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OK. here’s all the standard disclaimer stuff:If you can’t stand the sight of cut hair, don’t read this.If the sight of clippers make you sick, don’t read this.If it’s not short enough for you, add the ending that suits your tastes.If you want to send me POSITIVE feedback, do so, it makes it all worth while.

Part 1

"You can’t keep coming here," I whispered loudly. "The other stylists are starting to notice." I wanted to keep the phone conversation short becauseI had a customer waiting for a perm. "Look, we’ll talk about it when I get home, OK? No, not now! Bye." I hung up the phone. And just in time,Judy was making her appointed rounds through the salon. It was the sixthcall I’d gotten that day and I didn’t want the boss to catch me on the phone again. I’d only been back from my vacation for 2 days and things hadn’t changed with Jack. "Melinda?" She called over to me. "We need to talk about something, could you come over to my office for a minute please? Itshouldn’t take long." I was getting really nervous. What did she want to talk about? I was tooworried to even think straight. I was still fairly new to the salon and even though my clientele was building up quickly I couldn’t afford another warning. Jack had been lectured too many times about coming to visit meduring working hours but did he listen? *NO*. Maybe I wouldn’t have to worry about it any more, I thought as I walked over to Judy’s office. "Come in." Judy sat at her desk, looking out at me over the top of her glasses. I stepped into her office and sat down. "*We’ve* got a problem on our hands." She announced in a firm tone. I gulped hard. "Uh..er.. what kind of problem." Acting like I didn’t knowwhat she meant. "A com-mun-nic-ca-tion problem. And I’m afraid we better solve it soon." "I…I think we’re communicating really well." I stuttered. "Do you realize the complaints we’ve had this week alone from customers?"She got up out of her chair and walked toward me carrying a rolled upmagazine in her hand. "Complaints? I didn’t know we were getting any *complaints*. I answereddefensively. Looking at the rolled up magazine made me feel like a dog doeswhen it takes a crap on the floor and knows what it’s going to get. She opened the magazine, driving her forefinger repeatedly into a photo ofa young woman’s face. "*This*, is what’s causing all of our problems." I almost jumped out of my chair while being relieved at the same time. Isquinted a closer look at the picture, "I think I know who that is…" "Regina Walters, the newscaster on channel 7," Judy instructed. "Oh, that’s right. I didn’t recognize her, did she get a haircut?" She nodded furiouly, pointing at me. "Very good, and she got it cut at*Tina’s Curl Barn*, not here! She just happens to be *the* most popular celebrity in our city and Tina is cashing in on it! It seems that every othergal that comes in here wants the "Regina Cut" and our stylists seem to keepbotching it up. Tina’s going to run us out of business if we don’t do something fast!" "If there’s anything I can do to help, just tell me." I responded politely. "Well, actually there is." Judy was staring into my eyes making me nervous again. "No…err..uh..that style wouldn’t look good on-" She cut me off, "I want you to look at all the photos in this magazine article and any other ones you can come up with. You’re the only one in this place that I think is capable of doing this style right and I need you to teach the others." I was flattered and felt I was gaining some of the job security I had lostduring our last little "talk" in her office. Ever since Jack had lost hisjob at the Air Force Base I had been scared. It was hard enough to make it on one income. She dismissed me from her office and I took care of my last customer. It had been one long day. When I got home I found Jack sitting on thr couch in his usual position reading a magazine. "Not again Jack, are you reading my hairdo magazines? We’ve got to talk about this. You’ve been coming into the shop *way* too often and staying around *way* too much. People *have* been noticing in case you didn’t know." Jack looked so sad sitting there on the couch. I hadn’ttalked about his "problem" for a while because he was depressed enough over losing his job, but things had gone from bad to worse. I sat down next to him and smiled, trying to cheer him up a bit. I recognized the faceon the cover of the "Styling World" magazine laying in Jack’s lap: It wasRegina Walters. "Let me see this." I picked up the magazine from Jack’s bulging crotchand started thumbing through it. They had enough views of the hairstyle that I knew I could figure it out, hopefully scoring some much needed points with my boss in the process. "I’ll try to be better, honey, I promise," Pleaded Jack. "You’ve *got* to cut down on the visits, Jack. I’ve tried to help you. I’ve brought you instructional videos, magazines, books on styling. Youeven got to watch me do a perm right here in our house! There’s nothing morethat I can do." "There’s just no substitute for the real thing, Melinda. OK, the tapes arepretty good, but you miss all those great conversations about women’s stuff.You know, like the time I came to visit and you were talking about dressing up really fancy with that one lady. She said how wonderful it felt to be zipped up in her favorite dress and how it makes her feel so’helplessly venerable’ as she put it. And of course there’s the anticipationof what kind of haircut is going to happen and not knowing. I loved it that one time you kind of gently persuaded that gal to go really short. Remember? She was trying to act like she didn’t want it, but I think you knew better. Don’t you think she really wanted to be talked into it?" "Don’t you think people can tell when you’re watching them?" I asked. "Yes, but I don’t see anything particularly wrong with that. I understandwhere you’re coming from on this. I know it makes some women uncomfortableto be watched. That’s why I’ve been working on a solution that I think will work." "A *solution*? What kind of solution?"Jack pulled out a box and opened it, taking out a video camera. "JACK!" I yelled. "We can’t afford that!" "It’s OK honey, I bought it with plastic, we don’t have to pay it off right away. Let me explain. I figure if I can take some videos in your salon, I won’t have to visit any more and we can solve the prob-" "WHAT*!!!" I was hysterical. "Are you out of your mind! What are you goingto do, walk around the shop from cubicle to cubicle filming each stylist!Oh, you can just tell them you’re from the newspaper or maybe even ’60 minutes’. That should work fine! Nobody will mind. Hell, I doubt anyonewould even notice. They’ve only seen you a hundred times! Great idea Jack.*Great* idea!" Jack was angry now. "Would you just *let* me finish! I checked out yourcubicle last time I was over there. The locker you put your stuff in is at the perfect angle to your styling chair. I can set up inside the locker before anyone shows up. OK, it’s going to be a little crowded in there. No big deal. When the coast is clear to leave you give me the signaland I’m out of there." "Look Jack, this is the craziest idea you’ve come up with yet. What if weget caught, have you *even* considered that yet in your *plan*. You realizeI’d loose my job don’t you?" "I think this would really help me with my problem. I could watch the videoas much as I want. No bothering you at the salon any more. No calls asking you when the good times are to come in. I could leave you alone.Please, honey, just this one time? Nothing will go wrong, promise." I was really feeling sorry for Jack again. It was being out of work thatwas making his problem worse, I just knew it. I could feel myself caving inas I looked into his sad eyes.
