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Beth snickered softly to herself, reminded by what had happened after the last time she was here in this salon. The look on Tom?s face was worth it all. He was so shocked when she answered the door all made up like a woman out of the fifties. She teased him again a few weeks later, playing the same role.

Now she was back for the last of her transformations as part of her deal with her husband, Tom. She had two years to grow out her hair and do what she wanted with it, and now it was Tom?s turn to get four certain cuts. The first cut had been quite drastic, going from hair touching the small of her back to a bob, elevated in the back, so that her nape was exposed. This last cut, almost as drastic was quite fun as well. This deal was turning out to be in her favor as well.

Beth stood up and greeted Jan as the stylist approached.

?Hello, Beth. How long has it been?? Jan asked.

?Two months.? Beth answered as she was led back to the stylists station. ?What has Tom in mind for me this time?? She asked.

?You know the rules. I can?t tell, and again, he doesn?t want you to watch.? Jan explained.

Beth looked at herself in the mirror. This would be the last time she would have this look. This one was a HUGE hit at the office. She even landed a promotion, she suspected in part had to do with this latest look.

Jan draped her with the cape and turned her away from the mirror. The clippers popped to life behind her. Beth hardly flinched this time, knowing that this would be inevitable. Jan started to run the clippers up her nape and then stopped.

?Ooops, too long.? Jan said, switching guards on the clippers.

Beth?s heart started to quicken, what did she mean too long, how short was Tom taking her this time?

?Head down.? Jan instructed before applying the clippers to her nape again.

A shiver ran down her spine at the now familiar touch of the vibrating clippers. A warmth flooded her body, and still her heart quickened. She felt Jan push the clippers even higher up the back of her head. Higher into areas previously untouched by the hair eating monster.

Jan made quick work of the back and started shaving up the sides. Again, Jan brought the clippers higher up the head they had ever gone in the past. Beth was getting nervous now. Tom had promised not to have her head shaved, what was Jan doing?

Jan switched sides and matched the opposite side of her head to the first one.

Beth sighed with relieve as the clippers turned off. Jan pulled out the hair dryer and blew all of the loose hair away from her head. Then there was silence. A smaller set of clippers were switched on. Their high hum a drastic change from its larger more powerful brother. Jan took her time as she went around Beth?s head, getting the edges just right.

It wasn?t long before Jan put the clippers down and pulled out her scissors and comb and started going over Beth?s crown with the pair, snipping here and there. Hair seemed to be flying everywhere as Jan made fast work over the top of Beth?s head. Jan stood back and appraised her work. She ran her comb through the little hair left on Beth?s head and stood back again.

?There, that part is done.? She smiled.

Beth let out a large sigh of relief. She started to put her hand up to run her fingers through her hair, but Jan was quicker, lightly slapping it aside.

?No cheating.? She reprimanded.

Jan again took the hairdryer to Beth?s hair, to blow any loose hairs away from her scalp.

?Time for the ?goo?.? Jan stated, taking a pre-made mixture of gel out of a cupboard. It didn?t take anytime at all for Jan to work the gel into the remains of Beth?s hair.

?Under the dryers with you.? Jan instructed, leading Beth from the salon station to the hood dryers. ?This won?t take too long.? She commented.

Twenty minutes later, Jan led Beth to the sink where she spent some time, rinsing and massaging Beth?s scalp. Jan then wound a towel around Beth?s head more for show than anything else, and led her back to her station. She applied some product to Beth?s hair and with the blow dryer and her fingers had Beth?s hair styled in under five minutes.

?Oh, Tom asked me to give this to you.? Jan said handing Beth yet another velvet box.

Beth opened the box and gasped. Two one karat diamond earrings sparkled in the lights of the salon. Beth?s fingers, shook as she touched the earrings.

?Those are beautiful.? Jan exclaimed, just as excited. ?Let me put them in for you.?

Jan slipped the earrings into place and stood back to admire them.

?Wow, you look fantastic.?

Jan slowly turned the chair around to reveal the fourth and final transformation.

Beth was a little shocked to see how little hair was left on her head. The sides were shaved quite close and quite high. The crown was textured heavily with spikes sticking up every which way. Even her fringe was chopped short and stuck out at different angles. The color was back to the deep, rich, red which flattered her coloring so much.

Although quite short, the cut looked stunning on her and fit her face very well. Again, like the three cuts before this, she would have to get used to looking at a stranger for a while.

?Here is your envelope.? Jan said, handing over the instructions. ?Have fun.?

Beth kept running her fingers through her short spiky hair all the way to the car. Once inside the car, she adjusted the mirror so that she could get a closer look at the new look. The spiky hair tickled her fingers and palm, sending shivers of delight through out her body. The nape, was a soft as ever. She was even getting used to and enjoying the feel of the shaved zone in the back of her head.

She finally opened the envelope.


In the trunk of your car, you will find a package. Change and meet me by the swings in Fisher Park.


Beth opened her trunk to find the promised package. She tore into it to find another outfit. This time it was a school uniform. A short red plaid skirt, starched white blouse, with neck ribbon, knee socks and Mary Jane shoes. She picked up the box and went back into the salon.

?Is something wrong?? Jan asked, concerned.

?No, I just need to change clothes, may I use your bathroom??


Beth entered the bathroom a young woman and exited a girl, ready for school.

?How adorable.? Jan exclaimed.

Beth turned red several shades darker and probably matched her hair now. She got into her car and drove to the park.

She sat in the parking lot for a few moments, not sure if she wanted to be seen in out in public in this outfit. She scanned the rest of the lot. There weren?t too many cars. She opened the car and got out. She stood next to the door for a few moments, straightening out the short skirt, before heading down the path to the where the swings were.

As she rounded the hedge of flowers, she spotted Tom, sitting on a blanket, with a basket next to him. His eyes were immediately drawn to her. A smile lit up his face as she drew nearer.

?Very nice. Turn around and let me see.? He instructed.

Beth slowly turned around, self conscious of any onlookers.

?Wow. Have a seat.? Tom invited.

Beth maneuvered to the ground as best she could without exposing herself to the rest of the world. Tom leaned in and kissed her, sending little sparks down her spine.

?I thought we would have a pic-nic.? He motioned to the basket. ?Then perhaps some time on the swings.?

Tom smiled at the blush that brought to her cheeks.

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