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Thanks to hairman001 for working with me on this story. ****************************************************************************************************

Lisa sat down at the Starbuck?s counter with a cup of coffee. It had been a very long day. In fact it had been a long three years. Lisa looked exhausted and terribly sad. She had been pounding the pavement and no one seemed willing to hire her. What did she have to offer after all? She was a 47-year old female who had spent her life living as a society princess and professional volunteer. But finally after years of hard work, she was promptly replaced with a 20-year old supposed copy of her. How disappointing! How humiliating, after so much devotion and hard work to be thrown to the curb.

Lisa was still attractive. She wore the look of the typical society matron. Natural brunette hair in the length of a shoulder-length bob which looked very sophisticated. Her dress? Always professional. Nice gray suits by the best designers. She had put on some weight but really it did not matter. Or it shouldn?t matter. But for her, it was hard. She felt her life had no purpose.

Someone sat down next to her. In a thick Irish brogue, he said: ?Come on, darlin?, it can?t be all that bad. A smile fixes everything.?

At this kindness, Lisa broke out crying. Sean handed her a handkerchief and asked her if she wanted to talk about what was troubling her. He looked into her incredible green eyes and in an instance, she spilled her guts, telling him what was on her mind.

?So you are having trouble finding a job?? he said. She nodded her head. ?And you are willing to work in a place like this?? Again she nodded her head. ?Look, I don?t have all the answers but I DON?T think this is what you honestly want. I have a business right around the corner and I might be able to help you, if you are a willing candidate. Would you like to come with me??

They walked around the corner to Radical Changes ? one of the top, edgy salons in the city. Lisa looked at Sean. She was getting turned on by his professionalism. She had never met anyone who was as persuasive as he was. ?DO YOU WORK HERE?? she asked him.

Sean replied: ? Well you might say that, darlin?. I own the shop. Come, we have a lot to discuss,? he said as they entered the salon. The receptionist acknowledged his arrival and handed him a number of messages. He read them quickly, put them in order of importance and then handed them back to the receptionist. ?Handle these for me, before you leave tonight. I do not want to be disturbed for at least an hour. Bring two cups of something cold to my office. You do drink wine, don?t you?? he asked as he looked at Lisa.

?Of course,? she answered.

Sean took Lisa to his office. He proceeded to ask her to tell him what she did as a volunteer. As Lisa told him about the many events that she had planned and orchestrated, Sean studied her face intently. She was definitely perfect.

Sean said: ? I have a proposition for you, if you are interested. I am looking for an event?s coordinator. I do a lot of shows in the city and around the world. My wife used to work with me and she was very good but after she passed away, well, I have not done a show in a long time. And many people have asked me ?When are you coming back? It is time for you to get back in the saddle and show us what you are best at doing. When will we see you back on the stage?? I have not had the desire to go back.?

Lisa asked: ?What is it I can possibly give you? How could I help you??

Sean replied: ?First I want your hair. I want to shave you bald. Secondly, I want to use your before and after pictures in an ad campaign that I have been working on to get back into the hair shows. And finally, I would like you to have dinner with me tonight.?

Lisa put her hand nervously up to her hair. ? You want my hair? Won?t I be hideously ugly??

Sean answered: ?On the contrary, darlin?. You could carry this off. You would wear the look really well. I am not kidding you.?

?I have never worn my hair short. It has always been long, well, shoulder-length at the most. I don?t know if I could do this and be comfortable with it,? Lisa said.

?Okay, there is a two-fold purpose here. One, my wife passed away from ovarian Cancer three years ago and I shaved her head when she started chemo treatments. She would not let the hospital doctors shave her. She begged me to do it for her but she always thought herself ugly; when in fact she was quite beautiful. I want to use a woman between the age of 35-40 as my muse- to show that a woman who is mature can still be beautiful if she is bald. Secondly, my salon is called Radical Changes. It would be a challenge to show society that a mature woman can change her features and still be beautiful and we as society have no right to pass judgment on a beautiful woman if she chooses to be bald.? Lisa nodded her head as he told her what he was thinking.

Lisa asked if she could think about it. Lisa went home and brushed her hair. Her husband had always loved her shoulder length hair. But HELL! She was alone now. She deserved a break. Nothing was holding her back. Sean had told her that he would arrange a photo shoot for her if she was interested but he needed to know as soon as possible. She phoned him as soon as she got home at 4:30pm. He answered as soon as the phone rang.

?Hello,? she said. ?May I speak to Sean??

?This is Sean,? he answered.

?Sean, this is Lisa. I am glad I found you and you answered the phone. I was calling about your?????..? she said.

?I am glad you called, Lisa. I was really hoping you would call. So are you interested in the job?? he asked. She confirmed over the phone. ?Is there anything that would hold you back? Husband, children? I know there is no job, at least not yet. Anything I should be concerned about?? he asked.

?No! Nothing. My husband passed away four years ago. Basically I am on my own. My husband loved my long hair. He never let me cut it like I wanted to,? Lisa said. ?I always had to ask permission to get it cut and then I could only cut off what he allowed me to have cut.?

?Lisa, you understand that I am asking you to make a major commitment, don?t you? I am going to ask you to shave your head! How do you feel about that?? he asked.

