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The following story is based on true events, which took place the week of my last birthday. I?d been trying for ages to persuade my wife, who has had long brown hair down her back since I met her, to have it cut into a sexy short bob style but she had always said she preferred to keep her hair long and didn?t want to have it cut short. So the following events came as a fantastic surprise to me.

Chapter 1 – Preparations

The Day of my birthday began early for a Saturday around 7:00 when my wife Clarissa woke me with a cup of coffee, and wished me a Happy Birthday. She then kissed me and went off to have a shower and wash her hair. She spent a good hour in the bathroom and when she emerged she smelt lovely and had done her long hair beautifully. Her long brown hair hung down her back to about a couple of inches below her bra strap. Next she started to get dressed, she pulled on a pastel blue push up bra, which barely covered her ample bust and a pair of tiny matching thong panties, which failed to fully cover her hairstute pussy. Next she sat on the side of the bed and began puling on a pair of ultra sheer shiny sheer to the waist barely black tights and then a short pastel blue above the knee skirt with a split up the thigh. Next she slipped on a black silky floral pattern low necked sleeveless top with red and green flowers on it and a completed the outfit with a matching pastel blue suit jacket and a pair of black mid heeled court shoes. When she had finished dressing she told me she was off to meet some friends for lunch and that she would be back in a few hours with my birthday presents.

Chapter 2 ? Clarissa arrives at the salon

When left me she drove into town and parked the car. She then walked along the street to her usual hair salon where she had secretly booked and appointment for that morning. When Clarissa arrived at the salon the girl at the reception desk took her name and said ? oh yes Mrs Smith, you are Sandra?s 9:30?. The girl took her jacket and told her to have a seat in the waiting area. A few moments later the girl returned and showed Clarissa to one of the salon chairs and asked her to have a seat. After a short wait, my wife?s usual stylist Sandra came over and said to her ?Good morning Clarissa, I see you?re down for a complete change of style today, what exactly did you have in mind then ??. Clarissa explained to Sandra that her husband had been on at her for ages and ages to get her long hair styled into a chin length inverted bob and that she thought she would like her hair cut like that as a surprise treat for his birthday. Sandra said she thought a bob would be a good choice for Clarissa as it would suit her face shape but suggested that she would rather take Clarissa?s long hair to chin length first and then see how Clarissa felt about it after that before she took it any shorter, especially at the back.

After this discussion, Sandra called Julie the Salon assistant across. Julie the assistant came over again and showed Clarissa through to another room with a row of curtained cubicles along one wall. She showed Clarissa into one of the cubicles. Inside it had some hangers on one wall, a mirror on the back wall and a plastic crate sitting on the floor. On one of the hangers hung a black silky Salon gown with sleeves in the front and a row of buttons all the way up the back with ties at the back of the neck. Julie told Clarissa to slip out of her top and skirt and slip into this gown so that her clothes would not get wet or messy or covered in hair while she was having her hair done. Julie then told her to give her a shout when she was ready and she would do the buttons and ties up at the back up for her. Clarissa pulled the curtain across and before she began to undress, she took a last look at her long brown hair hanging down beneath the neckline of her top. She then undressed as she had been instructed, Removing her black silky top, slipping it up over her head, exposing her ample breasts in her pale pastel push up bra and then slipping her short blue skirt down over her hips and legs to the floor leaving her standing in just her bra, tiny thong panties and tights. She picked up her skirt and top and hung them on the hangers provided and then slipped the gown on. It felt cool, but pleasant on her skin as she slipped it on. She then gave Julie a shout and Julie then came in through the curtain and did up all the buttons at the back of the gown and tied the gown tightly around Clarissa?s neck beneath her long hair..

