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"SHE WHAT …..", yelled CM/SGT. Coleman as he quickly rose from his chair.

"How in the hell did you let that happen", he continued as he walked from behind his desk. "We don’t even shave the boys head. And, you go and let Connie shave this …. this girl’s head".

Gunny Williams froze stiff as her eyes watch the CM/Sgt. walk up to her close, as they did in the Corp to Recruits in Boot Camp. Right in her face he glared her eyes to eyes.

"What the hell do you think Commandant Myers is going to say. What do you think he’s going to say when he finds out you just sat there and watched Connie shave the girl’s ….. what’s her name ….. "

"Grace Berstein", the Gunny spoke looking straight ahead, not moving her head or her body. Just like when she was in the Corp.

"GRACE …. Grace Berstein" the CM/Sgt spoke loudly. "Do you know who GRACE BERSTEIN is?

The Gunny nervously shook her head "NO".

"Well, I’ll tell you who this GRACE ….. GRACE BERSTEIN is", CM/Sgt Coleman barked as he stepped back from her face. "She’s the daughter of the man who just happened to have saved Commandant Robert Meyers’ ass in Nam …. you asshole. Now what have you got to say"!

The Gunny just stood there ….. She couldn’t think of anything to say that would make sense. But, how did she know who Grace’s father was, she never met him when she came here. Nor, was she told anything about Grace.

The telephone rang …..

CM/Sgt. Coleman motioned for the Gunny to answer it.

"Chief Master Sergeant Coleman’s Office", she commanded, "Gunny Sergeant Williams speaking. How can I help you".

"This is Commandant Meyers", the voice on the other side spoke. "Is the Chief Master Sergeant there"?

"Yes sir, just a minute", the Gunny said as she handed the telephone to the CM/Sgt. "It’s the Commandant".

The CM/Sgt. grabbed the telephone from her shaking his head.

"Good morning sir", he said as he answered the telephone call. "What can I do for you this morning"?

"Harold, Grace Berstein’s father just called me", he begin telling the Sergeant as he froze wide eyed. "He said he forgot to tell me, yesterday evening, he didn’t want his daughter to be treated any different than the others, even if they were boys. He wanted her to follow the same rules and regs ….. and have the same treatment as the others. Do you understand …."?

"Yes sir", the CM/Sgt. replied. "Sir, does that mean in everything ….. including hair cut"?

"Her hair ….. Hmmmm, nothing was mentioned about that come to think of it", the Commandant replied. "But, knowing Dan Berstein like I do, I would say it does include her hair being cut to regulations. Why do you ask"?

"Nothing special, sir", the CM/Sgt. said. "Just that, Gunny Williams and I were thinking given how hot the weather is …. it would be best to cut all the New Classman’s hair to the scalp. Even shaving their head. What do you think, sir"?

"Hummmm, shaved heads", the Commandant hummed quietly. "That, for some strange reason, sounds like a good idea. I was just looking over their files and everyone, including Grace Berstein, has a problem with discipline. Shaving their heads might just knock them down a few notches.

"Yes, shave their heads ….. including Grace’s. I’ll deal with her father about it".

"For how long of a period would you want them to have their head shaved, sir", CM/Sgt. Coleman inquired.

"That’s a good question", the Commandant inquired. He thumbed through the folders before him, "Let’s say for the duration of introduction …. three months isn’t it"?

"Yes, sir …. three months", MC/Sgt. Coleman replied.

"I’ll call the barber shop and advise them you will be bring the New Classmen back and they are to shave their heads …. ALL of them including Grace Berstein. Like I said I’ll deal with her father on this matter. And, he can deal with her mother".

They hung up …. the CM/Sgt. sat back in his chair with a big smile, "Got your ass out of another one Dawn. As you have heard the Commandant has agreed with ‘our’ recommendation that the New Classmen, including your Miss Grace Berstein, get their head shaved and they keep them shaved for the duration of introduction …. which as you know is THREE MONTHS"

"Now go get them ALL in formation", he commanded, "and march them to the barber shop to get their heads shaved …. that includes your Miss GRACE, too".

