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I sat across from Brad finishing the wonderful, romantic meal he had prepared and soundlessly slid my heel off. As our eyes met across the table I slipped my stocking clad foot up his leg and toward his crotch. Just as my foot was about to meet its target he grabbed it in his hand. At first he caressed it softly and just stared back at me. Then he began to speak, ?I want so badly to let you seduce me Jewel, but you know that?s not going to happen. I need to know before I get hard and want to be inside you that you are playing by my rules. I need to know that you haven?t been disregarding the instructions that I have given you.? He began to squeeze my foot roughly and leaned across the table. ?It seems like lately you don?t take your duties very seriously and even when I threaten you I get no respect. So tell me Jewel am I going to be disappointed yet again or did our last dinner convince you of how serious I can be??

As he said those words my mind played over our last dinner and how sorely my ass had felt afterward. His handprint had remained on my pale white cheeks for over a week after that encounter. The problem was I really hadn?t taken him seriously because the spanking had felt surprisingly good and I had been extremely busy since then working 10-12 hour days. Truth be told, when getting ready tonight my attention has been sloppy at best in an attempt to obey his request.

Brad dropped my foot and leaned across the table even closer. Taking my chin in his hand he forced my eyes to meet his. ?Poor, stupid girl. Tell me you have not let me down again. I really have been very patient with your disobedience?? He softly moved his hand and caressed my cheek. ?Until tonight that is.? He reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

As I stared at my plate, he pushed back his chair and stood. Coming around the table he seemed to tower over me momentarily. He dropped to his knee and his strong hands enclosed around my ankle. The feeling of his touch through my stockings was electrifying. Slowly his hands began softly caressing my leg moving upward. I knew he was going to disappointed in me, but his touch was helping me blot that out for now. ?Tell me Jewel. Did you make sure to clean yourself up better than last time?? As he reached my thigh and the top of my stocking I was finding it hard to focus on what he was actually saying. I am sure I mumbled something while begging him to keep touching me. My skirt was being pushed up my hips and I began hoping the candlelight would mask any area I had missed.

Running his hand lightly over my stomach he came down further. ?Such a nice bald beaver. Just the way I like it.? I could feel his breath hot above my mound. Suddenly I felt his tongue where I had shaved that evening. Where my skin had cooled I suddenly felt his hot, wet mouth. I could feel myself getting aroused and very wet. He tongue lapped and teased the area that had been covered with stubble only an hour before. He stopped as I began to gasp and parted my lips. Even though I could not see his expression I knew he was examining my handy work. Making sure it was to his liking; completely shaved.

I could feel his finger sliding down one side of my slit then the other. The wetness he gathered continued as he continued his quest for smoothness. Suddenly he stopped and stood over me. He put his wet, sticky fingers inside my mouth. As I sucked them he moved behind me and began stroking my hair with his free hand. When he had both hands free he gathered my hair into a ponytail and gave it a healthy tug. ?So close, yet so far away. Jewel what a sloppy job. How many times do I have to show you what I want before you get it? My tongue wants to touch all of the areas that bring you pleasure, not just the ones you can see. And in order for me to do that you need to be completely shaved ? His tongue sucked at my neck and began to trail up to my ear as he lifted my long brown hair and whispered, ?Tonight you will see how serious I am about you keeping my pussy the way I like it.? He let me hair down and began to remove his belt. ?Got and get the clippers so I can clean your mess up.?

I started down the hall to his bathroom and was getting wetter just thinking about him clipping the hairs I had missed. As I bent over to pull the clippers from the drawer I heard him coming into the room. I emerged from the bathroom with the clippers in my hand and was surprised to see his belt still in his hand and a rather large pair of scissors in the other. ?What are those for?? I asked. ?You already know. We have discussed your disobedience many times before and I think it?s finally time that you realized how serious I am. Now, I want you bent over that chair in the corner when I get back; skirt up.? I crossed the room to the chair next to the bed and bent over.

He came back in the room with something else I couldn?t see and put it on the bed. I heard him snap the belt as he started toward me. ?Trust me when I say you will be getting the message tonight.? As the leather hit my white skin I flinched, but the sting felt so good. Brad reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it as he continued to smack my bare ass with the belt. The heat and pain made me cry out. ?This seems to be where we left off last time, doesn?t it?? He asked. I could barely answer a thin ?Yes.? Just when I thought I couldn?t take it anymore he stopped and slipped his hand between my legs. I could feel wetness cling to him as he rubbed me. Just as I was about to cum he pulled back. ?Now turn the chair to face the wall and have a seat Jewel. We are just getting started.? As I started to protest he grabbed me with one hand by the hair, close to my scalp and turned the chair with his free hand, steering me into it.

