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It all started a few months ago with my fiancé, Jay, and I taking showers and long baths together. Eventually, we found that we both had a real fascination and appreciation for shaving and smooth skin. For the first few weeks, the shaving experience centered around Jay seductively shaving my legs and underarms. This always was a prelude to Jay licking my pussy to orgasm prior to drying off and continuing our sexual adventures. Then last week, while on vacation at a remote lake resort, after Jay finished shaving my legs, he surprisingly continued by lathering up my forearms and proceeded to shave them both as smooth as my legs. Next, Jay gently bent me over in the shower and slowly lathered up the few fine hairs down the crack of my ass. Soon I felt the touch of the razor in-between my legs swiftly removing all traces of soft, dark brown hair. Next, I felt Jay’s tongue slowly, and deliciously exploring the soft, freshly shaved, smooth skin. After expertly licking my ass for few moments, Jay slowly, and cautiously, inserted a finger into my ass and began to gently stroke it in and out. A few moments later I shuddered from my first anal induced orgasm. Realizing that my legs were very shaky and weak from both the sexual excitement of the moment, and literally from exhaustion, Jay help me sit down on the edge of the large Jacuzzi tub. Allowing me absolutely no time to recover, or compose myself after my orgasm, Jay quickly spread my legs wide and began to apply more shaving lotion, this time over my neatly trimmed public hair and already wet pussy lips. My response was to simply lean back, close my eyes, and enjoy the sensation of having my pussy shaved totally smooth for the first time in my life. Occasionally, I would briefly open my eyes to observe Jay’s progress as the razor in his hand continued to effortlessly remove more pubic hair. Soon he was finished shaving, and again his tongue replaced the razor. The sensation of being totally smooth in-between my legs for the first time since puberty was exhilarating. Jay slowly licked every inch of smooth, shaved skin before zeroing in on my now totally exposed clit and pussy lips. A few moments later I cried out in orgasm for the second time during our long bath. After both of us dried off, I made a motion towards our bed to continue our sexual adventures. Jay, however, had other plans.

Our rental house was situated in a rather remote location, on the shore of a small lake in the southwest. During the day we sunbathed naked on the large back deck, and occasionally would go skinny-dipping at night. However, at the moment, it was still light outside … at least an hour, or so, from sunset. Undaunted, Jay grabbed my nervous hand and pulled me with him, both of still naked, out of the house and down the long wooden staircase leading towards the beach. To say that all of my senses where extremely heightened, and on overload at that exact moment, would be a gross understatement. Just moments ago, I basically had my entire body shaved of hair and was now walking towards the lake, totally naked with Jay, in broad daylight. No sooner had we reached the shoreline, we saw another young couple walking slowly towards us. I thought that Jay would immediately pull me into the warm summer water of the lake to conceal our naked bodies. Again, I was surprised that evening by Jay’s actions. Holding firmly on to my sweating hand, Jay kept walking straight ahead towards the oncoming couple. A few seconds later, it was obvious that Jay had no intention of heading for the water. He wanted us to “get caught.” Now realizing this, as the other couple continued to get closer, my nervousness subsided. I actually wanted someone other than Jay to see my naked, and now totally smooth and hairless body. I felt my sensitive nipples stiffen in reaction to the cool evening breeze blowing in off the lake, and from the sexual excitement and anticipation of what might happen next.

I let go of Jay’s hand just as the couple neared us. They were a rather attractive looking couple, dressed in casual clothes, and no shoes. The surprised, and shocked, look on their faces as we passed each other was priceless. I never felt so alive, and strangely excited as I did at that exact moment. As sunset grew closer, we continued on our walk that eventually took us completely around the small lake. We passed two more couples during this time, as well as being seen from the pier by a few teenagers who showed their excitement, and appreciation, by whistling their approval. Upon the return to our house, it was just past dusk. I paused at the stairs leading up to our backyard. I quickly dropped to my knees and proceeded to engulf Jay’s already partially hard cock in my mouth. It only took me a few seconds to finish getting him completely hard. Then I stood up, turned around, and grabbed on to the staircase with both hands. Jay entered me immediately and began to thrust in and out of my wet pussy while he reached around my sides and tweaked my hard nipples in the cool summer breeze. A moment later we both violently, and loudly climaxed at the base of the stairs. Unfortunately, we did not have an audience for this part of our lake excursion. That night I learned two new, and rather significant, things about myself. First, I absolutely loved the look, and the sensation, of being shaved totally smooth and hairless. And second, I found out that I have an inclination towards being an exhibitionist. I had no idea at the time where these newly found desires would lead me next. But, something told me that I was about to find out.

Once inside the house, I pulled Jay back into the bathroom and turned on the bath water again. Now, it was my turn to surprise him. Again I dropped to me knees and started to suck his beautiful cock. As I slowly continued to suck his cock, I began to lather up Jay’s legs. Next, I impulsively reached for the razor and began to shave his legs as smooth as mine. Jay made no attempt to stop me shaving his tan body as I moved up his legs towards his ass. As if anticipating my silent request, Jay cooperatively spread his smooth legs so I could shave the hair in-between his legs, just as he had done earlier that evening to me. Now, except for his pubic hair, Jay was hairless from the waist down. It didn’t take long to finish shaving his arms and chest. Instead of shaving off all his pubic hair, I shaved the sides into a perfect small triangle of dark brown hair before finishing by shaving his cock and balls smooth. Again, I placed my lips around his hard cock and began to suck him to orgasm. As excited as he apparently was, Jay quickly responded by sighing that he was about to cum. At the instant that I felt the first surge of cum about to explode, I pulled back, allowing his cum to spurt all over my face and hair. I reached up and to Jay’s surprise, began to message his cum all over my face and deep into my hair. Jay momentarily got out of the tub just long enough to get his cordless hair clippers. Upon his return, he instructed me to close my eyes and hold still. I heard the buzzing of the clippers get closer. Then I felt their light pressure against first my left eyebrow, then my right. Before I could even begin to respond, or contemplate what just had happened, I felt the vibration of the clippers again … this time positioned at the nape of my neck. An instant later they began a path up and over the top of my head, leaving an almost bare path of white skin behind. Realizing that “the damage had already been done,” I quickly found myself looking forward to the inevitable shaving of my head and eyebrows, leaving me truly totally smooth and hairless from head to toe. Actually, Jay shaved my head a total of three times that night to make sure that it was as smooth as he could possibly get it. As soon as he was finished, I swallowed his cock in my mouth again. Instantly, he was hard again as my now bald head bobbed up and down over his smooth cock. The clippers sprang back to life one more time as I skillfully, and quickly, buzzed off the small triangle of dark pubic hair I left behind earlier in the evening. I then paused briefly from sucking Jay’s cock, just long enough to lather up and shave his pubic area totally smooth and hairless. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep that night. We were both still wide-awake just prior to dawn, when I reached for Jay’s hand and suggested that we take another naked walk around the lake!

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