Maybe it would help his self-esteem, I thought. "OK, Jack. This is really crazy. I can’t believe I’m doing this." Jack lit up like a light bulb. "Thank you darling, you don’t know howmuch this means to me. I’ll come out tomorrow to get some measurementsinside of your locker that way I can-" "No way!" I interrupted. "You’re not coming out there during my working hours *any* more, that’s part of the deal." "If I can’t come out *then*, when *can* we do it?"


The salon was dark as we approached. I had insisted that we park 2 blocksaway so that nobody would notice my car so close. The wind rustled some leaves on the shadowy sidewalk making me jump. Jack held my hand a little tighter. "It’s all right, honey, who’s going to be here at this hour." He checkedhis watch. "It’s midnight already.’ I gritted my teeth and hissed, "Don’t waste *any* time. *Get* what you needto *get* done and then let’s *get* out. *Get* it?" I quietly slipped the key into the front door lock and opened it, shoving Jack in at the same time. The stairs creaked with our footsteps leading to my cubicle, lit by a streetlamp in front of the entrance below.Jack was informed that he would have no more light to work with thanwhat was coming in through the window. He was lucky to even have that. Hewas lucky I was even stupid enough to do this for him in the first place.And he was *very* lucky he wasn’t complaining. Jack wasted no time and soon he had neatly fitted himself into my lockerand closed the door behind him. "It’s not bad in here." His muffled voice whispered through the vent holes. "I can see everything through this vent.I think I could get the tripod in here but I’ll have to take some measurements.’ Jack banged around in the locker while getting out. Just then there was a snapping sound of a door latch from the bottom of the stairs. "Oh, shit! Get back in the locker Jack. Quickly!" I quietly yelled. The view from my window revealed a car parked in front of the entrance.It was *JUDY’S*!! Jack stumbled back into my locker, clanging and banging.She had to have heard, I just knew it. "Hello?" Judy’s voice called from the bottom of the stairs. "Melinda?Is that you up there? Hello?" I had to make a decision fast. Should we try to hide and risk getting caught? Or should I answer and come up with some excuse for being here atmidnight with the lights off? Both options looked bad. I didn’t know*what* to do.

Part 2

I heard Judy’s footsteps coming up the stairs. I ran over to my lockerand whispered to Jack to stay put *quietly*. Then I flipped the lightswitch on. The footsteps stopped. I was frozen for that split second eternity. Panic. What was I going to do. I just reacted, there was notime to think. "It’s me Judy." I broke the endless silence. Judy’s head appeared around the corner. "*God* did you scare me! I almosthad a heart attack when that light came on. What are you doing here?" "Oh, I forgot something…my purse…really stupid of me. I just realizedit when I was dozing off, you know how that happens sometimes?" "I think of a lot of things when I’m in that half dreamy state." She agreed. "Burning the midnight oil yourself, I see." "I’ve got some accounting that has to be done, owning a business is no picnic, I’ll tell you."She walked out and down the stairs to her office. I figured if I didn’t leaveright away she would get suspicious, but what about Jack? How in the world could I possibly get him out without her seeing. It was a mistake totell him to go in the locker in the first place, but everything happened too fast to think things through. There was no use feeling bad about it now.I had to come up with a plan. I quickly ran over to the locker. "Jack?" I spoke in an extra quiet voice. "She’s gone but how are we goingto get you out of here without getting caught?" "I can climb out the window, that’s the only way." I walked down the stairs past Judy’s office, said goodbye and walked out the door. Jack was already outside on top of the entrance roof. He hung hislegs down over the gutter getting ready to jump when the whole length of gutter fell down into the sidewalk below. CLANG-A-DANG-BANG! The whole worldmust have heard and I’m *sure* that included Judy. "Jack, hurry before Judy comes, *jump*, hurry up!" You’ve heard that expression "hit the ground with both feet running". Well,that was Jack all right. We ran around the building before Judy could come out, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of body it was beating so hard. We were both out of breath when we got to the car. I started really havingsecond thoughts about this whole thing, not that I ever thought it was a goodidea in the first place. I couldn’t say no now. Jack would be so disappointed. It was so good to see him smile again. This will help him, I kept trying to convince myself. I tossed and turned that night, barely getting 3 hours of sleep. Jack was up bright and early playing with his new toys just as I expected. "Honey, wake up. We need to go in before everyone else today, so that I canget set up." "Uhhhhrrrraaawww," I groaned, still trying to to squeeze out another few minutes of sleep. I must of dozed off again, but not for long. I awoke to Jack’s voice. "Three…two…one…Hi, my name is Jack. Welcome to "Fun at the Salon"The first in a series of live action hairstyling videos. We’ll take youbehind the scenes at a salon with our hidden camera…."Jack’s voice was fading in and out. It had to be a nightmare I thought, my clouded eyes saw Jack standing in front of the camera. "What in thehec are you doing?" I yawned. "*Honey*! Can’t you see, I’m recording!" He chastised, reaching for the camera controls. This was supposed to be an introduction, I was told, and could I pleasekeep quiet next time. I rolled over attempting to squeeze out a few moreminutes of sleep. It wasn’t an option. "Jack, did you say something about doing a series of these things orsomething like that?" "Well…maybe if things go really well. And you don’t mind…and maybe-" "*NO*!" Jack tried to sound convincing, "I’m not sure we can cover everything in one session." "*What* are you talking about Jack?" "It’s like this, I want to get as many different styles as I can on the video. Let’s go through your book for today’s appointments and make a plan.It’s OK if we can’t do it all in one day." I was waking up all right, on the wrong side of the bed too! "You’re getting *ONE* do you understand *ONE* chance." I pointed at him for emphasis. "Loosing my job will be the least of my worries if we get caught doing this, can you imagine how embarrassing that would be, especially for you?" Jack was getting nervous himself, judging by the look on his face. He had tried to ignore those fears but they were there. The reality of itall was starting to sink in. Would he have the nerve to go through withit? With my luck, probably. "We’ve only got 2 hours until your first appointment! We better get rolling." Jack contemplated over the appointment book. "Eight O’clock…Cheryl…tell me about her. Her hair that is." "Did I really think you were interested in anything else?" I steamed."She’s got waist length dark brown hair which I’ve never seen any shorterthan mid-back." "Perfect!" Added Jack. "What does that mean? Perfect for what?" Jack was writing something down on a large note pad. He finally looked upat me "Let’s give her a ‘bob’, maybe chin length, unless you can talk her into something shorter. And don’t feel like you can’t, OK, these are just suggestions, Ok? I mean I’m just trying to come up with some ideas here, OK?" I spoke slowly and softly "How about right in the middle of her haircut, I walk over to the locker, while you are filming of course, open it up, scream for the police and call 911. *ARE YOU COMPLETELY CRAZY!