"YES sir", Gunny Williams yelled, did an about face and marched out the MC/Sgt.’s office.

She walked slowly to the New Classmen’s quarters, she was savoring the news which possibly save her from being fired, even her career.

Reaching the quarters she took a breath and kicked the door open …..

"ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE SWEETHEARTS", she yelled loudly waking some of them up, given it was only six AM in the morning. "The Commandant has been reviewing all of your little folders and has found out that you ALL have the same kind of problem ….. DISCIPLINE.

"So, he has decided you need to be taught a big lesson in being DISCIPLINED …. So, we’re all going to march back to the barber shop and get your heads shaved …. like a cue ball".

"THAT includes you ….. MISS GRACE BERSTEIN", she yelled to her room. "So, get your ass up and ready to lose your hair like everyone else".

The Gunny turned and walked to the door, "FIVE MINUTES …..".

She waited on the parade area, in front of the quarters, waiting for the New Classmen to come stumbling out into formation. She stood there with her hand on her hips, her head moving from side to side as everyone came running from the quarters. Within two minutes they were standing in formation at attention. She noticed Grace with her cap pulled down on her head and smiling, so she walked up to her and patted her smile. It disappeared quickly, not having to be told to do so.

"We will go to morning chow late", the Gunny told them. "First things first …. the barber shop and your heads shaved nice and smooth. And, by the way ….. you will be keeping your heads shaved for the next THREE MONTHS".

She barked out her commands and they followed, as best they could. She watched Grace who still had a little smile on her face still.

When they arrived at the barber shop the Gunny walked in. Connie was the only one there.

"Where is the others", the Gunny asked?

"They are coming" Connie replied. "They stopped for some coffee and should be here within fifteen minutes."

"Did the Commandant call", she asked Connie.

"Yes", Connie replied. "He called the others at the coffee house and told them, too".

"Good", the Gunny replied. "I’ll send in Grace first ….. you remember her from last night. When you get finished shaving her head I’ll start sending the others in. By then your buddies in crime should be here to help you with the others".

She turned and walked back to the door.

"By the way", the Gunny said with her back to Connie, "if anyone ask you about the head shaving ….. it was the Commandant’s idea. Including that of shaving Grace’s head. And, no one, other than us and Grace, and the CM/Sgt., knows about last night. So you can relax …. like me".

With that said she stepped out the shop and called Grace’s name, "You’re first sweetheart, that way the boys won’t think you’re going to get out of getting your head shaved".

Grace stepped forward her head hanging and her eyes tearing, as she walked pass the Gunny she picked up her head and looked at her ….. smiling somewhat.

"Get your ass in there and don’t give the barber any problems", the Gunny yelled at her. "Give the barber any problems while she shaving your head …. and I’ll be in there holding you down until she is finished. AND, THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU SWEETHEARTS".

Grace looked away from the Gunny and continued to walk towards the barber shop. She did this last night with a different felling in her, now it was one of enjoyment. She opened the door slowly and stepped in. There was no one there but Connie, she was relieved somewhat.

"HI, Grace", Connie spoke as she stretched out a large white towel. "Have a seat and I’ll get your head nice and smooth like last night, sweetheart".

With a big smile Grace quicken her step to the chair and sat in it.

"Are you the only one here", she asked as Connie tucked the towel in her collar and spread it over her shoulders.

"Right now, YES", she said patting Grace on the shoulders. "The other barbers should be here went I am finished shaving your head. Then, we’ll do the boys. Why ….. are you nervous about this"!

"Well, I didn’t let the boys see me last night when I got back to the Quarters", she spoke as she crossed her legs and relaxed. "So, they didn’t see me with my head shaved ….. and can’t blame me for them having to get theirs shaved, too. And, I am glad I am going first and you’re the only one here, or one of the men barbers might have wanted to shave my head instead of letting you".

"I know sweetheart", Connie replied as she wrapped the hot towel around Grace’s head.

Grace begin to relax more as the warmth of the hot wet towel soaked the stubbles on her head. It brought back her feelings from the night before. Instead of fear they were of enjoyment and pleasures.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth and the feeling. She thought back to the night before and how it felt then. But, this time she wanted to feel the warmth.

