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Last week, Jay and I took a brief vacation to a remote lake resort in the southwest. During this sexual adventure, we shaved each other’s bodies totally smooth and hairless … and much to my surprise, and eventual delight, Jay even shaved my eyebrows and head! Each night we repeated the entire process, prior to taking a walk, completely naked, around the small lake. That week, more than just a few unsuspecting voyeurs “caught us” naked and hairless … and occasionally having sex outside! The thrill of being shaved from head to toe, and from all our exhibitionistic adventures was a real rush! And, by the end of our vacation, my bald head and shaved pussy had the beginnings of a perfect tan.

The first week back from the lake, I took another week off from my real estate sales, and concentrated on evening out my “all-over” tan while lounging by our pool. Jay surprised me a few times by coming home from work during lunch for a quick sexual encounter out by the pool. Thursday night, Jay told me that he would not be able to come home during lunchtime on Friday due to an important business meeting. It was at that exact moment that I began to plan my next surprise for him.

The next morning after Jay had left for work, I took a brief swim and then came inside to take a long bath, and shave my body, and head, extra smooth. After applying my usual make-up, I carefully penciled in auburn colored eyebrows on the smooth, hairless skin above each eye. Then I placed my new auburn colored, relatively short wig over my tan, bald head. Next, I slipped into a pair of white high heels. Then, I picked out a particularly short, almost see-through summer dress. After finishing buttoning up the front of my dress, I stepped back to take a quick look in our full-length mirror. The dress looked great with my tan skin! However, from close up it was fairly obvious that I was not wearing a bra, or panties, underneath. Simple, yet very effective, I thought, as I grabbed my small white purse and car keys and headed out of the house.

My heart was beating faster and faster as I approached Jay’s office around just after noon. My plan was simple … surprise Jay by being there in his office upon his return from his business lunch. I figured not many people would be in the office at that time, and it would be easy to “sneak in” unnoticed, lock his office door behind me, and wait for his return. Suzy, Jay’s personal secretary, was the first deviation from my “simple” plan. I had met Suzy before on several occasions. She was just a few years younger than myself, with a slim, athletic, build similar to mine. Her normally long blonde hair was pinned up that day, accentuating her slim neck above her stylish, yet sexy, dark blue business suit worn with an ivory colored silk blouse. I definitely captured her attention as I approached her desk. Just as she was dressed for business, I was dressed for something entirely different, and a lot more fun! I knew I was blushing from excitement and anticipation, as she enthusiastically greeted me. Suzy politely informed me that Jay had not yet returned from his lunch appointment, as she knowingly smiled back and asked if I would like to wait for Jay.

I answered, “Yes, if you don’t mind I would like to wait in his office for him, if that is not a problem.”

Suzy quickly responded by rising up from behind her desk to escort me through the office door behind her. “No problem,” she said, “I’m sure that Jay will be pleasantly surprised upon finding you waiting for him.” There was definitely a bit of playfulness in her friendly voice as she turned and motioned for me to follow. “By the way,” she continued, “I really like your dress. It must feel very comfortable, and cool, on a day as hot as today.” Although, I couldn’t see her face while she spoke, I could tell Suzy was blushing as well, as she turned around.

“It is very warm today isn’t it?” I responded as my hands finished quickly unbuttoning the top few buttons on my light cotton dress, further exposing the cleavage between my tan breasts. I absolutely loved the idea of teasing her back, I thought, as I waited for her reaction.

“Apparently,“ she quipped back. “Please let me know if I can get you anything while you wait,” she said as she slowly walked back passed me on her way towards the door. “In the meantime, I will make sure that you are undisturbed,” she said as she subtly winked at me as she quietly closed the office door.

I immediately walked across Jay’s office and behind his L-shaped light oak desk. His chair was made of extremely plush soft leather. The high back extended a few inches above the top of my head when I sat down. I slowly spun the chair around to face the expansive office window behind his desk. The 10 story view of the park across the busy city street was both impressive and relaxing. I sat quietly for a few moments reflecting back on the excitement, and memories, of the past two weeks. The coolness from the office air-conditioning system felt great on my bare legs and arms. It brought back a multitude of erotic sensations from our late night and early morning naked walks around the lake while on vacation. I barely noticed the office phone ringing a few different times while I continued to fantasize. Thoughts of smooth, naked bodies totally occupied my thoughts as my hands once again drifted down the front of my dress, unconsciously unbuttoning more buttons on their way down. Soon, my dress fell completely open, exposing my naked breasts and bare pubic mound as I spread my legs wide. My hands quickly found my hard, erect nipples and began to lightly pinch them. My senses were on overload again as I closed my eyes and continued to stimulate my aching nipples. I didn’t hear the office door almost silently open and quickly close again. A moment or two later, sensing a presence in the office with me, I opened my eyes. Suzy, was standing only a few feet away from me. I’m quite sure the look on my face accurately conveyed the shock of the moment. However, the expression on Suzy’s face was that of impish delight, and seduction.

