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Author?s Note: This is a Femdom / male submissive forced haircut tale. It?s hard to find haircut stories dealing with males having forced haircuts at the hands of women. I really enjoy such fantasies?hope you enjoy the tale. (Who needs whips, ropes and chains when you?ve got a barber?s chair, scissors and a set of clippers!).

?Hello Patricia, how are you??

?Good to hear, good to hear. Me?? said Elisabeth, taking a deep breath and running one hand through her short grey hair.

?Well, I am rather peeved at the moment?? said Elisabeth, ??but there?s a certain reassurance in knowing the two of us can soon resolve matters?.

?That?s right. She didn?t want to listen, so now I need to ask for that help you offered the other night?.

?Thank you my dear, I do appreciate your concern?.

?Exactly! They come into our lives promising the world, telling us how much they want our firm guidance, how they?ll be good, obedient, little sissies. And then they try to wriggle out of it when it suits them. As if we?re here simply to indulge them!?

?An hour! Patricia, you?re wonderful, simply wonderful. Thank you, thank you so much?.

Elisabeth lightly toyed with the neckline of her maroon turtleneck sweater. ?All right then, see you soon. Bye!?

Anna, Elisabeth?s submissive sissy, stood in the corner of the room before a full-length mirror wearing her maid?s outfit, the one she always had to wear when carrying out house duties for Mistress. It was plain and practical; a simple white apron over a long-sleeved black uniform dress that fell to just below her knees, its collar and sleeve edges trimmed with white lace. Thick black tights and flat patent-leather shoes completed her outfit.

Taking in the enormity of Mistress? words, Anna gave a little shiver. She realised the full implications of what her outfit would soon look like when matched with Mistress? intentions.

Elisabeth placed the phone down, put her glasses on and moved over to stand behind Anna.

?Please Mistress, I?m sorry??

?Anna, shoosh this instant!?

Anna shifted nervously as Mistress adjusted the navy blue angora cardigan draped across her shoulders then folded her arms. All of a sudden the small pearl buttons of Mistress? cardigan distracted Anna; she marveled at how intensely they caught the light of the room. But this welcome diversion was quickly extinguished by the look on Mistress? face. Anna wanted to hide, desperately wanted to hide?

?I warned you and warned you but you just wouldn?t listen. And now its time you learnt a salient lesson, young lady. Mistress has no choice but to punish self-centred, undisciplined behaviour?.

?But Mistress? please?I promise I?ll stop?please don?t??

Elisabeth immediately cut off Anna?s whiny tone with a yank on her left ponytail.

?Be quite! One more peep out of you and it will be age regression therapy for a month on top of what?s coming.?

Anna?s mouth was open but she dared not let a sound pass her lips. They began to twitch and quiver, as much in reaction to the thought of that punishment as anything else that was about to come her way.

Elisabeth glared at Anna and said, ?Of course you can pack your bags and walk out the door this instant if that?s what you?d prefer. But if you do choose to stay, then I expect much, much better behaviour. Do you wish to leave??

Despite her predicament Anna cringed at the thought of losing Mistress. Anna?s eyes started to fill with tears. ?No Mistress, I wish to stay?, she said quietly.

?Well then, you are simply going to have to learn to behave properly or else. I am thoroughly sick of you debating my decisions. I decide what?s best for you and right now I?ve decided to punish you. End of discussion?.

Anna desperately wanted to avert her eyes from Mistress? gaze but knew instinctively that it would only upset Mistress even more. Mistress was very very annoyed.

Fighting the tears, Anna closed her mouth and tried to stand as upright as she possibly could, eyes straight ahead, head erect, legs together, feet forward, arms rigid down her sides. Because that?s what Mistress expected of her whenever Mistress addressed her like this. She hoped – desperately hoped – Mistress would notice.

A blast of wind shook the house and heavy rain swept in to pound the windows. A shudder passed through Anna.

?Mistress decides. Always. Is that clear young lady??

Anna?s mouth and throat were dry; she swallowed twice before answering softly ?Yes Mistress?.

?I beg your pardon??

?Yes Mistress? said Anna, this time much clearer and louder.

?That?s better. Now pull yourself together this minute. I don?t want any sissy dramatics from you for the rest of the day. Is that clear??