?You can do this the hard way or the easy way Baby.? I tried to relax as he moved toward the bed. Returning he came up behind me and began softly brushing and touching my hair. ?God I love your hair Jewel. It is beautiful. I don?t know why it had to come to this.? He continued to brush it, so long in fact that I actually started to relax. ?I just wanted you to keep yourself clean and shaved below so I could take care of you, but it seems you don?t understand what clean shaven is. So I guess it is time to show you where you can actually see it.? I began to tense up at his words. It had taken over 7 years to grow my hair to its current length. It fell in loose waves to the middle of my back and was my best feature.

?Well,? he said, ?let?s see what you look like with shoulder length hair. Shall we?? As I started to turn Brad tilted my face up to meet his, ?Don?t do this. I am much stronger than you are and I don?t want to have to hold you down and shave your head. Trust me, if I do you won?t enjoy it at all. I may even take pity on you and not go that far tonight if I think you have learned your lesson.? I managed to mumble ?Please Brad. I promise I won?t let you down again. Please don?t cut it too short.?

?Now don?t you worry princess. I will be gentle.? I heard the scissors open and felt him push them into my hair. The first crunch brought a tear to my eye and I felt my hair spring up as it was snipped off. ?Now hold still like a good girl or I won?t be able to keep it straight.? He actually sounded like he was enjoying this. I could hear the scissors cutting through my hair and could feel the bulk falling as at least seven inches or more were hitting the floor. Brad still holding the scissors walked in front of me. ?Wow? he said, ? that was a lot of hair. If only you could remember how clean shaven I wanted your pussy to look I wouldn?t have to be doing this.? With that said he picked up a large section in front and reduced the long strands to very short bangs, the clippings falling in my lap. God I hoped he would stop soon.

He tucked a few strands behind my ear as he stood next to me. ?You know? he said, ?You really do have very beautiful ears Jewel. I?ve often thought what a shame it is that you hide those lovely diamond earrings I bought you behind all that hair. I think we should at least cut the sides above your ears and then everyone can see how much I love you.? My heart began to pound; ?No Brad please?? He pulled the scissors back from my ear ?You?re right.? He said, ?This really isn?t as easy as I thought and the back isn?t looking so straight yet. I bet cutting hair over ears is even harder. It?s a good thing those clippers come with all of those attachments. That should make it easier to get it all the same length.? He stepped back toward the bed. I wanted to scream, but I had also started to notice how incredibly wet my pussy had become.

As he bent over and plugged the clippers in Brad held out three attachments. ?I?ll tell you what Jewel. I am not such a bad guy. I am going to toss down the shortest of the three and put the other two behind my back. Then you can choose how short I get to the clip the sides, ok?? Speechless, I could only nod my approval. I touched his left hand and as it opened my stomach turned. It held the smaller of the two guards. ?Ok, ? inch it is my lady. Nice choice? he said as he slid the attachment onto the clippers. As the clippers hummed to life I jumped. ?Don?t worry, the worst is already over.? He assured me. ?You are going to like this part. You always do when I shave your pussy.?

When he touched the clippers to the side of my head I began to cry. My beautiful auburn hair was falling in my lap. I could only imagine how awful I looked. Brad came around the other side and clipped the hair there as well and then came around the front to admire his work. ?Well, now that really won?t do now will it? The back is all out of proportion with the front and the sides don?t really look even with part of the top still being long. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I guess I?ll have to clip the back up to be even with the sides and then we?ll see what we can save sweetie. I think the back will need the ? inch guard to better blend in and give the top and sides a longer look. And to think I was only going to clip and shave the back underneath so you could keep your long hair and still teach you a lesson. Oh well, it will grow back.?

The clippers began crunching away at the back of my hair and I realized the damage had already been done and started to relax again. Imagine my surprise when I also realized that my hand had made it?s way between my legs. I had never been that wet before. As the clippers buzzed upward I started to beg Brad to clip more. It felt so good. ?Don?t stop. That feels so good.? I could feel the clippers finish off any hair left on the back of my head and told him to make it all the same length. Brad clipped the sides from the ? to ? inch and as he moved to the front and clipped the remaining long locks off I came.

Brad laid down the clippers and slid his rock hard cock inside of me ?I hope you?ve learned your lesson young lady. I don?t ever want to have to do this again. Do you understand me?? As he came inside of me I thought this was only the beginning of my disobedience.

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