* I yelled at the top of my lungs. Jack had that sad look again. Were his feelings hurtagain? I wanted to back out of this whole thing but Jack, well I just couldn’t let him down. It really wouldn’t be fair. He would be so disappointed and hurt. We talked about hairstyles for a while and Jack showed me some of the oneshe liked in the hairstyling magazines I had. I was surprised how interested he was in the shorter cuts. It made me a little uncomfortable because he’d always adored my long hair which had grown, at his insistence,to about 5 inches below my shoulders. Hopefully he wasn’t trying to tell me something. I promised him nothing, but did agree to try to do as manyof the cuts he liked *only* if the customers could be gently persuaded.I tried to cheer him up again as we drove to the salon. It seemed to be working. Jack stayed outside while I made sure no one was in yet, then signaledfor him to come in. He looked silly with his dark sunglasses on carryingthose two oversized stuffed bags. After the camera was set up in the locker,Jack squeezed in too. It was an incredibly tight fit. He would have to stay in there the *entire* day and I had warned him too. Don’t *even*complain to me, I thought. And hopefully he’d never want to do anythingas stupid as this again! I’m sure he was trying to be quiet, but those little metallic creaksand pops were too easy to hear. Was it just because I knew he was there?I was probably paranoid, but I turned on the radio just loudly enough to cover up those annoying noises. 8 o’clock finally came and Cheryl was right on time as she usually was. "Hi, Cheryl!"She came over a gave me a big hug. I noticed she had a magazine in herhand. Great, that usually means she has some kind of a style in mind, notjust the usual ‘trim the splits’ routine. She sat down in my styling chair and opened the magazine.The page she had indexed with her finger displayed a cute gal with a short pixie cut, with wispy bangs and buzzed back and sides. I couldn’t waitto get started knowing that Jack would just love the surprise. "What a darling cut, I think that’s an excellent choice for your face and bone structure." I kept looking back and forth between her and the photo. She
answered as if she hadn’t even heard me. "Is this shampoo good for split ends, Melinda?" She had stared at the hair ends in her hand. "It’s OK, I guess. Some people will always have split ends if they wear their hair long. Have you ever thought about a shorter style?" Cheryl looked at me then back at her hair, "Oh, sure. Don’t we all think about that?" "Well, we all don’t have the looks to wear our hair short. You’re really lucky that way." "I’d like one inch cut off, that’s enough for me." I was becoming very disappointed, mainly for Jack. He had probably stoppedfilming, saving the video for more interesting things. I gave Cheryl her trimand hoped things would pick up. I hadn’t told Jack, but I did have a littlesurprise in store for him. One of my customers was getting married in twoweeks and I had asked her if she could reschedule her appointment for today.I told her the only real way to get the best hairstyle for her was to wearher wedding gown so we could ‘match’ everything. She was so excited that hermaid of honor wanted to come too and they would get matching hairdos. The bigbonus was that they both weren’t sure what style would be the most suitable.Of course, that’s where *I* would come in. Consulting *was* one of my specialties I’d assured her. If nothing else worked out I was sure that would. It felt good to have an "ace in the hole" so to speak. I went back to check on Jack before my next appointment showed up. With one eye on the entrance to my cubicle, I snuck over to the locker. "Jack?" "Uh huh." "How’s it going in there?" I whispered so softly he probably didn’t hear me. "I hope things get better. Something I forgot to ask you. Can you explainthe different steps in the styles you’re doing as you go. Pretend like you’reexplaining to your customer, only on the interesting ones though." "OK, Jack." I was a little puzzled, wondering why he would make such a request. If that would make him happy and get things back to normal, it was fine with me. I felt the pressure to make sure he got what he wanted.I couldn’t even afford the risk of doing this one time. He would have to besatisfied. I could see Marcia coming. She was next. We exchanged the usual "Hi, how are you, don’t you look nice today stuff"and then got down to business. The business of cutting her hair.Marcia was fairly attractive with blond hair about 2 inches above her shoulders. An ideal candidate for something short. Of course, little did they know, they would all be ideal candidates today! I took her over to the sink and washed her hair, wrapped a towel around herhead and guided to my chair. "So, Marcia, how do you want your hair cut today?" "I’m not really sure, I was thinking of trying something really different.Can you hand me one of those styling books." I pretended to just grab one at random, but I think that *you* know better.It was titled "Shortcuts to cute hair". Sort of a play on words. I opened the book so she couldn’t see the front cover. She paged through the book looking at all the photos occasionally frowningor shaking her head. "These are all short styles." She frowned. I lied, "They are coming back in style, you know. I’ll probably be getting mine cut short pretty soon." Jack was probably freaking at that point, unlessof course he really *wanted* me to get my hair cut short. "Oh?" Marcia looked up from the book at my face in the mirror. "How short?" "I was thinking of something like a ‘mushroom cut’ maybe." "That would look so cute on you!" She gave me a big smile. "Well I don’t really know what *I* want, nothing in this book looks right to me. What doyou think?" I started lifting up her hair and letting it fall, pretending to be in deep thought. "I think the style you have now might look better if it was just shorter, what do you think?" Marcia answered right away, "I think it did look better before….OK, but not *too* short. OK?" "Of course not, Marcia." I wrapped an apron around her neck and buttoned her in, then started tocomb out her hair, emphasizing the snags and tangles. "I think your right about the shampoo your using," I instructed. "Yoursplit ends go up pretty far, I’ll take care of them for now. You should really use a shampoo that’s right for your hair." She nodded in agreement as I finished combing her hair. I began sectioning off her hair at the top and rolling it up into clips.I left everything below the bottom of her ears hanging down. "Your hair really needs to layered." I instructed.She agreed, not that I wouldn’t have done it anyway. She had already given me all the permission I needed to take over. I was just going to cut her hair as if I was sure I knew what was best for her. Of course, I really did. I pushed her head forward gently, stretching her neck gracefully. Removing the scissors from my pocket, I went to work. I snipped off the first two inches as I went around her neck. I love the soft, almost silentsound the scissors make as they cut into wet hair. Jack was probably bulging with delight as the camera rolled, I was just sure. I started removing the clips and combing out the next row, then cut it even shorter than the first. Kind of a new technique. Then I let down the rest of the clips and starting getting serious with the scissors.I combed and cut 2 inches off the first sections as I went moving as quickly as I could without being obvious. I wanted her to feel like I knewexactly what needed to be done without her input so I didn’t ask. She would have to stop me if she objected, and there wouldn’t be much time either!