Chapter 3 ? Washing and Shampooing

Julie then led her back through into the salon and over to one of the chairs by the row of sinks along one of the walls. Clarissa said it felt it a little draughty in just the gown and her underwear as she sat down. When she had sat down Julie put a towel around her neck and brushed out her long brown hair. She then asked Clarissa to lean back and put her neck on the padded edge of the sink. Julie then began wetting Clarissa?s hair with the shower attachment at the sink. When it was properly wet she applied some shampoo to Clarissa?s hair and began massaging it into her hair and scalp. When she had done this she then rinsed it out with the shower and repeated the process again. When she had rinsed it for the second time she then applied some conditioner to Clarissa?s hair and said she would leave it in for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes she came back and rinsed the conditioner out of Clarissa?s hair and asked her to sit back up in the chair.

Julie then toweled the hair dry a little and asked Clarissa to come over to the other side of the room and sit back down the styling chair which sat in front of a long mirror with a shelf under it with various scissors, clips, curlers and things on it. Clarissa came across, sat down in the chair and crossed her legs. Clarissa became aware at this point that the silky gown that she was wearing had ridden up a bit and was now sitting well above her knees and was quite thin and revealing of what was beneath it, especially in the coolness of the salon. When Clarissa had sat down again Julie asked her if she would like a cup of tea or a coffee. Clarissa said she would like a cup of tea and told her how she liked it. Julie went off to make it and while she did this Sandra the stylist asked Clarissa about exactly what length of style she had in mind. Clarissa said she would like it to be not too short, somewhere about chin length with a blonde tint and some highlights.

Chapter 4 ? Let?s get rid of all the extra length

The stylist removed the damp towel from Clarissa?s shoulders and replaced it with a short black vinyl, cutting cape. She then toweled it dry a bit more and brushed Clarissa?s long hair out. The stylist then said ?Ok then if you?re ready we?ll get started on the cut, if you?re sure about the style you want, we?ll start by getting rid of the extra length first and then we?ll do the tint and the highlights? and with that she tied all of the long hair up in a pony tail at the back of her head with an elastic band of some sort from the shelf. Sandra then said to Clarissa ?Are you Sure you want to do this, this is your last chance to change your mind before I cut off most of your length, because once I?ve done that there?s no turning back?.

Clarissa went silent for a few seconds as she considered it and then said ? Yes, I?m sure, Go ahead and do it before I do chicken out!?, she then closed her eyes tight and waited for the cutting to begin, She said that at this point her heart was racing, partly with nerves and partly with excitement. Sandra then took a pair of scissors in one hand and held Clarissa?s long pony tail in the other and paused for a few seconds, when she heard nothing from Clarissa she took the scissors and Clarissa heard a snip, snip, snip at the back of her head and felt Sandra tugging at her hair. When this had finished, she opened her eyes to see over a foot of long brown hair in a ponytail being laid the shelf in front of her below the mirror. Clarissa let out a gasp as she saw this and said later that at this point her head actually felt much lighter and she was shocked at the length of the pony tail sitting on the shelf in front of her her, she sad she just sat there staring in disbelief at the image she was now seeing reflected in the mirror, her once long brown hair was now in a sort of one length shortish bobbed style all hanging about ? an inch below her chin. This was the shortest she had ever had her hair since she had began growing it as a young girl. Clarissa reached round and felt her newly exposed neck she said it felt very short and furry beneath the hairline with small hairs. The stylist asked Clarissa if she was ok and she said yes it was just a bit of a shock having her hair so short after it being long for such a long time. When Sandra had finished Clarissa?s hair was sitting just about level with her chin.

Chapter 5 ? A Change of Colour

Sandra then proceeded to take Clarissa back across to the sink, placed a fresh towel round her shoulders and asked her to lean back into the sink. When she had done this she began to wet Clarissa?s hair again, when it was damp again she then applied a strong smelling solution from a bottle to Clarissa?s hair, working it in to all of the hair with her fingers. Clarissa said this felt lovely, just like a massage. She then sat Clarissa up and took her over to a sort of drying station with heat lamps all round it and told her that they would wait until the tint dried in, and that Julie would bring her coffee over to her. Julie did just that and Clarissa waited until Sandra, the stylist came back over to her. When Sandra returned she took Clarissa across to the sink and rinsed out the solution. Clarissa?s hair was now a good deal lighter than it had been before. The stylist then sat her up again and started putting strips of foil in her hair and pasting them with a white paste with a brush. She pasted layer after layer and Clarissa said it looked as if she had on one of those sparkly 80s wigs. When she had done, the stylist took Clarissa back across to the drying machines, sat her down and said she would have to leave them in for a little while and would be back soon.

