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Well summer has really hit, it has been very hot and humid now for almost a week now. The AC in my apartment was broken and was told everything is backed up and would be at least a week before it can be fixed. I woke up early Saturday morning around 4:00am, it was so hot in the apartment I couldn’t sleep. I decided I would do my housework now before it got too hot. After about a hour of working I looked in the mirror, my hair was really frizzed out. I had gotten a bad perm about five months ago and was still letting it grow out. With the very high humidity was was very frizzy and even hard to comb. I decided since I was up early I would drive to the beauty shop at 6:30am, I knew Carol would be there early and maybe she could take me. I jumped in the shower, it felt so good having the cool water run down my naked body. I decided just to wear a new one piece jumpsuit I just bought, they were shorts and very light weight, I didn’t even put a bra on.

I got to the shop at 6:40am and saw there were no lights on, I walked up to the door and there was a sign that said, "Due to a electrical fire we will be closed for a month." I thought great now what do I do I really need a haircut very badly. I decided I would ride around to see if maybe there was another beauty shop opened. I took a side street I have never been down before and saw a barber pole in front of a house, the sign in front said, "Irene’s Beauty and Barbershop." There were two cars parked in front and could see lights on. I parked my car and walked up to the door, the sign on the door said, "walk-ins are welcome." There was a older gray haired lady sitting at a desk, she said "hello", and asked if I had a appointment and told her no. She told me to take a seat and will see if anyone was free and could take me. She walked back and told me to follow her, that Irene was free and would take me. I followed her into a large room, there were two older women sitting in barber chairs getting there hair done, even the hairdressers were old. I thought to myself I am the youngest one in here, the two ladies also had on matching smocks. This large older stern looking women with very short gray/white hair walked over and said, "hi sweetheart, I am Irene and I will be doing your hair’". For one minute I thought this is a mistake, but I could not just walk out. Irene kind of looked me over and said, "sweetheart your hair is one big mess." I explained to her about my perm and told I thought the humidity had a lot to do with the frizzness. Irene told me to take my top off and she would get me a smock to put on, I told her I was wearing a one piece jumpsuit, and I did not have a bra on. Irene said, "that’s ok honey we are all women here so you can just take the jumpsuit off and hand it to me and I will hang it up for you." At first I felt somewhat embarrassed, then started to unzip my jumpsuit, I stepped out of it and handed it to Irene, there I stood in just my underpants and I could see the two old ladies getting there hair done just look at me.

Irene came back out but with no smock, she said, "they are still in the dryer, so while we wait I will wash your hair. I sat in the chair, and Irene lowered the back down, I could kind of feel my breast bounce a little when she did this. I heard the water being turned on and then felt it on my head. I said to Irene, "the water feels a little warm". Irene said, "sweetheart I want it warm and she just continued washing my hair and scrubbing my head very hard. Irene sat the chair back up and started to rub my head very hard, after she had dried it some with the towel she took a comb and started to comb it. It was really hurting has she was combing and yelling at me to keep my head still. I told her it was hard to with here pulling the comb so hard. Irene said, "well sweet heard if your hair wasn’t such a mess and like a Brillo pad I wouldn’t have to pull so hard." She was yelling at me like I was a child, and in a strange way it was kind of exciting me. Irene said, "enough of this, I just can not comb it anymore."