?I am ready to start a new life with a new career and I will do whatever I have to to make my employer happy,? she answered.

That is what he needed to hear. Yes, she was the one. ?Okay, Lisa. The job is yours but I would still like to take you to dinner. Are you free a little later this evening?? he asked. She confirmed that she was free and they arranged to meet each other.


Lisa arrived at the salon early the next day. The receptionist was expecting her and she directed Lisa to a private office where she was allowed to work. Sean had left a file for her to start working on and Lisa got right into the charity function that was being sponsored by the salon for Gilda?s Club.

For three days, Lisa did not see Sean, even though she knew he was in the salon because his name had been paged a number of times by the receptionist. He was always in demand. That only made Lisa more impressed about what he did for the salon. And how important he was to the staff. Even if she needed him, she had to wait for the first available time.

Thursday afternoon, Wendy, Sean?s assistant came into Lisa?s office and told her that Sean needed her to go to Armani and try on some clothes for the photo shoot. When Lisa got to Armani, she was blind folded ?so her new look would be a complete surprise. But she felt herself being fitted with a short strapless dress. She then went to pick out pantyhose and some sexy heels. When she was unblinded, she was so enthusiastic about her figure and reflection from the mirror. They had done a fantastic job fitting her and finding a very cool and erotic style for her. Even they told her that she looked like a 30-year old sexy BABE. They finally settled on a erotic black dress which showed off Lisa?s sexy mature figure.

The next morning, Lisa was led into the area that had been set up for the photos. Sean was there and came to greet her. He introduced her to the photographer and to Julie his head makeup artist. Julie then helped her apply makeup. Lisa worn her St. John?s suit and looked very proper. The fashion expert took a number of before pictures of Lisa in her grey suit, which still looked very professional but the best was yet to come.

As soon as the photographer was done, Sean led Lisa into his private studio. He gave her a gown to put on. As she came back out, Sean seated her in his big barber chair. On the table next to chair were a set of clippers and scissors. The mirror in front of her was covered. ?Aren?t you going to let me watch? asked a nervous Lisa.

?No, darlin? you don?t get to see until you are completely done,? Sean said. ?You do trust me, don?t you?? She nodded her head.

Sean then asked Lisa if she would be willing to give her hair to Locks of Love. She gave her agreement and Sean started making small pony tails all over Lisa?s head. Finally, he picked up his scissors and said ? Ready??

Lisa replied, ?I guess so. Ready.? She looked forward at the wall of the studio since he has specifically said she could not see the end results until she had been sheared.

Sean started cutting off her ponytails and laying them individually on a chair beside the chair. It did not take too long to cut off seven very thick ponytails, brunette in color, and caught together with an elastic band and place them side by side on the chair. Sean cut them off so gently, and she honestly did not feel a thing as he pulled the pony, held it in his hand between his fingers and then snipped it off. It was as if nothing was happening but she knew what was going on. She felt a general easiness when it came to how light her head felt after each ponytail was cut off. He was done in ten minutes.

?Now, darlin?, I am going to use the clippers to remove the rest of your hair.? Sean said. ?I am going to start right at your hairline, at your nape and then we will work up to your crown. But before we start, I think I should cape you.? Sean flicked open a white cape with black stripes, both thick and thinstripes down the cape. He fastened it around Lisa?s neck. He placed his hand on the back of her crown and Lisa voluntarily lowered her head. Sean gently pushed Lisa?s head down and started running his clippers over theback of Lisa?s hair. The vibrating felt very soothing. Strands of hair came down into Lisa?s lap and on her shoulders as Sean flicked his wrist insuch a way that her brunette hair fell over her shoulders. After the neck and nape were done, Sean changed heads on the clippers and sheared thecrown right down the middle of Lisa?s head.

Finally he was satisfied with the results. ?Now darlin?, you will need be very still and let me guide your head as I am going to shave you with my straight edge razor.? Sean proceeded to cover her head with a nice smelling shaving cr?me. Slowly, he removed the stubble. Now Lisa was totally bald.

Smiling at his work, Sean told Lisa he was going to leave her in Wendy?s and Julie?s capable hands. Wendy took Lisa to the shower where she washed off all the hair. Lisa was excited, no more blow drying! No more enduring coloring sessions. When Lisa emerged from the shower, Wendy dried her head and spread it with a cool aloe vera solution and then took her to the shampoo bowl and washed it off. Then Julie did her makeup, playing up her beautiful eyes and lush lips. At last they helped Lisa dress. Wendy then gave Lisa the most beautiful drop earrings she had ever seen. Finally, Julie and Wendy removed the mirror covering. Lisa starred at her reflection. Her eyes were so big. She looked so sexy. She touched her head loving the feeling.

Julie and Wendy led her into the studio. Both the photographer and Sean stood up when she came into the room. The photographer just muttered: ?Wow,? but Sean looked at her with passion. He came over and kissed her hand and led her to the chair. ?Hello beautiful lady,? he said.

The photo session went smoothly and the ad campaign was a great hit. Lisa continued to let Sean shave her head and soon they were business partners and later became life partners as well. After all Sean was Lisa?s Prince Charming.

Author: lovedtobeshaved Contribution: hairman001. Check out his stories on the board. THANKS Hairman001 for the help in writing my first story.

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