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Beth again sat in the salon lobby waiting for her turn. Three months ago, she sat in this same lobby before getting a transformation ordered by her husband. Her inverted bob had grown swiftly over the past few months. The once perfectly shaved nape was shaggy and not as clean as it had been when Jan had first shaved it.

Her heart was fluttering slightly, not nearly as bad as it had during the first event. It had taken her three weeks to recognize the attractive stranger looking back at her from the mirror.

The people at the office absolutely loved her last haircut. Some women even copying her example. Her husband couldn?t get enough of her, piling on the attention. His eyes would follow her around the room when ever she was present. His fingers always searched out and found her shaved nape, stoking her soft pelt would always lead to another round of unbelievable sex. The best, since their dating days.

?Hello Beth. Are you ready?? Jan asked.

Beth nodded and followed Jan back to her station towards the back of the salon.

?What has he got in store for me this time?? Beth asked.

?You will have to wait and find out.? Jan replied.

?Will I at least be able to watch?? Beth asked.

?Yes. He did say that you could watch this time.?

Beth sat down in the chair and watched herself in the mirror. This would be the last time she would be able to recognize herself for a little while, knowing her husband.

Jan covered her with the cape and began brushing her hair.

?We will start with your color.? Jan stated.

She left Beth alone, staring at herself in the mirror and came back a few moments later with two bowls of gel. One purple the other contained yellow gel. She sectioned off strips of hair in the crown, applied the yellow gel and wrapped it in foil. She then covered the rest of her hair with the purple gel.

?Okay, time for the dryers again.? Jan announced upon completion.

Beth moved over to the dryer and allowed Jan to lower the hot blowing hood.

?What color this time?? Beth asked.

?That is for Tom and I to know and for you to find out.? Jan teased.

?Hello Beth,? Cris greeted. ?I?m here to give you a pedicure.?

?Oooh how nice.? Beth commented.

Beth was in heaven as Cris pampered her feet. Before too long she was done, an Jan was back, ready to take her to the sink.

Beth was again, spoiled to a long, scalp massage, as Jan washed the colored gel and foil from her hair. Her hair was then wrapped in a towel and she was lead back to Jan?s station.

Jan unwrapped the turban and allowed Beth?s hair to fall into place around her chin.

Beth examined her new hair color in the mirror. The majority of the hair remained that rich deep red color, the crown however was highlighted with chunky blonde streaks. Jan combed out her wet hair getting all of the snags and twists out of it, before pinning most of it on top of her head.

?Okay, here we go Beth, are you ready??

?No, but do it and get it over with.?

Jan picked up the scissors and started snipping away Beth?s hair, just above her ear. She followed a straight line, around the back of her head and across the top of the ear on the other side. Beth watched in shock as eight inch locks of hair fell into her lap.

?What was Tom doing to her?? she thought to herself.

Jan unpinned a layer of hair and combed it out over the rest. Beth again saw the angled bob she sported when she walked in. Jan quickly changed that as she started cutting that layer as short as the one beneath it.

Beth?s stomach was turning inside. She didn?t eat on purpose, afraid that she would loose her breakfast during this second transformation. By the flipping and flopping it was doing at the moment, she knew she had done the right thing.

Jan finished cutting the last of her hair and reached for something behind her. Beth flinched as the clippers popped to a roaring start. Jan gently pushed Beth?s head forward, chin to chest. Beth held very still as she felt the clippers touch her neck and were pushed up toward the top of her head. Jan made quick work of the nape before starting on the sides, cleaning up around the ears.

Beth let out a breath, she didn?t know she was holding. ?It was almost done.?

Jan rubbed some hair product into her hands and then fingered through Beth?s hair, before taking a blow-dryer and round brush to it.

?There you are, Beth. What do you think?? Jan asked.

?It?s short.? Beth stated, not sure of her new look.

?Oh, before I forget, Tom has another envelope for you.? Jan said digging in a drawer and pulling out the envelope.

Beth opened it to find a key a business card of a bed and breakfast and a ticket for Kenmore Air, a local seaplane company.

?That is so sweet.? Jan commented.

Beth thanked Jan and Cris before driving up to the top of the lake, where the airport was located.

?Right this way, Miss.? The pilot greeted. ?Your husband is waiting for you.?

Beth looked around and saw no sign of Tom.

?He?s at the island, waiting for you.? The pilot corrected.

Beth was led down to a dock and helped onto a small sea-plane. In moments the plane was skipping across the water, then it took off. It circled the city and headed North.

It wasn?t long before they descended at a nearby island. The pilot helped her out and pointed her to the bed and breakfast she was supposed to arrive at. She was greeted by a kindly woman who showed her around the Victorian inn, before escorting her to her bedroom. Once inside, Beth found a package on the bed with a note attached.


Put these on and meet me at the gazebo out back.


Beth opened the package to find a one-piece bathing suit and a sarong. She lost no time in dressing in the attire, wondering what Tom was up to this time. She slipped on some sandals and made her way to the back garden.

Beyond the formal garden, filled with colorful flowers, she spied the silhouette of Tom through the steam rising from the hot-tub in the gazebo. Tom turned as she approached. The sunset behind him shadowed his face from her eyes.

Tom watched as his beloved approached him. She was stunning in her new haircut. Her eyes seemed much larger and lustrous. She smiled at him, her eyes sparkling in the setting sun. His heart warmed with her smile. Beth came up the steps and into his waiting arms. Tom held her close, afraid if he let go, that she would fade away like a mirage. His fingers caressed her soft cheek brushed past her tiny ear and found the soft pelt they were searching for. His fingers took great delight in touching her almost naked nape.

?You look marvelous. It really makes your eyes stand out.? Tom whispered, kissing her neck.

?Thank you, my husband picked it out.? Beth teased.

Tom led her to a bench, and sat down, with her cuddled to his chest, watching the sunset over the pacific ocean. They held each other waiting for the sun to drop behind the horizon, his fingers frequently seeking out her sensitive neck.

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