When she returned again she removed each of the strips one by one and rinsed the hair between them. When she had done this Clarissa said it was all streaky with light and dark streaks and she thought it looked very nice, modern and trendy. The stylist took her back over to the styling chair and removed the towel, replacing it once more with the plastic cutting cape. She then again asked Clarissa how she would like it done at the back. Clarissa replied? My husband is always on at me to get it inverted a couple of inches at the back and get the nape shaved nice and short with the electric clippers?. The stylist said she though it would be a bit drastic to invert as much as that this time and suggested that it would be best to leave it all at chin length this time and see how she felt about having it inverted the next time she came in to get it done as she had already had a lot of her length cut away and the colour changed, she said she felt the change was drastic enough for one day.

Clarissa asked the stylist about getting the nape shaved nice and short with the clippers but the stylist said a lot of the women who?s hair she does who?ve have had the clippers used on them didn?t like either the sensation of the clippers being used on the backs of their neck?s or the end result saying it left their necks itchy and rough to the touch. She also said that it could leave a rash and might make the hair grow back thicker and faster than before. She said she normally used a razor to tidy up the backs of the ladies napes and they didn?t seem to find that as unpleasant. Clarissa later told me that she had thought I would be disappointed about this but didn?t feel confident enough to argue with the Stylist who seemed determined to do it her way. The stylist then clipped most of remaining Clarissa?s hair up with a few hair clips and asked her to tilt her head right forward. When Clarissa had done this she combed the hair hanging at the nape straight and then started cutting it in close in to Clarissa?s neck with the scissors. A rain of hair fell sown the cape and onto the floor. Clarissa said it felt strange and ticklish having the cold scissors snip, snip, snipping against her now exposed nape, as she had never had this done before as she had never had her hair cut so short and so high up her neck before. After what she said seemed like ages with the scissors going snip, snip, snip up and down her nape the stylist took a sort of black rubber bulb and sprayed some kind of powder on Clarissa?s now close cut neck.

She then took a sort of straight razor device with a plastic handle and proceeded to push Clarissa?s head further forward until her chin was almost resting on the cape covering her chest. Clarissa noticed that there was now a lot of hair on the floor around the chair Sandra then began to shave down the back of Clarissa?s neck with it in several downward Motions at the base of the hairline and also down the sides. Clarissa said the razor kind of scraped and itched on her neck with each stroke and wasn?t very pleasant but thankfully was over quite soon. Clarissa thought at this point that the clippers must be a more pleasant sensation than this had just been and that maybe she should have insisted a little more as the razor had left her neck feeling a little itchy anyway, but it was too late now. The stylist then took a soft bristled brush and brushed away the loose hairs and powder from Clarissa?s neck, she said this tickled a little and felt quite nice. Clarissa again reached round and felt her neck. She said it then felt totally smooth below the hairline.

Sandra then asked Clarissa to raise her head a little and then took one of the clips out of Clarissa?s hair and combed the hair straight. Sandra then took the scissors again and proceeded to begin cutting round the entire length just about the level of Clarissa?s ears. Clarissa said to the stylist ? Oh I hadn?t really though it would be quite as short as that!? but Sandra said not to worry as she would only be cutting the layers underneath as short as this to allow the longer outer layers to sit properly and curl in slightly. When She had finished cutting this layer she took out the next clip and combed that out too. She then cut this layer, leaving it a little longer so that when she had finished is was sitting just about level with Clarissa?s chin. She continued cutting each of the following layers ever so slightly shorter to form a lovely rounded bob shape, doing this until she was at the final layer. When she had finished this she used the brush again to remove all the loose hair from the cape and towel. The stylist then came round the front and asked Clarissa how she would like her fringe cut. Clarissa said that she liked them cut just above her eyebrows.