Still sitting in the chair topless I could feel my nipples starting to get somewhat hard. Having Irene yell at me and making me feel like a little girl again. Irene stood in front of me and said, well sweetie I think you need a good short haircut to get rid of this mess." In a crying like voice I told her I didn’t want it too short. Irene went on to say, "well it will be cooler for the summer and much easier to care for as well. She turned to the other two hairdressers and the two other customers and said, "what do you ladies think". I could hear them all say, "yes just cut all her hair off good and short, give her a nice short clippercut." I asked Irene if they meant to have her use men’s hair clippers on me." Irene told yes, she would just buzz all my hair off. I put my hands on my head and said, "NO WAY" and started to stand up. Irene put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Sweetheart just keep you rear end in that chair, and do not ever use that tone of voice on me again". I said, "Who do you think you are", she said "young lady, naughty girls like you I take over my knee and spank there bare bottoms, so if you do not want Miss Irene to spank you just sit still." I said, "well I think I am a little old for a spanking I am 28yrs old, and I am the customer you should do as I order you to do, " Irene stood right in front of my face and said" WHAT, you order me, I do not think so. I will call the shoots here young lady and you will do as I tell you." Irene then grab me by my left arm and pulled me up out the chair, she kind of pulled me to the center of the room and sat on a stool. Next I could feel her hand in the waistband of my underpants and then felt my underpants being pulled down. I said, "wait a minute you can not spank me, " Irene said, "yes I can". she pulled me over her knee and now crying I said please no I am most sorry. I could feel Irene’s large hand smack my rearend and it really did sting. Irene went on and smacked me at least fifteen times. With my rear end stinging badly and crying I stood up, and Irene grabbed by the arm again and walked me back to the chair. I asked her if I may pull my underpants up and Irene said, "no, just sit your rear end down." I sat down crying and could see everyone looking at me. Irene said, "now young lady I will give you a haircut, and it will be very very, very short a nice buzz for the summer. Crying I said again, "oh please no not a buzz that will be way too short. By this time my nipples were rock hard, and I was even starting to get a little wet from this. I thought, "oh my god this is turning me on big time and really making me very hot." I didn’t want Irene to know I was enjoying this somewhat.

Sitting naked in the barber chair felt very nice, but then I noticed one of the customers husbands walk into the room to see if his wife was ready. Everyone said , "hello Ben". Ben just looked over at me and didn’t say a word. Ruth, who was doing his wife’s hair told him to sit down she will be done soon. Well Ben was sitting right in front of me. At this point I started to feel very embarrassed, I asked Irene if she could please cover me. Irene said, "sweetheart he is old enough to be your grandfather and i am sure he has seen a naked girl before. Irene turned and picked up a larger pair of black clippers, I heard Ruth tell her, "just use the clippers with no blade in them." Irene said good idea will get it right down to the scalp that way. Irene placed her left hand on top of my head and pushed my head down to my chest very hard. Once again I asked, "please do not use the clippers, and started to cry loud. Irene moved to the front of me again and said, "You stop that right now young lady or it will be over my knee again, is this understood", I said, "but please…Irene just said again even louder "IS THIS UNDERSTOOD". I said yes Miss Irene I do understand. Once again Irene moved to the back of me and placed her hand on my head and pushed it down again. I heard the clippers come o live and just closed my eyes. I felt the cool metal move up the back of my head, I looked and saw a lot of hair fall. Irene ran the clippers up the back of my head to the crown at least ten more times. She then moved to the left side and clipped one side then the other. At that point the phone rang and she went to answer it. I took my hand and felt the back of my head, Oh my good it felt like sandpaper, I turned a little to look in the mirror and tears came to my eyes I was "BALD", just some hair on top of my head still. Irene returned and stood in front of me and ran the clippers down the middle of my head. By this time I was really crying, and once again Irene just yelled at me. She then once again just ran the clippers all over my head. She turned the clippers off and rubbed my head off with a towel, she turned the chair to the mirror so I could see. "Oh my god" I said, "I am bald look at me" Irene just smiled and said, "there a nice short summer haircut". But this time my nipples were standing straight out, and I felt so horny. This really turned me on so much. Crying I rubbed my head and said, "Oh why, Miss Irene…why so short." Irene said with all that frizz and dead hair you had to have it all buzzed off, yoyu look much better this way.

Irene got my jumpsuit for me and I got dressed, she said, "now sweetheart I will will see in three weeks….right?? I just turned and said, "yes Miss Irene I will be back in three weeks", and I walked out smiling and very horny…………..

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