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After her newly-made friendship with her boss, Leslie, life in the salon was really great. Vicky had progressed and was now cutting many different styles. She especially enjoyed the crops. Lyn had been working in the shop as a stylist for a couple of years and was of the same liking as Vicky – she preferred girls to boys. When she met a new friend she inevitably persuaded them to get their hair cut, and it probably was no coincidence that they nearly always had very long hair when they first met, although it didn’t stay that way for very long.

This particular day was no different.

Lyn had a day off every Monday as she worked late on Thursdays and Fridays. This Monday she appeared in the shop just after dinnertime. Dragging a new-found friend behind her, she quickly asked where Leslie was. As if by magic Leslie appeared: she could smell a good haircut in the making a mile off. She asked Lyn what the panic was and Lyn secretly winked at Leslie.

"This is my new friend, Danny," she told Leslie. "I thought you’d like to meet her."

"Hi Danny, how are ya?" Leslie smiled. "Take a seat." She ushered Danielle to her station

The girl was forcibly pushed into the plush chair.

"How would ya like a coffee?" Leslie asked.

"White, two sugars," said Danny, quietly. "We can’t stay for long anyway, can we, Lyn. We’re just on our way into town."

Lyn smiled. "We’ve got time for a cup of coffee," she said.

While Leslie was sorting the coffee, Lyn brushed Danny’s very long wavy hair. It almost touched the floor below her. In fact, if Lyn were to get her way today, it would touch the floor permanently.

Leslie returned with the coffee.

"There you go: two cups of our best brew."

Leslie drew up behind Danny and stroked her hair with the brush.

It sent shivers down Danny’s spine – hairdresser’s were not at the top of her list of fun places. Not surprising really as she couldn’t remember the last time she had been in one.

"I’m just going down the road to fetch some cigs. Leslie will look after you," Lyn motioned a wave to Danny, and went.

As Leslie brushed Danny’s very long golden curls she told her that how surprised she was that Lyn had taken up with her as she usually went for girls with shorter hair.

"Oh well, perhaps she’s changed her ways," Leslie sighed.

"What do you mean, shorter hair? Lyn always says how beautiful my hair is," replied Danny.

"It’s just a thing she’s got – you know how us girls tell each other our likes and that – well she never stops talking about the way she loves to run her fingers through freshly cropped hair," Leslie said. "Maybe you should surprise her and let me give you a makeover. I know she would love it."

"Well I’m not sure," stuttered Danny.

"Oh go on, she’d really love it. There’d be no charge, and I can do it right now for you," Leslie said cheerfully.

"Well, um, I don’t want to put you to any trouble. I’d rather…"

"No trouble," Leslie quickly interrupted her. "Vicky, be a dear and get the capes for me would you?" she asked.

Vicky came back smiling, knowing that Leslie had cracked the case, and was about to witness another special cut.

"You put the capes on Danny and I’ll fetch my equipment," smiled Leslie.

Just then Lyn returned with the cigarettes.

"Hi, what’s going on then?" she asked, seeing Vicky putting the rubber neck cape around Danny’s slender neck.

"Just going to give your girl here a haircut," Leslie said briskly, as she returned with the clippers and guide combs in her hands.

"You’d better make it short and sweet then, ’cause we’re going in a minute," said Lyn, winking to Leslie.

"Anything you say, babe," returned Leslie.

Vicky quickly snapped a clean cape around Danny. She was ready to be shorn.

Danny just stared in amazement at all this going on around her. She ran her fingers through her hair, knowing within minutes it would all be off. Lyn moved to her side gently touching her golden curls, and reassured her that she was doing the right thing.

Danny’s hair was tied in a band at the base of her neck and within seconds Leslie started to cut. Danny’s mouth opened but nothing came out.

"Right, that’s the bulk off. Let’s just trim it down a bit," Leslie said, smiling into the mirror at Danny.

Her head was pushed forward and she heard the buzz of the clippers. Leslie pushed the clippers through the mass of thick curls right up to the crown of Danny’s head.

"How’s that? Is it short enough for you?" she asked Lyn as the clippers made another pass armed with a no 2 guide.

"Yes, just right," smiled Lyn.

By now hair was piling into Danny’s lap. She felt a tear fall down her cheek. Lyn wiped it away.

"You look more beautiful than ever, my darling," she said as more hair fell into her lap.

The sides were now being clippered oh so short. The top was the last to fall. Danny just watched in silence. She could do nothing: her hair was all but gone.

At last it was finished. Lyn ran her fingers through Danny’s hair. "Wow, I’ve been waiting to do that for weeks," she said.

Lyn pushed Danny’s hand to the top of her head so that she could feel her new haircut. Danny loved it. They didn’t go shopping that day, they went straight home.

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