The stylist then proceeded to cut the fringe to the length Clarissa had requested. When this was all done the stylist took out a hairdryer and a brush and began to style Clarissa?s hair. She worked her way round drying a layer at a time and brushing it up to give it more volume when she had finished she gave it a spray of hairspray and a final touch up. She then took a hand mirror and showed Clarissa the back. Clarissa said, ?it?s much shorter, and quite a big change but I?m really pleased with it and I?m sure my husband will be even more so!? The stylist said she was glad that Clarissa was happy with her new style and said that if she still wanted it inverted she could do that next time she came in and that if she really wanted, she could clipper the nape for her but she didn?t recommend it and said that it didn?t really make that much difference to the cut anyway. She then removed the Vinyl cover and called Julie back over.

Chapter 6 ? The beauticians Room

Julie took Clarissa over to one of the free chairs at the top of the salon and said the Beautician would be ready for her in a few moments. Sure enough after 10 minutes or so Julie came in and showed Clarissa through a door into the beautician?s room. When she arrived the Beautician said hello and asked her to close the door. When she had done this the beautician asked her what she would like done today. Clarissa said that she had just had her hair done as a surprise for her husbands birthday she would like her Finger and Toenails manicured and Varnished, her eyebrows plucked and that she would also like her legs, underarms and Bikini line waxed. The Beautician said that would be fine and told her to pop behind the screen in the corner of the room and slip off her shoes and tights and place them on the chair. Clarissa went behind the screen and pulled up the gown, she then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her tights and pulled them down her legs, slipped off her shoes and stepped out of them. She straightened her tights out and hung them over the chair and arranged her shoes under it. When she came back out she said she felt even draughtier than before now being bare legged without her tights on.

Chapter 7 ? The Manicure, The Pedicure and The eyebrow pluck

The beautician motioned for her to hop up onto the padded couch in the middle of the room and raised the back to allow her to sit up comfortably. The Beautician then started to file and buff her fingernails. When she had finished doing this she showed Clarissa a colour chart and recommended some shades for Clarissa?s nails. Clarissa chose one she liked, a kind of reddy pink, which the beautician then applied to her fingernails. She repeated this with Clarissa toenails. When she had finished she went to her trolley and got some tweezers and proceeded to pluck Clarissa eyelashes. Clarissa says it ouches a bit but it?s worth it.

Chapter 8 ? The Leg and Armpit Wax

When she had done this she pulled over another trolley with a wax bath, a pile of waxing strips and some bottles of lotion on it. She asked Clarissa how far up her legs she would like her to wax and Clarissa replied, ?Oh, all the way up please?. The beautician pushed Clarissa?s gown up a bit further until it was sitting just below the gusset of her tiny knickers and then the began to apply some of one of the lotions to Clarissa?s leg all the way to the top. Clarissa said that this had tickled a bit, and made her feel a little uncomfortable especially when the girl had got up to the top of her leg, very near to her barely covered crotch. After she had applied the lotion she took a type of spreader from the trolley, dipped it into the wax bath and spread a strip onto Clarissa?s leg. She then patted one of the strips onto it and left it for a few seconds she then quickly pulled it away. Clarissa winced as she said it was a little sore but that it soon passed. The beautician repeated this process with the spreader and strips several times all the way up Clarissa?s leg and then did the same with the other leg until she had waxed both of Clarissa?s legs smooth from her toes to her crotch.

When she had finished doing this she asked Clarissa to sit forward so that she could remove the gown to do her underarms. Clarissa complied and she girl undid the ties and the buttons and pulled the gown forward and asked Clarissa to put her arms out. When Clarissa did this she pulled the gown off by the sleeves, leaving her sitting on the couch in just her bra and tiny thong panties. Clarissa said she felt quite embarrassed at this point and felt a flush coming on. The girl then asked Clarissa to lie back and Clarissa did as she asked. The girl then asked her to raise the first arm and to put her hand behind her head. Clarissa did as the girl asked and the girl looked closely at the area under her arms, she said ? Oh I see you?ve not had this area waxed before, there?s a little more hair here than I?d thought, We?d better slip your bra off so that I can get rid the hairs further down, as we don?t want to miss any and besides we don?t want to get wax on your bra, do we??

