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The mallet came down on the judge’s desk. That my decision and if I see you again you’ll go to prison for at least five years.

Oh fuck I thought to myself I would be spending the next two years with my aunt pearl and uncle rowdy in that god forsaken little backward town.

I’m not really a bad girl I just got caught up with the wrong crowd in high school and was now part of a horrible accident that wasn’t my fault but some poor kid died.

As we walk out of the court room my aunt said you do realize dear that your clothing and hair we’ll be worn the way your uncle and I like it no questions asked. I replied yes auntie. They weren’t really my aunt and uncle but my god parents and pearl was only ten years older than me at 21.

Rowdy said. since were all that is left in your family the judge thinks that this will be best for you, and pearl and I agree, your going to learn how to act and look like a lady or you’ll be spending the next five years behind bars. Better you should spend two with us.

We arrived on the main street of town and pulled up in front of the local barber shop. Right next store was pearl’s beauty parlor and they lived upstairs.

I went to my new room for the next two years to unpack my things when I opened the closet I thought oh my god she wouldn’t. Just then pearl was standing at the door and said give me your things there going into the garbage. Then she led me to the closet where there was nothing even remotely fashionable, dresses with bows and ribbons, high collars with lace or ruffles, slacks with elastic waist bands, matching print blouses in every pastel color imaginable, a dozen cardigans ( all crew neck ) in the same feminine pastel colors.

These are the clothes you’ll be wearing while you stay with us, understand young lady. I nodded my head trying desperately not to cry. Now put this on and this as she tossed them onto the bed and come downstairs and we’ll give you your new hairdo.

I walk into the parlor wearing a pale peach dress with small polka dots, pleated on the bottom just below the knees with matching belt, a big tie bow at the neck and puffy padded short sleeves carrying the sweater.

Now dear this is Ruth she is one of my best stylists and she’ll be doing your hair from here on in. I looked at this woman wearing a pink smock her hair was cut just like aunties, super short up the back and sides with pointed side burns and a really tight perm on top.

Auntie walk over took the cardigan I was carrying and draped it over my shoulders and fastened the top button up under the bow on my dress, then pulled my beautiful long red hair out from under and said let’s get started Ruth.

Well I don’t think we should cut quite as short as ours pearl but a perm is definitely in order. With that statement I was under a cape and pearl started to braid my hair. Just then rowdy walks in with a couple of long pink pieces of leather about a quarter inch thick and says, Ruth can you tie these in with the braid. Sure give them here. The braid is complete and very tight when she picks up the scissors and without a thought in the world cuts my hair off right to the root and hands it to my uncle. I started to ball. If you want to fuss about this we can just shave it all off like they would in prison, shouts auntie.

Ruth cuts all my hair about four inches long all over. With tears still streaming down my face the women start to attack me from both sides feverishly wrapping little pink perm rods in what’s left of my hair.

An hour later I’m looking in the mirror at this round sphere that now looks about two inches long now. I was thinking how hideous it look when out came a tray of brush rollers one inch thick and they started to set my hair on these things. Another hour later the rollers came out and Ruth started to back comb the hairdo into a smooth round helmet with definite curls rolled forward onto my cheeks. She then plastered it with hair spray, push my head forward and pick up a tiny pair of clippers and shave my neck and shingled up the back a bit but not to disturb my fresh new do!

Great job Ruth she’ll look so good for the square dance tonight and I have just the dress for you. You don’t expect me to go out in public like this do you. I protested. Pearl immediately went to the doorway and called for my uncle. When he came in the women scurried up stairs. I stood before him and he said. Don’t you look nice? I said. for a seventy year old women maybe. Bring me your hair. He demanded. I then realized why the leather was braided into my hair. Nooooooooooo uncle rowdy please don’t. Do it he commanded again. I walk over to the counter to retrieve my new spanking tool, the arms of my sweater swinging freely and presented it to him. He touch my hard hairdo gently and said you will have your hair set every morning before you help out in the beauty parlor and if you purposely mess it then you will be shaved bald daily instead. Now bend over the hairdryer. Up went my dress and down came my panties and he proceeded to spank my ass but good. I was still sniveling when I felt his hard penis inside of me. When he finished he said. Now that’s how my pretty lady will behave. I said yes uncle rowdy, but he didn’t know how much I enjoyed the humping I just received. Cause I secretly had a huge crush on my uncle and if this is the way he wanted my hair maybe I can get used to this backward little town after all.

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