Anna sniffled and straightaway fought to regain her emotions. She swallowed a few times before responding. ?Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress?.

Elisabeth unhurriedly turned her gaze away and made her way slowly over to the CD player. The first notes of the Second Act of Fidelio rose from the speaker. She took a deep breath, tilted her head back and closed her eyes, letting the sounds soak through her for a few minutes?

Elisabeth turned and sat down on the couch opposite Anna, crossed her legs and picked up her knitting basket. Anna noticed the skin-toned hose peeking out from between Mistress? grey slacks and polished black shoes. The glimpse made her want to run over and slip off Mistress? shoes then massage her feet, just like Mistress liked at the end of a long day at work. But she dare not move.

Elisabeth looked over at Anna?s reflection. ?You?ll remain in that position until Mistress Patricia arrives. And I don?t want a fainting episode so don?t forget to wriggle your toes now and then?. Elisabeth dropped her gaze and relaxed her shoulders, letting her mind wander amongst the music and the rhythms of the needles shaping the wool bundled on her lap.


The doorbell rang and with it Anna?s heart started racing. Elisabeth got up to answer the door, giving Anna a quiet smile as she did so.

Loud laughter came from the hallway and continued as Elisabeth and Patricia moved towards the lounge. Anna swallowed nervously, adjusting her stance to make herself stand straighter and more rigid.

Patricia and Elaine came in to the room, their laughter stopping instantly. Patricia glanced over at Anna. ?So, your sissy has been seriously misbehaving Elisabeth??

?Yes Patricia, she?s become obsessively narcissistic. It doesn?t matter what I say, she will not stop preening and prancing about at the most inopportune moments.

?But a solution has arrived!? exclaimed Patricia in a mischievous tone as she swung a silver case in one hand. She placed it at her feet then removed her long fawn overcoat.

?I do believe it has? said Elisabeth with glee. ?Here, let me take it?. Elisabeth moved off to hang up her friend?s coat.

Patricia picked up the silver case and moved across to where Anna stood, their eyes meeting in the mirror for the first time. Patricia reveled in making sissy?s nervous and uncomfortable; she decided to say nothing, letting her silence amplify Anna?s tensions.

Patricia stood a good few inches shorter than Anna but she was always an overwhelming presence to Anna. Today, under these circumstances, everything about her felt magnified. A tiny bead of sweat emerged and trickled down Anna?s brow; she absorbed Patricia?s manner, bearing, bobbed brunette hair, square-rimmed spectacles and all black garb of tailored slacks and turtleneck sweater with trepidation.

Elisabeth came over with a low stool in her hand. ?Sit? she said to Anna?s reflection. Anna sat.

?Don?t embarrass me Anna. Sit properly? Elaine said pointedly. Instantly Anna sat bolt upright, closed her legs as tightly and as straight as she could, made fists of her hands and placed them side-by-side on her thighs.

?What does Mistress like Anna??

?Submissive behavior, Mistress?.

?And what does that mean Anna??

?Pleasing Mistress. Putting Mistress first always, Mistress?.

?And what else Anna??

?Obedience at all times Mistress?.

?What does that mean Anna??

?Always following Mistress? directions and orders, Mistress?.

?And when you fail to be suitably submissive and obedient what does that entail Anna??

?Punishment, Mistress?.

?That?s right Anna, punishment. Something that makes you regret what you?ve done to upset Mistress, something that teaches you a lesson. Are you a masochistic Anna, do you like punishment??

?No Mistress?.

?Well then, why have you failed to be properly obedient and submissive Anna??

Anna?s cheeks turned a vivid blushing red and she lowered her eyes for a millisecond. She wanted to bite her lip, gnaw her nails, chew the sleeves of her uniform, run out the room, go anywhere but be here in front of Mistress like this right now. She had let Mistress down?

?I?m waiting for an answer Anna?.

?I?I don?t know Mistress??

?That?s not good enough Anna. Isn?t Mistress? strict, firm guidance what you claim you want and need??

?Yes Mistress?

?Why then have you debased my offering Anna??

?Ummm?I?I?ve been?selfish Mistress..?

?You?ve been more than selfish Anna, you?ve been positively self-absorbed, interested in suiting yourself rather than satisfying Mistress. Haven?t you??

