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It wasn?t long before, Beth found herself back in the lobby of the salon. It had been only a month since her last transformation.

She and Tom spent a wonderful weekend up in the islands after her last cut, spending quality time together. The attention he poured over her was intoxicating. His fingers frequently sought out her shaved nape, stroking it with soft moans of pleasure. And then there were his kisses. For some reason, he always found an excuse to brush his lips across the back of her neck, sending tingles down her spine.

?Well, look who?s back.? Jan greeted.

?Hello Jan.?

?Come on back and we will get started.?

Beth made herself comfortable in the sculpted salon chair and looked at herself in the mirror, wondering what Tom had in mind this time. Jan draped her with the cape and quickly brushed out her short hair, looking at its growth and texture. She then swung the chair around, facing away from the mirror.

?I don?t get to watch, again?? Beth complained.

?Nope, Tom?s orders.? Jan grinned.

Beth jumped as she heard the clippers pop to life.

?Oh shit. What is he going to do to me now, there isn?t much left to cut.? Beth thought.

Beth dropped her head forward in submission, and braced herself for the inevitable. Jan smoothly and swiftly removed the previous months, stubble growth on her nape. The vibrations of the clippers were felt from her head to her toes.

?Time for the goo.? Jan announced.

Jan began brushing, and working the gel into every follicle of hair.

?This will be a two step process.? Jan warned as she pulled a plastic bag over Beth?s hair. Beth was then led to the dryers where Cris was waiting for her.

?I?m to fill your nails.? Cris explained.

Beth partially napped as she sat under the dryer hood. She awoke when Jan turned off the dryer and tested a strand of Beth?s hair.

?Okay, it?s ready.? Jan smiled.

She led Beth back to the sink and rinsed out the ?goo? while massaging Beth?s scalp.

Once done with the massage, Jan towel dried Beth?s hair and led her back to the hood dryers, where Cris waited to finish Beth?s nails.

Jan came back a few minutes later to check the dryness of Beth?s hair. Once satisfied, She brought over some foil and two bowls of ?goo?. She worked the go into Beth?s hair, leaving the fringe to be foiled. Once the foil was done, Jan dropped the hood back over Beth?s head to process the new dye.

Cris finished off Beth?s new nails with a bright, cherry red, color.

Beth was taken back by the brightness of it. She never wore bright colors. She liked not drawing attention to herself.

Jan came back a few moments later and escorted Beth back to the sink for another rinse and massage, before leading her back to her station.

Beth was again disappointed when she was unable to see her hair due to the towel covering her head.

Jan removed the towel and began to comb out Beth?s hair to remove any tangles, then grabbed her comb and began cutting Beth?s hair through the crown. Beth watched as one and two inch locks of hair slid down the cape into her lap.

Beth began to wonder how much hair she would have left. She didn?t have much to begin with.

Beth jumped again, as she heard the clippers come to life.

?I just need to clean it up a little.? Jan smiled.

Beth became nervous as Jan took the clippers over her ear, reducing any hair there to stubble. She then watched in horror as Jan took the guard off the clippers and went back to clipping the sides of her head. The clippers roared around her ear, blocking out any other sound as they chewed through the remnants of her hair.

Jan finally turned off the clippers and set them aside. She combed through Beth?s hair to pull out any loose hairs. She then fingered some product into her hair and took the hairdryer and round brush to it, carefully styling her hair.

Cris reappeared as Jan was finishing up.

?What this time?? Beth asked.

?Make up.? Cris smiled. ?Wow! Your hair looks great.?

Beth smiled weekly, not knowing exactly how to react, having not seen it for herself.

Cris went to work, applying make up to Beth?s face. Cris stood back and took a look at her handiwork.

?What do you think, Jan??


?Oops, I almost forgot.? Cris said pulling out a black velvet box.

Beth opened the box to reveal two silver hoop earrings.

?Allow me,? Cris said.

Cris placed the earrings in Beth?s ears and stood back again.

?Stunning.? Jan remarked.

Beth?s heart was flip flopping. The suspense was almost too much.

?Here you are? Jan announced, turning the chair around to face the mirror.

Beth stared again at a stranger in the mirror. Her hair through the crown was heavily layered. The top had wisps that spiked to give it height. Her fringe, now black feathered nicely into the rest of the crown which was now light blonde. The sides had been shaved slightly higher over the ear and along with the back was an even shorter pelt. The black locks up front contrasting with the blonde, made her sapphire eyes stand out even more so, sparkling like jewels. Her make-up made her look like she just stepped out of the fifties. Her lips now matching her cherry red nails.

This was totally unexpected and new. She didn?t know how to react at first. Like the first transformation, this was going to take a while to get used to.

?And here is your envelope.? Jan stated, handing it over.

?Thank you.? Beth replied.

She waited until she left the salon before opening the envelope.


At home you will find a package.


Beth found it difficult to keep her fingers from stroking the fuzz on her nape as she drove home. She kept looking in her rear-view mirror catching glimpses of the stranger, looking back through her eyes.

When she arrived home, she found the house had been cleaned spotless. She quickly went to her bedroom to find a large package on the bed with the now familiar note.


Put this on. I will be home shortly. You are to be my wife from the fifties.


Beth opened the box to find a new outfit. A fifties style dress with large, red, polk-a-dots , silk stockings, and red healed pumps.

?This is odd.? Beth commented aloud.

Soon after Beth had changed. There was a knock on the front door.

Beth answered it to find Tom, dressed in a dapper suit holding a bouquet of flowers.

Tom could hardly believe his eyes. She looked better than he could have ever imagined. His heart raced as he stood transfixed by the beautiful sight before him.

?Well?? Beth asked, breaking the awkward silence.

?Wow.? Was all Tom managed to say.

?Come on in, Darling.? Beth switched into the role.

Tom could barely move his feet, but some how followed this ravishing woman into his house. She took his briefcase from him and dropped it next to the door.

?How was your day at the office?? She asked with a big smile and sensual voice.

?Ah, fine.? Tom mustered.

His eves followed the shaved sides of her head and getting only a peek at the nape he so craved.

?This is more fun than I thought.? She thought to herself.

Beth stepped in closer and reached up to kiss her husband. Tom?s hands found her waist then steadied her as her foot popped up behind her.

?You must be tired from the office, Come let me help you out of those stuffy clothes.? Beth said, taking his hand and leading him down the hall.

Tom got his first good look at the back of her hair.

He knew then that this would be a night to remember.

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