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It was like stepping into the heaven for Nandini.
Merely 18 years of age, a delicate beauty, born and brought up in a village by her farmer father, she had never come to this wonderful big city called Mumbai.
(Though she had heard many stories, some facts and some fictions about this dream city)

Just a month ago she was married to Vikas who worked in an infantry battalion of Indian Services. His current posting was in Mumbai. First fortnight after coming to Mumbai flew away so fast and the day of joining the office for Vikas was just 2 days away.

In the evening they were walking on a footpath of a crowded street in fort area doing window-shopping.
Vikas noticed a signboard of barbershop, which incidentally was a shop for both male and female.

Nandini lets get into that shop. I need to have a haircut since I have to resume my duties a day after tomorrow.

She gave him a look of surprise. Her innocent big eyes were staring at him.

Why? What happened?

I I have never been to the barbershop before She completed her sentence with stammers.

Vikas had a hearty laugh looking at her expressions.
He felt like taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately. My sweet wife, this is Mumbai and going to barbershop is not taboo here. Moreover this shop has no sex bar, he told her with smile.

Means? she was still confused.

Means it is meant for both male and female. Do you want to get a haircut? He asked her mischievously staring at her butt length thick braid.

Chheeee She replied trying to hide her blushing pink chicks.

Come, let s go and with that they entered into the barbershop.

Whole scenario was mesmerizing for Nandini. Not that she had not seen hair being cut before. In their small village her father and brothers used to get their haircuts at the back yard by the village barber. She never bothered to have a detailed look at how it was done. However, a couple of years back she witnessed complete head shave of her brother with the straight razor. It was on the occasion of his thread ceremony.
In fact she felt more nervous than her brother who was being shaved at that time. Even now a chill went through her spine with just the memory of that incident.

What happened? Vikas shook her elbow and brought her back on earth. They were sitting in the waiting chairs for Vikas s turn to come. It was a whole new experience for her. sschuck sschuck noise of scissors, humming of clippers and to top it all mixture of that fantastic fragrance of shaving leather and after-shave creams. Nandini was speechless.

Vikas was on leave for last 3 months and had a fairly rich growth of hair. Nandini once again felt birds flying in her stomach when he sat in the barber chair and was caped. He looked at her through mirror and smiled. She gave him a shy smile in return. Vikas winked at her making her more and more nervous.

Click ! With the sound the clippers in barbers hands came to life. It was absolutely new equipment for Nandini. But soon when barber placed its blades on hairline at Vikas s forehead and made first pass towards his crown, Nandini s big eyes became so wide as if she was seeing something very unusual. She closed her hanging jaws with first realization of being watched by crowd around her. With mixed feeling of shyness and nervousness she was trying hard to hide her blushing.

There in the chair Vikas s hair was cropped fully and the barber was now applying leather on his neck and around his ears. He took his straight razor, replaced the blade and got busy scrapping his hair smooth at that place.

Nandini was finding it hard to keep her breathing in control. She clenched her fists, bit her lower lip and and it happened. She climaxed. Without even realizing it. She closed her eyes. Didn t realize how much time was passed. Vikas woke her up giving a gentle shake to her shoulder.

Wake up Nandini ! What happened?

She had a blank look in her eyes as if she was looking at a stranger.

Hey Nandini Vikas shook her hand.

Hun ?

What happened?

Nandini was intently looking at his face as if absorbing his new fresh appearance. Handsome.. still childish, he was looking cute and hot.

Shall we go? Vikas too was feeling the heat. She got up and they both left the barbershop.

First hour after reaching home was heaven for both of them. They were riding on the clouds. Nandini never removing her hand from Vikas s freshly shorn head stroking it caressing it and Vikas never tiring giving her orgasms after orgasms with his manhood.
They fell asleep when they got totally exhausted.

It must be 2.00 in the midnight when Vikas got up with the sound of tap running in the bathroom. Nandini was not in the bed. He got up slowly and gently pushed the bathroom door. It was open. He didn t open it fully, instead he started peeping in from the small gap of door. Unaware of his stares, Nandini closed the tap, came out of the bathtub and stood in front of the full size mirror wiping her body. Her long, straight, black hair freshly washed, were hanging and water dripping from its ends was tickling her ass cheeks.

She lifted her hair, soaked it by squeezing like a rope. Suddenly she got some thought. She pinned up all her hair at her crown. Then picked up a soft towel and covered her head with it skin tight. Imagining that it was bald, she started looking at her image in the mirror from different angles, holding the towel tighter and tighter.

Suddenly she noticed the staring eyes of Vikas from the gap of the bathroom door. She immediately left the towel from her head and started covering her nude body with her tiny two hands. Vikas entered inside the bathroom laughing loudly, looking at her desperate attempts. He went close to her, took her in his arms and started kissing her deeply passionately. He left her lips after a while. She was breathless, resting her head on his shoulder. Vikas was stroking her head her pinned up huge bun of wet hair. She closed her eyes, enjoying his touches everywhere.

What were you looking in the mirror Nandini? a question came out so suddenly that Nandini was not prepared for it.