?Arrr?I?m?Yes Mistress, I?m sorry Mistress, I?m very sorry??

?You need to be taught some humility Anna, don?t you??

?Yes Mistress?.

?Narcissism and hubris, Anna, beautiful classical Greek concepts describing human failings and weakness?. Your Greek will certainly improve over the next 6 months young lady, even if you?d prefer otherwise?.

Elisabeth let her words sink in before continuing. ?Your abysmal behavior demands an appropriate and suitably humiliating punishment. Therefore young lady, every month for the next six months, Mistress Patricia will be here to help you with your Greek lessons. Won?t you Patricia??

?Indeed I will Elisabeth, indeed I will. No more pretty curlers and ribbons down at my salon for you young lady?.

Elisabeth turned to Patricia, nodded, moved away to the couch, picked up the small table next to it then placed it down on Anna?s left. Patricia put her silver case on it and clicked open it?s lid.

Patricia removed a pair of scissors, handed them to Elisabeth then went behind Anna and lifted out her ponytails.

?My dear, would you do the honours??

?Certainly Patricia. Thank you.? Elisabeth took the scissors ceremoniously with a little nod of her head, cut off the two ponytails then leisurely dropped them one-by-one onto Anna?s lap. She handed Patricia the scissors.

? Now Elisabeth, what exactly do you want done with her hair??

?I want her to be reminded that beneath all those girls clothes I indulge her with, lies another person. A person Anna would rather like to forget?.

?A style that reveals something behind the girl then. Would you prefer one of those US marines cuts, a crew cut, a bowl cut or perhaps a head shaving? What about one of those very short, old-fashioned, schoolboy looks??

?Mmmm, a classic old-fashioned 50?s style schoolboy cut sounds very appealing. She has enough hair at the front to create one of those dreadful high, blunt fringes. Yes?mmmm?yes, very short at the sides and back with a high blunt fringe at the front?.

Patricia and Elisabeth smiled at each other through the mirror?s reflection. Patricia went back behind Anna.

?I?ll run the clippers at Number One two inches above the ears?? motioning with her hands where the clippers would run to, ??apply scissors on top, then simply snip, snip, snip across here for the fringe? making scissors with her fingers high across Anna?s brow.

?Absolutely delightful Patricia?I?m looking forward to the effect immensely?.

Patricia lent into the case and removed a square of pink plastic, unfurling it as she swooped it around Anna?s seated form in front of her. The cape. She buttoned it tightly around Anna?s neck but then Elisabeth stepped forward, smiled at Patricia, undid the button and adjusted it one button tighter. Again Anna swallowed uncomfortably, consumed in the nervousness of her quandary.

Patricia removed a set of electric clippers from the case and plugged the cord in next to Anna?s chair, saying with a laugh ?I haven?t used clippers for years! Put in the wrong hands they make a terrible mess of a girls hair!?

Patricia went behind Anna and firmly placed her left hand on Anna?s crown.

? Head forward? she said with an authoritative air as she pushed Anna?s head down. She let her hand remain there, as much to reinforce Anna?s predicament as to prevent her moving her head around. The clippers? high-pitched buzz began and as the frantic whirring blade touched Anna?s scalp, her body gave a little shudder?


Patricia finished shaving Anna?s neck line with a cut-throat razor, wiped the blade clean on a hand towel then turned to Elisabeth, who was sitting on the couch with her knitting. ?Viola Elisabeth!?

Elisabeth looked at Anna and let out a huge laugh.

?Patricia you?re a true maestro. You really should be giving lessons at a barber?s college!?

?Thank you Elisabeth. It has been some time, but it?s nice to know I still have the touch. Makes a change from the curling wands, I must say?.

?And now you?ll have another six months to polish your skills? Elisabeth said with a grin, noting how mortified Anna looked and no doubt felt.

?I know, what an opportunity!? Patricia said laughingly.

Elisabeth got up and went and stood next to Anna. She couldn?t resist running her fingers over her nape, feeling the prickly short hair underneath. With every stroke, electric tingles shot down Anna?s spine.