With this the girl sat Clarissa up again and pushed her forward a little. Before Clarissa could say or do anything the girl had unclipped her bra and was pushing it down her arms out of the way. The girl helped Clarissa off with it and then placed it on the bottom shelf of her trolley. Clarissa said she felt totally self-conscious sitting there on the table in nothing but a tiny pair of thong panties and was really embarrassed. The girl then began applying lotion to the area. When she had done she again applied some of the wax with the spatula and then patted a strip onto it. When she had done this she waited a few seconds and then pulled the strip away sharply and Clarissa said it hurt like hell and brought a tear to her eye. The girl waited a moment to allow Clarissa to compose herself and then carried on. Clarissa said it got easier as she went on and soon both her armpits were silky smooth.

Chapter 9 ? The Bikini wax and Worse !

The girl then looked down at her bikini area and said ? You normally get the sides of your bikini area done to neaten the hair up and thin it in towards the middle, Don?t you Mrs Smith ? ?. Clarissa said, ?Yes well that?s what I usually have done for holidays and the like but I?d like it all done this time please ?, feeling a little embarrassed at having just asked this young girl to do this. The girl however matter of factly replied, ? Do you me just to remove the hair from above your pussy ?, or do you want me to remove all of the hair all the way down from your waist to your bottom?? . Clarissa hesitated shocked at the matter of fact way the girl had just asked her this and then she replied ?Well, you might as well take it all off while you?re down there, as I?m having all of this done as a birthday surprise for my husband and I?m sure he would really love it all bare like that when its done!? . The girl replied ? Yep, That?s fine, lots of the women I do a bikini wax for are getting most, or all of their pubic hair removed these days, it seems to be getting really quite popular now, some get it done to please their partners like you and some get it done because they say it feels much fresher, cleaner and more hygienic for them but up until a few years ago very, very few ladies had it and more than thinned in a little?.

This made Clarissa feel a little easier and she began to relax a little again. Just then, the girl said to her ? Ok then, if you just slip your panties off we?ll get started ?. Clarissa says she froze at this point. She said to the girl ?Oh! I usually just pull the sides of my panties in a bit and then pull them up into me a bit and the girl works around them, I?d feel much better just doing that?. The girl replied, ? That would be fine if you were just getting the sides done but not if you want the lot done! ?. Clarissa replied, ? Couldn?t I just pull up a bit or pull them to the side and you could do a bit at a time as I?m feeling a little exposed and embarrassed sitting here almost naked in just my panties as it is ? .The girl replied ? Don?t be silly, I do this kind of thing every day, there?s nothing at all to be embarrassed about, I see lots of women like this and besides there?s only you and me here and I?ve seen most of you already so I won?t be seeing much more if you take your panties off than I would with you pulling them up or to the side now would I.? Clarissa hesitated for a few seconds and then decided oh what the hell and proceeded to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pull them down over her hips and legs and then over her feet and all the way off.

The girl took them from her and placed them on the shelf with her bra and said, ?now that doesn?t feel so bad now does it?? Clarissa just mumbled. The girl then said to Clarissa ? Now then if you could just draw your legs up towards your chest a little, and then let your knees fall as wide apart as you can so that I can get at all of you and I?ll try and get it all over with as quickly as I can for you. Clarissa again hesitated but thinking the girl would just laugh at her shyness again, did as she asked but told me that as she drew her knees up and let her legs fall wide apart she could feel the cool air on her pussy and her face going as red as a beetroot as she did so. The girl then stared down at her now totally exposed pussy and said ?I think we?ll start by trimming down some of the longer and thicker hair with the clippers first ? and with that proceeded to pick up a small pair of hair clippers and switch them on. She then went in close between Clarissa?s now spread legs with the buzzing clippers and began shaving away some of the length of Clarissa?s dense dark pubic hair. Clarissa asked her to be very careful and not cut her down there. The girl laughed and told her just to lie back and relax. Clarissa said that as the girl buzzed away at her pubic hair she started to feel quite aroused by the buzzing sensation.