Before either of us could react any further, Suzy softly spoke. “Jay called a few moments ago, and said that he would be another hour, or so. So … I thought I would come in and share the message with you. I also thought that you might enjoy some company, and that we could perhaps wait together,” she said, as she reached up and nonchalantly began to take off the top of her business suit. I couldn’t help but notice that her ivory silk blouse had been removed prior to entering the office, in obvious preparation, and anticipation, of performing an impromptu striptease. While Suzy quickly unzipped her matching skirt, instead of making any effort to quickly cover my totally exposed body, my right hand continued to tweak my nipples while my other hand drifted down my naked body and found my wet pussy lips. Mysteriously mesmerized by Suzy’s bold actions, and seductive stare, I continued to watch Suzy seductively strip in front of me. As her skirt floated down her graceful legs, she reached back up and unclipped her lace bra to reveal her firm, round breasts. Her tan was a little darker than mine, making the contrast of the two small, white triangles surrounding her nipples even more dramatic.

Now standing before me wearing only high heels and a thong bikini bottom, she slowly stepped closer. Never losing eye contact, she reached out for both my hands. Gently she placed my nervous hands around her delicate waist. As she reached forward to briefly caress my breasts, I inserted my fingers inside the waist of her lace thong bikini and began to slowly pull them down her smooth, firm body. The further I pulled her thong down, the faster my heart beat. As they slowly slid down off her slim hips, another small, perfectly white triangle of smooth skin began to appear. Soon, they were just a fraction of an inch from the top of her pussy lips, without a trace of pubic hair. One last gentle tug and her smooth, bare pussy was exposed, just inches from my face. Gracefully, she stepped completely out of her thong, and kicked them aside with the rest of her discarded clothes. Next, she motioned for me to stand up. As I followed her instructions, Suzy reached up and pushed my open dress off my shoulders, leaving us both totally naked and standing face to face. As if reading each other’s minds, or rather sexual desires, we slowly embraced. Our bare breasts pressed together just before our parted lips met for a deep, sensual kiss. Our curious hands and mouths enthusiastically explored each other’s naked bodies, paying particular attention to our responsive breasts and pussy lips. One more long, wet kiss and then gently, Suzy pushed me back onto the edge of Jay’s desk and spread my legs wide. Then she sat down in Jay’s office chair and lowered her mouth to my exposed, wet pussy. Slowly, she preceded to kiss, and lick the soft, smooth skin in-between my raised legs. As her tongue and lips continued to probe everywhere except my aching clit, she reached up and began to caress my sensitive nipples. I was totally, and shamelessly, out of control now. I whispered to Suzy to please suck my clit and let me orgasm in her warm mouth. After a few brief moments of teasing, she finally gave in and began to lick and suck my clit. Seconds later, I came for what was to be only the first in an afternoon of heightened orgasms.

My heart was pounding out of control, and my legs were almost too weak to stand, as Suzy helped me off the desk and into the chair. Then she positioned herself on the edge of the desk and seductively invited me to return the favor, as she raised her legs and parted them wide open. Although I had never been with another woman sexually before that afternoon, I was extremely excited about tasting another woman’s pussy and being the source of her pleasure, and eventual orgasm. However, before I lowered my head in-between her legs to explore her smooth pussy, I paused briefly and reached up towards my head. Suzy keenly watched as I slowly removed my new wig and tossed it aside, proudly revealing my tan, bald head to her most appreciative stare. As I started to lower my smooth head in-between her legs, Suzy reached down with both hands and began to gently caress my freshly shaved smooth skin. “I knew this was going to be fun,” she whispered, “I just didn’t know how much fun! “I wonder,” she continued, “who is seducing who this afternoon?”

As if in a dream, I was engulfed in a sea of emotions and erotic sensations as I slowly licked and sucked Suzy’s soft, moist pussy. The intoxicating combination of the taste, and pleasant fragrance of her excited pussy was simply indescribable. If her cooing sounds, and occasional loud sighs, were any indication …she was building towards a spectacular orgasm. A few moments later, Suzy cried out in pleasure as the nerve endings in her enlarged, protruding clit responded to my sexual advances. Her breathing was so fast, I thought she might actually faint! I could hear her heart pounding as her pelvic muscles contracted in as series of uncontrollable spasms. Once last cry, and her body went limp from sexual exhaustion. For the next few moments, neither of us moved, or made any attempt to speak. Finally, somewhat composed, Suzy leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips, taking time to enjoy the fragrance of her orgasm still lingering on my face and tongue. “ Thank you,” she whispered in my ear.

Then, almost unexpectedly, Suzy stood up and began to get dressed, not taking the time to put back on her delicate lace bra or matching thong. I barely paid any attention to the fact that she had picked up my dress, along with her bra and thong. “That was simply incredible,” she said, as she passionately kissed my lips one last time before slowly turning around and walking across the office towards the door. “However, your adventure is not over yet,” she continued as she reached for the lever on the door. “I have another very exciting surprise for you,” she said with a devilish grin on her face. “You now have a rather interesting choice to make. You can either leave now, walking through our busy office building, and driving back home, totally naked, which I suspect you might actually get off on, or … you might want to stay in Jay’s office and see what happens next!” Then the door silently opened and then closed, leaving me alone and naked in Jay’s office to make my decision. Standing up, I carefully replaced my wig over my bald head and grabbed my make-up purse before walking over to the small bathroom in Jay’s office. “Whatever I decide,” I thought, “I want to make sure I look my best.”

… to be continued.

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