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Well it has been a little over a week now since my haircut. I am still not use to it, but I have to say it does feel nice and cool with all the work I have been doing outside.

I get up every morning at 4:30am, I have a cup of coffee and then start my work at 5:00am. My grandmother calls me in at 6:30am for breakfast, she always make a nice big breakfast. I go back out at 7:30am and do more work, have to weed the gardens, cut the lawn, etc. Also wash windows and do inside housework. Lunch is at 11:30am and I always take a swim in the pool before starting again at 12:45pm. I work up to 3:00pm and then would go in and take a nice hot bath, and then dinner is always at 4:45pm. I clean up and do dishes after dinner and My Aunt Grace does help me. I would take another swim around 5:45pm, and the go in and have a snack, watch a little TV and then always off to bed by 8:30pm.So I do have a very busy day, I am getting a nice tan because the yard is so private and no could see into it I usually just worked in my underpants and no top. For being somewhat of a chubby girl I am very flat chested, it looks as if I just have nipples on just very small lumps, my breast do not hang at all.

My grandmother made a appointment for me to go for my physical, I really did not want one. I would be going to her and my Aunt Grace’s doctor. He was a friend of my grandmothers as well as his wife, who is his nurse. They are both semi retired and only work a few days a week. I had the first appointment of the day and my grandmother told me we will have to leave at 7:30am. I got up the morning of my physical and went down for my coffee. My grandmother said, "Brenda what is that all over your chest", I had some type of rash and told her I did know but it did itch a little. She said, "well we have have doctor Thompson check it out. I went and took my shower and got dressed, I just put a pair of shorts on and a tee shirt, I didn’t but a bra on because it hurt to wear one. We got to doctor Thompson’s at 7:45am, his wife was there when we walked in. She said hello to my grandmother and my grandmother introduced me to her. Mrs. Thompson said I have a few forms for Brenda to fill in and handed them to me. I finished filling in the forms, and Mrs. Thompson told me to follow her to the exam room. I got up to walk with her and she turned to my grandmother and said, "oh Betty who can come along also", my grandmother stood up and came along. I thought to myself "this is great she will be in there with during my physical". We got to the exam room and Mrs. Thompson told me to get undressed down to my underpants. As I was getting undressed I heard my grandmother telling Mrs. Thompson about the rash on my chest. Mrs. Thompson walked over and said "Yes Betty that is some rash she has.". Mrs. Thompson said first I will do a height and weight and she called me over to the scale. I knew I had gained some even with working hard I have been eating more. Mrs. Thompson said, "Brenda you are a big girl", my grandmother said "how much does she weigh Irene", Mrs. Thompson turned to my grandmother and said 205lbs. My grandmother yelled out, "well young lady that is it, you are now on a diet and I will have you exercise more as well. I walked back to the exam table and sat down. Mrs. Thompson then took my temp and my blood pressure. She looked at my chest again and said, "I am not being rude Brenda but you are very flat chested for a big girl." I told her I have always been very flat and doctors in the past said not too worry about it. At that time doctor Thompson walked in and Mrs. Thompson handed him my chart.

He looked over my chart and then said, "well Brenda, you do need to lose some of the weight", I just put my head down and said, "yes sir". He first said he would check my eyes, ears and throat. He then listen to my heart and lungs. After that he looked at my rash and said, "looks like maybe some poison ivy". He said to my grandmother I would like her to go topless for about a week and let the air get at it and keep it dry and will give her cream for it. I said, "doctor Thompson I can not go around topples all the time". He said. Brenda you are very flat chest and it looks as if you just have nipples you have no real breast so is not a big deal." My grandmother agreed and told him not too worry she would see to it. He then asked if I noticed the rash anywhere else. I told him, well I do have a rash on my inner thighs and on my rear end, I said that my head was itching also. He told me to stand up and take my underpants off, I stood up and pulled my underpants off. He said the rash on inner thighs looks like a heat rash, he said, "that is caused from being over weight", and then told me to turn around so he could check the rash on my rear end, he told me that looked like heat rash also. He then told me to bend my head down, he said to my grandmother, "I do like her short haircut, it is much better for me". he then said, "yep you have a rash all over your head, could be from sweating." He said to my grandmother maybe she should have her head shaved bald, this way the air will get at it and will help to heal it better." I said, "oh no I do not what to shave my head bald". My grandmother said, "well Brenda dear if the doctor thinks that is best then you will shave it." My grandmother said when we leave here I will take her to see Mr. Jackson I am sure he will shave it for her. The doctor told my grandmother she should have me soak in the tub before bed also. He told to but my underpants and shorts back on. My grandmother was holding my tee shirt and asked her it. She said, "no, the doctor wants you topless", and doctor Thompson said, "yes no top". As we were walking out of the exam room I felt very embarrassed for being topless and hoping no one would see me. My grandmother thanked both doctor and Mrs. Thompson and we said go bye and walked to my grandmothers car. I got in the car and said, "gram I cannot walk into the barbershop like this, she said "oh yes you can and you will."

It took only about ten minutes to get to Mr. Jackson barbershop. I said. "gram please I do not want to shave my head bald nor do I want to walk in topless." She said in a very stern voce, "young lady get your rear end out of the car now." I started to cry, she said, "stop that now, or else I will have to spank you right here." We got out and walked into the barbershop, Mr. Jackson was cutting the hair of a old man, they both just looked at me, there I stood a chubby girl and no top on. My grandmother explained why I was topless and Mr. Jackson said that was fine it was not a problem at all. We both took a seat in the waiting area. Mr. Jackson finished the old mans hair and he left. He then called me to the chair, I felt somewhat embarrassed walking to the chair. I sat down and Mr. Jackson said. "you are back already." My grandmother walked over to the chair and told him what the doctor had said. He told my grandmother he could do it for me, first he said I will have to buzz me down again. He put a cape around me, and took his clippers and removed the bald that was on them. He started to run them all over my head, I could not believe there was so much hair there already. He then brushed my head off I then felt warm shaving cream being rubbed on my head. I tired one more time and said, "oh gram please just let me keep the buzz cut…please", she said, ‘NO". Mr. Jackson then took a razor and started to shave, I started to cry very hard. Once again my grandmother yelled at me, but this time it was much more louder and sterner. She told Mr. Jackson to finish, I could feel the razor with each stroke he took. He finished shaving me then took a warm towel and wiped my head down. He then took some baby oil and rubbed that in, he turned the chair towards the mirror and all I could do is cry, I was totally bald not one hair on my head. Both Mr. Jackson and my grandmother told me how nice I looked and how well a bald head suited me, but I just cried harder rubbing my bald head.

I cried for just about the whole ride home, my grandmother said "Young lady when I get you home I am rally going to give you something to cry about. We got to he house and walked into the kitchen, my Aunt Grace was there and said, "Brenda, you look so good with your bald head". My grandmother took a seat in a kitchen chair and said, "ok young lady take those shorts and underpants off." I tired again and begged her to please not spank me, this only made her madder. I took my shorts and underpants off, there I stood in just a pair of white socks and shoes, she ordered me over her lap, I got over her lap and she began spanking. This had to be one of the hardest ones I ever got. My rearend was really stinging bad and it was bright red. She then said put your underpants on and get outside to work till lunch time. Crying I went out and rubbed my bald head. As I was walking out she said, "I am going to look into a exercise program for you as well…..To be continued….

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