?My, your work colleagues will be surprised come Monday. Such a traditional hairstyle with those trendy clothes of yours! And you won?t be using any gel or spray to try and make it somehow appear more stylish either. No, the fringe can stay where it is, a nice little reminder to you that even at work Mistress is thinking of you?.

?Now what do you say to Mistress Patricia, Anna??

Anna was numb, blank and almost totally exhausted from the effort of trying to control her emotions. She stirred her mind as best she could, replying haltingly, ?Umm..arrr?thank you?Miss?arrr?Mistress Patricia?for my new?ummm?haircut?.

?A pleasure Anna. I?ll certainly be looking forward to touching it up for you in another four weeks or so? said Patricia with a grin.

?Patricia and I are having lunch now Anna. You can remain seated here for awhile, to allow you time to reflect on matters,? Elisabeth said with a smile at Anna?s pallid gaze in the mirror.

?Yes Mistress?.

Elisabeth undid the cape and let it and Anna?s mass of hair fall gently on to the carpet. ?You can clean your mess up later?. She walked off?


After their lunch Elisabeth and Patricia came over to Anna.

?Have you reflected on matters Anna??

?Yes Mistress?.


?I want to be a good sissy for you Mistress?.

?I need a good sissy, Anna?.

?Yes Mistress. I need to be Mistress? good sissy, Mistress?.

?That?s right. And if you behave yourself, then I may perhaps occasionally let you wear a suitably girlish wig over the next six months. You?d like that wouldn?t you??

?Oh yes Mistress, thank you, thank you Mistress?.

?I?m not promising anything now. You have to prove yourself, be very reliable and live up to your word before I contemplate letting you return to anything approaching a girlish hairstyle over these next six months?.

?Yes Mistress?.

?Now get the vacuum cleaner out and remove that mess that use to be your crowning glory?.

?Yes Mistress?.

As Anna got up Elisabeth continued, ?Except for the ponytails. You can give them to me. Yes, I think I?ll hang them somewhere obvious so you can always be reminded of today?s lessons?.

?Yes Mistress?.


?I?m very curious to see what that schoolboy cut looks like when matched with her schoolgirl uniform, aren?t you Patricia??

?Haha! What a delightful idea Elisabeth?.

Patricia walked over and took Anna?s hand. ?Off to school now Anna?. She led Anna out of the lounge and down the hall.

Once inside the classroom Anna was ordered to take off her maid?s uniform. Elisabeth and Patricia then took great delight in dressing her in a winter schoolgirl uniform, one of Elisabeth?s old ones.

Once dressed, Patricia picked up two lengths of ribbon from the sideboard and turned to Elisabeth. ?May I, my dear??

?Why of course? grinned Elisabeth in response.

Patricia came over to Anna and with a dramatic flourish, tied the ribbons into two bows, one on either side of her fringe.

?Oh such pretty ribbons for a pretty girl!? Patricia said with a laugh.

Elisabeth then walked over to the school desk and picked up a cane lying on the top.

?I trust there?ll be no need for Miss Cane for quite some time young lady??

?No Mistress?.

?I should hope not?.

Elisabeth then placed Miss Cane on the hanger on the wall to the side of the desk, taking her place alongside Dame Tawse, Sister Strap, Old Nanny Hairbrush and Young Nanny Hairbrush, Mistress? other helpful Lady friends as she called them.

Elisabeth picked up a small mirror from the sideboard and placed it on the desk in front of Anna.

?You have quite a lesson for today young lady?. Elisabeth picked up a piece of chalk and went to the blackboard.

Elisabeth wrote in a cursive, flowing style, Sensible short hairstyles are a sissy-girl?s best friend. Discuss, using relevant examples. She turned to face Anna and looked at her watch.

?It?s now 2 o?clock. I expect 2,000 words by 5 o?clock. Get to work?.

?Yes Mistress? Anna said, sitting down at the desk. She lifted the lid and removed a notebook, pencil and rubber.

Elisabeth and Patricia walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

With pencil poised over the paper, Anna looked at her reflection and as the key turned in the lock, she sighed.

Her gaze lifted to the black and white photo on the wall above the desk, and she couldn?t help noticing the impish grins on the two schoolgirls in the back row next to Sister Asumpta there in her full habit. Even then, so many years ago, those two definitely exuded something?

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