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?Knock their socks off.?

Beth ran her fingers up the soft pelt of hair on her nape. It had been three weeks since the completion of her transformation hair cuts. She studied herself in the mirror, her short spiky red hair was starting to grow out and lay down, much to the dismay of Tom, her husband. The shaved sides and back, no longer felt as soft as they had even last week.

Tom?s company was having a formal cocktail party tonight. Tom?s only request was to ?knock their socks off?. Beth looked back to the new dress she bought for the occasion. It had taken her all morning to find the black cocktail dress, with an open back.

She adjusted her gaze back to herself in the mirror, picked up the phone and called Jan. She spoke with Jan briefly and was squeezed into Jan?s busy schedule.

Having just stepped out of the shower, Beth slid into her black, sexy dress, before driving to the salon.

Jan greeted her warmly. ?Boy don?t you look nice. What is the occasion??

?Tom?s company party.? Beth replied.

Jan escorted Beth to the now familiar salon chair and caped her.

?What are we doing for you today?? Jan asked.

?Tom asked that I ?knock their socks off? so I thought I would come to you for some help.?

?Trim it up like new?? Jan asked.

?I need to knock their socks off. Lets take it all off.? Beth said fighting back her fluttering heart, and trying to steady her quaking voice.

She couldn?t believe she had just said that out loud. For the last couple of weeks, she privately had been wondering about having a shaved head, but she would never really admit it to anyone. Here she sat in Jan?s chair and just asked for that same thing to be done.

Jan stopped brushing Beth?s hair and looked her in the eye. ?Are you sure??

Beth took a breath and nodded her head. ?There isn?t a whole lot to take off.? She smiled meekly.

?Do you want stubble or smooth?? Jan asked.

?Which would look better?? Beth asked.

?If you want to shave it, you may as well go all the way.? Jan suggested.

?All right then.? Beth swallowed hard.

Jan pulled out her clippers and took off the guard. Beth flinched when she heard them pop to life, their buzz sounding more like a roar to her ears. She was torn, part of her was craving the vibrations tingling through out her whole being. Another part dreading the sight of hair falling from its perch.

Jan?s eyes met hers in the mirror.

?Are you sure about this?? Jan asked.

Again, Beth nodded.

Jan pulled the clippers back through the center of Beth?s hair. Beth?s heart was jumping as she felt the vibrating machine chew up her hair. She closed her eyes, partially because she didn?t want to watch and partially because of the hair cascading down her forehead, tickling her nose as if fell into her lap.

One stroke after another, Jan overlapped each stroke of the clippers through Beth?s hair. She then pushed the razor up the side of Beth?s head. The roar of the clippers seemed deafening as they passed in front of her ear.

?Head down.? Jan gently nudged.

Beth bowed her head in submission to the clippers. She gasped in sheer delight as the clippers passed over the sweet spot on the back of her neck. The vibration on her nape sent warm tingles down her spine.

Quiet fell upon the room as the clippers were turned off. Beth opened her eyes as the last wave of ecstasy washed over her and looked in the mirror. She was speechless. She turned her head from side to side and was relieved to see no major dents or flaws in the shape of her head, and from what she could see, no large birth marks.

Jan, using the hairdryer blew stray hairs from her head. The hot air felt intense, on her scalp. Chills, charged down her spine as she touched the stubble left on her head.

Beth was surprised at how sensitive her scalp was, as Jan rubbed at some loose hairs.

Jan led Beth over to the sink, and wrapped her head in a hot towel. She replaced the towel with shaving cream, rubbing it into the bristly stubble and retrieved a razor.

?Can I watch?? Beth asked.

?Sure, I?ll be right back.?

Jan retrieved a hand mirror and handed it to Beth to use as she took the razor to Beth?s scalp.

Beth was all excited now. She was in wonder as she felt the razor pull at the stubble on her scalp, followed by the cool, refreshing feeling, of air on her bare skin.

Jan worked in short, quick, stokes, overlapping each to get as much coverage as possible.

Once done, Jan reapplied the foam and shaved her again, this time using long even strokes. She wiped the remaining bits of foam from Beth?s head and led her back to her station.

Beth plopped down in the chair and studied her new look in the mirror.

?Do you think this will ?knock their socks off??? Beth asked.

?With out a doubt.?

Jan rubbed some lotion between her hands then applied it to Beth?s bare head.

A moan escaped Beth as Jan rubbed the lotion into her scalp.

?Wow, that feels great.?

?All done.? Jan announced.

She held a mirror behind Beth so that she could see the back as well.

?That looks so weird.? Beth commented. ?How much do I owe you??

?This one is on me.? Jan waved her out the door. ?Knock their socks off!? she called after Beth.

