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I got transfer to Bombay from Kerala and I had taken a flat at Thana. On vacation I brought my family to Bombay. My wife is a teacher at Kerala and we have two children. Our eldest one is the son and studying at 2nd standard and the other one is daughter studying at UKG class.

My wife has a very thick black hair up to her waist. She is spending 1 hour daily to look after her hair. I am a strong hair fetish hence I told her to make it short because there are so many ladies with short hair at Bombay but she is not willing to do that. At that time she often complaints about her shoulder pain. I know one old barber at the nearest hair cutting salon. His name is Dinkar. He knows how to massage and is very good working with shoulder pain. He is about 70 years old and after each hair cutting he massages my head.

I discussed this matter with my wife and she agreed to do the massage. I went to his shop and he agreed to come to my flat at 1 P.M. during the time of his lunch break. At the same time I send my children to my friends house at the next building.

I went to Dinkers barber shop and instructed him to take all the haircutting instruments and returned along with him. On the way I told to Dinkar that I have decided to give my wife a short hair style even a head shave .I reminded him that she is not willing to do this and to adjust all things in such a way that everything is okay. He knows what is in my mind and agreed to do all things without much difficulty.

On entering to my house my wife greeted him and asked him to sit in the chair. At that time Dinkar noticed her waist length hair. My wife brought a glass of something cool to drink for Dinkar. I brought one chair and I told my wife to sit on it. She sat on the chair. Dinkar was now ready for the work. He took one bottle of special oil from his bag and placed it over the table. He began to massage her head the process continued for 10 minutes and sitting in the nearby chair I watched the whole thing.

Slowly he extended the hands to her face also. She kept her eyes shut and smiled because of the sensation he creating with his hands. Then Dinkar applied oil and repeated the process for another 10 minutes. After completing the head massage he told her to tie the hair over her head to do the process freely in her neck and shoulder region. Then he took some oil and applied over her neck and continued the massage. He slowly removed the saree from her shoulder and applied the oil below the neck. Dinkar moved his hands to her shoulders and told her to remove the blouse. I did not think she would allow it , but because of the sensation that created by Dinkar’s massage she began to open her blouse.

At the time of opening the blouse she looked at me and I had given action to remove the blouse. She lifted her hands over her head slowly and removed the blouse. At that time, Dinkar noticed thick black hairs in her armpit. Dinkar told her it is better to shave the armpit hair before the massage otherwise it will be painful. Then Dinkar taken razor from his bag and changed the blade. It was a pleasant scene that my wife was sitting without her blouse and looking what Dinkar was doing. With an action I told her that there is no problem. Dinkar lifted her right hand and applied some water over her armpit hair. Then he took the razor and slowly shaved her armpit. Black hair was falling over her brassier onto her lap. I noticed that she was enjoying the shaving. Dinkar then repeated the process in her left armpit. Then he began to apply oil over shoulder and lifted her hand to apply in her armpit. At the same time he slowly unhooked her bra and taken it from her body. Now she was ready for anything and there is no resistance from her side.

Dinkar applied oil over her breasts and began to massage her breasts. At the time of the massage he pressed the nipples and both of her nipples were protruded out. I noticed her enjoyment in her face expression. Dinkar then told her to stand up and to remove the saree and petticot. Without any hesitation she removed the saree and placed it over the table. Because she was shy she was reluctant to remove the petticot. I untied her pettyicot and it fell down to the floor. She was standing in her panties and with both hands she hide her face. Dinkar told her to complete massage it is better to lie on the floor. I had taken a sheet and arranged it .She lied there and Dinkar sat besides her and applied oil on her thighs. At that time Dinkar noticed that so many hairs are protruding from the side of her panties.

Massage of thighs and belly was completed and with a sudden movement he removed her panties. She again shut her eyes with her hands and lay there exposing her cunt with full of hairs. Dinkar slowly smeared his hands over it to check how much hairs are in her cunt. He then applied soap over the pussy with a shaving brush. The movement of the brush continued she moved up and down. Dinkar taken the razor and began to shave her pussy. She extended her thighs maximum to do the process easily. Dinkar examined with the other hand if anything is left behind. With a cotton cloth he cleaned her cunt and I noticed her clean white cunt and protruded clitoris. Dinkar then applied oil over her pussy and began the massage. During the course of the massage he pressed her clitoris. She was not in a position to withstand all this and cunt juice began to coming out from her pussy. She yelled at me to come and fuck her but I decided to do that later even though my cock is hard enough to fuck her. Dinkar continued the process of massage over her pussysuddenly she grabbed the cock of Dinkar and taken it out. Dinkars’ old 6 inch cock is ready for the fucking.

Dinkar looked at me and I had given permission to fuck her. At the same moment she put it in to her pussy. For 5 minutes Dinkar fucked herand she got several orgasms. Dinkar told her to go and come after bathing and removing all the oil from her hair and body. She went for bathing at the same time Dinkar changed the blade of his razor. She came naked and Dinkar told her to sit in the chair for the final massage of her head and shoulder. She sat on the chair and Dinkar began to give her a dry massage. At the time of massage of the head she closed her eyes by enjoying the massage. Dinkar then taken a comb and separated hair to two bunch and tied the end of the two bunch.

Then he applied some water over the head and massaged. He took the razor and began to shave from the top of her head. A white colour of her bald head began to appear. He continued the shaving to the right side then to the left and finally the back side. Two bunches of dark hair fell to her lap. Then he applied soap with the brush and neatly shaved all the stubble left behind.

I enjoyed the shaving very much and I went near to her and by lifted her head I gave her a strong kiss. At that time I noticed two drops of tears are coming from her eyes. Dinkar went to his shop I had given him one 500/- rupee not. He agreed to come in next week to repeat the process. At the same moment we fucked for 30 minutes by holding her bald head in my hand.

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