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Today I am moving back in with my grandmother and her sister, they need help around the house and on the small farm they run. I was laid off from my job over a month ago and they have asked me several times to move back. They live in a small New England town, that is where I grew up and couldn’t wait to get out either.

I am now 28yrs old but they still treat me as if I am a child, that is why I thought long and hard about moving back. I have been unable to find another job and my money was running out so felt it was best at this time. I am 5’6 and 185lbs, I am chubby and they were always on me for that. I knew moving back I would have to hear it again. Also I have a very frizzy thick head of hair which as a child my grandmother always kept in a pixie haircut. She would say, "you look so much better with a nice short haircut." I hated it. I have let my hair grow and I have not had a haircut I would say in about 8 months now. So my hair does look somewhat messy.

Well that day came for my moved, I packed the last few things in my car and started out on my 8 hour drive home at 4am. I was a very hot and humid summer day. I was going to get haircut before I left but just never found the time. Half way there there the AC in my car broke down, so I had to finish the ride with my window down. Having the wind blowing in on me didn’t help my hair at all.

I got to the bottom of the long driveway at 1:15pm, I stopped the car and just looked up the driveway thinking I am doing the right thing. I could see the house, it sat very far back off the road. I started up the driveway and could see my grandmother and Aunt Grace (my grandmothers sister) sitting on the front porch. I parked the car and they both came down to greet me. My grandmother said, "it is so good having you back home", and gave me a kiss. Aunt Grace then walked over and did the same. They helped me bring my things into the house and my grandmother said I would be in my old bedroom. I walked upstairs and couldn’t believe it it looked the same and was very hot in the house. They hated air conditioning. I went down to the kitchen and my grandmother said, "let me look at you". She then said, "oh Brenda, you have gained a few more pounds, and that hair of yours is a mess". I told her was going to get it cut before I left but just didn’t find the time. She said, "well in the morning we will go see Mr. Jackson", he was the barber in town and a good friend of my grandmother. She also said I think maybe you need a good physical as well, so she made a appointment for that.

There was a beautiful in ground swimming pool in the back yard, my Aunt Grace said, "why not take a dip in the pool and cool of after your long ride." I told her that sounded great but I did not have a swimsuit. Both my grandmother and Aunt Grace said you can just go in your underpants, no one will see me. I decided what the heck, and took my shorts, blouse and bra off. The water felt so good, and refreshing. I got out and we had a little lunch and I stated to unpack. I told my grandmother before diner I was going to take a nice bath, she got towels for me and even started to run the water. I just soaked for awhile and she came up to tell me dinner was ready.

I was feeling very tired after a long day and it was only 8:00pm but went to bed. The room was so hot I just laid on top of the bed in my underpants. I heard my grandmother calling me, saying "Brenda time to get up, we have lot’s to do today". I looked at the clock it was only 5:00am. I got up and went down for coffee. My grandmother said start to get ready Mr. Jackson opens early at 6:30am and I want to get there early. I went up took a shower and got dressed.

When we were driving to the barbershop my grandmother said, "I want a nice short haircut on you". I though "oh boy here we go", but with the hot and humid weather I thought maybe having it a little shorter would be nice. We pulled in front of the shop, no one there but Mr. Jackson, we walked in and he said hello to my grandmother and my Aunt grace. My grandmother said, "and this is my granddaughter Brenda, I said hello. My grandmother said I want a nice short haircut for her. Mr. Jackson said, "no problem, just have a seat in the chair. I sat in the chair and Mr. Jackson first put paper around my neck and then a cape. He said to my grandmother, "Betty how short were you thinking". My grandmother walked over to the chair and said, well this hot and humid weather weather I was thing something maybe shorter then a pixie, he said "how about a nice short clippercut, would be nice and cool and easy to care for". My grandmother said, "yes that sounds good". I was thinking to myself a "clippercut "sounds pretty short to me. Well first Mr.. Jackson took a pair of scissors and stated to cut some hair off, it seemed like a lot. He said, "Brenda you do have very think hair", I said "yes and it does get real hot in the summer. Next he took a pair of hair clippers I cold hear him turn them on, I thought, "oh my god I will be buzzed". I said not too short now, Mr. Jackson said, "oh don’t worry I am going to fix you up so you will be nice and cool. My grandmother was still standing there as he ran the clippers up the back of my head. She said, "can you go a little shorter", he said sure and turned the clippers off and changed the blade on them. He then ran them up again and I could see a lot of hair fall off. I said, "gram I think this will be too short", she said "Brenda just sit still, this will be much better for you and much cooler". He pushed my head down hard to my chest and kept buzzing up the back of my head. It felt so cold. He then moved to the side and buzzed the sides down also. I kept think so much hair was falling off. He turned the clippers off and was standing in front of me, he said to my grandmother, "should I just buzz the front down short also". She said "yes, just give her a all over buzzcut. He placed the clippers at my forehead and just ran them back, again a lot of hair was falling. He turned the clippers off and was rubbing my head. My grandmother walked back over and said, "is there one blade shorter". All most in tears I said "gran I think this is short enough", she said "oh no Brenda I do not think so". Mr. Jackson said he could give me a all buzzcut with just the clippers and no blade but it will very very short down to the scalp he said. My grandmother told him to do it. I sat there in tears as he buzzed me down again. My grandmother said, "Brenda, stop that crying right now, or I will give you something to cry about". I said, "gram I am much too old to be spanked", she said "you think so, just wait till I get you home". Mr. Jackson finished buzzing me, he turned the chair so I could see myself in the mirror. I said, "oh my god I am bald" and started to cry. Mr. Jackson rubbed my head and said "you look good and this will be so much better in this heat. My grandmother paid him and we left. Driving home I kept rubbing my head and crying. I have never had a haircut this short. Again my grandmother said, "wait till we get home Miss, and I am going to give you something to cry about. We walked into the kitchen and I started to go up to my bedroom, my grandmother called me back and said, "come here young lady" I said "gram oh please I am too old to be spanked". My grandmother said, "down with the those shorts and underpants now and over my lap. Again in a cry voice I said please, she just said louder and sterner ‘NOW". So I took my shorts and underpants off and got over her lap. I haven’t been spanked that hard since a kid. She then told me that I would keep my hair like this for the rest of the summer. I just cried and rubbing my stinging rear-end said "yes gram".

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