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I had just purchased a clipper set for trimming my hair and asked my wife to trim the back for me. She sat me down in the bathroom and turned on the clippers and asked if I was sure that I trusted her with these things. I said go ahead they wont cut that much off with the guards (#4) that are on them. She laid them against the nape and started to push them up wards. She had only moved them a couple inches when she let out a Uh-oh. I reached back and felt the patch that she had made and told her to go ahead and run them up to the crown, and I felt a twitch in my pants as the words left my mouth. All of a sudden she dove in making swath after swath through my hair until she had run them over my entire head. Hair was flying everywhere. I looked at her and then at the mirror. She was grinning ear to ear at what she had done. I was quite aroused and asked her to go to the #2 comb and do it again. This time she was very deliberate and I watched in the mirror as my scalp started to show through the cropped hair, this time down to a quarter of an inch. My wife expressed her arousal and it was the that I made the suggestion that I would let her use the clippers with no guard on them if she would let me clipper her head with the #4 comb. Almost shocked at what she was saying we switched positions. She had a nice little wet spot growing through her jeans. I adjusted her shoulder length honey blonde hair and then put the #4 comb back on the clippers and raised them to her forehead.

She closed her eyes and gulped, "Do it!" She lumped a little as the clippers clicked on and without any hesitation I ran them down the middle of her head from the middle of her forehead to the crown, and again, and again. I stopped when I had shorn all of the hair on the top of her head down to half an inch.

She opened her eyes and looked and felt at her close cropped head. "Oh my God! what have I let you do?" she couldn’t believe the way she looked and her hands kept running over the bristles. She had unzipped her jeans and had her hand inside at this point as I slipped the clippers under her hair at the back and again started clipping. A little sigh escaped her lips as the clippers mowed through the hair on the back of her head. I started to get better with the clippers and quickly removed the rest of her hair in only 20 seconds or so. She was watching in the mirror now as the sides were shorn, fourteen inch lengths of hair were everywhere, mingled with my own on the floor, the basin and tub. Hair was everywhere! When I finished she jumped up and said "Your turn!"

I sat back down and she removed the comb from the clippers. The bare blades were going to shear me closely but I didn’t know how closely. As she began clipping we both realized how short it was going to be. I was being shaved bald! Being that I was blonde made the effect even more evident. We had both long since shed our clothing and our mutual arousal was very obvious as she finished cropping me to less than an eighth of an inch. "Don’t move." she said as she rummaged through the medicine cabinet and came out with shaving cream and a safety razor. I didn’t move as she spread the lather over my nearly bald pate and began shaving my head for real. When she was finished she laid a warm cloth on my scalp, removing the excess cream. The sensation when she remove the cloth was unbelievable. A chill ran down my spine as I ran my hand over my totally bald head. She ran her fingers over it gently and kissed me on the top.

"My turn!" she said. I couldn’t believe that actually wanted me to shave her bald, so asked asked her if she was sure. A close crop that she now sported was still somewhat normal looking. She insisted that I do it. I laid the clippers against her head with no comb and went to work, denuding her pink scalp of all vestiges of her once flowing locks. After she was shaved she was so beautiful. Wow!

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