Nothing Nothing specific I was just wiping after the bath she was not convincing however. And Vikas s mischievous smile was evident that he had caught her off guard.

Don t look at me like that Nandini said blushing and hiding her face in his hairy chest.

OK. What will you give me if I guess it correctly? He continued playing with her hairline, her head and her huge bun.

Nandini s heartbeats were racing. She held him tighter and answered in whisper You have taken away every thing that I had. What have I got to give you?

Let me decide that Nandini. You just accept my bet.

Still she didn t answer. Vikas lifted her face slowly with his soft hand under her chin. Her face was pink, her eyelids down. Vikas planted a kiss on her trembling lips and asked her softly tell me Nandini will you give me whatever I want?

She nodded her head slowly, fully aware that Vikas knew all her inner feelings. Vikas quickly lifted her in his arms and brought her in the bedroom.

Won t you ask me the answer Nandini? he asked smiling at her.

She looked at him, caressing his rough head said slowly I know I have lost the bet. Please tell me what you wish from me.

Vikas s hand caressing her hair stopped at her bun. He clenched it tightly, slightly pulling it from the base and said, Give me this souvenir sweet heart.

Nandini tightly closed her eyes, slightly because of pain it was causing but mainly because she knew Vikas s desire. In fact she was praying for this at heart of her hearts.

Answer me Nandini Vikas asked her in whisper holding her trembling body still tight in his arms. Nandini slowly opened her eyes. And what shall we tell to our parents? she asked.

Don t worry about it darling, first thing tomorrow morning we shall do is buy you a nice wig. Nobody will even notic
e that your hair is cut.

Nandini s trembling subsided to some extent. She was quite for some time.

You have not answered me sweet heart. Vikas s voice had a bit of urgency. Nandini lifted her left hand towards her bun at her crown. She was about to open it. But Vikas stopped her hurriedly.

Wait. Wait a minute Nandini. Let me do it my way. With that he got up from the bed and brought a small box, which he had hidden in one of the shelves.

Nandini was quietly sitting at the center of the bed with no cloths on. She was looking like a statue of some Greek Goddess without blinking her eyes. Vikas sat in front of her and opened his box. Nandini was surprised to see the contents of the box. She looked at Vikas questioningly.

Shhh . This is a secret treasure of your husband. He said with a big grin on his face.
Are you ready my love? He asked. She just bowed down her head submissively.

Vikas removed a pair of scissors from his box. Opened and closed for several times making sschack sschack sschack sschack noise.

Nandini s emotions were building up. Her heart was pounding. Palms of her hands were wet with the sweat.
She half closed her eyes. And suddenly she felt the cold metal touch at hairline of her forehead. She gave a quick glance at vikas. He was smiling at her. He had not opened her bun. He had just dug his scissors in her hair above her forehead, right at the base. He then bend on her face. Gave her a tender kiss on her lips. She was about to close her eyes and there she heard the noise SCRRRACH —SCRRRACH—SCRRRACH—SCRRRACH . Hair on top of her head was being separated from her skull with that noise by the scissors run by Vikas.

She missed her heartbeat tried to touch that part of her head. Vikas stopped her. Wait darling let me remove my souvenir. Don t touch it till then. With that he started inserting blade of his scissors inside the knotted bun and closing it with rapid speed.

Nandini s nipples were visibly erect and hard. Her eyes were closed. She was feeling the touches of his scissors on her head. Slowly she realized that the bun on her head was hanging from her left shoulder. Vikas gave last 3 4 snips with his scissors at back of her head and it fell loose near her feet.

Vikas kept his scissors down and picked up the bun.
Kissed it. It was looking like a wig. He brought it in front of Nandini. Touch it darling! Feel it! He said. She did with her shaking hand and shivered with the touch of her own shorn hair. Rainy clouds were gathering at the corners of her eyes. Vikas noticed it and took her in his arms, locked her lips in his mouth. After a little while when her trembling subsided, he released her.

Lets make it smooth darling. He said stroking her head, which had uneven length of hair.

Nandini was literally experiencing the fantasy she had hidden in her heart for so many years. (Precisely since the day she had witnessed her younger brother s shaving in his thread ceremony.) It was coming true so suddenly and so abruptly that she was finding it quite difficult to live it. (Live her fantasy).

I am going to enjoy it.

I have been longing for it for so many years.

Let me enjoy it.

She kept telling herself till Vikas came with a bowl full of water. Vikas touched her. She opened her eyes.
Smiled at him. Can I suggest something to you Vikas? she asked so sweetly that no husband on this earth would refuse to hear.

Yes darling.

I will wear my saree and lets do it sitting on the floor like they do it at the thread ceremony. Can we?

Vikas was a bit confused. He wanted to please his sweet heart so he said Oh yes. Why not? Come. Lets sit here.

And then he did exactly how Nandini wanted it to happen. She wore saree. Made him sit in one of the corners of the room. Came and sat in front of him. She was literally living her fantasy. Vikas then wetted her hair and shaved her smooth with his straight razor.

No need to tell you that Nandini and Vikas lived happily ever after caring, loving, and respecting each other s feelings.

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