"I’m afraid I’ll have to shave your head a little quicker this morning", Connie told her as she begin spread the warm shaving lather over Grace’s head. Grace’s head was more relaxed and move as she spread the lather over her head.

"So, you won’t have the f …..", she stopped speaking because she could see Grace’s eyes were closed and her body was shivering a little like last night.

Taking the straight razor from the shelf, she gently stropped it over the leather strap hanging from the right arm of the chair. Grace’s eyes were still softly closed, there was a gentle smile on her face, unlike last night.

Connie quickly, but not to her choosing, shaved Grace’s head with her straight razor. After each stroke she felt for smoothness, re-shaving if she felt stubble. She wanted, so much, to shave Grace’s head slowly, as she did the night before, so she could enjoy the shaving more, now that she knew how much it made her body feel to her.

As she looked in the large mirror she saw that Grace still had that smile of enjoyment, her body was almost stiff with pleasure. Her body was not shivering like it did when she applied the lather. She knew Grace was feeling pleasure that her little body had not felt before. She wanted her to feel this pleasure more than last night. Slowly she want to shave her head, to enjoy her shaving herself.

Connie was wrapped up in trying to make Grace’s head shaving as enjoyable as she could, given the little time she had to shave her head, when she heard the back door, to the barber shop, open and the voices of the three male barbers as they walked in.

"Hi, Connie", they each said as they walked pass her chair to their’s

"See you have already gotten started", said Mike the barber in the chair next to her’s. "Wonder why the Commandant wants all the New Classmen’s head shaved"?

Connie looked at him, "I don’t ask questions like you guys, I just do as I’m told and let him handle the problems afterwards".

Their voices woke Grace from her pleasure. She started tearing and put on a sad face.

Connie finished shaving Grace’s head and was appling some lotions when Gunny WIlliams stuck her head in the front door.

"Well, I see you men have arrived", she said to them. "I’ll send in three of the boys, so you guys can get started. I’ll send in another when you finish Miss Berstein head shaving. There are thirty in this class and I still have to get them to morning chow".

She backed out the barber shop and motioned three of the boys to the barber shop’s door. Just as they reached the door, and were reaching to open it, out stepped Grace. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at them.

"THERE", she yelded at the Gunny as she walked pass her. "Does this please you ….. I’M BALD ….. NO HAIR. I can’t believe this stupid place is doing this to me. Wait until my dad finds out about you forcing me to get my head shaved ….. JUST WAIT".

She walked to her place in the formation. The Gunny looked at her surprised at what she had just said, then she saw a little smile come to Grace’s face. "She’s a pro", the Gunny thought to herself. ‘She let out like that so the boys wouldn’t know she had gotten her head shaved last night and they could not blame her for them having to get their head shaved, too’.

It was almost three hours later when the last boy walked out the barber shop with his head shaved. The Gunny walked throught the formation, looking at the nice smooth scalps of each and everyone …. specailly Grace who still had a little smile on her face. Some of the boys looked as if they liked getting their head shaved, like Grace did, while the others had tears coming from their eyes in disbelief.

"SUCK IT UP SWEETHEARTS", the Gunny barked to them. "You have three months to get us to your head being shaved. Who knows …. some of you may like it enough that you will want to keep your head shaved for ever ….. Now won’t that be nice".

Then, she did something unexpectedly when she stopped next to Grace ….. She raised her hand to Grace’s head and stroked her finger tips over her head. Grace gave her a bigger smile and closed her eyes, as did the Gunny.

‘God that feel nice’, the Gunny thought to herself. As she stoked her finger tips over Grace’s smooth scalp again, her body shivered up from her toes to her head. She felt something strange between her legs and quickly removed her hand. Grace’s eyes opened with disappointment in them.

Quickly she marched them to morning chow, then to their first introduction class. There she left them to the charge of Miss Tyler, who would give them a series of test for knowledge and skills. Of course, when Miss Tyler saw them all with their head shaved ….. specally Grace, she quickly begin to question the Gunny.

