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It was in April 2001 that my husband got transferred to Jaipur. It is very hot there during our time there. We have two children-one boy and one girl. I used to wear sarees .

The first day we reached there I felt very hot. I was sweating very much. That night I told my hubby ” darling, it’s very hot here and I don’t want to wear a long saree. Tomorrow onwards I am going to wear only genes trousers and and T-shirts. You should not oppose. It will be very comfortable if I wear trousers .Think if we are going by a motor bike I could sit behind you by placing my two legs on both sides of the bike. Also if I want to climb a tree it is very comfortable”. So, from the next day onwards I started wearing trousers.

After two days I told my husband “darling, It’s too uncomfortable wearing the trousers. So I am now going to wear only shorts, so that every one could appreciate my legs. I am also going to cut my shirt so that it just covers my breast, so that I can expose my stomach to every one.” This time he was stunned. But he was so cute and obedient that he agreed. My children can’t believe it was me. This is my photo taken while I went for modeling.

Now it was my dream to walk with a shaven head. When I mentioned it to my husband he was very angry. So I also became angry and I decided to do it in front of him. I hired two ladies who know karate. Their name was Kiran and Kuntan. Now on his birthday I asked him to come home early. He came at 1 PM. When he entered the house Kiran asked him to strip his clothes .He had no other alternative. Now he was tied in front of me.

Now Kuntan first unbuttoned my jacket, while Kiran was busy stripping my shorts and panties .I stepped out of my shorts and then threw it at my husband. Kuntan slipped off my shirt, and then Kiran slipped my bra down. My bra fell to the floor revealing my breasts. Then they asked me to open my legs apart so that my husband could sit between them. Now Kuntan grabbed my husband’s private member gently and guided him inside me and he moaned as we began making love.

Now they raised my forehead and started cutting my hair .Oh ! how I felt at that time. Oh! I was surprised at his sexual endurance. It was the best sex I ever had. With each pass of the clippers, mounds of long black hair came tumbling down to the floor, and in minutes, the last lock of hair was cut. I stood there in front of him, buzzed and naked. I felt the tiny hairs, and could not believe that the long hairs that had been there just an hour before were gone. I could feel my scalp. He was crying. I started kissing him. With in a few minutes my 16 inch long hair was now lying on the floor. Now my hair was only 0.2in long.

Next Kiran washed my head with water. Then she spread shaving cream on my head. At that time Kuntan asked my husband to take his thing out . Kuntan moved around my head with quick strokes of the clippers. Hair fell to the floor and into my breast. Not an eye was twitched by my hubby as Kuntan cut my hair off. Slowly, as Kuntan turned back to her, and worked up a lather in the mug. As the brush hit each side of the mug you could hear a soft clanging, and the lather grew in the mug. Dipping the brush into the mug she scooped up the warm lather and began brushing it over my head. As she worked the lather into my clipped hairs my head rocked around, almost rocking me to sleep. Gently she worked the lathered brush around my head, looking for places she may have missed. She dipped the brush back into the mug, scooping up more warm lather and painting it on top of the first brushing.

With my head covered with white shaving cream she put the mug and brush on the shelf next to each other. She picked up a straight razor, opened it, and spread a little oil over the blade. Taking the leather strap, hanging from the right arm, she began to strop the open blade over it. Kindly and with the swiftness of years of use the blade was brought to a shining glow. Placing her left hand under my chin, she gently pushed it away from her causing my head to tilt to the right. The shinning blade was placed at the center part, and a short quick stroke was taken leaving behind soft tanned skin. The blade was wiped across her open left palm, and returned to its mark to begin another pass. Each pass was two or three inches in length, leaving behind tanned skin. Skin being shaved of any hair which had once covered it. He sat in amazement as my eyes closed with enjoyment. My head was now tilting downward into my chest. The right side was shaved smooth, with streaks of shaving cream left behind by the passing razor’s blade. My head was rolled to the right as Kuntan came shaving over the top of my left ear. He was still amazed at what he was seeing, as if it were a dream. The blade was closed and the razor put on the shelf next to the shaving mug and brush. She leaned over to the sink and turned the hot water on. Her right hand tested it as the water came out hotter. When it was right she tossed the towel back into it. Taking hold of the sides she began working it in a rocking motion under the hot water.

The safety razor was picked up and put to action. Each stroke was short and quickly rinsed clean of the shaving cream and hair that was removed with it.. As she shaved a section of my head, she would stroke her fingers over it checking for unshaven areas. When she was sure there were no hairs to be shaved, she would start shaving another section. As Kuntan wiped my head, I told my daughter, “Make sure you clean up the mess.” she smiled and turned to leave the shop. “Hey,” I said quickly to get her attention before she raced out. “Ohhhh, sorry,” she said in a childish manner. “Ms. Kuntan, I’ll come in tomorrow for my haircut.”

She was finished shaving my head, and was patting it with a towel. Her fingers did another brushing of her head, finding some stubble he quickly razored them away. After that Kuntan spread shaving cream on my pussy. Now she was shaving my pubic hair. After ever thing was finished I looked at the mirror. Oh! HOW I FELT RELIEVED, MY HEAD WAS AS CLEAN AS AN EGG. I looked at my husband .he was now untied and is now kissing my head. He asked why I shaved my pussy. I told him now onwards I am not going to wear any dress at home. Because it is the most comfortable way. That night he came to make love with me. But this time he need not waste time undressing me because I am completely nude. Now my children asked what happened to me. I told them nothing .They asked me what that two things where and cried ,because they don’t have them .Oh ! they were so cute. I kissed them. They kissed on my shaved head.

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