Part 3

Her hair was now just below her ears in a slightly layered, but more or less "Blunt" cut. Blunt and very boring. I made sure there would be plentyof room for criticism. That’s one thing I like about hairstyling: Ifyou don’t like the style you can *always* change it to something shorter! Marcia started to look like she was in the judging stage of the cut asI started to blow dry her. Her eyes were fixed straight ahead while sheturned her head slowly from side to side looking very serious. I gave her the hand mirror, swung the chair around and she studiedthe back, occasionally running her hand up her neck. "Well, it’s a shorter version of what you had, and I think an improvement.You’re really pretty in short hair." I said, stopping the blow drier before her hair was too dry, hoping I would get another chance with my scissors. "But something’s missing." I picked up the hair on top and letit fall several times as I spoke. "My hair! That’s what’s missing!" Marcia turned toward me, obviously upset. I could see Judy just outside my cubicle listening to what was going on.Oh no, I thought, this is it. Judy is going to have another talk with me.What if she finds out what’s *really* going on? That wasn’t something I wanted to think about. Judy walked in. My heart started racing, I was practically shaking as she approached. She turned and looked Marcia in the eye, "Hi, my name is Judy, I’m themanager at the salon. Excuse me, but I overheard some of the conversation.I can see you’re not satisfied, please tell me if there’s anything I can do." Marcia’s face was red and she was almost in tears. I hoped Jack was enjoying this. Boy was he going to get a lecture for this when we got home.*He* talked me into this, after all. It was *his* stupid idea. He asked meto do all of this. It was all his fault! "Don’t..don’t …you think it’s too short." She bashfully asked Judy, completely ignoring me. "Not really." Answered Judy to my surprise. "I know that probably isn’t theanswer you wanted." Judy had extracted tiny smile out of Marcia. I had seenJudy in other situations like this one before. She was an expert at defusingan angry customer like Marcia, and she was already beginning to work her magic. But she was taking no chances on this one, her second in commandBrenda was standing just outside, waiting for her cue. Brenda was tall, slim and gorgeous. I didn’t understand why she wasn’t a model, I guess she just didn’t have any ambition. Not to mention brains! Her face was always expertly made up and perfectly shown off by the ultra short "bob" style she wore. She could make anyone think twice about criticizing short hair on a woman. Brenda flashed a picture perfect smile as she pranced over in her tight skirt. "Hiiii," She sighed, "I’m Brenda, senior stylist and modeling consultant." Marcia put her hand on the back of her neck, "I’m very unhappy with this style." Brenda didn’t say anything, picking up Marcia’s chin and examining herhaircut. Then she got behind her and spoke to her face in the mirror,"Yes, I can understand that." I could see Marcia’s defenses go down. Then Judy began picking up her top hair while running her fingers through. "It’s too flat on top." She concluded. Brenda confirmed that opinion. "Oh yes, that was the first thing I noticed." Marcia’s hair was now being pushed up from the sides of her faceby Brenda’s two hands. "She needs more volume, don’t you think so Judy?" "That, and more layering, more oomph." Marcia’s head moved back and forth between the two as the conversation continued. She looked like she was listening intently to every word. And this little team of "experts" knew how to perform. I even caught themone day having a short "practice" session in Judy’s office. They were reallysmooth and I was glad it wasn’t *me* in the chair. Brenda went on about how the neckline hair angle was wrong for her bone structure and other, but similar, bullshit. And oh yes, the bangsshould focus more on her eyes and be more feminine. It looked to me likea set up for something short, just what Jack had ordered. He was probablyclimbing the tight walls of his confinement by now. I could imaginehow nervous he must have been at that time, but knowing Jack, the camera would keep rolling until the very end. Marcia was eating it all up and beforelong she agreed to let Brenda take over. Judy would stay there to makesure the customer’s every need would be met. Right! I hung around to watch the "experts" go to work. "Brenda will explain everything she’s doing as she goes along so there are no surprises, OK?" Judy sounded very cordial. Marcia nodded. Jack was going to be so happy, they were giving him exactly what he’d asked for. I really wanted Jack to be happy. That’s why I was doing all of this. He really needed my help to solve his problem. I was sure that we were making progress. Brenda wrapped up Marcia in the apron with a big smile. Marcia reciprocatedas best she could. The spray bottle hissed gently as she started combing.Then the chair rose up with the slow steady pumping of her foot.She readied the scissors. Judy winked at Brenda and nodded, being carefulto avoid Marcia’s eye. The cutting started. Brenda pulled the hair out with her comb, trapping the hair between her fingers and slicing off the exposed portion almostin one motion. She started in the back at the bottom of Marcia’s neck and worked her a way up slowly. Judy explained, "She’s putting in shorter layers to make your hair more manageable. It’s going to be really easy to take care of, just wash-n-go!" Brenda was also quite good with massage and she was no doubt using her talents as she raked Marcia’s hair with her fingers, grabbing it and firmly tugging mixed with a quick shot with the scissors. It must havebeen difficult for our cute little "customer" to tell how much was beingcut. She looked hypnotized as every movement of her head was beingcontrolled by Brenda’s uninterrupted hold on her hair. Judy lit up "Oh! she is looking cuter and cuter! I can’t wait to seehow she looks when your done." Brenda smiled again, "A pixie cut is perfect for her features." Shestarted combing up the top hairs and comparing each section to the nextas if she were measuring them. "No wonder there’s no volume, it’s too longon top, look at this Judy." Judy was shaking her head back and forth. "She’s going to layer the topnow and start combing the hair forward to call