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He insisted that are wedding vows were the traditional love honor and most importantly OBEY. Coming from a very strict Methodist background I new that marriage was for life.

My now husband was the town barber and all the church elders even my father and mother went to him regularly for their cuts and thought he would be a wonderful husband for me.

Tommy was older than me by fifteen years. All the women loved him and considered him a great catch. He truly was very handsome and I loved him so much.

Now that we were married he wanted my hair up in buns with scrunchies or crotchet bun holders that my mother would make at the craft luncheons. He loved the look of my naked neck and I didn’t mind most of the time because my mother would always make me wear my hair down with ribbons and bows unless we were going to church. I felt more mature when my hair was up but sometimes I wanted to feel sexy and have my beautiful mid length brown hair swing freely.

When Tommy went fishing one morning I put on my favorite floral sun dress, brushed my long locks, looked at a ribbon and decided, not today. This was to be a big mistake.

I was outside the shopping center talking with an old school mate about his friend when Tommy came driving up and said “get in sweetie.” I said bye and jump in my husband truck, when he started to question me on whom I was talking to. I told him and thought everything was okay, until we pull up in front of my parents place. “What are we doing here I asked.” Your mother would like to talk to you.

We went inside and mom said “I saw you earlier today talking with that boy from your high school and you were being very flirtatious swinging your hair around and twirling it with your fingers. You know that when you wear a dress that is bear on the shoulders you should put a sweater on. I raised you better than that. Now that you’re married we think you should look more mature so come with me”. Tommy followed us into mom’s bedroom. She opened up her closet and said to my husband, pick out the clothes that you deem fit. With that Tommy started to root around and lay dresses, bow blouses, pleated skirts, and moms standby crew necked cardigans which she always had draped over her shoulders. I said “what are you guy’s doing those are clothes for a much older woman than me”. Tommy said “your mother and I agree that it’s time you started to look like the good old fashion girl you were raised to be. Now put these in the truck and we’ll go to the barber shop for your new haircut”. Mom asked if she could follow in her car because she would like her haircut as well. Tommy said “sure”.

On the drive over all I could think about was why I had to cut my hair but was afraid to ask right now, Tommy looked much to upset and I didn’t want to push matters worse.

I was sitting in the church pew that was for waiting customers, playing with my hair trying not to imagine what was to come. My mom was drape in the barber cloth and Tommy pick up the clippers and comb, bent my mother’s head forward and proceeded to shave up the back and sides just like mom always had her hair crop. He trims her tight perm on top and said “It’s time for another perm Dottie this one is starting to lose its curl”. I’ll get aunt Bess to give me one tomorrow then. Mom replied. He finished up with a tiny clipper and gave my mom her patented pointy sideburns with a clean shaven neck. Mom thanked my husband and said to me “it’s your turn honey”.

“You’re not going to walk around as my bride looking like a single woman on the prowl. You were told to wear your hair up or at least put a feminine ribbon in it so that you don’t look like a slut. It’s time you started to look like the good church girl that you are”. Mom pick up one of her church dresses and showed it to Tommy. “That’ll be fine he said put it on”. I said “please Tommy you know I would never give anybody the impression that I was anyone but yours”. “Sweetheart I love you very much, and when I took the vows to take care of you I meant it. And this is for your own good; you’ll thank me for it. There is a lot less chance of you getting into trouble with other men or even partying girlfriends, now put the dress on”.

I put on this pink dress with a pleated bottom just below the knees, a matching belt, high rounded collar and puffy short sleeves. Then mom draped over my shoulders a white polyester cardigan with pearlized buttons and fastened it under my collar.

My husband motioned for me to get in the barber chair, I walk over with the arms of my sweater flowing freely (this was probably the last thing that was ever going to be flowing freely again on my body). I started to cry. “Please don’t cut my hair Tommy” I pleaded. He sat me down and grabs all my beautiful hair from under my sweater and started to braid it.

My mother said. “Why don’t you give her a nice short crew cut and she can wear one of grandma’s wigs”. “Mom I shouted why do you want to do this to me”. Tommy interrupted. “I don’t think we have to be that drastic Dottie, I still want to be married to a feminine girl. How about a nice short bowl cut, then we can nickname you muffin”. “But that’s so out of style.” I said “EXACTLY. I don’t want you to look in style. I want you to look like a good little wife”. My whole body felt so weak I almost slid onto the floor.

My husband had spoken and I knew that I had no choice but to submit. He snipped off the braid and handed it to my mother. “# 2 that’s nice and close, as short as your mother’s”. He put a comb in my hair and lifted it up and held it there with one hand, the other wielding his favorite tool he started to carve sideways along my temple moving backwards. Mounds of hair were falling as he neatly carved all around my head. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing when he picked up a water bottle and sprayed my hair, combing it straight down. My hair was to my chin in the front and quite thin from the undercut shearing. After the hair was smooth he put the comb in at sides and inverted it about 1 inch from the top of my ear. Carefully he ran the clippers along the comb. The result was a clean blunt line. Continuing around the back and other side down went the clippers. All that was left was the bangs to my chin when I saw the scissors coming at them. Right in the middle of my forehead the snipping began. He matched my blunt bangs with the blunt sides, and then picked up those tiny little things that he used on mom and started to clean high around my ears and produced pointy sideburns like mom. Tommy turned on the blow dryer and rubbed my head vigorously, especially the buzzed parts. When he was finished he carefully very slowly brushed my hair smooth and told me to shake it. My husband then put a small mirror in front of me and told me to look at the back. My hair was tapered very tight right up to the occipital and very full from the blow drying. I now had my new muffin cut and was told to dry it every morning the same way for maximum volume. No matter how much I shook my head the hair fell back into the same round style.

Now you know why your father and I wanted you to marry Tommy so much. He wants you to take up square dancing and you are going to come to the craft luncheons with the rest of the ladies, where we can make our own dresses and crinoline. Tommy is going to see that you become a leading example to other young ladies of our small community. Why don’t you two come over for dinner tonight and show dad your new cut. Bye for now muffin. She kissed my cheek and left.

I stood in front of my husband and I could see how proud he was of his new bride. He held my face with both hands wiping the tears away with his thumbs, and gave me a very passionate kiss on the lips. “Every Sunday before church I’ll lay your clothes out and then we’ll go to the shop where we’ll make a fresh muffin”. He said. Then took my hand and led me upstairs to our apartment, where he held my face again kissing my lips then my bare forehead, in front of my ears then nibbled the top of my ears then behind my naked little ears and fi
nally started to smooch my smooth hair free neck. I was getting so horny. I felt so naked and vulnerable; I couldn’t wait for him to fill me with his manhood. He bent me over the couch and humped me but good for sometime as I came again and again. To think an hour ago I was traumatized and now I was so happy. I knew that my husband would always take care of me. I’m looking forward to making a muffin again.

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