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I must have been 13 years old. My mother told me tohave a haircut because my hair was getting to long. Itold my mother I didn’t like to go to the localbarbershop. I didn’t like the store, the owner and thesmell. The shop was a tobacco store and the owner didcut hairs too, he didn’t like children, nor didchildren like him.

"Then find yourself another shop if you want, justhave your hairs cut. " told my mother and she gave methe money for my haircut.

I took my bike, drove to the town and tried to find a barbershop. While driving, I realized that I didn’t know another store. There where several salons but no other barbershops, so I had to choose, either go to the old store or walk into a salon and ask them to cut my hairs. I drove round and round and passed several salons, but didn’t have the courage to walk inside, I only had a strange feeling in my stomach.

About 1.5 hours did pass as I saw a beautiful girl walk into a salon. I don’t know exactly why, but I parked my bike and followed her inside the salon. When I came inside I field a panic. I wanted to walk outside, but it was to late. A women came over to me and asked: "can I help you?"

"Eh …. I was wondering if y .. you, if you. …. Do you cut men’s hair to?" I asked.

"Yes, we do, but at the moment we are busy, can you come back in 45 minutes?"

"Eh …. yes I can, thank you." I quickly walked out of the salon and didn’t hear the women ask for my name. I just asked myself "what did I do? Why did I walk in? The wife must think that I’m crazy."

I wandered around for 30 minutes and field a strangefeeling in my stomach. Still 15 minutes to go. ShouldI go? I could take my bike and go to the old store orseek another salon. No, I made an appointment, I hadto go. So after 10 minutes, I walked back to thesalon.

I took the door and walked in. My heart bounced in mythroat as the beautiful girl came over to me."Hello, my name is Danielle, I saw you entering thestore, do you have an appointment?"

"Yes, eh I think I m..made one before"

"OK, then lets have a look in the book. Hm there areonly women on the list, but there is a note here abouta young man. I think that must be you. Can you followme?"Follow her? Did that beautiful girl work in the salon?Several thoughts raced through my mind as I heardDanielle saying: "Please sit down here."I took a seat in the chair and saw Danielle take ablue cape. My hart kept bouncing as she wrapped it around myneck. There I was sitting, looking at myself in themirror.

Danielle took a shampoo station and turned it to mychair. I never had my hair washed in a salon, so I wasnervous about what would happen. "Just relax, I’m going to wash your hairs. Just moveyour head backwards to the basin." Said Danielle, asif she could read my mind.First I heard the sound of running water and next thewater was running over my head. My god, what afeeling, I hoped it would never stop. Suddenly, Iheard the water stopping and notice a kind of noise.Something cold was applied to my hairs. Daniellestarted to massage it on my head, soon covering myhead with foam. I loved the feeling of it although Istill was nervous. I felt Danielle’s fingers goingover my head somehow it was firmly and soft at thesame time. Her fingers massaged from my crown to myears, then back up, down to my neck and again up. Withevery movement more foam appeared on my head. It madea ice soapy sound. Suddenly the sound change fromsoapy to the sound of running water and Daniellestated to rinse my hair. I could hear the foam and thewater gurgling down the basin. Was it over already?"You are still nervous aren’t you? Just relax, I’llapply some conditioner on your hair" said Danielle asshe started to apply something on my hairs. Thisdidn’t create as much foam as the shampoo but itsmelled wonderful.

"This must work in for a few minutes" said Danielle tome. "Have you never been here before?" …. "Just tryto enjoy it, think of something nice"My God, "Think of something nice." My only thought was Danielle. I loved her from the first moment I saw her. I could hardly tell her. Can you imagine? "Hello, I loved you from the moment I came in??"Just ridiculous At that moment Danielle returned and started rinsing my head. Lovely warm water, her hands, just intoxicating……….. "Just lift your head a bit.." said Danielle to me, soI lifted my head from the basin.Danielle took a towel and started to dry my hairs.

As she completed drying my hairs, I noticed the ladythat made the appointment, she came to me with a kindof trolley. On it, I saw several colored plasticthings. Some where big, others small but they all hada kind of elastic on it.

The older lady started to talk to Danielle, but it wasto soft to hear exactly what they spoke. The onlything I could hear was something about small ones andshort hairs. I couldn’t refuse to follow theconversation. "…… should I … completely….?" The hairs are quite short ….. difficult …. bigones…""Perhaps I’d better take … small ones …."The the older lady stepped to my chair. She took asmall blue piece of plastic and started to wrap myhairs around it. What was she doing? I only needed to have my hairscut!! She took a second piece of plastic and startedto wrap again, then a third. My hard started to bouncein my throat. What where they doing?? What was goingto happen with my hairs? I noticed that my penisbecame stiff just by the idea that two women didsomething to my hairs and I didn’t know what. I felled overwhelmed and didn’t dare to ask what they where doing. "You see?"said the older lady, it is easy. "Try for yourself."

Danielle took a piece of plastic and a little piece of paper and started to wrap, just like the older lady. "Good." said the older lady, just do another one.Danielle took another plastic piece and another andanother.Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by nerves. In the mirror,I noticed that the back of my head was covered withplastic rollers. Besides that I heard the older women.She said. "We can’t perm the lower hairs, they’re farto short, We don’t have rods that small."They where setting a perm in my hairs!!", "A Perm!!, The pieces of plastic where permrods"What would my mother say? Or perhaps my father? I sawhow Danielle started to take a few other rods andwanted to wrap my hairs around it. Suddenly I feltthat my body was shaking by the nerves and Daniellesensed it too!!

"I’m sorry, Esther was going to teach me how to put permrods in short hairs. I hope I didn’t frighten you.""Did you think the perm was for you?" Danielle asked."I will take the rods out quickly and cut your hairs."said Danielle as she quickly started to remove therods."I hope, I didn’t upset you."

"Do you mind if I shampoo your hairs again? that waythis little curls will disappear easier"

"N… No,… not a . a .. at all" I said.

"OK, then move your head once again backwards to thebasin"O god, again that wonderful feeling of water, shampoo,and Danielle’s hands. Again the towel, again…, again, but somehow I didn’tenjoy it as much as before. I was angry on myself. Why did my body shake? Perhapsshe would have continued it I didn’t.. Perhaps I wouldwalk out with curls. Perhaps….Thousands, of thoughts ran through my mind. Should I ask for a perm next time? Do men have perms,or would that be a ridiculous question? Would shehave finished it if I didn’t shake my body? Perhapsshe would even let them in?? No, I didn’t ask for it,she would never do it. But I liked the feeling ofbeing forced to do something with my hairs. …….

"Do you want it shorter, or is it Okay this way???"asked Danielle.

Only know, I saw that Danielle was ready. She had cut my hairs a lot shorter. Somehow I liked it, but I was frustrated. I wouldn’t be able to have a perm now. I should wait at least 4 months to make my hair grow. Long enough for a perm. One day, I was going to ask for a perm!!

Or even better, one day.. perhaps, . perhaps, Danielle would force me to have a Perm.

To be continued………..

This was my first haircut story. Sorry for my bad Englishas English isn’t my native language.I hope you still enjoy it.

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