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My name is George. I have a beautiful neighbour by thename of Jane. She lives with her younger sister Tina.Both of them have a very sexy body structure andfeminine features. One thing very common among thesisters is straight jet-black hair: Jane’s hairreaches down to her ass, and Tina’s hair reaches downto her waist. Since the time I moved in to this newapartment I have always fantasized about combing andcutting these girls’ hair. I always experience astrange feeling when I see these girls’ hairunbraided.

Normally once in 2 months they trim their hair. Theydo it themselves: Jane trims Tina’s hair and Tinatrims Jane’s hair. They only trim 1 to 1 and a halfinches of their lovely hair. Once I saw them trimmingthe hair through the window and masturbated at home.

Once I found Jane attending an interview in one of myclose friend’s office. I spoke to my friend and gother a job. She was very happy, and invited me to herhouse for dinner. I was very much excited and went toher house on that day for dinner. Slowly we startedtalking about so many things and I finally starteddating her. We even started having sex, when Tina wasnot at home. I used to caress her lovely hair whilehaving sex.

I wanted to trim her hair once, but I was hesitant.Finally when I was there at Jane’s home, Jane wastalking to her sister about trimming her hair. Iwanted to ask whether I could trim it but was verymuch hesitant. But I made up my mind to ask her. Thenext day Tina went to her friend’s house. I was alonewith Jane, and we were having sex. I told her I wantedto trim her hair that weekend, and I wanted to dosomething little more than just trimming the hair.Jane thought for a moment and told me she wanted tokeep her hair long, but as long as the hair is long Icould do whatever I want.

I waited for the exciting weekend to fulfill my dream.Finally the weekend came and I was at her home. Janetold Tina, "George will trim our hair." That was asurprise for me: I never thought I would also trimTina’s hair. Jane also told Tina that she was going tochange her hairstyle slightly.

Both the girls unbraided their hair, and a stool wasset up in the bathroom along with the scissors andcomb. First Tina took the seat. I asked her to bend inthe washbasin so that I could wash her hair. I applieda shampoo and washed her hair. Now her hair wastotally wet, and water was dripping, I slightly driedher hair with a towel and started combing her hair. Iasked her how should I cut her hair, Tina told me shejust wanted a trim – nothing more than that.

I told her that her hair was very thin towards theends (it was not that thin) and that I would cut 6inches of hair so her hair will be neat. She thoughtfor a while and agreed. I started combing her hairagain and took the scissors and started cuttingslightly more than 6 inches. All the cut hair startedfalling on the floor. I had a strange erotic feeling,even she must have felt wet. Now the hair was justabove the waist in a straight line. I asked her if shewas interested in having some bangs. She said no,first she would see Jane’s new hairstyle and decide.

Now it was Jane’s turn. I told Jane to bend over thewash basin, and I started washing her hair. I driedher hair slightly with the towel and asked her to takethe seat. I started combing her lovely hair, which wasdown to her ass. She asked me how I was going to cuther hair, I told her I was going to reduce her hairlength to mid back, and layer her hair, with somebangs in front. She told me "That will be drastic." Itold her that still her hair will be long, and it willbe easy to manage. Jane agreed, Tina was surprised.

I started cutting 2 feet of Jane’s lovely hair. Janehad tears in her eyes, but was wet under her panty.Now the damage was done, I was very much excited aboutmy long-time dream coming true. I wanted to cut thefull length, but this was only the start. I ensuredthat the hair was cut in a straight line. I startedtrimming one more inch of hair by dividing the hair in3 parts horizontally from the head. She told me thather hair looked short, I told her that it was still 2feet long from the roots. I started combing all thehair to the front of her face, so that I could layerher hair. I had read this in one of the web sites. Istarted cutting 6 inches of hair in front, the hairwas falling over her breast and down. It was very niceto see the hair falling on her breast and down. By nowthe bathroom floor was full of hair. Tina was stillwatching this. One of Tina’s hands was in her crotch.Now I told Jane that I was going to add some bangs sothat she would look better. I took one inch inside thehairline in the front of her head and started combingall the hair forward. The remaining hair was combedback and still the hair was long, to her mid back. Istared cutting all the hair above the eyebrows in astraight line. Cut hair was more than one foot. Now Itold her to set the rollers so that she will have somebounce. Jane was happy seeing the work. She asked hersister how did she look. Tina said that Jane lookedfabulous with bangs and layered hair.

Tina looked at her long hair in the bathroom mirror.She told me that her hair was always shorter thanJane’s hair. Now it’s longer, but Jane looked betterwith layered hair and bangs. In the meantime Jane gotthe rollers and was setting up the rollers in herhair.

Tina took the seat again. I knew what was going tohappen. Tina told me she wanted the same hairstyle asher sister, but the length should be another 6 inchesshorter than Jane. I asked her if she was sure, shesaid yes. Then I started spraying some water on Tina’s waist-length hair and made it wet, and started cutting her long hair, slightly above the bra line. Even this was almost 2 feet long. Now I combed all the hair in front and cut exactly 5 inches of hair and, same as Jane, took 1 inch inside the hairline in front of Tina’s head and started cutting it above the eyebrows. The bathroom floor was fully covered with cut hair. By now Jane had removed the rollers and was looking sexy.

I told Tina to put on the rollers for her hair whichwas shorter than Jane’s hair. Both the girls werelooking sexy with the haircut.

That night I had good sex with Jane.

I told Jane that next time I wanted to give both thegirls a chin-length bob, with the nape shaved. Janehas agreed. Now I’m waiting for the next dream day.

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