The Gunny quickly stopped her short and referred her to the Commandant, "I only do as I am told ….. And, I was told to march them to the barber shop first thing this morning and see to it that they ALL, including the young woman, came out with their head shaved. And, I did that. So, if you have a problem speak to the Commandant".

She turned and walked out the building.

She walked slowly back to her office, where she had paper work to do, but her mind begin flashing back to the feeling her got when she brushed her finger tips over Grace’s shaved her. How soft and smooth her sclap felt. The shivering her body gave when she did it a second time, how she begin to feel between her legs …. a feeling she had not had since her high school days, specially the night she and Ed did it in his room that day.

But, she couldn’t get how smooth Grace’s head felt, like nothing she had felt before. She remembered the summer day her mother told her about shaving her pubic area. Specailly with the bikini swim suit she was allowed to get that summer. How she felt as her mother shaved her down there, how she felt when she put the suit on. How nice it felt when she brushed her fingers over the area.

But, this feeling was nothing like that. Shaving her pubic area didn’t give her the shivers like she got when she touched Grace’s smooth scalp. She felt a wanting that she had never had before.

When she reached her office, CM/Sgt. Coleman asked how things went at the barber shop. Did she have any problem with the "BOYS", but he didn’t mention Grace. She told him about Miss Tyler and what she told her. The CM/Sgt. agreed she told her the right thing, ‘let the Commandant handle everything about the head shaving’.

After an hour the CM/Sgt. looked at the time, it was now after noon, time for mid chow.

"I’ll get them to mid chow, then back to Miss Tyler", he told the Gunny. "When I get back you can go to chow and take a few hours to your self. You need to relax more because the problem is off your back and on the Commandant’s".

He walked out the office. The Gunny leaned back in her chair, her thoughts came back to her about the feelings she got when she brushed Grace’s shaved head. She couldn’t understand the feelings she was getting, nor the thought that was beginning to surface in her mind. She shook her head, but the thought came out more.

She couldn’t believe what her mind was telling her. It was if it was trying to punish her for something she didn’t have control over. But, the thought got stronger and louder. She bend her head down in her hands ….. ‘WHY’ she asked her self ….. ‘WHY’!

Then, the office door opend, it was CM/Sgt. Coleman. When she looked up at him, from her chair behind her desk, she didn’t believe what she saw. His head was shaved …..

He saw the Gunny stairing at him.

"Hell, Dawn, I shaved my head when I was in Nam. You saw the photos from that tour", he told her as he walked to his desk. She shook her head YES, but didn’t say a word. "Better go to chow now. Then, come back for sixteen hundred. You can march them to water safety class, then evening chow. I’ll baby sit tonight".

The Gunny cleared her desk, as she got up she looked at the CM/Sargent, again. He looked up at her, "Hell, it’s too hot for hair. That’s why".

"I’ll be back for sixteen hundred", she told him and left. She walked across the large parade ground where they would be drilling the New Classmen. It was an open field to the sun, the hot sun. They would be drilling early in the afternoon and the sun would be right over them.

Half way across the field the thought came back to her. It was louder than before. She could clearly understand what it was saying. She shook her head, trying to shake it out of her head and mind. But, it just got louder. She walked faster until she reached the mess hall.

The last of the Classmen were starting to leave mid chow, there were hardly any Classmen there. There was little left to eat, but it was enough. She sat eating, while the thought spoke to her with each chew she made. Finished eating she quickly left the mess hall, seaking a place to be by her self. To ponder the though that would not leave her alone.

In a daze she walked across the parade ground but not in the direction she wanted, too. To the shade of the tall Pine trees where she felt so relaxed sitting under them. To lay on the soft grassy ground and close her eyes letting her problem slowly drift away.

"Excuse me Gunny", a male voice said. She shook her head, she had walked in to a group of Upper Classmen going to their next class.

"Continue on", she barked at them, as she motioned they to quicken their step. She shook her head, then looked around where she was.

"THE BARBER SHOP", she said somewhat loudly. She looked around ….. "I wasn’t heading this way", she said to herself. "Why am I here", she asked herself. Then, the thought spoke to her. She shook her head and walked to the barber shop.

She opened the door and stepped in, Connie was the only one there.

OK, continued …..

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