attention to those darlingeyes, doesn’t she have nice eyes?" "Why do you think she’s getting a pixie?" Brenda asked, smiling at Marciain the mirror. "Don’t you think it’s short enough?" Marcia broke in. "Not on top." Brenda replied while massaging and lifting the top hairs up.It always looks shorter when it’s wet and lying flat like this. Shorterlayers will add lots of volume and even out the proportions of your face. Marcia closed her eyes, "Oooh, that feels *so* good." The invitation was RSVP’ed with the steel blades of Brenda’s scissors. "I just *love* getting *my* hair cut!" Grinned Brenda, adjusting the chair height slightly before continuing. "It just feels so good to have all thatexposed skin on my neck and ears." I watched the inch long sections falling to the floor with each snip. With Marcia’s eyes closed, this was aperfect opportunity to make some quick progress. The sides were still over her ears, obviously too long for this styleand soon they were getting attention too. I couldn’t believe she had complained about how short I had cut it after seeing this. Maybe realitywas going to set in at some point. Women often have a delayed reactionwith styles that
they think are too short. Sometimes it takes a day or two for things to sink in. "MMMM-MMMM, isn’t this adorable on her Judy?" "Oh, yes! who says short hair isn’t feminine?" "I sure wouldn’t." Answered Brenda as she redoubled her efforts onthe back of Marcia’s hair, going from short to shorter. "Do you have aboyfriend?" "Uh..Huh," Blushed Marcia. "Oh how *sweet*. You’d be surprised how many men secretly *love* shorterstyles. My husband was always admiring shorter styles on other women, tryingto convince me he’d never, never want me to cut mine. Oh, no. I finallydragged him in to the salon with me to get my hair cut. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. We looked through several books together before I gothim to admit he wouldn’t really *mind* if I got it *kinda* short. This isthe style *he* wanted, can you believe it?" Judy was all smiles at this point. "That’s amazing Brenda, how did you get him to go for the clippered back?" "*He’s* the one who suggested it!" Brenda started rubbing her hand up the back of her neck. "I just love the way it feels, gives me goose bumps all over, especially when it’s kissed. And I just *love* having my neck kissed!It makes you so venerable having all that bare, sensitive skin, just wide open for your lover to kiss. Ooooh! Have you ever been clippered, Marcia?" "Just.. maybe to..trim the back hairs a little, not like yours." "This style is perfect for that look." She reached down and picked up the clippers. Judy was nodding in approval. Who knows what Jack was doing.

Part 4

Just then the phone rang, interrupting Brenda’s plan. "Hello, Brendaspeaking, can I help you?…yes…ok…go ahead put her through…Hi…Ok…I’m so sorry to hear that…It’s alright now…hold on for a minuteand I’ll check." She put her hand over the mouth piece. "It’s a gal by the name of Mary, says she used to come here. Anyway, I guess she’s beengoing to Tina’s and they really screwed her up good, says they *over-curled* her perm. How the hell do you *over-curl* a perm?" Judy started laughing. "Have you ever seen some of Tina’s perms? This one lady made the mistake of telling her she wanted her hair *really* curly,I mean *really* curly." She made motions out from the sides of her head."I swear, she looked *just* like someone had plugged her in to a wall socket! They don’t call it the ‘Barn’ for nothing. She could make anyone look like a sheep!" The whole room burst into laughter, except Jack of course. At least he waskeeping it to himself. Brenda stopped the fun. "Ok, you guys, she’sjust about crying here, can you take her right away, Melinda?" My appointment book showed nothing for the next hour. "Tell her I can takeher….uh…how are you doing with Marcia?" "We’re not done with *her*, huh cutie?" Brenda smiled at Marcia. Then she turned back to the telephone. "Yes, we can take you in a half an hour,see you then, bye, bye." "But…but that only leaves *me* a half an hour to fix 2 hours worth of damage," I objected. "How am I supposed to pull that off?" Judy had an idea: "You’ll think of something". Great idea Judy, Great Idea! Brenda reached over and grabbed the clippers. "Are we going to be brave andtry something new today?" Our customer didn’t look too sure, stuttering nervously as she spoke. "I….I’m kkk…kinda sc..cared of those things, are they going to make me look like a boy?" "Of course not silly," Brenda brought them over to let her have a look.She then bent down, inviting Marcia to feel the back of her buzzed neck. "Ooooh, that tickles," Giggled Brenda. "Doesn’t it feel really soft, notlike you expected, right?" Marcia agreed reluctantly, "It does feel kind of nice, and it does lookgood on you…but…." "How about we try a little and see how we like it?" Judy intervened. She was*so* good at finding compromises. I told you they make a good team!Our client nodded sadly, quietly caving in to the pressure."It’s ok sweetie," Consoled Brenda as she held up Marcia’s chin. "We don’talways know what’s best for us. We all need someone to help sometimes tomake the right choice. That’s our job here, we do it *every* day." She got Marcia to crack a tiny smile, then winked at Judy. It looked likeit was time for the clippers, I think Marcia knew it too, judging by that"deer in the headlights look" on her face. The switch made a snap sound, making her jump forward in the chair. The chair went up at Brenda’s command. The room was completely quiet, exceptfor the raspy hum of the clippers. Brenda starting stroking downward from the bottom of Marcia’s ears, exposing her ivory neck. Then the sideburnswere feminized into darling little points and thinned using her comb the protect the thin layer of hair remaining. Judy handed her another set ofclippers like a doctor’s assistant in surgery. These ones had a guide attached. It was time to get down to business. Brenda’s hand massaged into the neck hairs as she slowly pushed Marcia’shead forward a little at a time. With her hand interlaced into the top hairsthere would be no escape. Brenda announced, "Now for the nice and special touch. You’re going to really enjoy this!" With that she began pushing the clippers very slowlyup the back of Marcia’s neck. See Judy, just *look* at all those duckbumps she