroked the shorn half of her head. His hand reached to the back of her head and firmly pressed her lips to his, as his tongue sought and gained entry. Ecstasy could hardly describe the way she felt at this time. Tom?s hand relaxed and he withdrew his lips from hers.

Tears fell from his cheeks. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

?What?s wrong?? Beth asked, her heart, skipping a beat again.

?I love you so much.? He whispered.

Beth was filled with a warmth she rarely felt.

?I love you too.? She said, tears filling her eyes.

For a moment their eyes locked and they gazed lovingly into one another?s eyes, tears fell from them both. Beth reached out and wiped the tears from his cheek. Her hand slid behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. Her tongue gained entry as they kissed deeply, tears salting their kisses.

Tom pulled away slowly, he pursed his lips and blew softly on her exposed scalp. She shivered with the new experience, never realizing how sensitive the scalp was.

Tom pulled away and stepped behind her again. Again the clippers Popped to life again. This time she didn?t jump, only waited in anticipation. Again, he started with the front of her head and worked his way back, exposing more and more of her head to the environment. This time, she didn?t need instruction, or guidance as where to position her head as he worked. She only hoped that he would take off the back very, very slowly. A few moments later, she wasn?t disappointed. Tom placed the clipper at the base of her neck and slowly, ever so slowly raised them up through what remained of her hair. Again it seemed like eternity as the clippers removed a swath of hair at her nape. And as before, it was over too soon.

Tom switched off the clippers and placed them on the table beside him. Beth opened her eyes and looked down . her lap was covered with hair. Her hair. Hair that had just a few moments earlier been on her head and now it was laying in her lap. She raised her hand to feel the outcome of Tom?s work, but again, Tom caught her wrist and lowered it to her chair.

Beth shuddered and cried out as Tom?s fingers swept up her neck and fanned out across her head. She started to cry as his lips touched the top of her head. He was so gentle through this whole ordeal, she could feel his love for her radiating through out the room. His fingers swept down the sides of her head and across her cheeks as his fingers touched her lips. She parted her lips and tried to kiss them, but Tom had other ideas. His fingers then slowly slid back up her cheeks and entered the soft pelt of the hair that she had left. Again the sensation was almost too much. Tom removed the elastic confining her fringe and stepped around in front of her. His fingers tousled her fringe before grazing her crown and nestling her nape, drawing her lips again to his.

Their lips parted as Tom started to weep again.

?What?s the matter?? Beth asked.

?You are so beautiful.? He smiled as he gazed at her. ?I am so lucky to have found you.?

Beth pulled his head to her breast and stroked his hair.

?I am the lucky one.? She whispered.

After a moment, Tom pulled away.

?Let?s get into a shower. I want to wash you hair.? He said. ?Get the strays off from you, before I make love to you.

Tom pulled Beth to her feet, swooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.

Beth caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and gasped. Except for her fringe, her hair was like a dark red pelt. Her fingers sought what remained of her hair. A smile lit her face as her fingers brushed across her hair.

?Your next.? She stated as they climbed into the shower.

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