Beth slid into her car and looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She gently put her fingers to her bare scalp feeling the tight smooth skin. The feel of her fingers sent a wave of goose bumps down her arms, causing the hair on the backs of her arms to stand on end. She was surprised at the feelings of being turned on.

?Wow! My eyes really stand out.? Beth muttered to herself.

Beth slid out of the car and entered the salon again.

?Is something wrong?? Jan asked from her station.

?No, I was just wondering if Cris was available to help me out?? Beth asked.

?I think she is in the back right now. Hold on and I will check for you.? Jan ducked through a door in the back.

Cris come out a moment later. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared in awe at Beth. Beth felt herself blushing.

?You wear that well.? Cris finally stated. ?It?s just a shock.?

?Thanks, I guess.? Beth smiled. ?I am going to a cocktail party in a little bit and would like it if you could help me with my makeup.?

?Come over and have a seat.? Cris invited me to her station.

She sat down and looked in the mirror again in awe at her new look.

Cris looked at her a few moments.

?May I shape your eye brows?? Cris asked, handing Beth a mirror.

Beth studied her eyes closely in the mirror, noting how much her new look called for extra care to be taken with her eyes.

?Yes, that would help.? She commented.

Cris went to work. She carefully waxed Beth?s eye brows, taking the tweezers to finish up the final touches, before she started applying Beth?s make up.

?I?m going to go just a touch heavier than usual on your eye makeup, because of it being a party.? Cris explained. ?Don?t worry, I won?t make you look like Tammy Faye.?

?Just make me beautiful.? Beth instructed.

?You don?t need me for that. Like I said, you wear this look well.?

?Do you mean that?? Beth asked unsure.

?Definitely. Would you like me to cover your tan line and add color to the shaved part?? Cris asked.

?What ever you think will look good. I was instructed to ?knock their socks off?.? Beth informed.

?Then you will.?

Cris blended the foundation and smoothed the transition from her face to exposed scalp, adding just a touch of color to the pasty white of her freshly shaved head.

?Okay here you are.? Cris said handing Beth the mirror.

?Perfect!? Beth exclaimed as she admired the wonderful job Cris had done.

She paid Cris well and checked her watch as she left the salon. The time spent with Cris was going to make her half an hour late.

She called Tom on her cell phone and explained that she would be tardy, but that she was going to do as instructed and ?knock their socks off. Tom gave her quick instructions and asked her what she had done.

?You will just have to wait be surprised yourself.? She said hanging up.

Traffic was still heavy as she drove towards her destination. She was a little unnerved by the stares of fellow commuters. But surprised at the few people who smiled at her, and gave her thumbs up.

The evening air, blowing across her denuded scalp, continued to give her shivers of pleasure, and she was quite horny by the time she pulled into the valet circle at her destination.

She received a few stares as she entered the lobby of the upscale hotel. She quickly found the bathroom to check her appearance out before she made her grand entrance.

Even though expecting it, she was still shocked at the sight of her naked head. She made a quick glance over to make sure everything was in place and that she looked perfect before she headed to the convention suites.

She had no problem finding Tom?s party. She took a deep breath, steadied her heart and entered the bustling room.

She stepped through the doors and onto a landing overlooking a room full of suits and dresses, busy in their conversations and sipping their champagne. She looked out over the people, searching for her beloved, Tom. She quickly spotted him speaking with a co-worker.

Then like a wave, upon a wave small cliques of people hushed and looked up at her, then started to whisper in excited voices. She was amazed at how quickly the wave washed over the room.

She took another deep breath and placing her hand on the handrail, she started down the steps. After two steps, she looked again to Tom and smiled as she watched his jaw fall open in amazement. He quickly recovered and met her at the foot of the stairs.

?Oh, my God!? He greeted.

?Well?? She asked.

?Oh, my God. You, you, Wow. Is that really you?? He asked, stunned.

Beth?s heart started to pound. She couldn?t tell if Tom liked her new look.

?Is this okay?? She asked.

?Oh my God. You look amazing.? Tom finally said.

He took her up in his arms and kissed her feverishly on the lips then pulled her close for a hug.

?You did ask that I ?knock their socks off?.? She whispered into his ear.

?I didn?t expect you to knock mine off as well.? Tom whispered back.

His fingers sought out her bare nape and gently, slowly stroked his fingers up to the top of her head, cupping the back with his hand, sending chills were sent down her spine as his fingers caressed the sensitive skin.

She suddenly became aware of all the people watching this personal greeting, in shock.

?Aren?t you going to introduce me to your friends?? She asked, pulling away.

?Sure, but then I believe we are going to go straight up stairs to a suite and explore this a little further.? Tom chuckled.

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