has, MMM….MMMMMM." Judy got up to check it out herself. "Doesn’t that feel so wonderful, Marcia?" The poor thing looked so frightened. But she looked…oh…too cute inthat boyish Pixie. It was perfect for her. Tufts of hair floated down gently as Brenda made her way across the back,creating a 2 inch strip of shaved hair. Then she took Marcia’s hand andrubbed it up the freshly shorn neck. "Now doesn’t that make you feel…so…exposed. I love that feeling!" Marcia blushed, admitting that it did feel good but she wasn’t sure if she needed any *more* of those good feelings. Suddenly Judy came running over carrying a magazine in her hand. "See, see!"She pointed to a picture on the opened page. "It says right here ‘Super shortis still super-chic, and a classic Pixie is always a great style choice. Short layers are cut at the crown, while hair is cut even *shorter* aroundthe ears and at the nape. Fringed mini bangs add a delightfully femininetouch, while the head hugging shape shows off big, beautiful eyes and finecheekbones’ Isn’t that adorable?" "That reminds me," Said Brenda, walking over to the counter to get something. Something that would no doubt make Marcia’s hair even shorter. "I’m going to use these on her Judy." She held up a pair of thinning shears. Judy agreed, "Oh *yes*, that’s how you’re supposed to do it." The shears were perfect for those "fringed mini bangs" that Judy had *just* been talking about. What a coincidence! Brenda combed all two inches of bangs upward cutting into them almost at the roots. "Don’t worry," She said. "These only cut a few hairs, see?" A few? They only cut a lot of hair at a time would have been a betterdescription. Brenda continued cutting and persuaded Marcia to close her tearyeyes for this part, she might get hair in them, of course. Or worse yet, she might complain about those delightful "fringed mini bangs". Marcia’s bangs continued to be cut and combed to the floor until they weresuper short, just like the picture in the magazine. They *had* showed herthe picture, she should have *known* what she was getting. Brenda then combed up the top hairs, measuring the length of each section as she went along. There was about 3 inches on top and both of them agreed it was still too long for a proper Pixie cut. Brenda swung the chair around to show off her work to me. I clapped in approval. Withthe chair facing me it was the perfect opportunity to "even out" the top a bit, as she put it. No time was wasted getting started. I watched her slice off small sections of hair, pulling and cutting, combing it forward, then up, then cutting some more. It seemed to go on for ever.Occasionally she would dive in and take off an inch or so. Different lengthsof hair add more volume, and of course, that all important "oomph", she told Marcia. "Oh! I love her in that Pixie!" Exclaimed Judy. Everyone was all smiles,gathering around Marcia. "Don’t you just love all of this attention?" Marcia blushed some more. Styling mousse was sprayed in followed by plenty of lifting and grabbing into Marcia’s hair. Brenda and Judy were all ooohs and aaaws and every mannerof cutesy girly expressions. "This is all you need to take of this style,just spray this in and scrunch up the hair. Lift and scrunch. See how I’m doing it?"Marcia nodded. She still looked like she was in shock, staring at herself in the mirror. She glanced down at the floor for a second, probably to seehow much of her hair was there. Most of it! Then she reached up and startedrunning her hand up the back of her neck. "Oh God! It’s way too short, Ilook like a *boy*!" Judy made eye contact with Marcia, "Not at all, it makes you look youngerand *more* feminine. Less serious, don’t you think so Melinda?" I was
surprised that she even remembered that I was in the room. I responded, "Very sweet and innocent, I think. It shows off those really cutefeatures. The way to draw attention to your femininity is by wearing a *really* romantic dress, pretty earrings and a matching necklace. When youtell the whole world that you’re *ALL GIRL*, having your hair boyishlyshort will even *intensify* your attractiveness. Guys just go crazy! I thinkyou’re really darling in that cut." Everyone agreed with nods and grins as Marcia got down out of the chair. I was getting anxious as they all milled around in my cubicle before slowly migrating out. I *had* to check on Jack, he was like a child that had been quiet for too long. He was probably exhausted from all the excitement. After making sure no one was close to my cubicle, I hurried over to mylocker. "Jack? Are you OK in there?" "Yes, but I’m totally cramped up in here and I have to pee really badly.Let me know when the coast is clear to come out." "Sorry Jack, I’m afraid it’s going to be foggy at the coast *all* day.I told you there wouldn’t be any of this until everyone was gone. Remember?You agreed." "Come on," Begged jack. "Nobody cares." "I’ll tell you what, I’ll get you a big cup for you and hand it in, OK?" "Hurry up I can’t hold it any more!" Jack started doing what sounded like a small dance inside of the locker. I ran over to the sink and returned with a cup, then opened the door. Jack was completely covered in sweat but seemed to be in good spirits anyway. When the locker was shut I could hear the trickling sound of hispiss hitting the cup. I opened the door to retrieve the cup after hewas finished. He looked like he needed air badly so I left the locker dooropen while I ran over to empty out the cup and get him some water. "So. Are you enjoying yourself today, Jack?" He nodded furiously. "I can’t wait to see how this comes out, some editingwill be needed, of course, but there’s plenty of good footage. That last one was great! There was a couple of times when my view was blocked, but I didn’t miss any of the best parts." I nervously turned around to make sure nobody was there and got the shock of my life. Judy was standing there with her hands on her hips staringat me!! It felt like I was going to pass out, my face had to be bright red.Good thing I couldn’t see it. "Oh, hiiiii Judy!" I tried to be calm as I closed the locker. But had she seen Jack? How much of our conversation had she heard? She couldn’t have been there long, I convinced myself. Unless she had been hiding somewhere. No, not possible. I couldn’t bare to think about it any more. "I want to talk with you in my office." Judy commanded.