When the girl had finished with the clippers she began to rub some lotion into Clarissa?s pubic area and then right down in between her legs as far as she could reach. Clarissa said it felt strange having another woman touching her down there but actually quite pleasant. The girl then took a sort of tube of cotton wool from the trolley, rolled it between her now gloved hands and without saying a word began to spread Clarissa?s pussy lips open and push the tube of cotton wool into the cleft of Clarissa pussy, she pushed it in like this all the way up the length of Clarissa?s now trimmed and exposed pussy. Clarissa gasped as she did this and the girl told her to relax, that it was only to stop the hot wax getting onto Clarissa?s sensitive parts. The girl then began applying the wax in a strip with the spatula. She then got a strip and patted it on, waited a few seconds and as Clarissa closed her eyes and braced herself, pulled it sharply away and as she did, Clarissa winced but she said it wasn?t quite as bad as she thought it might be and less painful than getting her underarms done had been. She said it felt funny as the girl waxed closer and closer to the cleft of her pussy and very strange as she waxed the lips of her now exposed pussy.

When the girl had done down as far as she could between Clarissa legs Clarissa thought that she was finished and was ready to get off the couch and get dressed when the girl said to her ? Ok Mrs. Smith, were almost done, if you could just turn over and kneel down on the couch on your hands and knees we?ll get the last of the hairs away from the area near your bottom.?. Clarissa was mortified by this request but as she had already gone this far and was thoroughly embarrassed already she though to herself ?Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I?ve gone this far already and I?m sure it?ll be worth it in the end? so she proceeded to turn over and kneel on her hands and knees. The girl then said to her ? Ok just draw your knees in a bit and move them a little wider apart and then put your head down a little onto the pillow?. Clarissa said that as did this she said she had never felt so embarrassed in all her life, even at the doctors, kneeling there with her bottom sticking up in the air and her legs again wide apart with this girl so close up behind her looking straight at her pussy and bottom. Clarissa said she could feel the cold air on her now almost bare pussy and bottom and it kind of tingled.

The girl then proceeded to spread her bottom cheeks a little and began rubbing lotion into the area. Then she told Clarissa to brace herself and began applying a strip of wax along now exposed area between Clarissa?s pussy and her anus with the spatula. She covered the whole area including the entrance to Clarissa?s now exposed anus. Clarissa said that this had felt really, really hot and uncomfortable and was probably the worst part of the whole treatment. She also said that she felt so much like getting off the couch and getting dressed at this point as she felt so utterly humiliated that it took all her willpower to remain on the couch and to hold still as the girl was doing this. Just as this thought was occurring to her the girl patted the first strip into the area between her pussy and anus and said ? I know this bit?s not very pleasant, but I’m almost finished and it?ll be all over soon and you?ll be all sexy and smooth for your husband ?, then as Clarissa buried her head in the pillow the girl pulled the strip away sharply. Clarissa says it was really painful and made her jump and almost fall of the couch. The girl said, ?I know it stings a little but I?m almost done, just a few more hairs to get?. Clarissa then arranged herself in the same position with her head buried in the pillow and the girl repeated the process a couple more times.

When the girl had finished she applied a soothing cr?me to all the areas she had done and told Clarissa that that was it all finished and she could go and get dressed. Clarissa collected her underwear from the trolley and her shoes and tights from behind the screen. The girl said, ?I wouldn?t recommend you to put your panties back on for a couple of hours, as you?ll probably be a little tender down there for a bit and they might itch you, but you should be ok to put your tights back on. The Beautician then helped Clarissa slip her gown back on and buttoned it up for her and called through for Julie.