Part 5

I was to bring my appointment book to her office, probably so someoneelse could take care of my customers after I was fired. I looked down at the floor as I followed Judy back to her office. It was hard for me to imagine what she’d say, much less what she’d *do*. MaybeI should just admit everything before she had a chance to throw me out.Maybe she would go easier on me. What was I thinking?! *Maybe* she didn’teven *know* about Jack! Probably not I hoped, everything was going to be fine, I reassured myself. She let me go in first, then pulled the door closed behind her. I wasworried again because she never closed the door unless it was something serious. "Can I see your book, please?" She asked with emotionless expression. There was a pause while she thumbed through the book, stopping on the desired page. "Good, no appointments for tomorrow morning." I stretched a little closer to her from my seat. "I think I have something right here at 9:30." My finger pointed to the spot. "No problem, we’ll be done by then." "What are we doing?" Probably wasn’t the smartest thing for me to ask. "Lacy Lechic is coming up from Beverly Hills at my request to showus how to do the ‘Regina Style’. Of *course*, we’re paying her a prettypenny to do it. We can’t waste any time. We’ve got to learn to do thecut perfectly to gain the upper hand against Tina and company. You’llneed to pay particular attention to the details, take notes if you haveto. I’m counting on you to be the expert on this style. Can you do it?" She must have heard my sigh of relief. I was so glad to still have a job. "No problem, I’ve already done some research of my own," I convinced."Who’s going to be her model?" "She’s supposed to bring someone with her, for the money we’re paying her,she better! See you at 8:00 sharp. And don’t be late!" "I’ll be right on time, don’t worry." I smiled the biggest smile of the day. Judy *was* going a bit overboard with all of this "Regina" stuff, I thought.I just didn’t get it. What was so difficult about *that* style? If shewould stop hiring these beauty school flunkies for a dime a dozen to save money, there wouldn’t be a problem. If you want to create the image of anupscale salon you have to let these rookies do their time at "Quickie Cuts","Zip’N Clip" and places like that before bringing them in here. But then, Judy didn’t make a habit of taking *my* advice, unless she neededsomeone to bail out one of her new kids, of course. Just then I remembered my appointment with Mary. Oh, no! I only had 20 minutes left to do her! I ran out to the waiting area to look for her. Shewas sitting with her head down quietly waiting. "Hi, are you Mary?" I asked. She sniveled out a "yes" as I lead her back to my cube. I didn’t want her to realize how much of a hurry I was in, especially after the trouble onecustomer got me into with that complaint. But there wasn’t a minute to waste.It was difficult to assess the full extent of the damage in the little timeI had, but her perm didn’t look *that* bad to me. After she was seated I ran my hands into her hair and lifted up on the tightly wound curls. I finally commented, "It’s a little dry, but not a bad perm. What’s bad is the *shape* of it. It looks like a round ball of hair sitting around your head, like a…." I couldn’t say it nicely. "Like an old woman’s haircut, right?" She finished the sentence perfectly. My hands returned to her hair. "These curls are so tight, I really can’tget a pair of scissors in there easily, there’s only one way to cut it." I double checked to make sure that none of the other stylists heard me,especially Judy. They would probably send me back to school! My main interesthere was time and there wasn’t much to spare. The bride and her bridesmaidwere next. I had carefully planned this as a surprise for Jack. Mary had barged into my schedule with no warning. It wasn’t my idea, she was luckyI was fitting her in at all! I got behind the chair and pressed against her hair, compressing the curls on both sides of her face above her ears. "Doesn’t that look better, try to imagine it shorter at the nape too." She smiled as much as she could under the circumstances, but still didn’t look convinced. "How much are you going to take off?" She asked in a frightened voice. "Just enough to reshape it into something more youthful and, well…I thinka girl’s hairstyle should look romantic, guess I’m just kind of old fashioned." "Oh, I am too!" She perked up. "Can you make it romantic and feminine without being *too* short, you know?" "We’ll need to go fairly short on the sides and back, but we should leave *some* length on top. You just stop me if you think it’s too short,OK?" I think ‘you just *try* and stop me’ would have been more honest. I could see the look of total panic on her face in the mirror as I approached the clippers. Here we go again, I thought. I guess it was going to be one of those days. I turned around and faced her. "Some girlsare afraid of the clippers, are you?" She nodded. I could understand. They are, after all, pretty menacing littlerascals. They kind of look like a shark with all those teeth. A hair eatingmachine with an insatiable appetite for one thing. HAIR! Turn them loose andthey go into a feeding frenzy. Hardly something you’d call feminine. Butmaybe that’s why some women like them, that feeling of being ravaged by a masculine hair dominating machine. They’re fast and efficient at cutting hair. Unlike scissors, there’s no time to change your mind. A split secondcan undo years of hard work. It’s just so final. "I really like getting *my* hair cut with the clippers," I smiled. "What do you mean, your hair is well below your shoulders." "Oh, yes." I admitted. "But I’ll be getting it cut short pretty soon, myhusband just *loves* short hair!" I half expected Jack to jump out of the locker at that point and set the record straight. I would certainly be thoroughly questioned by him when we got home, I was just sure. Her eyes opened wide. "Really?! I thought all guys liked really long hair." My head shook as I spoke, "There are a lot more guys that *say* they like it, but secretly fantasize about watching it fall to the floor. Andquite a few that love to watch a nice clippered nape in progress." I remembered my first encounter with the clippers when I was a teenager. Mom had forced me to wear my hair long from birth because little girls have to be pretty and look like little girls by having long hair. By then it had grown down to my buns and I was ready for something different. Something short. My mom wasn’t invited to the salon that day which surprisedmy life-long hairstylist, Lisa. I instructed her to start with a shoulderlength "blunt" cut and we’d "go from there". Well, there was only one way togo and that was shorter, it was one of those teenage rebellion things, youknow? Pretty soon my hair was up to my chin, but I could feel her resistinggoing any further. I watched her lifting up my hair with the comb and cutting off little tiny bits at a time. She’d do that for a couple of minutesand then give me the hand mirror. "Short enough?"I’d study her work carefully and then say no. I really wanted her to usethe clippers on me, but didn’t know how to ask. I guess is was too embarrassing. I didn’t think she would ever get the message at the rate we were going. We went around like this about five times. Finally I told her I really want it short-short especially in the sides and back. *Very* short.She got really quiet, pulling the scissors back out of her pocket. It almostlooked like she wa
s mad. It was obvious that she had gotten the message this time. I shuttered for a second wondering if I had really done the wrong thing or not. I had this terrible sense that it was too late now to change my fate. When I saw the clumps of hair start falling to the floor I knew she was serious now. I was heading for a "Pixie" in a hurry as shegripped my hair tightly, cutting, cutting , and cutting. "Oh, this is muchbetter, isn’t it?’ She asked. I was speechless and felt helpless to stop her,it was my fault anyway, I had asked for it. And now I was getting it. Then she went behind me to get something. It was so exciting to wait inanticipation for what was coming, what I wasn’t sure was coming, but hoped for. She snuck up behind my chair and before I could even think theclippers were humming right up the back of my neck, sending chills rightdown my spine. "I think….that’s sh..short enough, now." I gasped. "You wanted it short-short in the back, remember? This is what you asked forand the sides are going to get the *same* thing." Judging by the new cold sensations on my neck from the air conditioner I knew it had to be *really* short in the back. My head was pushed forward,then she continued working on my neck with the clippers moving them up beyond the tops of my ears. I felt tingly all over as each pass of the clippers sent more hair floating down to my shoulders. How much is shegoing to cut off? I wondered. Before long she had reduced the sides toa very short wedge shape buzz that ended above my ears with less thanan inch in length at the longest point. I thought those delightful littlefeelings were simply never going to end! My job now was to convince Mary that she too was just going to *love* having those same precious feelings.

Part 6

I walked over to the counter for a few things: a comb, scissors, and…..oh yes, my favorite clippers along with a few guides. All of which went intothe front pocket of my dress. I tossed an apron over her head from behind andsecured the buttons, leaving a little loose in the back so it wouldn’t get in the way. Then I started combing out the back of her neck with a very fine tooth comb.It was mean, I know, but I had a point that needed to be made. "Oowww!" She shrieked, reaching back to her neck. "That hurts! You’re pulling my hair!" "Oh, I’m sorry." I said, as if I didn’t know *exactly* what I was doing, *exactly* what I was preparing her for. "Your hair is much too thick for thiskind of perm, didn’t she thin it out a little before she permed you?" "Uh…I’m not really sure, was she supposed to?" Mary looked embarrassed fornot knowing the answer to a reputation ruining question that I hoped would never in any way be connected with me. I kept looking to make sure thatJudy wasn’t hanging around just outside my cubicle like she had been severaltimes that day. It was kind of suspicious, like she was watching me or something. I tried not to get paranoid. I continued pulling out on her hair, "This is awful, it’s like combing out a sheep," I complained. That was supposed to be a hint and I could certainly tell by the way that her jaw dropped that she had gotten it. Mary gulped hard. "Please don’t." She begged. "Don’t what?" I asked, struggling to hold in a smirk that was forming on myface. She had to have noticed. "Are you going to shhh…shear me…like a sheep?" It was time to tell her. "Of course not, don’t be silly. I’m not going to cut it *all* off, like you would with a sheep. But there’s *way* too much volume." She didn’t look relieved very much, if at all. "What I’m going to do is shave some of the hair off your neck, take it upa bit on the sides too." I grabbed into the curls above her ears with both hands, using them as handles to slowly pivot her head forward. I could feel her resisting so I changed course and started rotating her headwhile massaging her neck. "You are really tight. It’s OK, just relax."She was sniveling again. "What’s wrong, honey?" I asked, turning her headtoward me. "My hair, it’s ruined," She sobbed. "No, it’s not. We just have to *shape* it a little bit, that’s all. It’sgoing to look *so* adorable on you, I promise." Out of the corner of my eye I could see Judy again, hanging out. She walked in when she noticedthat I saw her. She crouched down and spoke to Mary, "What’s wrong? Do we need to have ourhaircut?" Oh god, I thought. She’s not a child, Judy. Quit that baby talk!Then she continued, "Is she getting clippered in the back? Nice and short?That’s going to work perfectly for her, Melinda. It will really slim down herfacial features." I cringed waiting for the response to what probably sounded like an insult. "Do you really think so?" Mary inquired, looking almost enthusiastic. Judy was looking at me now and gave me a wink as if she knew what I was up to all along. But did she really know? I took out the clippers and selected the #6 guide. Judy pulled me back, awayfrom Mary. "Don’t *baby* her!" She whispered, taking the the guide away from me. "Let’s start with the #3, OK?" I think she needs more of a steepstep in the back, don’t you?" "Sure," I answered. "You’re the boss." Judy bent down in front of Mary’s chair with her hands on her knees facing her. "My name is Judy, by the way. I’m the manager here. I heard thatTina’s responsible for your perm." She shook her head in dismay. "Well, I’mgoing to make sure that we do *everything* we can to straighten it out, not the perm of course." She got mary to smile again like magic. Meanwhile I had slipped the #3 on the business end of the clippers and wasready for action. Judy reached up and began pulling Mary’s head down gently. "We’re justgoing to put our head down as far as we can…*there*…that’s good!" My hand slid through the forest of curls, weaving in a tight grip at the top of her head. "Are you ready now?" I asked. There wasn’t any point waiting for an answer, we all agreed on what needed to be done. I flipped the switch, startling Mary. But Judy giggled with delight, she was reallyenjoying this. Probably not half as much as *Jack*. Oh yes, Jack. I’ll haveto make sure he has a clear view, I thought. I turned the chair slightly. I made the mistake of relaxing my grip a little, allowing her tolook up at herself in the mirror. When I pushed her head down abruptly I made sure she knew I wouldn’t make *that* mistake again! Mary’s teeth clenched as the clippers touched down on her neck. "You just need to relax." Judy concluded. "You’re only making it harderon yourself. You poor thing." She pet the side of Mary’s face. I pushed the clippers slowly up the back of her neck, scooping away the curls to cheek length. With each pass Judy smiled and let out an "MMMMMMM"or two. Then Judy started playing with the side hair, indicating my next task. I moved my grip and tilted her head to the side, readying her for the next stage. With my wide tooth comb, I pulled out on her hair, shearingoff every curl that dared escape. The sides were shaved higher than the backwith sideburns straight across at the top of her ears. Judy studied the back, shaking her head. It didn’t take much to figure outwhat *that* meant, I just had to guess how *much*. She answered that questionby making a little line with her hand about another inch up. "Make it a little longer for that part." She added, running her fingers upthe base of her nape, checking the length. "And blend this in good…with the #1." I got to work on the hair above the buzzed part first, lifting out slightly as I ran the clippers up even higher. Judy smiled again. "See! See! Doesn’t that look so c-u-t-e! I’ll bet it feels just wonderful too. Doesn’t she look *so* much younger, Melinda?" "Absolutely! And I told her it would, didn’t I?" Mary kind of nodded as much as she could with my immobilizing grip on her hair. By the time I had on the #1, Judy was sizing up the top with an obviouslyunhappy look on her face. I shaved off the lowest 2 inches of back even shorter with the #1 and blended it in with the inch or so of original buzz. Judy looked into Mary’s eyes. "How are we doing, cutie pie? It’s not so badnow is it?" Don’t you feel prettier already? And we’re not even *done* yet!" Mary groaned, "It looks kind of funny like-" Judy interrupted, "Like there’s too much bulk on top still, right? It’s still too long. Let’s shorten it up, OK?" I had already taken out the scissors and with a long series of nods I gotthem ready for action. Small sections were pulled up with the comb and snipped off at least an inch at a time. Mary looked a little sad as she watched the curls piling up on her shoulders. I would cut several small sections, then comb all of the chopped off hair at once, creating a smallshower of curls each time. "Ooh, ooh, ooh!" Exclaimed Judy. "Let’s try a side part, Mary. Oh I’m *so*excited!" At that point quite a bit of the curl had been cut off, leaving more of a wavy look, perfect for that side part that Judy wanted. I parted her hairwith the comb as I spoke. "This is *so* much easier to manage now Mary, the way it was, you would have had to spend *hours* every day, and this looksa *lot* nicer." Parting it, of course, *would* mean that more needed to be cut on the side the part was on. I figured that Judy had
planned on that.She usually thought of things like that ahead of time. I thought about howsweet Mary looked with those cute little waves. She definitely needed more of them and I would see to that. I inserted my comb and slithe cli85du

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