Chapter 10 ? Time to Get Dressed

Julie came in and took Clarissa back through the salon to the changing cubicles. Clarissa said she could feel the cool air on her now bare legs and pussy and that as she walked through the salon in just the thin silky gown, the sensation had excited her a bit and made her nipples hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric. When she got to the cubicles she went into the one where the rest of her clothes were hanging and pulled the curtain across. She slipped the gown off and hung it up, she then began to slip her bra back on clasping it at the rear. As she did so she admired her newly waxed pussy in the mirror. Next she slipped her tights back on, pulling them up her legs and then all the way up over her waist. She said they felt smooth, cool and strange against her newly waxed pussy and bottom. She then slipped her silky black top back on over her head and pulled it down, as she did so she looked in the mirror again and thought to herself how when she had come in earlier this morning, her hair had covered most of the low neckline of her top at the back and sides and now her hair was up above her chin nowhere near the neckline but she thought she looked quite sexy. Next she stepped back into her little blue skirt, pulled it up over her hips and did up the zip. She then slipped her black court shoes back on, slipped her jacket on and emerged from behind the curtain.

She thanked the Julie who said ?You look lovely Mrs Smith, I?m sure your husband is going to be delighted when he sees your new look. Clarissa then went to reception and paid the assistant. She then took a seat, crossed her newly waxed legs exposing quite and expanse of smooth, shiny nylon covered thigh, and called a taxi from her mobile to come and collect her. When the taxi came to the salon to collect her she told me that as she walked out the door she could feel the cool air on her hairless pussy and on her newly shorn neck and it made her feel quite horny.

Chapter 11 ? Home again

About three hours after my wife had left, the phone rang. It was my wife she said she was in a taxi and would be home soon. She said that she had a big had a surprise for me for my birthday. She told me to go up to the bedroom, close the bedroom door and get undressed and into bed. I put the phone down and went upstairs and did as she had asked, When she came in she came up the stairs to the to the bedroom door and before she came in she shouted to me to close my eyes tight. When she came in she said, ?OK you can open your eyes now darling? When I did I was speechless as she was standing there at the foot of the bed with her once long hair now cut into a fabulous short bob. I told her that she looked fantastic and that I loved her new hairstyle. She then told me all about what had happened at the salon and what the stylist had said about inverting her bob and about the clippers. I said it didn?t matter about the nape as she looked great anyway and there would always be next time. She then said she had another surprise for me and raised her arms above her head so that I could see that she had had her armpits waxed. I said they felt lovely and she said yes she had had them waxed today. Next she told me to run my hands up her legs, they felt so smooth, as I ran my hands up her legs encased in her sheer, shiny Smooth tights. She said she had had them waxed for me today as well.

Finally she came and stood very close, right in front of me. She told me to pull her skirt up very slowly and as I did so I was delighted to see through the sheer crotch of her tights that all of her bushy dark pussy hair was gone and her pussy was now totally smooth and bare .It looked fantastic framed by the sheer crotch panel of her tights. Clarissa then said, ?Go on then have a feel, I had it done specially for you as an extra special treat.? I did as I?d been invited to and her hairless pussy felt fantastic through the sheer nylon. I?ve been on at her for ages to shave her pussy for me but she had always said no and kept it quite bushy in the middle, but this was far nicer anyway. Next she turned round and bent over grabbing her ankles and exposing her bottom to me, I wondered why she was doing this.

Then she told me to look closely and as I did I could see that she was waxed bare all the way round to her anus. She asked me if I liked her new look and I said I loved it. She said she was very glad as it had been extremely embarrassing getting the waxing done and especially the area between her bottom and her pussy .She told me that having the area around her anus waxed was the most embarrassing thing she had ever had done. She said that she had only went through with it because she really loved me and knew I?d really love it, and that if I wanted she would get it waxed regularly to please me. She also said we would see what people said about her bob when I posted the pictures on the net and maybe next time she?d get it inverted and insist on having it Clippered up the nape. I told her I thought she had been very daring and thanked her for the best birthday treat I?d ever had. I then asked her to tell me all about every detail of her day, which she did and I found it very exciting listening to her tell me about all the things she?d had done and which you are reading now.

Finally she handed me a small pair of nail scissors and told me I could cut the crotch out of her tights and have a closer look, so I did exactly that and also had a good feel of her completely smooth bald and now damp pussy. What Happened after I?d done that? . I?ll leave that up to your imagination.

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